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2 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

feelings. It does not require literacy
and education. It can sometimes be
possessed by an illiterate person and
yet elude the most learned one. This
looks to be a clumsy aphorism but it
is true.
There is a saying that to be happy is
simple, but to be simple is difficult.
Men are engaged with competition
and covetousness. As long as attain-
Editorial ments and achievements preoccupy Contents
the mind of men, they remain like the
rod around the mill. They are busy in
their mind to achieve more and more
People are striving hard to attain and more and so on. They are deep- Rheumatism According to
health and harmony. They are striv- ly engaged in doing until they burn Paracelsus...................................... 4
ing very hard. They are frantically themselves. In a world of competition
searching for harmony. People know, and covetousness they have the by- Remedies for Healing................. 7
harmony defines human feelings. The products of jealousy, hatred, anger,
necessity of harmony is much more irritation, worry, dislike, miserliness Rasa Shastra
felt now than before. They have heard and the like. These by-products over- in Ayurvedic Medicine VII.......12
of the subtler aspects of harmony shadow and poison the mind, poison
through teachings. There are many the thought. For the same reason, Organon LV.................................16
teachers of harmony who are not peace, harmony, poise become elu-
yet by themselves harmonious. Yes! sive. Esoteric Astrology and the
Harmony is a great concept. People Men should know that they are be- Houses of the Natal Chart II.. 20
think that harmony is to be gained ings and they should attain a sense
from the external conditions. They of be-ness. They should travel to the Occult Healing XCIV.................26
change their food habits and living sense of be-ness from the sense of
conditions, they change their dress- achievement. To be and to do is har- Death and Dying A Taste
code, they change their prayers and monious. Only to do dislodges from of Eternity...................................28
they move from civilized and indus- to be. Be-ness is the state of har-
trialized countries to places like In- mony. This can come through refin- The Thyroid Gland and its
dia, Tibet or even to Himalayas. There ing ones own thinking process. Men Diseases II....................................33
is much of bustle and hustle to bring need to redefine themselves.
about harmony around them. Ayurveda Osteoporosis........36
The fundamental law of harmony is
however forgotten. The way to har- Yeast VII.......................................40
mony is in the art of ones own think- Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar
ing. One has to propose from within The Global Coherence
to be harmonious. Harmony is not a Initiative I....................................46
thing or an article or an object to buy
with Euros and Dollars. It has to come Healing Stones...........................49
from within by defining ones own

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 3

n Blood sanguis
(warm & moist principle)
n Phlegm - phlegma
(cold & moist principle)
n Yellow bile - cholera
Rheumatism According (warm & dry principle)
n Black bile melancholia
to Paracelsus (cold & dry principle)

From this, the anti-dyscratic thera-

py has been derived, which aims for a
Sabine Anliker, M.Sc. (Ayu) re-harmonization of the bodily fluids.
This therapy is of great significance for
the treatment of rheumatic diseases.
Rheumatism is generally understood Due to respective purgative measures
as tearing and stabbing pains in joints, like for example vomiting, laxation,
muscles or in the spinal column. Para- sweating, bloodletting, and artificial
celsus writes that they are pains which wounds the excessive or faulty fluids
burn as if a fire was lighted in hell. are removed and drained. In naturop-
Rheumatism belongs to the quite typi- athy, for example, skin rashes and ul-
cal Tartarus diseases. For Paracelsus, cers serve for the detoxification of the
Tartarus means sedimentation of en- body. Paracelsus stated, Nature pos-
dogenous and exogenous toxins that sesses a cleaning ability of the blood
lead to sickness. by boils. II, 770. For this reason, skin
In todays conventional medicine, rashes and boils should not be treated
rheumatism is defined as a connec- by suppressing measures or medica-
tive tissue disease and as a dysfunction ments.
of the immune system whose cause of- In the case of rheumatism and gout,
Since 1997 Sabine Anliker has been ten remains unclear. More than four special attention should be paid to
working as naturopath. She has been hundred different diseases fall under slagging. Every day, human beings
specialising in Traditional European this definition! take up great amounts of exogenous
Naturopathy, Homoeopathy and Rheuma comes from the Ancient substances by eating and drinking. If
Bioresonance Therapy and works Greek and means current, stream. these substances are not properly and
in her own practice in Luzern The localization is one of the symptoms completely digested, half-digested
(Switzerland). In 2013 she finished and the severity code of the disease are nutritional end products are depos-
her studies "Master of Science of in permanent "flow and are subject to ited in the connective tissue and in
Ayurveda Medicine" at the European continuous change. In ancient times, the extracellular space. In the course
Academy for Ayurveda and at the health was synonymous with a balance of time, the surrounding cellular en-
Middlesex University in London. of the fluids (eucrasia). Disease meant vironment increasingly slags. Cel-
a wrong mixing of fluids (dyscrasia). lular respiration is impaired and the
From humoral medicine, we know the supply with nutrients is reduced. The
theory of the four humors. The term of slag material in the tissue leads to in-
the Hippocratic Theory of Humors (hu- creased inflammatory reactions. The
mores = fluids) refers to this. poorly provided cells switch over to

4 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

emergency metabolism. As the cells Paracelsus says that healing of this
are considerably less able to perform disease must take place in the treat-
properly, they produce even more slag ment of the causes and not in the
material, which also cannot be re- treatment with medication which
moved any more. This way, a vicious - although able to bring about tem-
circle is created. porary relief will not allow any real
Based on this, rheumatism and gout healing, and will furthermore entail
occur. In different areas of the con- unpleasant side-effects.
nective tissue, most frequently, how- A drainage therapy of the toxins
ever, at the synovial fluid of the joints, supports the cleansing process and
the body deposits metabolic waste forms a cornerstone of rheumatism
products which should in fact have treatment. Paracelsus applied drain-
been secreted via the intestines and ing methods like laxation, bloodlet-
the kidneys. In the beginning, these ting, vomiting, etc., quite frequently
deposits do not cause any pain; only and with great success. During the
when the body is not able to mobi- treatment of rheumatism, it is impor-
lize its self-healing powers any more tant that the entire metabolism and
for removing the deposited slag ma- the digestive fire are strengthened.
terials, the disease advances, and it Healthy nutrition with high-qual-
comes to inflammatory irritations ity food, freshly prepared and eat-
and painful processes at the joints. At en while hot is absolutely essential.
this, the pains set in at permanent- Warm food stimulates the digestion
ly changing areas of the body. Prof. and the metabolism. Even food which
Pischinger therefore stated that in is hard to digest can then be better Paracelsus
all chronic-degenerative diseases the broken down and utilized. At least the
therapy of the cell environment sys- main meals (lunch and dinner) should says that
tem plays a decisive role. be served hot. The food must be well healing of this
Paracelsus states: All joint and hip chewed.
diseases, as far as they are not podra- Food should be taken up in modera- disease must
ga (gout), are nothing other than tar- tion because too much or also not
taric fluids which rest in the joints, in enough food lead to disturbances. take place in the
hip nerves and ligaments like a fatty Here, the capacity of the stomach treatment of the
juice, and which give rise to stone dis- should be divided into four parts: two
orders (and similar attacks). He who parts are meant for solid and one part causes and not
understands the proper way of treat- for liquid food (like drinks, soups);
ing the stone and curing it, is also able the fourth part should remain empty in the treatment
to heal this disease, and who does not in order not to disturb the digestive with
understand the latter, will not be able functions.
to do this. I, 168 He further adds, In order not to extinguish the diges- medication
"Where there is enough humidity, no tive fire, nothing cold should be drunk
stone will start to form. However, if it for 1 to 1 hours before and after
comes to an increasing drying out, the the meal. During the meal, the sipping
gunge turns into a smeary liquid and of a glass of hot water has proved to
solidifies more and more. I, 583f promote digestion.

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 5

It is best to eat again only when the abolic waste products occur which
previous meal is already digested. cannot be drained. Consequently, this
Only this way, digestive and metabol- leads to rheumatism, gout, gastric, di-
ic processes are not burdened. gestive and liver complaints, bloating
Rheumatism Also, the psychological component and distension. The underlying cause
According to is very important during the meal, for this does not lie directly in the
Paracelsus therefore meals should be taken up in metabolic but rather in the emotional
an atmosphere of tranquility and re- slugging anger.
laxation and with full concentration. This way, all negative thoughts and
Paracelsus realized that negative feelings act as a burden of the or-
thoughts can also act like toxins. ganism and lead to sickness. Because
Annoyance, anger, rage, hatred, and of this, a cheerful spirit and a lov-
fears form a toxin which is deposit- ing heart are equally important for a
ed at the walls of the nerve channels healthy and balanced life.
which leads to inflammations and ir-
ritations. Annoyance also has a direct
influence on the stomach. The conse-
The Four Temperaments quence of this is that either too much Literature
Preparatory drawing for the or not enough gastric acid is formed. Paracelsus Smtliche Werke,
sculptors of the Grande Commande. Paracelsus writes that the entire me- Anger Verlag Eick, 1993, Bd. I, II
Charles Le Brun (16191690) tabolism is misdirected so that met- [Complete Works]

6 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

trying many allopathic drugs and
external herbal applications.
3. Till the seventh year she could move
slowly in sitting posture only. In
seventh year left leg was operated
and for right leg small cut was done
to the muscle tendon in the thigh.
Since then she could walk slightly
with the help of a stick. But there
was poor muscle formation to the
Remedies for Healing right leg, which was much emaciat-
ed. Muscle formation to left leg was
a little better.
4. Jaundice, at her second year, which
Cases from the was cured with Ayurveda.
Homeopathic Practice 5. Between 2nd & 3rd years of age
she suffered from frequent earache
with offensive yellow pus from the
Damage through Polio ears.
Vaccination 6. Measles, two weeks before.

In 1981 a girl of 10 years was brought Present complaints

to our Eluru dispensary for polio 1. Right leg was slowly emaciated and
treatment. Her symptoms were noted the muscle was very scantly. She
in the following way: could walk only with the help of a
stick basing on left leg. Sensation
Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) History was good to the leg.
founder of homeopathy 1. Since birth she was fed on artificial 2. The girl was weak, pale and emaci-
milk, and no mother's milk. After ated with dirty skin.
the age of one year she developed 3. Ear-ache sometimes.
frequent watery diarrhoea. Slowly 4. Frequent attacks of mucus dysen-
grew weak and emaciated. The par- tery and watery diarrhoea.
ents tried many medicines. But the 5. Frequent fevers.
tendency to diarrhoea continued. 6. Mentally she was gentle type with
2. At the age of 3rd year polio drops helping nature.
were given. On the 3rd day she de-
veloped high temperature. They On 11-4-81, I started the treatment
consulted the doctor and tried al- with Thuja C30 four doses in one
lopathy. But on the 7th day, she month and Calcarea phosphorica D6
could not sit due to polio attack to daily. I selected this basing on the
both the legs. She could not move pale and anaemic complexion with
from the lying posture. She was al- emaciation. She was slightly better.
ways complaining pain in the waist Continued the same for three months.
and legs, which was not relieved by Later Thuja C30 was repeated once in

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 7

15 days and Calcarea phosphorica D6 On 13-11-82, parents reported that
continued. she was walking without the need of
On 8-8-81, Thuja C30 one dose was the stick. Calcarea phosphorica D6
given and not repeated till one month. was continued. No diarrhoea or dys-
Remedies for She was slightly better. Frequent fe- entery. No fevers. No earache.
Healing vers slightly better. The drug was repeated on 12-3-83
But the diarrhoea and dysentery re- and Lecithin D6 was given daily for
curred now and then. There was no general improvement. She improved
change in walking and no change in in physique. Her physical develop-
the muscle formation of leg. I tried ment was developed correspondingly
Medorrhinum C200 on 12-9-81, 26- to the age.
9-81, 17-10-81 and 14-11-81 with On 9-7-83 we saw the leg and the
Calcarea phosphorica D6 daily. But muscle was fully formed. No limp-
there was no marked change either in ing in the walk. She could walk as
the general condition or in the leg. a normal child. She started going to
On 12-12-81, Dr. G. S. R. Murthy pre- school. As there were no complaints
scribed Abrotanum C30 tow doses in we did not repeat the drug further.
one month with Calcarea phosphori- The great drug Abrotanum gave her a
ca D6 daily. For the first time she was re-birth. The drug was selected by Dr.
better in general condition. Murthy basing on frequent diarrhoeas
Repeated the drug on 8-5-82 with and dysentery since childhood and
Alfalfa daily in between and lat- the final marasmus condition. In this
er. Before giving Abrotanum she was way the girl is always indebted to the
frequently falling while walking. But Great Seer Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.
with the first two doses this was
checked. After the third dose walking
was better. Muscle formation to the Dr. E.V.M. Acharia, DHMS
right leg better.

