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Orlando Pulse Shooting

Jenna Butts, Broderick Lemke, Kelsey Motto, Mikaela Nowak,

Adam Strube, and Ben Vande Zande
Fast Facts
June 12th, 2016 at 2:00 AM
Orlando, FL
South Orange neighborhood
Latin Night at Pulse Nightclub
320 people in the club, full capacity b19dfa92b3b0b43a29546-s900-c85.jpg

Shooting and standoff lasted about 4 hours

Shooter: Omar Mateen, 29 years old
49 dead, 53 wounded
History of Hate Crimes on the LGBTQ Community
LGBTQ Hate Crimes
Stonewall Inn, 1969
New Orleans, 1973
Atlanta, 1997
Roanoke, VA, 2000
Galveston, TX, 2009
Stonewall Inn, 2010
Seattle, 2013
Civil Rights Movements
1960s: Sip-ins at Julius Bar in Greenwich Village, NY
1970: 1st Gay Pride Parade
1982: WI outlaws discrimination
1993: Dont Ask Dont Tell
2004: Massachusetts 1st to legalize gay marriage
Trans-Inclusive Hate Crimes Law
2009 Matthew Shepard/James Byrd Jr Hate Crimes Prevention Act
2010: Removal of Dont Ask Dont Tell
Direct Victims
49 killed, 53 wounded, 271 survivors

49 casualties:

42 men/ 7 women
Average age: 29 years old
90% Latino
~90% LGBTQ
Demographics of Orlando
Orlando , FL:
South Orange Neighborhood: 20th largest LGBTQ
population in the USA
4.2% (4,207)
25.4% Latino population
Demographics of Florida and the United States

24% Latino population (6th largest state)

536,028 (3.5%) LGBTQ Population

United States

56 million Hispanic Americans (17%)

3.4% LGBTQ Population (2013 NHIS Data)
1.4 million LGBTQ Latin Americans (4.2%)
Omar Mir Seddique Mateen

Mariposa Elementary School

3 high schools:
Martin County High School (2000)
St. Lucie West Centennial High School
Indian River State College
Associate of science degree in criminal justice technology (2006)

Work Experience

Florida Department of Corrections - Involuntarily dismissed after 6 months

G4S Secure Solutions
No criminal record
Father: Mir Seddique Mateen
Emigrated in the 1980s, moved to Port St. Lucie, Florida in 1991
Durand Jirga Show - Pashtuns
Sitora Yusufiy 2009-2011
Noor Salman
Mental State and Sexual Orientation
Theres no such thing as a senseless killing. - Dr. James Garbarino

Sober shooting

Mixed reviews on both mental stability and sexual orientation

Ex-wife said he was mentally unstable, abusive and bipolar

Father said God will punish those involved in homosexuality
Was it Terrorism? Or was it a Hate Crime?
An act of violence against
A crime that is motivated by a
civilians that is influenced by prejudice against a group or
religion or political reasoning individual
Omar Mateen pledged his Expressed outrage after seeing two
allegiance to Isis and men publicly kiss
Abu-Bukr Homophobic home environment
911 Call Targeted gay/hispanic nightclub
Mentions Paris and
Boston Marathon
Isis claims responsibility for
the attack
President Obama
Hate crime and act of terrorism
The place where they were attacked is
more than a nightclub -- it is a place of
solidarity and empowerment where
people have come together to raise
awareness, to speak their minds, and to
advocate for their civil rights
FBI Resources
National Joint Terrorism Task Force (NJTTF)
U.S. Department of Justice-Civil Rights
Mateen interviewed in 2013 & 2014
Deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman in
the United States, after Virginia Tech shooting
Terrorism Hate Crime

Federal basis State to state basis

Starting sentence: life in prison 10 years to life in prison
Highly confined Fines and short term jail time
Maximum security prison Death penalty
No chance at parole
Death penalty
Torture (Highly controversial)
Institutional LGBT Laws: Federal Level
Homosexual activity is permitted
Homosexual marriage is permitted
Members of LGBTQ are unable to donate
Institutional Discrimination: State Level
Florida lacks non-discrimination laws for the
categories of sexual orientation and gender identity
No laws in Florida exist that ban discrimination
against LGBTQ people for housing, employment, or
restaurant service
There are protections in place for race, color,
religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap and
marital status
Institutional Discrimination: Police Force
Discrimination and harassment by law enforcement
based on sexual orientation and gender identity is an
ongoing and pervasive problem in the LGBT
This causes a lack of trust & ineffective
For example, a study was done that revealed only
56% of hate violence survivors reported such
incidences to the police
Institutional Discrimination: Police Force Continued
Another study was completed with 2,376 LGBT people or people with
HIV in 2014
73% had face-to-face interaction with the police
21% reported encountering hostile attitudes from officers, 14%
reported verbal assault by the police, 3% reported sexual
harassment and 2% reported physical assault at the hands of law
enforcement officers
Police Reaction: Pulse Shooting
Police went in, some unarmed, and rescued victims not trapped in the bathroom
within 30 minutes
Each victim was dragged or carried out
Police officers held hands of victims, reassured them, and gave them words of
At least one officer was shot
Police officers had uniforms covered in so much blood that they could not wear
them again
Negative Responses
Individual Acts
Threats at other gay clubs
Marine Picture
Institutional Homophobia
Sermons from several churches in
favor of the attack
Organizational/Hate Groups
Haunted house reenactment
Westboro Baptist Church Demonstrations
Agency in the community to fight
MSM Blood Ban ay_threat_on_facebook.html
Positive Responses
OneOrlando Fund
Money for victims families,
although sometimes hard to get
Orlando hospitals did not bill
American Muslim responses
Publicity for LGBTQ+ Rights
Club Reopening
Artistic Responses
Unison Photojournalism Gallery
Paint Strong Orlando
What the World Needs Now is Love

"Orlando Aura" by
Aneri Pandya "Awaken" by Suheil Acevedo

"Without Words" by Marien Pea
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