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Janet Jacksons acclaimed

new tour hits D.C. next week.


A new chapter has begun

In big night for Democrats, own because theres no one else who was
Danica Roem ousts Bigot Bob with them, this ones for you, said Roem
as she spoke to hundreds of supporters
By MICHAEL K. LAVERS who were attending the Prince William County Democratic Partys election night
party at Waters End Brewery in Lake
LAKE RIDGE, Va. Danica Roem Ridge. This one is for, most importantly,
on Tuesday soundly defeated Virginia the people of Haymarket, Gainesville,
state Del. Bob Marshall (R-Prince Manassas, Manassas Park.
William County) in a race that garnered Althea Garrison in 1992 became the
national attention. rst trans person elected to a state
With 100 percent of precincts in the legislature in the U.S. when she won
13th District reporting, Roem defeated a seat in the Massachusetts House of
Marshall by a 54-45 percent margin. Representatives, but she did not publicly
Roem, a former journalist, will become discuss her gender identity during the
the rst openly transgender person campaign. Stacie Laughton in 2012
seated in any state legislature in the became the rst openly trans person
country once she is sworn into the elected to a state legislature when
Virginia House of Delegates in January. she won a seat in the New Hampshire
To every person whos ever been House of Representatives, but she later
singled out, whos ever been stigmatized, ended her bid to sit in the chamber after
whos ever been the mist, whos ever convictions for credit card and identity
been the kid in the corner, whos ever fraud became public.
DANICA ROEM easily defeated Del. Bob Marshall, who was dubbed Bigot Bob by needed someone to stand up for them Andrea Jenkins, who is a trans woman
LGBT advocates for his long record of hostility to the community. when they didnt have a voice of their of color, on Tuesday was elected to the

10 years later, ENDA ght informs movement

Firestorm over trans exclusion But the omission galvanized transgender
brought tension, reckoning rights advocates to such an extent that
for the next 10 years the LGBT movement
committed to moving forward only legislation
By CHRIS JOHNSON that included the full community both at the state and federal level and today
advancement of a sexual-orientation only bill
Ten years ago, a restorm ignited in is impossible to imagine.
the LGBT community over a vote in the Dana Beyer, a Chevy Chase, Md.-based
U.S. House that many transgender people transgender activist whos running for state
remember vividly because it excluded them Senate in Maryland, said the vote on the gay-
in favor of advancing employment non- only version of ENDA was a landmark for trans
discrimination protections to lesbian, gay inclusion in the LGBT movement.
and bisexual people. Whenever I discuss the progress that weve
The vote on the gay-only version of the made, which has been remarkable, I begin
Employment Non-Discrimination Act on Nov. there because that was basically the rst real
7, 2007, rocked the LGBT movement and battle for the trans community on the national
prompted protests against the Human Rights stage and over the succeeding decade, weve
Campaign and gay former Rep. Barney Frank made incredible progress,Beyer said.
Protesters target HRC in 2007 over the groups support for a gay-only (D-Mass.), who backed the bill, arguing it was Beyer added from that time forward
version of ENDA. the best that could be done at the time. The
10th anniversary of the vote is Tuesday. CONTINUES ON PAGE 16
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0 4 N O VEMB ER 1 0, 2017 LO CA L N E W S