On 11-9-82 Abrotanum C200 was

given with placebo daily.
From 9-10-82 Calcarea phosphorica
D6 was given daily.

8 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

Cure by Spiritual Force is not receptive, it is curled up), you not to fear and to be calm. If you start
LII push them gently, gently, quietly, to seethe and get fidgety in your body,
without nervousness, very peaceful- it is finished, you can do nothing.
3. Receptivity and ly, into the body. But you must not For everything to live the spiritual
Resistance to the Force be disturbed by anyone. If someone life, to heal illness for everything,
comes along, sees you stretched out one muss be calm.
C. Applying the Force from and shakes you, it is extremely dan-
Outside the Body gerous. You must do this in quiet con-
The Mother: Take an example which ditions, ask people not to disturb you Taken from
is quite concrete: sunstroke. This up- or better shut yourself up where they Integral Healing,
sets you considerably, it is one of the can't disturb you. But you can con- Compiled from the works of
things which makes you most ill a centrate slowly (this takes more or Sri Aurobindo and the Mother,
sunstroke upsets everything, it dis- less time ten minutes, half an hour, Pondicherry; 2004
turbs the inner functions, it gener- one hour, two hours it depends upon
ally causes a congestion in the head the seriousness of the disorder which
and very high fever. So, if this has has set in), slowly, from above, you
happened, if it has succeeded in get- concentrate the Force until you see
ting through the protection and en- that the body is receiving, that the
tering you, well, if you can just go Force is entering, the disorder is be-
to a quiet place, stretch yourself out ing set right and there is a relaxation
flat, go out of your body (naturally, in the body itself. Once that is done
you must learn this; there are people you can get back and you are cured.
who do this spontaneously, for oth- This has been done for a sunstroke,
ers a long discipline is necessary), go which is a fairly violent thing, and
out of your body, remain above in also for typhoid fever, and many other
such a way as to be able to see the illnesses.... Consequently, when I say
body (you know the phenomenon, that if one masters the spiritual force
seeing one's body when one is out- and knows how to use it, there is no
side? This can be done at will, going malady which cannot be cured, I don't
out of one's body and remaining just say it just like that in the air; it is said
above it), the body is stretched out on from experience with these things. Of
a bed, a bench, on the ground; any- course, you will say you don't know
where; you are stretched just above it how to go out of the body, draw the
and from there, consciously, you pull Force, concentrate, have all this mas-
the Force from above, and if you are tery.... It is not very common, but it is
used to doing it, if your aspiration is not impossible. And you can be sure
strong enough, you get the answer; that if you are helped... In fact, there
and then, from there, taking care not is a much easier method, it is to call
to re-enter your body, you begin to for help.
push these forces into the body, like But the condition in every case in
this, regularly, until you see the body every case whether you do it your-
receiving them (for the first few mo- self and depending only on yourself or
ments they don't enter, because the whether you do it by asking someone
body is quite upset by the illness, it to do it for you, the first condition:

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 9

Paracelsus Remedies

Fennel and visual impediments

Remedies for "Foeniculi (Latin = Fennel Foeniculum

Healing vulgare) 6 oz (180g), Euphragiae (Lat-
in = Eyebright Euphrasia officinalis)
2 oz (60 g), Florum centaureae (Latin
Centaurium minus = centaury) oz
(15g), Reduc in liquores.

Philippus Theophrastus Aureolus

Bombastus von Hohenheim,
named Paracelsus,
* 1493 in Einsiedeln,
1541 in Salzburg.

Euphrasia rostkoviana
Taken from: Prof. Dr. Otto Wilhelm
Thom Flora from Germany,
Austria and Switzerland 1885, Gera,

This is a very good arcanum for the

eyes of old people. In case of visual
impediments it shall be taken with
wine. For external application, it is to
be mixed with white vitriol and cam-
phor and prescribed. It removes stains
and the white skins of the eyes (=
cataract, cataract). III, 559
Paracelsus: Collected Works, Vol. I, III
Sabine Anliker Anger publishing house Eick, 1993

10 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

Theosophy & Alchemy & Medicine by Johann Martin Stiller,
1685, copper engraving on paper

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 11

b) modification of undesirable physi-
cal properties of the drug;
c) conversion of some of the charac-
teristics of the drugs;
d) the enhancement of the therapeu-
Rasa Shastra in tic action, thereby potentialization
the drug. (The Ayurvedic Formulary
Ayurvedic Medicine of India, 2000)
The word shodhana is derived from
VII the Sanskrit root shudh (Monier-
Williams, 2002), which means to
Sabine Anliker, M.Sc. (Ayu) purify. The ancient scientists, alche-
mists, and metallurgists developed
uncountable cleaning methods for
Since 1997 Sabine Anliker has been 3. Mercury in General the different metals and substances
working as naturopath. She has been for obtaining pure metals and sub-
specialising in Traditional European 3.6 Shodhana-Process in stances. The media (herbs, ashes, rock
Naturopathy, Homoeopathy and Rasa Shastra salt, vegetables, etc.) play a very im-
Bioresonance Therapy and works Shodhana is a process during which portant role in the shodhana-proc-
in her own practice in Luzern impurities and natural blemishes are esses. They sometimes have a dissolv-
(Switzerland). In 2013 she finished removed by pharmaceutical proce- ing effect, by loosening impurities,
her studies "Master of Science of dures like svedana (heating or fo- which makes it easier afterwards to
Ayurveda Medicine" at the European menting under liquid bath), mardana separate them from the substance.
Academy for Ayurveda and at the (trituration), etc. with special drugs. Others remove toxic substances or
Middlesex University in London. (Acharya, 1956) In general it can be assist in the physical transformation
said that shodhana is a cleaning and of metals and minerals. Each process
detoxification process in which phys- uses different auxiliary materials.
ical and chemical harmful substances The general aim of the cleaning
and toxic materials are eliminated so methods is not only the cleaning and
that the substances can be used for the removal of undesired properties
further processes. as well as the elimination or reduc-
In the book Ayurvedic Formulary of tion of toxic substances, but also the
India by the Department of Indian multiplication and increase of posi-
Systems of Medicine & Homoeopathy tive, therapeutical and healing prop-
the shodhana-process is explained: erties. By contact with heat/fire and
In Ayurveda, the process of purifica- organic, mostly sour liquids, the sub-
tion is called shodhana. Chemical pu- stances transform into a herbo-min-
rification is different from medicinal eral compound. Certain substances
purification. In chemical purification can be directly used for therapeutical
it is only elimination of foreign mat- purposes. There are general cleaning
ters. In medicinal purification the ob- methods, which are usually very easy
jects aimed at are and not very time-consuming. Vari-
a) elimination of harmful matter ous methods from different scientists
from the drug; living in different time periods were

12 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

developed. As a rule, mercury is tritu- 3.7 The Eight Samskaras of
rated in a stone mortar together with Mercury
various herbs and mineral substanc- In many texts these eight steps are
es by means of a pestle. Afterwards described as the most important
it is washed and filtered in order to pro- cedures. They are meaningful,
gain back the purified mercury. One for therapeutical purposes as well as
cleaning method is the trituration for alchemical purposes. From ther-
of mercury with garlic and rock salt. apeutic point of view the first eight
(Ayurveda Prakasha, 1999)33, (Shane, samskaras are very important as they
1991) help to remove the external and in-
However, these general methods are ternal poisonous properties of mercu-
not sufficient if the goal is also to ry and to potentiate mercury. There-
develop rasayana-effects (tissue re- fore, these eight purification steps are
generating, generally health-promot- described in detail in almost all old
ing). In this case, special purifica- texts.
tion methods are necessary. Mercury,
which is purified with special proce-
dures, does have rasayana as well as The names of the eight Samskaras are:
therapeutic effects. (Dole, 2006)34, 1. Svedana Heating or fomenting under liquid bath
(Rasa Raja Sundara, 1984)
2. Mardana Grinding in tapta khalva
There are eighteen special techniques
(iron mortar on a hot plate)
for purifying mercury. These eighteen
steps can be divided into sub-groups, 3. Murchana Disappearance of form
which are called the eight samska- 4. Utthapana Regaining of form
ras (ashta-samskaras). If mercury is
5. Patana : Urdhva Sublimation upwards
cleaned with these eight samskaras,
it develops a therapeutic as well as a : Adhah Sublimation downwards
rasayana effect. If the other ten meth- : Tiryak Distillation
ods are also performed, mercury can
6. R(B)odhana Rehabilitation
also be used as dhatuvada, i.e., mer-
cury can transform base metals into 7. Niyamana Restraining by liquid bath
precious metals (e.g. silver or gold). 8. Dipana Appetisation by liquid bath
The different scholars express the
same opinion in their respective clas-
sical texts, Mercury with impuri-
ties is poisonous, it is Amrita (nec- Svedana Samskara of Mercury
tar) without impurities that mean it Svedana is the process in which
is highly effective against disease, Parada (mercury) is boiled in kshara
decline, and death. (Ayurveda Praka- (alkaline) or amla (sour substances
sha, 1999)35 Thus, there are alche- etc.) or in the juice or decoction of
mists of medicine, who extract from any other drugs in a dolayantra (swing
medicine what is not medicine. Such apparatus). This process helps to loos-
is the skill of alchemy, says Paracel- en the cover of the malas (blemishes)
sus. (Paracelsus, 1993)36 present in mercury. (R.R.S., 1998)37

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 13

For this process, Shunthi (Zingiber like naga (lead), vanga (tin) and oth-
officinale), Maricha (Piper nigrum), er metals which are present in one
Pippali (Piper longum), Saindhava- of the seven earlier described layers
lavana (Rock salt), Asuri (Brassica jun- (kanchuka) of Parada. (R.R.S., 1998)41
Rasa Shastra cea), Citraka (Plumbago zeylanica), The maladosha (blemishes) of Parada
in Ayurvedic Ardraka (Zingiber officinale), and Mu- are eradicated by the juice of Kumari
Medicine laka (Raphanus sativus), are rubbed in (Aloe vera); the vahnidosha (bad ef-
Kanji (sour gruel) to prepare the bo- fect of heat on mercury) by Triphala,
lus. Mercury is placed in- side the bo- and vishadosha (poisonous impuri-
lus. This bolus is covered with banana ties) by Citraka (Plumbago zeylanica).
leaves from all sides and is kept in a Hence, mercury is ground with all the
strong cotton cloth. A pottali is made three drugs for seven days (total of 72
to perform svedana in Kanji (sour hours). This process removes all the
gruel) for three days in a dolayantra bad properties or natural blemishes
(swing apparatus). (R.R.S., 1998)38 present in mercury. (R.R.S., 1998)42

Mardana Samskara of Mercury Utthapana Samskara of Mercury

Trituration of mercury along with After the third procedure the mer-
various drugs and the addition of cury, which has attained the state of
all types of sour substances, and nashta pishtattva (homogeneous), is
with Kanji (sour gruel), is called the now brought back to its original state
mardana process. The external malas with the help of svedana (boiling) in a
(blemishes) are destroyed by this dolayantra or by the heat of sunlight.
process. (R.R.S., 1998)39 This procedure is called utthapana
Grihadhuma (soot from the kitch- samskara. (R.R.S., 1998)43
en chimney), ishtika (brick powder),
yoghurt, jaggery, Saindhava-lavana ... to be continued
(rock salt), and mustard seeds pow-
der are taken along with mercury and
triturated continuously for three days.
Each of the drug should be 1/16 part
of mercury. (R.R.S., 1998)40 References
Acharya, Y. T. (1956). Dravya Guna
Murchana Samskara of Mercury Vigyanam. Shree Baidyanath Ayurved
Mercury is ground with Citraka Bhawan Limited, Calcutta, 1956, p. 130.
(Plumbago zeylanica), Triphala (Ter- The Ayurvedic Formulary of India. (2000).
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14 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

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picture by Paulrudd /

Sikh pilgrim at the Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) in Amritsar, India. The man has just had a ritual bath.

