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Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow

B.Tech (V Sem) First Sessional Examination 2017-18
Subject: POWER ELECTRONICS (EEE-502) Roll No:-
Duration: 1.30 hrs Maximum Marks: 20

NOTE:- Attempt Any Five Question;Question no. 1 is compulsory

1. (a) Define reverse recovery time of a power diode? (1)

(b) Classify switches on the basis of controllability and current conduction capability
with examples? (2)
(c) Define overdrive factor(ODF) and forced (f) ? (1)

2. (a) Draw and explain the reverse recovery characteristics of the power diode? Write the expression
of the storage charge QR? (2.5)
(b) For a power diode, the reverse recovery time is 3.9 s and the rate of diode current decay is 50
A/s. For softness factor of 0.3, Calculate the peak inverse current and storage charge? (1.5)

3. Draw the switching characteristics of Power BJT and explain delay time, rise time and storage time?
Write the expression for turn-ON (tON) and turn-off (tOFF) ? (4)

4. Draw the V-I characteristics of Thyristor and explain the different operating modes of thyristor?
Discuss any three turn-ON methods of a thyristor? (2.5+1.5)

5. (a) Discuss two transistor model of a thyristor with suitable diagram? (2.5)
(b) In the circuit of Fig 1. , the thyristor is gated with a pulse width of 40 s. The latching current of
the thyristor is 36 mA. For a given load of 20 and 2H, will the thyristor get turned ON? (1.5)

Fig 1.

6. If I=80 A, V=220 V, tr =2.5 s and tf = 4 s for a switching waveform of a normal practical switch as
shown in Fig 2. Determine the energy loss during switch ON and switch OFF. When the switching
frequency is 1 kHz, find the average power loss in the switch. (4)

Fig 2.