Wojahn wins re-election in College Park

College Park Mayor Patrick Wojahn, Lesbian, gay man le papers
whos gay, won election to a second term
in oce on Tuesday, nishing ahead of for D.C. Council race
three challengers by a wide margin.
Final but unocial returns showed Lesbian businesswoman Dionne Bussey-Reeder and Ward 1 gay civic activist
that Wojahn received 1,495 votes. Jamie Sycamore have led papers with the D.C. Oce of Campaign Finance to
Council member Mary Cook came in run for seats on the D.C. City Council next year.
second place with 572 votes followed by Bussey-Reeder, an independent, is running for one of the two at-large Council
candidates S.H. Tom Chen and Lalzarliani seats up for election next year that are currently held by Council members Anita
Malsawma receiving 351 votes and 98 Bonds (D-At Large) and Elisa Silverman (I-At-Large).
votes respectively. Sycamore is running as a Democrat for the Ward 1 Council seat held by
Wojahn became College Parks rst out incumbent Democrat Brianne Nadeau.
gay mayor when he was rst elected to College Park Mayor PATRICK WOJAHN, whos Gay Advisory Neighborhood Commission Chair Kent Boese announced his
the mayoral post two years ago. gay, won election to a second term. candidacy for the Ward 1 Council seat in July. Hes also running as a Democrat.
Im excited, honored and humbled to PHOTO COURTESY FACEBOOK Boese, Sycamore, and two other Democrats Lori Parker and Greg Boyd
be given the opportunity to serve College will be challenging Nadeau in the June 2018 Democratic primary, assuming they
Park another two years as mayor, he said obtain the required number of petition signatures to get on the ballot.
in a statement Tuesday night. Im eager to continue the progress weve made over the There currently are no out LGBT members of the D.C. Council. In the coming
past two years on revitalizing our city and making our neighborhoods safe and our weeks the Blade will be reporting on the campaigns of Boese, Bussey-Reeder, and
communities strong, he said. Sycamore along with the candidates and incumbents they are running against.
Also winning re-election on Tuesday was College Parks gay City Council member P.J. LOU CHIBBARO JR.
Brennan, who nished ahead of four challengers.
Bowser announces 2018 LGBTQ grant awards

Gay man les complaint against D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced on Oct. 30 that the Mayors Oce
Washington Teachers Union of LGBTQ Aairs has awarded a combined $75,000 in grant funding to six
community-based organizations for services to LGBT homeless youth and
families in the District.
Gay Maryland resident Barry Hobson earlier this year led a complaint with the D.C. The grants are intended to strengthen the organizational capacity, support
Oce of Human Rights charging the D.C.-based Washington Teachers Union with violating leadership development, and ensure sustainability among nonprots serving
the citys Human Rights Act by ring him based on his sexual orientation, gender and age. LGBTQ youth and young adults in D.C., a statement released by the mayors
Hobson released a copy of his complaint to the Washington Blade on Monday. oce says. Grants were made in amounts between $10,000 and $15,000, the
His complaint says he was subjected to what he believes was unfair and discriminatory statement says.
treatment and harassment by the unions chief of sta shortly after he was hired as a Three of the six organizations receiving grants are not LGBT organizations but
receptionist/oce assistant on Jan. 15, 2017. have provided services to LGBT people. They include the Anacostia Coordinating
I began to experience harassment by respondents chief of sta (Ms. Egbufor) approximately Council for which longtime D.C. gay rights advocate Phil Pannell serves as executive
ten days after submitting my new-hire paperwork, which clearly indicated I am in a same-sex director; the Total Family Care Coalition; and the Young Playwrights Theater Inc.
relationship, he states in the complaint. Ms. Egbufor abruptly ended a phone call when I told The LGBT groups receiving the grants are the Metro D.C. Center for the LGBT
her the male listed on my paperwork is my nance, the complaint says. Community; the Wanda Alston Foundation; and Us Helping Us, People Into Living, Inc.
It says Egbufor falsely accused him of failing to do his job and of repeatedly showing up late The LGBT community services center Casa Ruby, which currently provides
for work among other alleged infractions that Hobson said were completely fabricated by services for homeless LGBT youth, was not among the groups receiving a grant
Egbufor, whom at least two fellow employees told him dislikes gay people, the complaint says. from the Oce of LGBTQ Aairs for 2018. However, Casa Ruby was one of 63
It also says Washington Teachers Union President Elizabeth Davis persuaded the community-based groups to receive a 2018 grant from the Mayors Oce of
unions board to re him on April 3 on grounds of attendance and punctuality while Latino Aairs to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services to the
allowing a female employee with a newborn child to start work later to avoid being Districts Latino community.
late for work so she could drop o her child at a daycare center. This constitutes sex LOU CHIBBARO JR.
discrimination, Hobson says in his complaint.
His complaint says he learned that an older employee said to be 62 years old was
allowed to keep his job after allegedly making personal purchases with the unions Georgetown Univ.s straight marriage
corporate credit card. When Hobson asked why this employee was allowed to keep his
job while Hobson was about to be red, Davis explained that the older employee needs
group retains student funding
more guidance than [you] youngsters, Hobsons complaint says, prompting Hobson to
accuse the union of discriminating against him because of his age. A student committee at Georgetown University voted last week to recommend
Larry Rubin, the Washington Teachers Unions communications director, told the Blade on that student activity funds continue to be given to a controversial campus
Tuesday he and union ocials consider Hobsons complaint baseless, ridiculous and laughable. organization that promotes the Catholic Church position that marriage should
He referred the Blade to the unions attorney, Lee W. Jackson, for further information on why be an institution exclusively between a man and a woman.
the union feels the complaint has no merit. Jackson couldnt immediately be reached. The action by the Student Activities Commission came after representatives of
An Oct. 10 notice that Oce of Human Rights Director Monica Palacio sent to the the schools LGBT student group called on the Commission to recommend to the
union, which Hobson released to the Blade, says the union was required to submit to university that funds should be discontinued for the Catholic student group Love
the OHR its ocial response to Hobsons complaint by Oct. 30. The notice also says Saxa on grounds that it fosters hatred and intolerance toward LGBT people.
Hobson and a union ocial were required to attend a mandatory mediation session on Two members of the LGBT group argued before the Commission that Love
Nov. 2 to determine whether a settlement agreement could be reached. Saxas denition of marriage excludes and dehumanizes individuals in the LGBT
Hobson said the mediation failed and OHR has begun a formal investigation into the community, according a report in the Washington Post.
complaint. Under OHR procedures the investigation, which could take several months to The LGBT representatives said they will appeal the student commissions
complete, would determine whether probable cause exists that discrimination occurred. decision to the universitys administration, which has the nal say over student
If that nding is reached, another mediation session would be held to determine activity funding.
whether a settled could be reached. The case would go to a public evidentiary hearing LOU CHIBBARO JR.
similar to a trial if a settlement could not be reached.