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 15

creased. Even in these instances,
one need not fear that it will have
Organon far-reaching bad effects. If the
drug used later has better simili-
LV tude, earlier effects, if any, will be
The Art of Healing

Samuel Hahnemann, M.D.

Dr. E. Krishnamacharya

The artificial disease produced by the

Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya drug, would excite some more symp-
(1926 - 1984) was a university toms temporarily which were not ear-
lecturer for Vedic and oriental In this case the medicine, which lier seen. Although they relate to the
literature, a homeopath and has been chosen as well as was drug symptoms, some symptoms con-
healer, who founded numerous possible, but which, for the reason cealed in the patient since inception
spiritual centres and schools above stated, is only imperfectly may also manifest now and get cured.
in India and Western Europe. homopathic, will, in its action
He also established more than upon the disease that is only par-
100 homoeopathic dispensaries tially analogous to it - just as in
in India, where until this day the case mentioned above ( 162,
the sick are treated for free. et seq.) where the limited number
Dr. E. Krishnamacharya authored of homopathic remedies renders Let is not be objected that the
many books in English and in Telugu, the selection imperfect - produce accessory phenomena and new
covering the Vedas and the Ancient accessory symptoms, and several symptoms of this disease that now
Wisdom as well as yoga, astrology, phenomena from its own array of appear should be laid to the ac-
homeopathy, and spiritual practice. symptoms are mixed up with the count of the medicament just em-
One of his main goals of his work patients state of health, which ployed. They owe their origin to it1
was the spiritual fusion of are, however, at the same time, certainly, but they are always only
East and West. symptoms of the disease itself, al- symptoms of such a nature as this
though they may have been hith- disease was itself capable of pro-
erto never or very rarely perceived; ducing in this organism, and which
some symptoms which the patient were summoned forth and induced
had never previously experienced to make their appearance by the
appear, or others he had only felt medicine given, owing to its pow-
indistinctly become more pro- er to cause similar symptoms. In a
nounced. word, we have to regard the whole
These difficulties are reduced, as collection of symptoms now per-
the number of proved drugs is in- ceptible as belonging to the dis-

16 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

when poured in a bottle? Because the
ease itself, as the actual existing constitution of the bottle does not
condition, and to direct our further have vital force capable of precipitat-
treatment accordingly. ing a reaction. When used in a hu-
man being, primary effect as also the
counter-effect are produced only by
Samuel Hahnemann, M.D. virtue of the capacity to react. Since
the reaction pertains to the consti-
tution of the patient, it surely rouses
the symptoms latent in him.

When they were not caused by an
important error in regimen, a violent
photo by Bhringer /

emotion, or a tumultuous revolution

in the organism, such as the occur-
rence or cessation of the menses, con-
ception, childbirth, and so forth.

All the new symptoms so manifested

cannot be formed as drug symptoms
only. Although they are produced by
the drug, they are the symptoms con-
cealed in the patient because the en-
tire totality of a drug is innately con-
cealed in a patient whose symptoms
are similar to that drug. They are pre-
cipitated by the influence of the drug.
Flock of sheep in the morning mist
Explanation at Werben, Schoren, Germany
Suppose there are two prominent If that be the case, where from symp-
symptoms only in a patient. The drug toms are produced in a healthy per-
that accomplishes similarity may son when drug is experimented? It
have ten symptoms. When that drug can be argued that symptoms are not
is used, some of the remaining symp- produced from a healthy state. Since
toms may manifest as part of the ar- the drug is a medicinal substance that
tificial disease temporarily. They lie produces the disease, symptoms are
latent in the constitution as seed of produced to have a counter-effect.
the disease. Otherwise they cannot When the counter action is evident
manifest with the artificial disease. in a healthy person also without any
This principle is not found anywhere disease, symptoms are produced still
earlier. Even then it appears to be more quickly and violently in a dis-
true. Unless there is counter-action eased person. Wile some symptoms
of the vital force, the drug will not are purely on account of the medi-
act. Why does the medicine not work cine, some are latent in the patient,

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 17

but concealed. The primary quality
of a well selected drug according to
homoeopathy is to make it impos- Whenever, therefore, the dose of
sible for any latent symptoms con- the first medicine ceases to have
O rganon cealed. Pulling out the latent symp- a beneficial effect (if the newly
toms is possible in chronic diseases. developed symptoms do not, by
The scope for latent/concealed symp- reason of their gravity, demand
toms exists in chronic diseases. The more speedy aid - which, how-
scope for latent/concealed symptoms ever, from the minuteness of the
exists in chronic diseases any, not in dose of homopathic medicine,
acute diseases. and in very chronic diseases, is
excessively rare), a new examina-
tion of the disease must be insti-
tuted, the status morbi as it now
is must be noted down, and a sec-
ond homopathic remedy selected
Thus the imperfect selection of in accordance with it, which shall
the medicament, which was in exactly suit the present state, and
this case almost inevitable owing one which shall be all the more ap-
to the too limited number of the propriate can then be found, as the
symptoms present, serves to com- group of symptoms has become
plete the display of the symptoms larger and more complete.1
of the disease, and in this way fa-
cilitates the discovery of a second,
more accurately suitable, homo- Samuel Hahnemann, M.D.
pathic medicine.

Samuel Hahnemann, M.D. 1

In cases where the patient (which,
however, happens excessively sel-
dom in chronic, but not infrequently
in acute, diseases) feels very ill, al-
though his symptoms are very indis-
When a drug is imperfectly selected tinct, so that this state may be at-
based on one or two symptoms avail- tributed more to the benumbed state
able, besides cancelling those on or of the nerves, which does not permit
two symptoms, the remaining latent the patients pains and sufferings to
symptoms are brought to light. It fa- be distinctly perceived, this torpor of
cilitates selection of a second ho- the internal sensibility is removed by
moeopathic drug better and more ac- opium, and in its secondary action the
curate than the first one. symptoms of the disease become dis-
tinctly apparent.

18 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

If facourable results could not be Taken from the book:
achieved by the first remedy and Organon of the art of healing
some more new symptoms are ex- Kulapathi Ekkirala Krishnamacharya
pelled and the patient is suffering, a 3rd Edition, 1999, The World Teacher
second homoeopathic remedy is to be Trust, Visakhapatnam, India
selected based on the latest totality
of symptoms. Since more number of
symptoms is available, it is easy to
select a more accurate homoeopathic

Ground fog in East Frisia (Moordorf), Germany

photo by Matthias Sen /

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 19

The Sixth House
From the esoteric standpoint, the
Sixth House brings us to those expe-
Esoteric Astrology riences which help to create a great-
er sense of wholeness both in ourself
and the Houses of the and in the world around us. It is the
Soul which creates those organiza-
Natal Chart tions that serve and protect the en-
vironment, its minerals, plants, and
II animals. It is the Soul who seeks to
acquire those techniques, processes,
Alan Oken and skills that further the unification

The Fifth House

Traditional meaning Soul-Centered meaning

Personal creative will Expression of the Spiritual Will

Creative activities Actualization of the Higher Self

Romance, love affairs Willl expressing as Love

Children The Soul as Parent

Alan Oken was born and educated
in 1944 in New York City and Hobbies, favorite activities The Will to serve
majored in Romance Languages and
Linguistics at New York University.
He lectures in seven languages, he is The Fifth House of the lower and Higher selves. The
the author of a dozen titles, including The will of the personality is most of- work that we do ceases to become
Soul-Centered Astrology, Rulers ten concerned with the protection our job and instead becomes our
of the Horoscope, and Alan Okens and expression of that which is clos- part in the One Work that has serv-
Complete Astrology. In addition he est to us: our children (whom we of- ice to humanity as its objective, thus
has written hundreds of articles for ten see as extensions of ourself), our reducing the sense of separation (and
Dell Horoscope Magazine and many emotions (in terms of our romantic the violence that ensues) from self-
other national and international need for fulfillment), and our talents. serving activities. We are then in a
journals. We interpret love in terms of these position to serve the Self.
attachments. The Soul sees creativity
as an expression of the will to serve. It
experiences love as a parent to all the
worlds children. It engages in those
activities which work to refine the
will aspect of our being as an exten-
sion of Soul purpose.

20 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

The Sixth House
Traditional meaning Soul-Centered meaning

Servants Servers

Health Synthesis of the lower vehicles;


Employees Those who are served

Pets Service to the Animal kingdom

Work Service to Humanity

Techniques and skills The knowledge to build the An-


The Seventh House

photo by Leon Brocard / http://commons.wikimedia.

The Dweller on the Threshold con-
sists of all the illusions, glamors, and
maya which create the war within
ourself. In psychological terms, it
is the shadow self, the not-self,
and the other (which is often the
reflection of ourself we see in our

partners). The idealized urge of Libra

and the Seventh House of the ordi-
nary horoscope is to find ones Soul The Seventh House
Mate. This is, more often than not,
the Personality Mate as our objective Traditional meaning Soul-Centered meaning
to to fulfill ourself through relation-
ship. From the Souls perspective, it Open enemies The Dweller on the Threshold
is the union of the Higher and lower
self that creates the true marriage. Partners Soul mate and/or special co-
What we perceive as our enemy is
merely an aspect of our own nature Marriage The Path of Union
that has not been redeemed by Love
and allowed to become an integrate
part of ourself. In spiritual work, the al expression of Love. The sign on the
Soul Mate is a reality, but is most cusp of the Seventh House tells us
often found in connection with our much about our shadow as well as
Group of co-workers and is of a our Soul Mate(s).
much more impersonal than person-

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 21

The Eighth House
Traditional meaning Soul-Centered meaning
Esoteric Transformation and regen- The Path of Discipleship
A s trology and the eration
Houses of the
Natal Chart Sexuality Vehicle of rebirth into the con-
sciousness of the Soul

Transmutation of values Transmutation of personal de-

sires into the needs of the Soul

Other peoples resources Resources needed by the group

Death Transformation of form

The Eighth House task! It is always through Scorpio and

The Path of Discipleship IS the path the eighth house that the most im-
of transformation and regeneration. portant and complex tests and trials
It requires the reorientation of per- of the personality take place. One of
sonal desires into the fulfillment of the rewards for all of this intense ef-
the desires of the Soul. The Soul de- fort is the awareness that there is no
sires consciousness and requires an such thing as death. Life is immor-
ever increasing quality of inclusivity tal and immortality is perceived by
in love. Thus emotion, passion, and the Soul-centered individual as un-
sexuality on a personal level have to conditional love. Another great gift
be transmuted into intuition, com- achieved through walking the Path
passion, and union. Not such an easy is freedom from personal desires and
ones attachment to form. Thus life is
lead without the pressures of emo-
The Ninth House tional needs (fulfilled or unfulfilled!),
and the insecurities which come from
Traditional meaning Soul-Centered meaning the fear of loss. The eighth house in
the Soul-centered chart reveals the
Long journeys The Path
manner in which the individual con-
Religion and philosophy The repository of Universal fronts these transformational tests.
The Ninth House
Differing orthodoxies The synthesis of all beliefs The personality tends to believe that
its religion and life philosophy is the
Higher Education Higher Mind only one containing any truth. Reli-
gious wars are always fought on the
Legal activities Cosmic Law
personality level, often led by fanatic

