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Stages of Reading Development

Pre-Emergent Emergent Early Reader Transitional Independent
Reader Reader Reader Reader

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5

Enjoys book Uses Reads familiar Reads familiar Reads

experiences repetitive text text word-by- text with independent-level
to mimic word increasing fluency text with fluency

reading (rate, accuracy, (rate, accuracy,

phrasing and phrasing and
expression) expression)

Interacts with Uses prior Uses prior Uses prior Uses prior
the book knowledge and knowledge, knowledge, clues knowledge, clues
experiences to clues from from text, text from text, text

make meaning text, and structures, and structures, and

experiences to experiences to experiences to
make and make, predict and make, predict,
predict infer meaning infer and
meaning synthesize
Developing Attends to Figures out Integrates Uses self-
Phonics/Phonemic Awareness

phonemic features of most simple meaning, context monitoring

awareness print such as words using clues, and phonics strategies and
lines of text, meaning, to decode self-corrects
words, and context clues difficult words while reading
letters or phonics

Developing Recognizes a Recognizes and Recognizes and Recognizes and

letter-sound few high- reads many reads high- reads most words
knowledge frequency high-frequency frequency words automatically
Sight Words

words, names words and and an increasing

and simple simple words in number of
words in context difficult words,
context many of which are Adapted from: On
content-related Solid Ground
(Taberski, 2000)