L O CA L N E W S N O V E MBE R 1 0 , 2 0 1 7 0 5

Md. trans woman assaulted in mens jail: attorney

Montgomery County she said. reached this week to determine whether
Dana Beyer, executive director of the countys human rights measure applies
prison policy under re the statewide transgender advocacy to the country prison system.
from activists group Gender Rights Maryland, and The federal PREA law referred to
Kory Masen, an ocial with the National by Mason at the National Center for
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. Center for Transgender Equality, Transgender Equality addressed matters reviewed the Montgomery Country trans pertaining to transgender prisoners
prison policy at the Blades request. in greater detail under regulations
A case in which a guard at the Both said the policy goes against interpreting the law put in place under
Montgomery County, Md., Correctional longstanding recommendations and the Obama administration. It couldnt
Facility was arrested in September for standards followed in other states and immediately be determined whether
allegedly assaulting and engaging in municipalities that transgender inmates the Trump administration has left those
improper sex with a transgender female should be housed in the section of a jail regulations in place.
prisoner has drawn attention to the consistent with their gender identity, not The PREA standards are based on
countys policy for housing transgender their biological gender. the fact that transgender prisoners are
inmates in its jails. Its unacceptable and irresponsible victimized behind bars at rates higher
To the dismay of local transgender to determine housing or placement of a than any other demographic group ever
activists, the policy requires transgender transgender person based solely on their studied, according to the U.S. Bureau of
OLUKUNLE A. OYEKANMI is charged with genitalia, Masen told the Blade in a statement. Justice Statistics, Mason said. Housing
women to be housed in the mens section assaulting a trans inmate.
of the countys jails unless they have had It also violates national standards a transgender woman automatically in
gender reassignment surgery. PHOTO COURTESY MONTGOMERY COUNTY under the Prison Rape Elimination Act a mens prison too often makes her a
For the safety, security and order (PREA), and opens agencies to lawsuits if target, he said.
of the facility, the Montgomery a prisoner who is inappropriately housed Simms has been held without bond in
County Department of Correction and oce has a longstanding policy of not gets assaulted, Masen said. Under the the Montgomery County Detention Facility
Rehabilitation classies and houses male commenting on cases involving specic standards, agencies must make a case- since the time of her arrest in March on 16
and female oenders in separate housing inmates, preventing her from discussing by-case evaluation that heavily weighs the counts of armed robbery related oenses
units, an eight-page written policy the prison guards arrest in the Simms case. prisoners identity and their own views involving three separate incidents.
statement says. But she said the correctional with respect to their safety, Masen said. Charging documents led by police
MCDOCR shall classify an arrestee/ department has a strict policy prohibiting While MCDOCRs policy repeats the and prosecutors accuse her of squirting
inmate who has male genitalia as a male any improper or abusive treatment of words case by case, the substance of the employees in the face with pepper spray
and one who has female genitalia as inmates by prison employees. policy is anything but, he said. and mace at the luxury fashion retailers
a female, the policy document states. If there is ever any indication brought Beyer, who recently announced her Saks Jandel and Ilori Optical in Chevy Chase
MCDOCR does not consider anatomical to the forefront to us of any of our ocers candidacy for a seat in the Maryland and Specs New York Store in Bethesda in
changes brought about by hormone mistreating any of the individuals under State Senate, said the policy appears to three separate incidents between July
therapy to be changes that constitute a our care in custody with anything less go to great lengths to be considerate and 2015 and January 2017. Authorities say
change of anatomical sex, it says. than that of respect, we take immediate respectful to transgender inmates and the pepper straying and use of mace as
An attorney representing a 28-year-old action, she said. calls for protecting their rights and safety. a weapon enabled her to steal more than