22 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

leaders crying out and killing others
in the name of (their) god. The Soul The Tenth House
has no such philosophical or spiritu-
Traditional meaning Soul-Centered meaning
al divisions. The Soul-centered person
sees a world united by Cosmic Law. The father Spiritual Will expressed as Pur-
Disciples with strong ninth house hor- pose
oscopes are usually involved in estab-
lishing methods of education which Authority figures The Masters, Hierarchy, your
encourage the synthesis of all belief Teacher
systems. In terms of travel, the Path is
the longest journey we can make as It Honor and status in the Opportunities for spiritual ad-
leads us everywhere and never ends. world vancement

Social responsibility Enforcing the Will of the Mas-

The Tenth House
The personality seeks to establish it-
self in the world through its profes- Career and profession Externalized field of service
sional contributions. In this way it
achieves status and position, purpose MC: point of material culmi- MC: point of initiation
and life direction. Our (extra)ordinary nation
life requires that we take on a certain
degree of social responsibility: pay who share these goals and with whom the need to express ones individual
our taxes, educate our children, obey one has common social roots. The part in the Plan of the Path. Aspira-
the common laws of our land. We are Soul-centered individual is one who tions and visions lead to greater in-
rewarded if we do by social approval is naturally attracted to the energies clusivity and increased methods to
and social security and we are pun- expressed by other peoples Souls. share those doctrines of universal life
ished if we do not by social ostracism Physical appearances, social affilia- values which apply to all societies,
and loss of esteem. The Soul-centered tions and economic class mean very everywhere. The eleventh house in
person seeks to establish a field of little or nothing at all. The urge to for the Soul-centered chart thus speaks
service as his or her career objective. a common orientation of service. The about the nature of ones companions
In this way, he or she may fulfill the need for friendship is conditions by along the Way.
needs of Higher Authority while at
the same time serving others. Status
is measured by the level of conscious- The Eleventh House
ness (love) achieved and culminates
Traditional meaning Soul-Centered meaning
through spiritual initiation.
Friends Members of your group of co-
The Eleventh House workers
The hopes and wishes of the person-
ality is usually geared for the fulfill- Hopes and wishes Spiritual visions and aspirations
ment of personal desires. They are
conditioned through a sense of iden- Organizations and clubs The New Group of World Serv-
tification with ones particular socie- ers
ty and its collective values and ide-
Political activities Service to Humanity
als. One usually is attracted to friends

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 23

The Twelfth House
Traditional meaning Soul-Centered meaning

Esoteric Hidden enemies Unredeemed past karma

A s trology and the
Houses of the Self-undoing Inversion of the Soul force
Natal Chart Prisons and institutions Bondage to the personality

Secret activities Selfless service to Humanity

Hidden resources Awareness of past lives

Crucifixion of the personality Service to the World Savior

The Twelfth House

The twelfth house is a fascinating part
of the natal horoscope. It contains a
very special duality and more pow-
er over our lives than most students
of astrology realize. It is through the
conditions of the twelfth house that
the personality remains in bondage
to the past.. It is the house of unre-
deemed karma, energetic situations
which create patterns of activities
which do not further the advance-
ment of life. It is these patterns and
blocks which manifest as our hidden
enemies. Yet both for the personality
and the Soul, the twelfth house is rich
in resources, if we only know how to
unlock them. The key to this part of
the horoscope, like everything else in
life, is consciousness (love). Once the
door to the twelfth house is opened by
the Soul, the individual is aware of the
karma of past lives as well as the path
of service required to be both self-for-
giving as well as self-actualizing.


24 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

Ajay Tallam from Milpitas, USA /

"The patient,the doctor,the sickness, the health worker

and even the medicine are within the human."

Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 25

Obsession related to health should be
understood as a psychic sickness. It
infects the whole organism. Many ep-
idemics have obsession as their origin.
Patients should be educated, that it
is unworthy to be obsessed of their
sickness, that they should take it easy,
Occult Healing that they should work with their sick-
ness not with fear as basis, but with
XCIV a dispassionate attitude. The patient
should be told that sicknesses come
Prof. Dr. h.c. K. Parvathi Kumar to pass unless one prefers to hold
them. There can be some sicknesses
such a diabetes and arthritis. Patients
Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar is an It is the occult law: Obsession of should be adequately educated to live
author of more than 100 books. health / ill-health is self-poison- with them for life with a friendly atti-
He held more than 500 seminars ous. If a person is over-occupied of tude, but not with fright or dislike for
in five continents. His topics his health / ill-health he is poisoning the sickness. Many sicknesses come
comprise the areas of meditation, himself. It is little recognized, that to pass by, some sicknesses come to
yoga, philosophy, astrology, healing, excessive attention towards health stay. It is the attitude of the person
colour, sound, symbolism of world / ill-health invites ill-health. Many that aggravates the sickness or cures
scriptures, time cycles, and many believe, that in their obsession, they it or maintains it. Understanding of
other things. maintain good health, but the contra- the significance of sickness is part of
ry happens. Energy follows thought the occult healing. Appropriate un-
is another inevitable law. Behind the derstanding enables right adjustment
obsession for health, there is for cer- of psychic energy to meet sickness-
tain the fear of ill-health. That fear is es. After all, every patient is a health
the phantom that drives people into worker too, if not a healer.
obsession. My mother had arthritis, so do I.
Wisdom is to do what is to be done My father was diabetic, so am I.
in relation to health and not to brood These are common statements that
over it. Brooding over ill health is toxic one listens from time to time. If your
and helps the sickness to grow. Such mother suffered arthritis or your fa-
brooding over builds nervous tension ther suffered diabetes, you do not
and opens channels for various infec- have to. The information related to
tions. It is but common knowledge, sicknesses of parents or grandparents
that fear of infection that exists in is an important data for each one to
the village opens doors for such in- amend ones own habits of food, ex-
fection to enter into oneself. It is not ercise, daily routine and attitude. It is
necessary that everyone is infected in wisdom to know the information and
a village when an infection prevails. adapt to such food habits, exercises
Only those who pay excessive atten- and attitudes. This would help the
tion to it are the ones that receive it. person to overcome such situations.
Unwittingly, infection is invited. If on a road at a particular curve ac-

26 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

cidents generally happen, it is not resist them, or even to live with them. Modern medicine today believes in
necessary it should be so with you. Psychical adaptations in tune with counseling before and after every
Such prior information should not be time and circumstances are a great important treatment, but those who
taken as fatal, but as a valuable guid- ability, which have to be supplied do the counseling should be persons
ance. Psychic adjustments are many, to the patient through proper coun- of knowledge in terms of the psychic
either to overcome sicknesses or to seling. energy.

Obsession of health / ill-health is self poisonous.

Valentine God-Darel im Krankenbett, 1914, Ferdinand Hodler (18531918), Kunstmuseum Solothurn, Switzerland

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 27

ject of death and dying constellated
in different ways. Around me, people
dear to me died, and I was more or
less involved in their dying process. I
Death and Dying also met with the shadow - or should
I say, the light of my own death or
A Ta s t e o f E t e r n i t y the close possibility of having to die
immediately. I once woke up with a
I pressure on my chest in the middle of
the night and knew that this might
be the moment where I would have
Dr. med. Klaus-Dieter Platsch to go. Although I had never suffered
from coronary problems, the feeling
at that time was not a question of
Lecture of Dr. med. Klaus-Dieter imagination. I also experienced no
Platsch, held during the Meeting on fear at all in this situation although
"Medicine and Spirituality (April I was quite alone, but I sensed one of
11th-13th, 2003) at Frauenchiemsee those moments every one of us expe-
riences consciously or subconsciously,
Shortly after the meeting on Medi- where death is standing by your side.
cine and Spirituality last year, a par- I realized this and felt a kind of con-
ticipant sent me two books of the sent which meant: if it has to be now,
Klaus-Dieter Platsch is working as expert in death research, Bernard it will be alright. And inside me, there
an internist; he is doctor for Chinese Jakoby, and wrote that this would was crystal clarity of my conscious-
Medicine and psychotherapist. As be quite a good subject for the next ness.
a lecturer of the German Medical meeting. For my part, this did not re- Over the next few days, I tried to take
Society for Acupuncture, he teaches quire long consideration because: is stock and asked myself questions like:
through seminars and lectures in there a more central subject than the am I living my life as I want to live
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and question of life, dying, and death in it? Would I live in a different way
the United States. He is Director of the context of medicine and spiritu- if I knew I had to die soon? Or, if I
the Institute for Integral Medicine ality for us - who are working in med- am alive but for example the dear-
and author of several books on ical and therapeutical professions? est person I am living with would not
Chinese Medicine and Holistic Thus, the subject came up without be any more, would I live in a dif-
Healing. After 20 years of mental any effort and on its own, and I am ferent way? I experienced a feeling of
training, he is today standing for free glad about my personal confron- deep gratitude and joy of life when
and independent spirituality which tation with it in the run-up to the I realized that I am living my life in
goes much further than any spiritual meeting, and also about the large re- perfect accordance with my deepest
tradition. sponse, as measured by the number life impulses. I experienced this as a
of participants of this meeting alone great mercy. Well, this stock-taking in
indicating an open embrace of the the face of a near death is of great-
subject and a clear need for this in- est value for the person concerned for
ner and outward confrontation with his inner and outward orientation. Ill-
it. As I was preparing for the meeting, ness, death, and dying are still sub-
it had to be expected that the sub- jects in our society which one rath-

28 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

er does not talk about. I come from everything is subject to sometimes able to fulfil itself. This, of course, had
a family in which one was unable to even dramatic change regularly. The to fundamentally change my view of
speak about it. The fear of it made my search started for something I can put life and death, but also my concept of
parents and grandparents speechless. my complete trust on , both personal- medicine.
Of course they mirrored the speech- ly as a spiritual search and also in the Due to its Cartesian/Newtonian view
lessness of society but also the shock professional line. Thus, I met with my of the world, Western medicine has
they had not come to terms with two most important teachers. Rhada without exceptions taken on a mate-
the shock of two world wars, death, Tambirajah revealed the secrets of rial face. Still today, in Western medi-
hunger, and suffering, a great torture Chinese Medicine to me which cen- cine, we regard the human being as
for them and something they meant tres on the eternally one Dao and on a machine which only requires me-
to protect themselves against. the permanent change of all things chanical repair if it does not func-
Maybe this had been my unconscious in this dual world. This alone showed tion. As long as we possess a well-
reason to become a physician in or- me a completely new dimension in assorted store of replacement parts,
der to heal this in myself, in my fam- medicine which understands life as nothing can happen to us. The sen-
ily and in the world. Did I want to try a wholeness of body, spirit, and soul, tence, cogito, ergo sum (I think,
to eradicate suffering and death from not only in theory but also in practical therefore I am) has also become a
this world? As it is, Western conven- living, and which does not share the model in our Western medicine. The
tional medicine has a self-under- panic-stricken fear of Western medi- brain has risen to become the most
standing exactly in this line. Sickness cine of change and dying. important and highest centre where-
and death are regarded as opponents as human consciousness has become
that have to be fought mercilessly, reduced to brain functions. Thus, the
and all medicinal striving is brought intellect has risen as the highest au-
into line to prolong life at any price. thority and dominates all other lev-
Obviously, my studies of medicine and els of being. A stupid person is of less
my medicinal knowledge were una- value than a clever one. We bemoan
ble to offer me real answers to these mental handicaps more than physi-
questions. cal ones. At the same time, everybody
As it is, we encounter a number of can experience how for example peo-
smaller and greater deaths in our life ple with a trisomy 21, called mongol-
where something that was valuable oids, might be intellectually imbecile
to us and which we were attached to but nevertheless seem to belong to
comes to an end, and we lose some- Irina Tweedie (* 1907 in the happiest persons which exist in
thing. My daughter fell sick of leukae- Russia; 1999 in London) our society. The Western person has
mia. I had to reckon with the possibil- was a Russian-English obviously forgotten that his aware-
ity of her death. Luckily, she survived, Sufi teacher. ness is borderless in its essence. The
and my grandson is now already one brain just represents a receiver, like a
year old. My first marriage split up, television set, which is able to receive
etc. Each and every one of you has Irina Tweedie became my spiritu- a few channels. In fact, it does not
already experienced such strokes of al teacher who taught me the wis- even equal the tip of an iceberg in re-
fate one way or another. Gradually it doms of life by her simple suchness lation to total awareness.
started to dawn on me more uncon- and by her borderless love which far In Western medicine, mental domina-
sciously than consciously that there exceeded her person. This way, I ven- tion and highest esteem of the intel-
is nothing in my life and in this world tured forth into new dimensions in lect as sole and most important power
which is secure or constant, and that which an old and lifelong longing was of consciousness leads to a respective

