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Lecturer : Mrs. Siti Maria Ulfa, M.Pd

Members :
Choirul Anam (1535511006)
Dickyatus Fauziyah (1535511008 )
Dyah Wulandari (1535511009 )


TAHUN 2017/2018

Technology in language teaching

Attitudes to technology
Implementing ICT in the classroom
Skills and equipment for getting started.

Technology in language teaching

Technology in language teaching very important in era modern, technology has been
around in language teaching for decades if we classify the blackboard as a form of
technology . Tape recorder, language laboratories and video have been use since the 1960 and
1970s. Computer based material for language teaching , often to as CALL (Computer
Assisted Language Learning) in the early 1980. CALL programs usually learners to respon to
stimuli on the computer screen and filling texts,maching sentence and doing multiple choice
activities. The CALL approach is one that is still found on many published CD-ROMs for
language teaching.
In modern era we get to acces Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has
become more widespread, so CALL has moved beyond the use computer program to embrace
the use of the internet and web based tools. Although the use of ICT by language teacher is
not widespread, the use of technology in classroom is becoming most important and it will
become normal part of ELT practice in the coming years. There are many reason this:
Internet acces can be use in private home, or internet cafes to learners
youngers learners are growing up with technology and it is natural integrated part of
the lives , the learners use of technology in outside world into classroom.
English as an international language is being used in technlogically media contexts
Technology especially internet,present us with oppoturnities for aunthentic task and
Internet given excellent opportunities for collaboration and comunication
Technology is offered with publised such as course book and resource book for
Technology offers new ways for praticing languange and perfomance.
Using a range ICT tools can give learnes and practice in all of the four main language
skill such as speaking,listening, reading and writing.
The contexts in the teachers are working with technology can very widely, an the
acces that theacher have to computers etc . although the teachers still using the
technology in teaching becomes as natural as the use of books or pens and paper.

Many people may be afraid of new techology with the increasing presence of the
internet and computers, like this form technophobe has appeared to refer to those of us who
might be wary of new developments. Beside that, the term digital native has been created
to refer to someone who grows up using technology. And people feels more comfortable and
confident with the technology such as children, teenagers and their parents.
A large part of the negative attitudes teacher have with technology is usually the factor is lack
of confidence, a lack of facilities or a lack training, resulting in inability to see how to
useing tecnology in the classroom. Teacher may want to use more technology in their
teaching but the school may not have facilities on the other hand and teacher may be to start
using tecnology for they unprepared or untrained.


Teacher also have various levels of acces computers and technology, and teaching in all
sorts of context for all types of learners. Example some of the question you may be asking
about using technology in classroom.
How can I use ICT with my class if there is only one computer in the school ?
Introducing to booking system for the computer with collegues by ensuring the same use
for all the teachers in the school. You will need to use the internet as a resources with you
learners, and acces the internet to download and print out material to use offline with class.
What can I do if my learners have low information technology experince and
You need to find out about your learners IT skills and degress of experience. And then
start of by using simple technology in the classroom. For learner with low IT skills to start
with simple word processing tasks, learners are comfortable with this, basic email or
searching the internet can be basic introduced.
I teach classes of 30+ student. How can I use computers with such large group?
You will need to have access to a minimum number of computer, no more than four
learners per computer doing smal group work online. Then large classes, with more than 30
studens, can be divided into two group. While one group is doing online computer, the other
group is doing paper based work.

Im Kean to use ICT in the classroom , but i dont know where to start! Could
you suggest what I try first?
If you dont have experience of ICT, we would suggest starting with simple tool and
project in class, such as using website,or using ready made material for language learners.
You might want to start using email with you learners .
What types of ICT tools and activities would you recommend as best for young
learners ?
All of the ICT tools, and many of the activities, disscused in this book for use with young
learners. You might want to ask your young learner what tools they already know or use and
start off by using those example already be familiar with email,instant messaging chat for
younger learners.

I would like to use internet to put my learners in touch with learners in other
countries, how can i do this ?
You might a have internet tools provide an excellent way to put learners contact with the
student from other countries and culture, and as well as providing with motivation and
oppoturnities to practice English. On other hand the learners can to set up a project classes
via email but this can be extend collaborative project using blogs,wikis or even chat. So this
is will make easy for you to contact other teacher in around the world.


The teacher need to know to be able use technology such as software computer. So the
teacher dont need to have specialist technical knowledge and skills. The basic skill you do
need to have in the place before you start reading this book are you musg to use a simple
word proccesing program such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft. Powerpoint, and how to
using to acces internet. And also teacher must to read the book and give try out the activites
with your student using by ICT skills set for more confident in the classroom. The start to
implement technology with your learnes :
At least one computer for two students
An internet connection
A printer and CPU
An audio card and headshet (audio microphone) for every computer
Basic software suct as microsoft program, web browser like google chrome,firefox
and email.

Teaching context and teachers acces to computer and technology very widely in others
country while the teacher teach a reading book, so youll find activities students which can be
done if only one computers as available in class. Beside that the computer room must be
have the widely room for a lot of computer with a large table in the centre of the room and
alot of chair for student, the teacher to walk around and easily to see what the student are
working and what they are looking at on the monitors. In activity student get to know new
learning of the room also student have to chance using a games and physical activites with
younger learners away from the computer monitor in the class.