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Part One

Integrated Inquiry Unit (Three Lesson Plans)

Using your midterm topic/issue, design a three lesson integrated inquiry unit
utilizing math, science and technology standards. Every lesson does not need to
incorporate a standard from each discipline (math/science/technology) but the
unit should include some form of integration between the three disciplines.
There are many ways to format your plan. However you format your integrated
inquiry unit, be sure that you include all of the following:

Unit Title (ex. #noDAPL # StandingRockNation #WaterProtectors)

Grade Level (ex. 5th grade)
Relevant CCLS and State Math/Science/Technology Standards
Big Ideas/Enduring Understandings (Water sustains all life. Water is life.
Earth sustains life.)
Essential Questions (Who owns the water? Who owns/controls the
resources found on Earth?)

Three Instructional Plans (each plan should include):

Learning Objectives (which includes knowledge and/or skills) (at least one
per lesson/discipline)
Length and Timing of Unit (ex. Three 45 minute lessons)
Instructional Plan/Activities for each lesson
Assessments (ex. a final artifact; technology based piece; include what
components should it have)

Please Note: Students who do not submit this key assignment for this course by
the deadline (Nov. 20th) 11/20/17 by 11:59 pm will receive an incomplete for the
(30% of your final grade)
Part Two
Integrated Inquiry Unit Panel Presentations

The primary goal of your presentation is to share an understanding of your issue

and how you have integrated math, science, and technology standards into an
inquiry unit. The second goal is to make connections between your classmates
topics, learning objectives, or teaching theory/pedagogy.

To achieve this goal, you will present on an assigned panel of three to four
Your individual presentation should be limited to 3 minutes while creatively
highlighting and engaging the audience. You will need to include:

An Introduction to the Issue

Unit Title
Essential Questions
Lesson Objectives
One Showcase Piece: This can be an interesting or creative activity/ picture
book/art piece/technology based assignment or assessment.

The panel will be assigned a prompt (1-2 weeks before your presentation date) to
respond to as a group during your presentation. Prompts may ask you to connect
and reflect upon a pedagogical approach (ie. constructivism) or a principle you
bring to your teaching. Panels will also have a Q&A.

Presentation dates will be Nov. 30st (11/30/17) and Dec. 7th (12/7/17).
(20% of your final grade)