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 29

definition of death. In general, a hu- son has no perspective left neither
man being is regarded as being dead in life nor in death. He believes that
when his brain is dead. The apallic, there was nothing before his birth
so-called coma vigil patients are re- and that there will also be nothing af-
D e ath and Dying garded as clinically dead and only still ter death. Surprisingly, the so-called
A Taste of vegetating. Thus, of course, questions enlightened world adheres to this
Eternity regarding the switching off of life- conception although it agrees with
sustaining devices. the physical law that matter and en-
ergy remain.
Let us reorganize the sentence we
have just cited and let us transform it
into Sum, ergo cogito (I am, there-
fore I think). Now we are able to see
matters much more clearly. Thinking
arises from Being. It is only a facet of
what makes up our being human. I
am, regarded in even greater depth
is then no more I am but only am.
Being human by far exceeds its under-
standing of individuality. It is greater
than the little I, the Ego. Thus, I am
simply just becomes suchness. The life
of a human being is simply suchness,
just as life altogether; the source of
Der Mensch als Industriepal- all being is Being. Thus, we approach
ast (Man as Industrial Palace) the question: what is life, dying, and
Stuttgart, 1926. Chromo- death? Transculturally, there is a clear
lithograph. National Library concordance in the unity of mind,
of Medicine. soul, and body although partly dif-
Fritz Kahn (1888-1968) ferent terms exist for the same thing.
Kahns modernist visualiza- Until the developments of the time of
tion of the digestive and res- Enlightenment, the West had been in
piratory system as "industrial accordance with this.
palace," really a chemical Here, Chinese Medicine has become
plant, was conceived in a pe- a very demonstrative model for me.
riod when the German chemi- Like any energetic medicine, it es-
cal industry was the worlds sentially does not really separate so-
most advanced. matic, emotional, psychological,
mental, and spiritual manifestations
The linear-causal way of thinking from each other. They are all expres-
which is mirrored in Cogito, ergo sions of a force of life - in Chinese
sum" leads to a material-oriented Medicine the Qi. Analogously, the re-
way of thinking and outlook on life. sults of quantum physics have to be
For this reason, the Western per- regarded, which have long separated

30 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

from the concept of matter and which more than just our individuality and of death during a lifetime and there-
says: there are in fact only fields of our limited life on earth, due to the fore to a much more free and inten-
energy and the information of these experience of our being as a part of sive life. The philosopher, Horace Ka-
fields. Energy is awareness. Thus, the the whole being, as we can reach it llen, formulates the result this way,
awareness on which all manifesta- on a spiritual path and by meditation In some people the fear of death
tions of the universe are based forms we learn not to attach ourselves so shapes life, in others it forms the joy
the body, the psyche, the mind, and much to the transient things of life. of life. The first live marked by death,
the soul. The emotional awareness We no longer attach great importance the latter die filled with life.3 Dealing
is closely connected to the body and to them. And in this letting go lies the with life and death decisively depends
embraces it. Psyche and mind, how- freedom of letting go on a higher lev- on the personality, on its belief or its
ever, are awareness which is organ- el, which on the physical level also spiritual place.
ized on a higher and fine material lev- means letting go to die in the transi- In turn, there exists transcultural ac-
el; they depend on body and emotions tion of the individual being to the be- cordance on the very first beginning
and embrace them. ing of the universe. of all being, of a dimension beyond
The soul of the person encases all pre- our understanding which therefore is
vious levels. That way, we have a hi- nameless. However, people need con-
erarchy of the levels of body, spirit, cepts in order to understand them.
and soul which are serving each other "He who dies Therefore, we also name that which
mutually and where each level is as cannot be named. This nameless pri-
important as the others and none of before he dies mary source is called Shunyata, emp-
the levels can exist without the oth- does not die tiness or void in Sanskrit, Dao in
ers. Ken Wilber calls this a holarchy.1 China, Arche, beginning, in ancient
Each is part of the whole but has a when death Greece, and God in monotheistic reli-
connection with each other in a hier- gions. From this void the dualist world
archical functional principle. The East- comes." emerges and returns to it again. Each
ern person has a different relationship moment, the appearances arise from
Abraham a Santa Clara
to death than the Western person. He this space, and they sink again in it. We
regards the perfection of the human often compare this dimension beyond
being in the fact that he overcomes space and time with the wideness and
his ego, his self-centredness. In a way, The Eastern person has not lost his depth of the ocean. The forms of ap-
somebody who relativizes the impor- access to it although we have to view pearance of the dual world are noth-
tance of himself learns to die already critically today that the East is mean- ing other than the waves which are
during his lifetime. Abraham a Santa while unconditionally copying the born and which vanish again in the
Clara expresses this briefly and con- material way of life and the material next moment. The wave is the ocean,
cisely: he who dies before he dies does will of prosperity, which in the long as Willigis Jger has expressed it so
not die when death comes2. The ego run will certainly lead to a shock of beautifully in his book of the same
with its desires, cravings, condition- the Eastern idea of man and view of name.4 Thus; there is a constant, eter-
ings, and shadow aspects will then the world. The natural attitude which nal being in the nameless and the
be unable to control the person and regards the small ego as part of the coming and going of the appearances.
to determine all his actions whether entire universe allows individuality to The Daoist sage, Zhuangzi, said, The
he want to or not but the ego serves appear in a different light where fear sage does not differentiate between
the person for the necessary things of dying and death are of no great the subjective and the objective. From
of his life and of his daily needs. Due significance. Thus, the daily dying of the view of Dao, all things are one.5
to the experience that we are much the small ego leads to an integration And also Heraclitus, the ancient Greek

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 31

philosopher, has named it in the same Contact
way, the whole and not-whole, the Dr. med. Klaus-Dieter Platsch
created and not-created, the mortal Traunsteiner Str. 11
and immortal, reason and eternity, 83093 Bad Endorf - Germany
D e ath and Dying Father and Son beginning and end
A Taste of are one. Life and death, sleeping and
Eternity waking, youth and old age are one
and the same.6 One can say: birth
and death are like two gates of life.
The stream of life has always flown References
before our birth and will also flow 1 Wilber, K.: Ganzheitlich Handeln, Ar-
after our death. In truth, however, it bor, 2001
has never flown and will never flow. 2 Abraham a Santa Clara (1644-1709),
In truth it simply flows, here and now. sterreicherischer Augustiner-Mnch,
zit. aus Kapleau: Das Zen-Buch vom be continued Leben und vom Sterben
3 Zit. aus Kushner, H.S.: Why I Am Not
Afraid to Die, Readers Digest, August
4 Jger, W.: Die Welle ist das Meer,
"The wave is Herder-Spektrum, 2000
5 Dschuang Dsi: Das wahre Buch vom
the ocean." sdlichen Bltenland, bersetzt von R.
Wilhelm, Diederichs, 1996
Willigis Jger
6 Zit. nach Kapleau, Ph.: Das Zen-Buch
vom Leben und vom Sterben, S. 42

The Great Wave off Kanagawa ,

Katsushika Hokusai (17601849)
Part of the series Thirty-six Views
of Mount Fuji, no. 21.
First publication: between 1826
and 1833. This edition: later.

32 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

B. Ways of treatment
The Thyroid Gland Relating to the diagnosis, a method
or more methods are chosen together
and its Diseases with the patient. In case of symptoms
relating to the thyroid gland men-
II tioned here, the following therapies
From Traditional Chinese Medicine's can be used:
Point of View
n acupuncture (needling of certain
acupuncture points)
n moxibustion (warming up certain
Elisabeth Vos acupuncture points)
n cupping (promotes blood flow at
certain acupuncture points)
Since 1986 Elisabeth Vos works with For Traditional Chinese Medicine, the n application of Western healing
naturopathy. way of approaching a disease is en- plants (as tea or tincture)
Her main fields of application are tirely different than for Western al-
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), lopathy. The human being here is The treatment is not static - it is di-
Japanese acupuncture after Manaka, considered as a whole and on an in- rected by acute changes of the global
Western medicinal plants and eye dividual basis. state of the sick patient.
diagnosis. This way of treatment does not stress
In 1991 she established her practice on figuring out certain patterns or im- Case study
at the Acupuncture Center in Berlin, ages of a disease, it rather focusses on The patient: Nurse, age 38, size 164
where she is working till date. regenerating the energetic balance of cm, weight 52 kg. divorced, two kids
the body. aged ten and twelve, single parent.
Slim, talks in fast manner and much,
voice is rather weak, hands move
Derived from File:Illu_endocrine_system.jpg, itself from

nervously, hectic red spots on the face

and neck.
She came to my practice because of
strong hair loss. Also, she experienc-
es frequent heart palpitations like the
heart would jump out of the chest.
The dermatologist has already pre-
scribed a hair-water that stimulates
the blood flow. The heart specialist

has consoled her by saying that the

heat is completely okay; he recom-
mended an examination of the thy-
The internist diagnosed a hyper func-
tion of the thyroid and prescribed al-
Location of major endocrine glands lopathic medicines.

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 33

C. My anamnesis (diagnostic es colds especially at weather chang-
assessment) es. She has a dry cough, smokes ten to
During our conversation, it was point- fifteen cigarettes a day.
ed out that the double burden of fam- The body sensation is mostly rather
T h e Thyroid Gland ily and profession puts a strain on her. warm. Thus, cold drinks are preferred.
and its Diseases She works in two shifts and cannot Meals are taken very irregularly.
always be home when kids arrive from The diagnosis of pulse and tongue
school. The eldest son slips out of her showed that the energies of the fire
hands, many a times she is indig- element is present quite strongly but
nant towards the children. Also, she rather weak in the energies of water
gets annoyed at work as the patients and metal.
demand too much of her. Her stool
D. My diagnosis
n too much yang
e.g., identified by red spots
n too little energy in metal element
e.g., recognizable by diarrhoea
n too little energy in water element
e.g., identified by hair loss
n too much energy in fire element
e.g., recognizable by palpitations

E. My treatment
(valid for this example only)
By placing acupuncture needles at
specific points, I created an energet-
ic balance between the elements of
water, fire, and metal. Furthermore, I
prescribed a blend of tea from differ-
ent plants which provide respectively a
cooling effect on Yang and a calming,
A gongfu tea table with accessories.( for a Chinese tea ceremony) restorative effect on nerves and psyche
as well as inhibiting the metabolism of
is mostly soft, sometimes diarrheic the thyroid.
which happens when she is exited. For the evening, I suggested a mixture
As a positive effect, she points out of drops for ingestion. This blend which
having become slim without strict- was also composed by me was used to
ly eating less. She goes to sleep very ease the process of falling asleep. In
late. Only in case of morning shifts order to achieve relative equilibrium of
she gets out of bed earlier. Falling the energetic conditions, the patient
asleep is difficult to her, too many was recommended to find a balance
thoughts and worries are still in her of tension and relaxation. This meant
head. She starts sweating easily but that the patient had to manage get-
not too extensively. Often, she catch- ting small breaks in the daytime and