transgender woman initially placed in the Malagari said the correction The only problem is they got the $15,000 in high-end merchandise from the
mens jail at the county Correction Facility departments transgender policy gives basic foundational decision wrong, she three stores, including Valentino handbags
told a Montgomery County Circuit Court jail ocials the discretion to decide on a said, noting that under Marylands and and Chanel sunglasses.
judge at an Oct. 19 court hearing that her case-by-case basis whether transgender Montgomery Countys nondiscrimination Court records show Simms, who is
client, Portia Simms, has encountered inmates who have not had gender laws transgender people have the right identied in court papers only by her
repeated problems at the jail resulting in reassignment surgery should be housed to use public accommodations such as male birth name, pleaded guilty as part of
her being placed in a segregation unit. in the section of the jail consistent with bathrooms that are consistent with their a plea bargain agreement in September
The attorney, Theresa Chernosky, told their biological gender or in one of several gender identity, not their biological or to three charges of armed robbery.
the Washington Blade after the hearing categories of segregation units. birth gender. She was scheduled for sentencing on
that a male prison guard had been arrested She told the Washington Blade that What theyre saying is if a trans woman Oct. 19, but at the request of defense
for assaulting and mistreating Simms. segregation units, which are available hasnt had surgery shes going in with the attorney Chernosky, Circuit Court Judge
Court records show that the guard, to all inmates, consist of, among other guys, said Beyer. And shes going to Marielsa Bernard agreed to postpone
Olukunle A. Oyekanmi, 41, was charged categories, a mental health unit, a dress like the guys, groom like the guys, the sentencing indenitely while Simms
with ve criminal oenses for his medical unit, a disciplinary unit, a crisis and thats simply unacceptable. undergoes a psychiatric evaluation.
interaction with Simms. They include sex intervention unit, and a unit for inmates Beyer called on county and state Montgomery County Assistant States
oense second degree, assault second who are unable to adjust to being housed ocials to determine whether the Attorney Christina Rodriguez, the lead
degree, fourth-degree sex oense- with the general prison population. Montgomery County trans prison policy prosecutor in the case, called on Bernard
sex contact, sexual contact between She said all inmates, including transgender violates the county and the states human to sentence Simms to 18 years in prison
a correctional ocer and inmate, and inmates, are evaluated at the time they enter rights laws, which, among other things, based on what Rodriquez said Simmss
malfeasance in oce. the correctional system or at a later time to ban discrimination on the basis of gender long history of arrests for similar armed
According to court records, Oyekanmi determine a housing placement best suited identity and expression. robbery oenses in D.C. and Virginia as
pleaded guilty on Sept. 21 to two of the for their health and safety and the health Raquel Coombs, a spokesperson for well as Montgomery County.
charges as party of a plea bargain oer and safety of other inmates. Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh, The total value of property stolen from the
by prosecutors sexual conduct between None of those are in any way solitary whos in charge of enforcing the state three jurisdictions was approximately $61,000,
a correctional ocer and inmate and connement or isolated from everyone human rights law, said attorneys with with over $15,000 stolen from Montgomery
malfeasance in oce. He is scheduled for or everybody all the time, Malagari said. Froshs oce told her the state law County alone in less than six months,
sentencing on Nov. 27, court records show. They still get regular rounds, regular does not apply to county prisons and Rodriguez said in her sentencing memo.
Montgomery County Detention Services interaction with the ocers who work in correctional systems. Judge Bernard scheduled a status
Warden Suzy Malagari, who oversees those units. They still get their recreation James Stowe, director of the Montgomery hearing for Jan. 3 to follow up on when the
inmate placement policies, said her time based on a mandated pre-schedule, County Oce of Human Rights, couldnt be sentencing for Simms should take place.

