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Location: Maintenance Block Welding Area Date: .

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Persons should use the list below as an aide memoir when carrying out a daily HSE related walk round the worksites for which they are
responsible. Other issues may be included if felt appropriate depending on the work being carried out. Daily inspections MUST be conducted in
accordance with the Safety Plan and the checklists handed to the Chef de Service HSE on completion.

Tick & reference

Issue when carried out

1)Personal protective equipment

Worn by all personnel where required?
Suitable for the task and in good condition?

2) First Aid
Is the eyewash station fully stocked and sealed?
Shall the eyewash bottles need to be replaced?
Are there a fully stocked first aid box?

3) General Housekeeping
Are there sufficient litter bins and is the area free from litter?
Is the area free from debris?
Is there sufficient and suitable spill protection?
Are all utility hoses stored on provided mountings?
Is the area free from leakage?
Is the area free from spillage?
Are there any unusual odours?
No trailing cables across walkways?
All materials stored in suitable areas and is all shelving in good condition and not overloaded?

4) Fire and Emergency Procedures

Have all fire extinguishers been annually checked and is the date marked on the extinguisher body?
Are all fire signs and notices clearly visible?
Is all fire fighting equipment accessible and in good working order?
Are all fire exit doors working correctly and not obstructed?
Are all fire routes free from obstruction?

5) Access
Walkways free from obstruction?
All ceiling panels secured and in place?
No obstructions at head height?
Ventilation & Heating adequate and all facilities in a clean and usable state?
Is the lighting bright enough to ensure safe movement around all the necessary areas?
Are there any low headroom areas which are not adequately marked?
Carpets/flooring in good order and free from tripping hazards?
Is the area free from trip hazards?
Doorways and fire exits kept free from obstruction?

6) Separation of moving traffic and pedestrians

Routes for forklifts and other vehicles clearly identified?
Definite separation in place for pedestrian and moving vehicles?
Are all traffic signs clearly visible?
Is there an MSDS sheet available for hazardous substances?
Are chemicals stored in accordance with the MSDS Sheet?
Are chemicals stored in accordance with the HSE recommendations?
Are hazardous wastes stored in accordance with the HSE recommendations?
Are all containers clearly marked with contents?
Are staffs aware of the procedures in case of accidental spillage or leakage?
Have staff who are likely to use the hazardous chemicals been trained in their safe use and have
they read and understood the MSDS sheet?
8) Machinery/Plant/Equipment
Are Risk Assessments readily available for all hazardous equipment?
Is all equipment etc. tested, inspected and maintained in accordance with the inspection and testing
regime identified the manufacturers instructions?
Are all guards and interlocks in place, in good condition and working correctly?
Are all emergency stops visible, accessible and in working order?
Have all users received adequate training in the safe use of the equipment?
Has all the portable electrical equipment been tagged to identify it has been inspected by the OOC
electrical department?
Are all electrical items in good condition and in a safe position?
Have staffs been informed of the need to undertake user checks prior to operating electrical
Are all gas cylinders stored safely and securely and have cylinder key available?
Are gas hoses tested, in safe condition and are stored safely and correctly?
(Whether In use or not in use)
Is unused gas welding equipment turned OFF and cylinder key present in fuel gas valve?
Are cylinder gauges in good condition and are spark arrestors fitted?
Is smoke extraction unit in good working order?
Is electric welding equipment tested, in good working order and stored correctly?
Is unused welding equipment disconnected and stored correctly?
9) Manual Handling
Have any significant manual handling tasks been eliminated or if not possible, identified and
Have the assessment findings been actioned accordingly?

10) Signage
Is suitable and sufficient signage present for all relevant hazards

General Comments / Further observations

Area Responsible: Chef de Service HSE: Chef de Departement :