34 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

enough and regular sleep at night. malization in this matter. After half a If you have any questions I will be
Also, I suggested not to watch TV or year, the internist no longer diagnosed glad to answer them.
do computer work late in the evening. high thyroid-values in her blood.
Instead of this, a little walk would do
much better as preparation for the F. My evaluation
night. Additionally, I recommended In the case described here the patient Contact
her to learn relaxation exercises like came to me early, so that we did not Elisabeth Vos
Qui Gong, Yoga, or autogenic training. have to wait long for the success of Naturopath
Concerning her diet, I advised her to the treatment. Starting the treatment Tucholskystr. 22
skip strongly (body-)heating food. Cof- later would also have led to a success 10117 Berlin / Germany
fee, red wine, hard alcohol, hot spices, but also a longer period of treating phone: +49-(0)30-28384368
pork, cold cuts, and seared or grilled would have been necessary.
During the treatment acupuncture
Li Junfeng /

was applied all and all ten times, two

times per week. After the third time,
she already felt significantly more re-
laxed and after five times she could
fall asleep well with autogenic train-
ing and the drops. The little tea cer-
emonies helped her in getting a break
minimum thrice daily.
I noticed that after six treatments
that she would come to the practice
in good mood mostly, talking happily
about her children and patients in the
hospital. When she had not much time
or patience, she would now manage to
refuse to let in demands. It was a com-

pletely new experience that this be-

haviour was accepted. Now, she can-
not loose her calm so quickly. Even the Li Junfeng demonstrating Heaven Nature Gong
palpitations seldom bother her. Only,
the loss of hair has not been decreas- In conclusion, the advantages of TCM
ing much. combined with Western plants can be
After the tenth acupuncture session, stated as:
we paused so that the body would
find a way to get back on its own the n man is examined as a whole and
energetic equilibrium. In the follow- strengthened
ing treatments, various teas and drops n the treatment does not yield unde-
were prescribed according to the state. sired side effects
Slowly, now the hair loss would dis- n preventive therapy is always possible
appear and after approximately four n sustainable effect is recognizable
months she had the impression of nor- many times

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 35

cine. This involves a disease of the
skeletal system where the bone tis-
sue is reduced by bone degradation
or a reduced bone augmentation. The
Ayurveda Osteoporosis decrease of the mineral and organic
bone proportion leads to a load re-
When the Air Element duction and to a structural change.
Lets our Bones Become Lighter In the fourth decade of life, the hu-
man skeleton reaches its highest bone
density. After that, a gradual, natural,
age-related bone degradation oc-
Kerstin Tschinkowitz curs, i.e., the bone density decreases.
The decline of the content of calcium
salts, however, as a rule is not a dis-
As a nurse and ethnologist, Kerstin From the viewpoint of Ayurveda, we ease but a physiological adaptation of
Tschinkowitz has been involved can in some ways help that age-re- the body to the reduced requirements
with the studies of naturopathy lated increasing Vata-Dosha does not of age. Every human being experi-
of different races for many years. get out of hand. Healthy nutrition, the ences an age-related bone degrada-
Here, her encounter with Ayurvedic avoidance of stress as well as plenty tion where the reduction of the bone
medicine gave her new impetus of exercise help to stimulate bone for- mass takes place based on 50 percent
in dealing with health promotion, mation. of the interproximal bone of a 30
holistic life orientation, and conduct year-old. In this context, one speaks
of life and has been determining her For some years now, an interesting of age-related atrophy which causes
therapy for many years. Ms. Kerstin development can be observed: social no pathological bone loss and has to
Tschinkowitz is working as Ayurveda attention is focusing on special dis- be differentiated from bone loss, os-
specialist, non-medical practitioner, ease patterns. Information in the teoporosis.
and nature practitioner in her own form of health articles and adverts Women are more likely to suffer from
practice at Biel, Switzerland. is tremendous, and it is specifi- osteoporosis than men. After the
cally directed at subjects like meno- menopause, hormone decreases lead
pause, osteoporosis, or cancer screen- to additional bone loss which stops
ing. One wonders why in our times of after 10 years. An increased bone loss,
prosperity such disease patterns are however, can also be the consequence
so very present. Is it because our life of hormonal and rheumatic diseas-
expectancy has increased and our dis- es. Likewise, restrictions of mobility
ease patterns can for this reason be due to paralyses or fractures, diabe-
portrayed in such a way today? Is it tes, disturbed food intake, tumours,
because of the increase in stress fac- or medicaments could be the reason.
tors, or is it because of the pollutants In practice, therapy-treated patients
we are exposed to every day? Or do time and again experience how im-
we have to ask who has an interest in portant the information on individual
these clinical pictures? clinical symptoms is for the persons
Osteoporosis belongs to those disease concerned. Many people put a diag-
patterns whose risks are in particular nosis on a level with a verdict. They
pointed out in our preventive medi- remain in shock, their perception nar-

36 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

rows, and quite often, clear decision- In this phase of life, the Pitta energy
making and the development of solu- gradually recedes. The main element
tion approaches is paralyzed. of Pitta is the fire with the help of
Here, very creative and sensitive work which we have built up our existence
with a lot of instinctive feeling is re- and started a family. The Vata-Dosha
quired for opening perspectives to with its dominance of wind-ether
break the vicious circle of rigidity dominance descends in a natural way.
and fear, to develop common strate- The reproductive tissue recedes, the
gies, to encourage and beside me- subcutaneous fat tissue declines, and
dicinal measures to help taking on the cell structure now requires our
own responsibility. This is a challenge, support and cannot regenerate on its
but also one of the finest tasks for Ay- own any more. The cellular structure
urveda therapy patients. of the tissue changes. The physical
level reacts with an increased sen-
Start of a New Phase of Life sibility, dryness, and weakness. On
In the classical writings of Ayurveda, it the spiritual level, change also takes "Space
is emphasized that from the 40th year place. Thus, space can be created for
of life onwards one should start with the so-called wisdom of old age; the is created
Rasayana, rejuvenation, and constitu- viewers perception can change the
tional support means. By this time, the conception of life. for the
body has matured and from now on
requires metabolism stimulating sub- Opposing Principle so-called
stances and stimulating health tonics In this stage of life, Ayurveda puts
in order to maintain cell regeneration. particular importance on the support wisdom of
A new phase of life starts for women of the body on a spiritual and physical
as well as for men. In the case of wom- level in order to promote our spiritual old age."
en, the shift obviously expresses itself strength and physical health.
through the climacteric period and the Space is created for the so-called
entry into the menopause; surplus cal- wisdom of age.
cium is degraded. Men usually call it In order to balance and restore the
midlife crisis and male menopause. equilibrium of power in the body, Ay-
Here, the ageing process takes place urveda works with the opposing prin-
according to the individual constitu- ciple: where there is speed, tranquil-
tion and way of life. Additional factors lity is set against it; where heaviness
to be taken into consideration are: en- and lethargy prevail, dynamism acts
vironmental burden, wrong nutrition, in an energizing and stimulating way;
and of course genetic factors. Not to cold is balanced by warmth, dryness
be forgotten is stress, which represents by humidity.
a one-sided burden of the hormone The three essential factors of Ayurve-
and nervous system. The sum of these da are the doshas - Vata, Pitta, and
factors forms an obstacle to the up- Kapha. These functional principles
take of life energy from nutrition and communicate between body and spir-
thus clearly reduces cell regeneration it and control all physiological proc-
and tissue regeneration. esses in the body. They form the in-

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 37

dividual personality: our constitution. Stimulation of Bone Formation
In an Ayurveda treatment, care is tak- Ayurveda provides a wide range of
en that the doshas are brought into recommendations and applications
equilibrium according to the individ- for the prophylactic support of the
Ayurveda ual constitution. ageing process and for the preven-
Osteo porosis The bioenergy, Vata, formed from the tion of osteoporosis. This enables us
elements of ether and air, embodies to participate actively in the mainte-
the kinetic principle of movement. nance and stabilisation of our health.
Properties like dry, light, cold, mobile, As an obvious prophylaxis, we can en-
clear, and rough are allocated to the sure that the Vata dosha does not ex-
Vata dosha; and most Vata-related cessively increase. Beside healthy nu-
symptoms refer to the nervous sys- trition and the avoidance of stress, lot
tem, the psyche and the musculoskel- of exercise is recommended, as well
etal system. as appropriate strengthening exer-
From the Ayurvedic viewpoint, oste- cises in order to stimulate bone for-
oporosis is also a disease of the mus- mation. Yoga is perfectly suited for
culoskeletal system and is caused by this. With regard to the therapeutical
a strong increase in the proportion of measures, the reduction of the Vata
Vata. dosha and the stabilization of the

Hints for Daily Routine

Examine your way of living to find out where you can find small is-
lands of happiness every day. Start in the morning with an outlook of
the day, be aware to incorporate resting points into your day which
strengthen, nourish, and build up in order to calm your Vata energy
and to soothe Pitta. Sun and fresh air as well as a regular exercise
program which stimulates perspiration activate the bodys own cal-
cium level. Mineral-rich foods like milk, fish, green leafy vegetables,
almonds, sunflower seeds, mung beans, and fresh juices contain lots of
calcium and support bone formation. Prophylactically, foodstuffs like
alcohol and coffee should be abstained from; also the consumption of
sugar, meat, and too many white flour products should be moderated
in order to prevent acidification. Oil massages supply the skin with vi-
tamin E and help the body to convert the sunlight into vitamin D and
calcium. They nourish the body tissue, help relax and stimulate the
metabolism. Especially recommended for your daily massage before
your exercise program in the open air or a sunbath is a mixture of sun-
flower oil, evening primrose oil, and wheat germ oil. A warm shower
afterwards and relaxation complete the feeling of wellbeing.

38 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

bone tissue is paramount. For this, spicuous symptoms that might in-
we try to filter out where for exam- dicate osteoporosis with regard to
ple points of calmness and tranquil- other causes as well. But most of all:
lity can be integrated into our way of do nourish your zest for life because
life. Quite often, minimal changes in your happiness and contentment are
our nutrition can build up reserves or the most important components of
can be used for a soothing influence your health!
on the bioenergy of Vata.
Health and nutrition counselling sup-
/ Wild Flowers of Israel via the PikiWiki - Israel free image
port therapeutical measures. With
regard to nutrition, it has to be par-
ticularly observed that the meals are
freshly prepared. In case of an excess
of Vata, one should refrain from un-
cooked vegetarian food or indigestive
products. As the Vata dosha is con-
sidered to be extremely unsteady, it is
important to eat regularly. In order to
counteract the property of coldness,
collection project

the food should be warm, and, for de-

laying the reduction, it may also be
well nourishing. It should furthermore
satisfy our senses by aesthetics, taste, Almond blossom, Plants of Israel. Foods rich in minerals like
and smell. milk and almonds support bone augmentation.
Especially during the seasons which
increase Vata early winter and late
autumn it is important to protect
the body with warming nourishment,
suitable clothing, warm baths, and
Ayurvedic massage with its special This article was also published in:
oils takes effect on the physical as YOGA! The Magazine,
well as on the psychological level. In No. 4/11, August/September, 2013
particular in the treatment of oste-
oporosis, they have a strong thera-
peutic effect via the skin, the largest
organ of the human being. They sup-
port the regeneration of the tissue, Contact
nourish the soul, and activate self- Kerstin Tschinkowitz
healing powers. Natural health practitioner / naturopath
It is important not to regard oste- AYURVEDA BALANCE
oporosis as a pure symptom; it is also Freiestrasse 44
important to distinguish it from age- 2502 Biel / Bienne - Switzerland
related atrophy and to clarify con-