N A T I O NA L NEW S N O V E MBE R 1 0 , 2 0 1 7 0 9

Gay candidate loses race for mayor of Hoboken

Altered campaign
yer falsely linked
him to racial slur

Gay City Council member Michael

DeFusco of Hoboken, N.J., lost his race for
mayor on Tuesday less than a week after
someone altered one of his campaign
yers to make it appear that he was
accusing his lead opponent of being a
potential terrorist.
The opponent, U.S.-born Indian
American fellow Council member Ravi
Bhalla, whos a member of the Sikh faith,
defeated DeFusco in the mayoral race
by a margin of 34 percent to 29 percent.
Four other candidates nished behind
Bhalla and DeFusco.
Hoboken police announced on Friday
that they were investigating the doctoring
of DeFuscos yer as a possible hate
crime because one or more unidentied
perpetrators responsible for the alteration
appeared to be linking Bhalla to terrorism
because of his race and religion.
The unidentied person or persons Someone altered a campaign yer to falsely link candidate RAVI BHALLA to terrorism.
added a message above a photo of Bhalla
appearing in the yer stating, Dont let
TERRORISM take over our Town. Hoboken is far better than this, and activist and marketing executive for He said he was also dismayed that
Whoever made the change left in place whoever made this yer is not only a Manhattan-based company, before New Jersey U.S. Sen. Cory Booker (D),
a message on the top left side of the insulting one of my opponents in a winning election to the Hoboken City the states Democratic gubernatorial
yer that states Paid for by DeFusco for despicable way, they are also painting me Council in November 2015. He said that candidate, Phil Murphy, and others
Hoboken, making it appear that DeFusco as a racist, which as the only openly gay while the city government was generally tweeted copies of the altered yers
was responsible for a message considered elected ocial in Hudson County and a supportive of LGBT rights he played an without pointing out that his campaign
by many to be hateful and racist. progressive Democrat simply could not active role during his two years in oce in wasnt responsible for the derogatory
Bhalla is wearing a turban in the photo be further from the truth, he states in pushing for strengthening that support, changes linking Bhalla to terrorism.
in the yer, which the DeFusco campaign the press release. resulting in the creation of an LGBT It was unintentional, and I have
had produced a few weeks earlier. DeFusco said it was he who called the liaison at the police department and the nothing but respect for them, he said
The yer as originally produced raises police to report the distribution of the mayors oce among other things. of Booker and Murphy. But they all re-
the issue that Bhalla could have a conict altered yer as a possible hate crime. He and Bhalla were among six tweeted it and unintentionally spread
of interest as mayor in considering city Hoboken Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante candidates running on Tuesdays ballot the errant notion that my campaign was
contracts with a utility company that has said the act of altering the yer to link for mayor. The incumbent mayor, Dawn behind it.
been a client of the law rm for which someone to terrorism based on the Zimmer, announced earlier this year she As if that were not enough, DeFusco
Bhalla has worked as an attorney. unstated but implied reference to Bhallas would not seek re-election. said about one week prior to the
DeFusco told the Washington Blade on race and religion potentially could be The local media have reported that appearance of the altered yer attacking
Monday that he and his campaign workers prosecuted as a hate crime. three of the candidates would set a Bhalla another anonymous yer placed
were horried when they discovered the According to DeFusco, someone milestone if elected. DeFusco would on cars attacked him for his status as an
altered yer was being placed on car apparently copied the yer that his have become the citys and countys rst Italian American, portraying him as the
windshields and at the doors of homes campaign sent out two weeks ago in out gay mayor. Bhalla would become head of a crime family.
last Friday night. the mail by using Photoshop to change the states rst Sikh mayor. And Ronald A lot of people bought into it, he said
And much to his dismay, he says, the yer by adding the words, Dont let Bautista, a native of Ecuador, would have of the altered yer bearing the name
people began to post the altered version TERRORISM Take over our Town! directly become the citys rst Latino mayor. of his campaign. A lot of people dont
of the yer on Facebook, Twitter, and above the photo of Bhalla. Political observers have said polling know me in this city and dont know
other social media without making it clear Hoboken police on Monday data have shown that DeFusco and Bhalla about the core progressive Democratic
that he and his campaign had nothing to released photo images obtained from were leading the pack and running a values that I stand up for of inclusion, of
do with the terrorism message. video security cameras showing two neck-and-neck race. diversity, have told me they believe me
A disgusting, racist yer was found on unidentied males as persons of But DeFusco told the Blade the to be a racist. And that is heartbreaking.
car windshields tonight that altered one of interest in their investigation of the doctored campaign yer incident hurt That is terrifying.
my campaigns mailers and added a racial yer incident. Police urged anyone his campaign due, in part, to what he His supporters say those who know
epithet aimed at Ravi Bhalla, DeFusco recognizing the two individuals to says have been unfair media reports that him consider him to be a dedicated
said in a press release. I condemn this contact police with information that may havent made it clear that the yer had public ocial whos highly qualied
piece of racist garbage in the strongest lead to their identication. been altered by someone unrelated to to serve as mayor, according to his
possible terms, he said. DeFusco, 35, has been a community his campaign. campaign literature.


