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Design of surface water drains for fedha estate

5851.Assessment of performance of superpave mix design method on pavement base and surfacing a sustainable water supply system for Kwanza constituency transnzoia county

2523..reinforcement of glue laminated timber beam with carbon reinforced polymer

1862.stabilization of bitumen using sisal fibre and its effect on strength

9374..investigating the causes of traffic congestion at the junction of road c71 and the link road
between c71 and A2 in kenol town

0337the incorporation of plastic waste in bitumen for road construction

0371. mitigation urban flooding

9386electrochemical coagulation technology for treatment of hospital waste water

0288. footbridge across the Thika superhighway at garden city(thome) using composite design

9400.use of pumice as well as coconut shell as replacement of coarse aggregate in production of light
weight concrete blocks

4815analysis on the effects of incorporating rice straw and banana stem fiber on the load bearing
characteritics of clay mud bricks

9380.civil design of a microhydro power station for gatura as a small scale representation for rural

0378. performance evaluation of trickling filter wastewater treatment plant case study lenana school

9366underground stage

0364assessing the impact of the reduction of public service vehicles access to nairobi central business
district on traffic and travel times in ngara area

0342assessment of the storm water system and sewerage treatment in Mombasa and effects on the
marine environment

5722. stone mastic asphalt

2532 comparative study of use of expanded polystyrene in voids slabs and conventional solid slabs

2537..integrated management of highway maintenance and traffic

5117behavior and performance of high performance concrete for pavement of a modern multi-storey carpark

5850. use of slag as affine aggregate in concrete

9367study of the pollution profile of kirichwa kubwa river passing through kawangware to Nairobi
university bridge of a sprinkler irrigation system for a golf course . abadare hills golf resort

4197causes of flooding and its effect at Kasarani police division quarters and how to mitigate them.

9393study to investigate the performance of a locally made concrete waffle slab reinforced with
natural organic fibre.

9376investigate the use of marble quarry waste in road construction for soil stabilization as well as a
mineral filler in asphalt concrete investigation on the performance improvement of swelling in red coffee soils as a subgrade
material using geotextile

2511..Partial replacement of Cement using Coffee Husk ash.

0345 Design of an Eco pond for Rain Water Harvesting in Arid and Semi-Arid areas. Case study;

0340 An investigation on the performance Improvement of swelling in red coffee soils as a subgrade
material using geotextile.

0352.improving river water quality using cascade weirs

5811/13 & 1541/11..suitability of quarry dust as improvement to cement stabilized laterite gravel for
road subbase material

5687/13 &water purification using locally available material case study of bukhulungu village in samia

2531/13 & 0353 /13..investigating the suitability of waste foundry sand as fine aggregate for asphalt
mixes used in flexible pavement

4816/13 & 3200/13 on developing self healing concrete using bacteria to increase durability of

4167/15 &4184/15..investigation of subgrade properties of Nairobi red coffee soil

4172/15 &4170/15 solid waste management of eastleigh area

0350/13 & 5528/14.Mitigating effects of increase in dead and live loads of a structure by change of use
and increase in number of floors.