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 39

among the cost generators in the cal-
culation of profitability in Germany.
This happened when sewage charg-
es, e.g., for sewage water containing
Ye a s t live and dead yeast cells, were raised
according to the degree of pollution.
VII Although as was described in ear-
lier statements the physiological
value of brewer's yeast had long been
known, the use of brewer's yeast then
Univ.-Prof. a. D. Dr.-Ing. Gnter Brwald really became of topical interest. Col-
Special Field: Fermentation Technology (Acting Director) lection and processing companies
Technical University of Berlin, Faculty III Process Sciences were founded and the transport from
breweries to the yeast processing fac-
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gnter Brwald, born The series of articles that deals with yeast tory was organized. Yeast was for
in Berlin in 1934, trained maltster was published between 2011 to 2013. the most part dried. The thereby ac-
and brewer, studied Agricultural Part 1 (8/2011), Part 2 (3/2012), cruing exhaust vapours of water va-
Technology at the Technical Part 3 (4/2012), Part 4 (12/2012), pour + alcohol allowed the recycling
University of Berlin, obtained Part 5 (1/2013), Part 6 (10/2013) of ethanol which could be sold. This
his doctoral degree in 1964 and and now the last Part VII. was a positive issue for the breweries
received his habilitation for the as the wastewater load could be freed
subject Fermentation Technology from alcohol to a large extent. On the
here. He worked there as university Yeast belongs to the biological mate- other hand, the organic component of
professor from 1970 to 2000, after rial that has been best investigated for yeast could be drastically reduced.
this, voluntary activities in this field 150 years. This does not only refer to Wastewater costs were lowered.
until now. the health-relevant studies of recent It was largely up to the processing
years when it became clear that par- factories to process top-fermented
asites were increasingly detected in harvested yeast with lower protein
combination with infections of previ- content (Nx6.25) in a different way
ously inflicted persons, in particular in than bottom-fermented yeasts. The
hospitals. This was already discussed latter can contain up to 56% of crude
in Part V. Completing the subject of protein. It suggested itself to offer the
yeast, a glance into the broad spec- protein which was isolated from the
trum of applications in food industry yeast to food industry and feedstuff
will round off the topic. industry. It was, moreover, just a ques-
tion of taste whether the hop bitters,
Yeast in Food Technology Today brought in from the brewing process,
Since Justus von Liebig (1803 - 1873), were accepted by the consumers or
harvested brewer's yeast has been the whether they had to be wholly or in
starting material for a multitude of part removed by wash-out or alkaline
uses. He did not only create meat ex- treatment. Since the early seventies
tract but he also developed yeast ex- of the 20th century, it had become
tract. Since the sixties of the 20th possible to debitter the yeast with the
century, waste yeast has been rated aid of this physical method (without

40 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

the addition of chemicals, by means

of carbon dioxide in super critical
condition, similar to the decaffeina-
tion of coffee beans). CO2 gas, after
all, is formed as a secondary product
during alcoholic fermentation it can
neither be queried with regard to the
food legislation nor during the eco-
logical production of yeast products.
Pure yeast soups which still contained
hop bitters did not have a particular-
ly good taste. Yeast was dried and
then mixed with dry vegetables, salt
and seasoning in the shape of flakes too thickly, similar to marmalade or Humulus lupulus, illustration from
which were acceptable in terms of plum jam. Naturgeschichte des Pflanzenreichs,
taste. Thereby, the bitterness was to As B-vitamins are added to the prod- table XLIX (fragment), 1887 (publication)
be overlaid. uct in accordance with daily require- Gotthilf Heinrich von Schubert
The situation is slightly different with ments, Marmite can also be rated as a
regard to the sandwich spread, Mar- food supplement. There are legal dif-
mite, which has been a favourite in ferences between food, food supple-
England since 1902. Here, tradition- ments and medicinal products, with
picture by WestportWiki / http://commons.

ally selected breweries deliver their grey areas in between. In the Euro-
harvested yeast to the food factory. pean Community, the classification
There, the yeast is debittered and is is verified according to certain crite-
mixed with salt, seasonings and cel- ria of these groups and is then taken
ery extract. The paste is addition- over by the legislative of the individ-
ally enriched with B-vitamins and is ual states. The Saccharomyces cerevi-
then homogenized under pressure. It siae yeast itself is listed as foodstuff,

has been served as healthy vegetar- however, blended with defined micro-
ian bread spread for more than 110 proportions of selenium or chromium,
years. For breakfast, slices of buttered referred to in the daily ration, it then
toast are thinly spread with Marmite becomes a food supplement, or even,
and eaten. For Continental Europe- as the selected species, S.boulardii,
ans this rather takes getting used to resp., S.cerevsiae, stating the propor-
as they usually spread Marmite much tion of live yeasts in a dragee for oral

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 41

use with a declaration of the risks c) Smoky aroma from or with yeast
and side effects, it ranks amongst extract.
the medicinal products. Regarding a) A well-known organic
Yeasts extracts as constituent parts flake, customary in the trade, contains
Yeast of vegetable food are well-known and about 60% of tomato puree, 30% of
in use among vegetarians and vegans. yeast flakes, and 10% of corn starch
Here, protein-containing extracts as as carrier substance. This is rounded
well as also pure flavouring substanc- off by seasonings. It serves as an ad-
es are gained from the yeast and used dition to cold and warm meals. It is
in these plant-based foodstuffs. popular with pizzas.
For taste permanence exceeding the Regarding b) Here, enriched yeast
best-before date of the product, vola- extract is by fermentation put into
tile aroma substances are for exam- a state whose aromatic expression
ple fixed using micro-encapsulation. combined with seasonings tends
Substances which are sensitive to ox- towards cheese. These products allow
idation like vitamins and coenzymes the composition of foodstuffs with-
are additionally encapsulated un- out milk, resp. other from animal con-
der nitrogen as a protective gas and stituents and are therefore of interest
can then be exactly dosed out into in case of lactose intolerance. Cheese
the foodstuff. By this technology, the varieties with a rich aroma are, how-
best-before date of the foodstuff is ever, not easily imitable.
extended and thereby maintained. The typical sweetish-nutty aroma of
The production of organic yeast prod- Swiss hard cheeses is created by fer-
ucts according to the EU-Eco-Regu- mentation of the residual lactic acid
lation 834/07 is also possible. In anal- in the cheese mass by Propionibac-
ogy to organic baker's yeast on which terium shermannii. This lactic acid is
was previously reported, e.g., selected missing in yeast and its autolysate.
Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast in the In the case of cheese imitates from
form of paste or flakes can be pro- a yeast protein containing bas, lactic
duced by physical methods. In food acid has to be added. During the aro-
industry, this then serves as an addi- ma imitation of blue mould cheeses,
tive for sauces, soups, bread-spreads, like Roquefort, Stilton, Danish blue or
vegetables, rice or admixtures of pas- Gorgonzola, the green mould, Peni-
tries. The technological advantages cillium (P) roquefortii is vaccinated
lie in the fact that this yeast neither on the surface of the cheese mass. In
has to be washed, nor discoloured, the case of soft white mould cheeses
nor separated from accompanying
substances. Therefore, no contact
with chemicals in the form of addi-
tives or residues takes place.
Examples for such use are listed be-
a) Organic tomato-yeast flakes,
b) Cheese aroma and

42 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

like Camembert or Brie, P. camember- acid in yeast as well as in the 5-nu-
tii is used for the surface fermenta- cleotides. Thus, yeast extracts with
tion. Based on cultivations with the enriched glutamic acid as well as ri-
cheese aroma forming microorgan- bonucleic acid (RNA) are produced for
isms on other proteins from micro- meat imitates.
biological as well as plant substrates To begin with, it has to be borne in
like yeast protein or tofu (soy bean mind that smoking like salting (2-
curd), cheese-typical aromas can be 10% added to food) and curing be-
created. Whether on cheese as an an- longs to the natural methods of pres-
imal product or on a vegetable cheese ervation. Smoking, salting and to a
imitate: the bacteria and moulds used restricted extent curing with a mix-
for fermentation colonize the rinds. ture of cooking salt, sodium nitrite
For reasons of durability and hygiene, (about 0.5% addition) and sodium ni-
these have to be removed before con- trate (0.9 to 1% addition) can be di-
sumption. This measure is of special rectly preserved with solidified yeast
importance especially for older con- protein. The preserving effect of salt
sumers with a weaker immune sys- is based on the dissociated sodium
tem. and potassium ions, which have toxic
Regarding c) Amongst others, smoke effects and inhibit enzyme activities.
flavouring was artificially produced It is a known fact that salt extracts
and added to the foodstuff without
having to smoke the product in the
classical way. Even drinks were blend-
ed with smoke flavouring, which dis-
photo by Ramon Pieiro /,_

pensed with the pre-treatment of the

raw materials. Costs could be low-
ered. The admissibility of such meth-
ods is disputed, as consumers are fre-
quently deceived.
Already in the sixties of the last cen-
tury, smoke flavouring was produced
in yeast extract. The aim is to inte-

grate the smoky aroma into the food-

stuff. Thus, if a vegetarian does not
wish to renounce typical aromas oc-
curring during the processing of
meat, sausage and fish into smoked
products, yeast extracts containing
smoke flavouring offer themselves in water from the food and also from Room with food to be smoked in
the recipe of the respective food. the yeast cell. In the case of yeast, Galicia in the village Donis.
As a preliminary point, it has to be re- this leads to a plasmolyse. Nitrite is The smoke rising from a short stove
membered that yeast extracts inten- a strong cell poison and is therefore pipe on the ceiling of the room
sify the aroma of meat. The reason for only used in low concentrations. Be- where the deduction is.
this lies in the content of glutamic side binding of smoke aromas on the

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 43

surface of foodstuffs, which is expe- ronment of these microorganisms in
rienced as being pleasant, the smok- their diversity. - In this loose sequence
ing over hardwood is, however, not of observations on yeast, medicine
toxicologically harmless. Beside the has been included although it nowa-
Yeast development of cancer-causing nit- days rather keeps a distance with re-
rosamines on the surface of smoked gard to the application of the natu-
products (when formerly in direct ral substances of yeast and to those
contact with the fire), there are still which are isolated from it. We, yeast
other problematic substances, even experts, take a critical view of this.
in the case of careful smoking. These Because: What is health? Health
include amongst others methanol, is the silence of the organs (cited
formaldehyde, ketones, phenols, and from medical experts from the ARD
kresoles. These have an antimicrobi- program Hart aber fair, moderated
al effect together with formic acids, by Plasberg on May 26th, 2010). From
acetic acids and propionic acids con- this TV broadcast, we have a further
tained in the smoke. quotation of a professor of medicine,
What is health? Finally, it should be noted that from "There is no prevention but only
the digested yeast not only protein early diagnosis based on targeted ex-
Health is and B-vitamins are isolated and sepa- aminations these also include ge-
the silence of rately processed. The mannan compo- netic investigations of the human be-
nents of the cell wall are the focus ing. Suitable yeast should be included
the organs. of immunoactive applications as sub- into prophylaxis.
stitute for prophylactically adminis- Nowadays, genetic investigations of
tered antibiotics in intensive livestock yeast strains are carried out in order
farming as also glucan in the form of to make master strains available more
-(1.3)-(1.6)-glucan. The latter has a quickly. However, this does not mean
positive effect on the cholesterol level that yeast which we use in food in-
due to its LDL- and total cholesterol dustry are genetically manipulated.
lowering properties. Besides, it acts This would require the declaration of
as radical catcher and influences to genetically manipulated organisms
uptake of glucose. Yeast with a high (GMO). Todays consumers are on all
content of ribonucleic acid (RNA) is counts interested in GMO-free diets.
especially cultivated for meat substi- May the historical knowledge on the
tution. RNA is offered isolated, free of health effect of many types of yeast
salt. Indigenous yeast can be a host be preserved for future generations!
organism for the interleukin produc-
tion (interferon) by gene transfer. This
example highlights future research. Contact
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gnter Brwald
Afterword of the Author Karmeliterweg 73/75
Allow me at this point to thank all 13465 Berlin, Germany
yeast researchers and those who have phone/fax: +49/30-401 83 21
worked in the technological, mechan-
ical, and analytically essential envi-

44 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

photo by Erika Rthlisberger

"Man should know who he is, what he is and why he is before he

seeks for cognition of the origin of wisdom of all matters."

