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Touchstone 2nd Edition Language summary Level 4

Unit 1 Lesson C: We're both getting scared . . .

going-away party (n)
barbecue (v)
knock on the door (v)
let (a visitor) in (v)
look over at (someone) (v)
stick together (v)
wander around (a neighborhood) (v)
all of a sudden
in case
. . . in case anything happens

Conversation strategies
Highlighting key moments in a story
In conversation, you can switch to the present tense to make key moments of a story more

There were all these trees around us, and we were so lost. (past tense) And we're
thinking, "Oh, no." And we're both getting kind of scared. (present tense)

This and these in stories

In conversation, when you tell stories, you can use this and these to highlight important
people, things, and events:

We were on this trail, . . .

There were all these trees around us . . .

Cambridge University Press 2014 Unit 1, Lesson C, Page 1