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Velox — Velocity and Straddle System Rejuvenates Gas Production, Packs Off Damaged Tubing Baker Oil
Velox — Velocity and Straddle System Rejuvenates Gas
Production, Packs Off Damaged Tubing
Baker Oil Tools
A new Velox™ System from Baker Oil Tools uses an old concept to provide an
economical solution to keep gas flowing from mature wells. The same system
also can be deployed as a straddle to isolate parted or damaged tubing.
Velocity String for Gas Flow
Late in a field’s life, flowing gas wells lose pressure and production velocity. Over
time, these wells can load up with produced water, whose accumulated weight
eventually stops the gas flow. Using the Velox System, Baker Oil Tools provides a
cost-effective solution through a smaller ID tubing string that is set below the
existing downhole safety valve. A velocity string employs a basic concept of
pneumatics. By inserting production tubing with a reduced diameter and cross-
sectional area, the velocity string increases the annular
velocity of the flowing gas, so that water is carried from
the well and gas production continues.
Until recently, velocity strings were not economically
viable in many older wells because their installation
required an expensive conventional workover. Baker Oil
Tools installs the velocity string using thru-tubing tech-
nology using either coiled tubing or jointed pipe. The
system’s deployment tool-string includes a new
hydraulic disconnect tool and a “soft touch” make-up
tong unit for safe, accurate tool joint make-up. Quick
connectors also facilitate connecting upper and lower
System 1
System 2
System 3
Coiled Tubing
Straddle System for Pack Off
When production tubulars separate, develop holes or
leaks, production flows into the annulus. The resulting
serious problem usually requires a complete workover
of the well. The Velox Straddle System can be used to
shut off water or gas perforations, seal damaged gas lift
mandrels and provide downhole zonal isolation in other
problem situations.
In straddle packoff applications, the Velox System is
deployed with packoff assemblies at the top and bottom
of the tubing that is small enough in diameter to fit
inside the damaged section of the tubing or casing.
Using thru-tubing running techniques, the straddle
system is placed to seal the damaged interval, and then
set, repairing the leak without resorting to a complete
workover of the well.
Coiled Tubing
Coiled Tubing
Setting Sub
Double Pump-
etting Sub
Out Sub
Coiled Tubing
Coiled Tubing
North Sea Gas Well Revived
Baker Oil Tools has conducted a number of Velox
System operations with coiled tubing and jointed pipe in
the UK sector of the North Sea. In one well, the Velox
System was used with a snubbing unit to hang approxi-
mately 11,500 ft (3,505 m) of tubing below an existing
downhole safety valve, without killing the well. This sys-
tem provided a cost-effective solution that extended the
life of a well that had become uneconomical due to
high water loading and intermittent gas production.
Within 8 hours of installing the system, the well was
steadily producing 5 MMscf/day. As a result, the Velox
System eliminated the need for an expensive workover
and extended the life of a previously
non-productive well.
Double Pump-
Out Sub
Double Pump-
Out Sub
Velox configuration.
System 1: Long-straddle velocity string with lower pack off isolation
System 2: Straddle system
System 3: Velocity string with lower pack off isolation