Taken from: Dr. Aschner, Bernhard: Paracelsus, Smtliche Werke,

Band IV, p. 398 (Complete works, Volume IV)

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 45

thing new will emerge from the rapid
changes we are all experiencing.
The Global Coherence Scientific research shows these flick-
ers of hope are qualities of the heart
Initiative and spirit. The heart feelings of emo-
tional well-being, care and compas-
I sion are enhanced by:

n Spiritual practices like meditation

Keeping Up with the Planetary Shift and prayer that connect us to some-
thing greater than ourselves.
n Heart connection with others -
Deborah Rozman close friendships within and outside
the family.
n Gathering with others frequently for
Many people sense a planetary shift uplifting purposes such as church,
is going on. There is global economic social causes, etc.
instability, climate change, increased
solar activity, unusual magnetic field We call these actions that help nur-
changes and more frequent occur- ture us emotionally, mentally, physi-
rences of both extreme weather and cally and spiritually aspects of heart-
geological events. based living. As the planetary shift
Most people dont know exactly what continues and people experience
is going on, but sense that life is in- greater stress, overstimulation, over-
deed changing. Many of us also sense load and stress-induced physical and
Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., is President a shift internally and perceive that mental health problems, the impera-
and CEO of HeartMath Inc. time is accelerating finding it dif- tive to shift toward heart-based living
She has been deeply committed ficult to keep up at times. Were con- increases.
to awareness development and stantly bombarded by an ever-in-
personal growth for 40 years. creasing number of choices. Emotions
Deborah Rozman is co-author with can peak and plummet to extremes Emotions Create Waves
HeartMath founder, Doc Childre in the span of hours, even minutes.
of the Transforming book series Uncertainty seems to be on the rise The Institute of HeartMath (IHM) has
which includes; Transforming Anger, about our personal direction as well conducted nearly two decades of re-
Transforming Stress, Transforming as that of the world. search on stress reduction and emo-
Anxiety, Transforming Depression Amid the stress and chaos, there is tional well-being, addressing the ar-
and Stopping Emotional Eating. increasing awareness of our global eas of:
She also maintains a blog on interconnectivity. A momentum is and on building among those who want to Incoherence
the Huffington Post. come together to make a difference, When a person feels stress, over-
give back to society and take care of whelm, anxiety, uncertainty or fear,
each other and our planet. There is the heart sends chaotic and incoher-
both an energetic spark in the air and ent signals to the brain-mind, trig-
a growing sense of hope that some- gering more stressful responses. The

46 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

higher cortical functions are inhib- more coherent electromagnetic ener-
ited meaning the heart and brain gy field that can benefit other people,
are out of alignment so solutions to animals and the environment.
personal or world problems are elu- A growing body of scientific evidence
sive. also suggests that when there is co-
Collectively, these negative emotions herent group cooperation, it results in
are registered in the heart and brains increased flow and effectiveness, and
electromagnetic fields, generating a creates the potential for higher out-
global stress and incoherence wave comes. The dynamic in a group set-
that goes out to those around us and ting appears to be that the partici-
around the globe. Stress and incoher- pants not only are in sync, but there
ence are intensified by instant mass is also a kind of unseen or energetic
media reports, spreading news about communication that takes place.
natural disasters, social upheaval, When we are in a personal state of
economic turmoil and more. coherence, we can benefit our fam-
ilies, co-workers, friends, pets and
Coherence more simply by being in their pres-
When you feel genuine hope, care ence. We know from our research that
and compassion, your heart is send- heart coherence is not an idle state: It
ing harmonious and coherent signals reaches out, influences and supports
to the brain-mind, replacing feelings others in many beneficial ways. It is
of separation with a sense of connec- an energetic baseline that unfolds
tion. The heart and brain are aligned into social coherence. Collectively,
and in sync. The higher cortical func- we can learn to thrive through heart- "Many scientists
tions are enhanced, facilitating ob- based, cooperative alignment.
jective, sober assessment and intui- An important scientific discovery in believe that a
tive perception. You perceive more the last century was that the uni- feedback loop
wholeness, and solutions to problems verse is fully interconnected. Nothing
are more apparent. can be considered separate or alone. exists between
Positive emotions such as hope, care, Scientific evidence provides support
compassion and appreciation can for a global field environment that all humans
generate a collective global coher- connects all living systems and con- and the earths
ence wave that sends an electromag- sciousness.
netic field out to those around us and Many scientists believe that a feed- energetic
across the globe. Increasing heart back loop exists between all humans
alignment and focusing on heart- and the earths energetic systems. systems."
based living have the potential to cre- When enough individuals increase
ate a global coherence wave that fa- their heart coherence, it leads to in-
cilitates new solutions for the worlds creased social coherence, and as a
problems. critical mass of cultures and nations
Research conducted in the Institute become more harmoniously aligned,
of HeartMath laboratories has con- this eventually can lead to increased
firmed that when an individual is in global coherence.
heart coherence, the heart radiates a ... to be continued

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 47

The Institute of HeartMath is an HeartMath is to help establish heart-
internationally recognized nonprofit based living and global coherence by
research and education organization inspiring people to connect with the
dedicated to helping people reduce intelligence and guidance of their own
The Global stress, self-regulate emotions and build hearts.
Coherence energy and resilience for healthy, happy
Initiative lives. HeartMath tools, technology and
training teach people to rely on the
intelligence of their hearts in concert
with their minds at home, school, work deborah-rozman
and play. The mission of the Institute of


Kalacakra particulate

mandala constructed by
Losang Samten in El Paso,
Texas, U.S.A. in 2012 (C.E.).
This mandala is part of the peace
practices within the Dalai Lama's Monastery

48 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

the ancient world. The Egyptians car-
ried this stone with them as a sym-
bol of regeneration and faithfulness.
The Pharaohs at this time ascribed the
most divine powers to this stone, with
Healing Stones which they liked to decorate them-
selves. In addition to wonderful dec-
Carnelian orative objects and chains, Carnelian
was also added as an object depos-
ited with corpses in the grave to en-
The Great Encyclopaedia of healing stones, sure a trouble-free life after death.
fragrances and herbs The name of this stone comes from
the Latin word Corneolus, because it
looks like a cherry. Its colour reminds
The Great Encyclopaedia of healing the observer of sunset and therefore,
stones, fragrances and herbs is not the since the time of the ancient Greeks,
work of one single author, but a joint it has expressed the symbol of the re-
achievement by many authors and turning sun.
experienced people worldwide, who
over decades have gathered knowledge Curative and therapeutic effects
of healing stones. Consequently, on the body
it does not reflect any preceding Carnelian helps especially against
literature which could be referred to in blood disorders and vascular conges-
a directory of sources, but the actual tion. It lowers the blood sugar level
experiences of innumerable cured Colour and regenerates the blood corpus-
people, whose endeavours for the Orange-red to dark red, translucent, cles and provides immediate relief
powers of healing stones are the true partly striped in the case of nose bleed, bleeding
sources of this book. wounds and blood poisoning. Car-
Chemical composition nelian produces better perfusion
SiO2 of the organs and, by means of the
blood corpuscles, greatly improves
Geology the supply of oxygen and strengthens
Carnelian belongs to the quartz fam- the body's defences. People who fre-
ily and has a hardness of 7. Carnelian, quently have cold feet should wear a
like our blood, has a beautiful red col- carnelian chain over the breast, be-
our, too. Its redness results from con- cause that activates the circulation
centrations of iron. The main sites, and thereby results in a better blood
where it is found today, are in Aus- supply right to the extremities. Like-
tralia, South Africa, Brazil, Uruguay wise, as a chain or as carnelian tea,
and India. the skin will be supplied with suffi-
cient oxygen and nutrients, too. Pim-
Historical tradition ples, eczema and wrinkles caused by
Carnelian is amongst the most valu- the ageing process can be relieved
able of the semi-precious stones of and healed by carnelian. Due to its

Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X 49

healing action on the blood, it brings sponsible for healthy blood formation
relief by allowing the blood to flow in the bone marrow. As a result of the
more smoothly through the blood detoxicating effect, carnelian elimi-
vessels and the heart. The cardiac nates complaints in the abdomen,
Healing Stones muscle does not have to exert such such as digestive problems, intestinal
high pressure to supply the complete disorders, kidney, liver and gall blad-
circulation with an adequate amount der complaints. Carnelian water helps
of blood. The heart is relieved and the against parodontosis, bleeding of the
gums and protects against ulcerative
stomatitis. It fortifies the eyes and
bestows on the skin (allow two to
three cherry-sized carnelians to soak
overnight in 0.3 L water and drink
the liquid in the morning on an emp-
ty stomach) a more youthful appear-
ance when applied regularly. If added
to the bath water, the regenerating
and stimulating powers of carnelian
can be experienced as being very ef-
fective. When laid under the pillow,
carnelian acts against sleeplessness
and despondency or depression.

Curative and therapeutic effects

on the mind
Carnelian is a stone which symbolises
regeneration and gives us more vital-
Carnelian intaglio with blood pressure is, nevertheless, main- ity and joy of living.
a Ptolemaic queen tained at a constant level. Too low or
holding a sceptre, too high blood pressure can be regu- Sign of the zodiac
early 1st century BC; lated using carnelian. Aries, 21st March to 20th April,
gold, garnet,emerald and Carnelian purifies the blood by Taurus, 21st April to 20th May, and
glass paste mount, 1724 strengthening and supporting the Scorpion, 24th October to 22nd No-
Cabinet des Mdailles, France. spleen. The spleen and the blood vember
have a close functional relationship.
They produce the lymphocytes (small Chakra
parts of the white blood corspuscles) When laid on the root or sacral chakra
and pure the blood of toxins. More- carnelian creates a special warmth in
over, the spleen is the largest organ the abdomen. These oscillations are
of the lymphatic system which par- transmitted with a particular healing
ticipates in antibody formation. In effect on disorders of the abdomen
this context, carnelian also controls and have a preventive action during
the production of hormone-like sub- pregnancy. Carnelian penetrates with
stances in the spleen, which are re- vigour in fulfilling the requirements

50 Paracelsus Health & Healing 11/X

I m p r i n t
PARACELSUS Health & Healing
of the heart and helps us to make larly intensively, it is recommended to The Magazine for Healing Practices and Traditional
the right decisions in our lives and in make use of discharging with hema- Knowledge of Medicine in East and West

questions of love and partnership. tite balls. Recharging under the sun Paracelsus was a master of health and healing who stands
for a bridging of the visible and invisible worlds. What
or in a group of crystals is recom- he said 500 years ago is now slowly being found valid
How can I obtain a carnelian mended and, because carnelian can- even by modern medical science. Therefore the magazine
is published in memory of Paracelsus to inform about all
and how should I look after it? not be overcharged, they can also be varieties of healing known to be effective.
Subject areas are: Ayurveda, homoeopathy, yoga, alchemy,
Carnelian can be obtained as rough charged for longer periods of time in naturopathy, traditional Chinese therapies, other traditional
therapies from the Far East, magnetotherapy, hydrotherapy,
stones, tumbled stones, hand stones, the sun. massage, foot zone massage, phytotherapy, dietetics, gems
chains, pendants, beads, pyramids, for healing (crystals), colour therapy, sound therapy, old
grandmother recipes, spiritual therapies including healing
obelisks, donuts, geodes and in many through meditation.

fantastic elements for necklaces and Editor in Chief:

Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar, India
leather bands. Carnelian should be With kind permission
cleaned and discharged at least once taken from the book Chief-Coordinator:
Sabine Anliker, M. Sc. (Ayu) Naturopath, Switzerland
a month under lukewarm, running The Great Encyclopaedia of Healing
Editorial Board:
water. Chains should be discharged Stones, Fragrances & Herbs Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar, India
overnight in a dry bowl with hematite Methusalem Verlags-GmbH Sabine Anliker, M. Sc. (Ayu) Naturopath, Switzerland
Dr. Josep Pars, MD, Spain
tumbled stones. If you work particu- 89231 Neu-Ulm, Germany
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