Senate Dems move to assist LGBT youth, elders

Lawmakers call for National Resource Center, we will better introduced companion legislation in
reinstatement of meet the needs of the LGBT community. the U.S. House known as the Ruthie &
Baldwin, whos running for re-election ConnieLGBTElder Americans Act, named
survey questions in the U.S. Senate next year and remains for two LGBT elders who continue to ght
the only out lesbian in Congress, also for LGBT equality.
By CHRIS JOHNSON emphasized the importance of theLGBT Michael Adams, CEO of the LGBT Elder Americans Act in a statement. elder group SAGE USA, commended the
We should guarantee all of our seniors lawmakers for introducing the legislation
Senate Democrats took a series of access to the care that truly meets their in a statement.
actions Tuesday seeking to assist the needs and so I am proud to advance this LGBT elders, whose courage in the
LGBT community one for LGBT youth, legislation that will improve services and face of danger and adversity paved the
two others for LGBT elders both of support for LGBT older adults, Baldwin way for progress on LGBT equality in
which are subgroups that have a history said. Too many LGBT older adults carry recent years, deserve to be taken care
of unique challenges. the harmful physical and emotional of as they age, no matter where in the
In a pair of letters dated Nov. health eects of having lived through a United States they live, Adams said.
7, U.S. Sens. Robert Casey (D-Pa.), lifetime of discrimination. It is past time OurLGBTelder pioneers did not lead the
TammyBaldwin(D-Wis.) and Patty Murray we do something about it and strengthen movement birthed at Stonewall by being
(D-Wash.) led 21 senators in calling on Sen. TAMMYBALDWIN(D-Wis.) is calling the Older Americans Act to better support silent. We at SAGE follow their example
the Trump administration to ensure on the Trump administration to ensure our LGBT seniors. by raising our voices in support of the
programs designed to combat youth Last week, Rep. Suzanne Bonamici Ruthie & Connie LGBT Elder Americans
programs designed to combat youth homelessness reach LGBT people and
homelessness reach LGBT people and include LGBT elders in health surveys. (D-Ore.) along with Rep. Ted Deutch Act of 2017 and to demand justice for this
include LGBT elders in health surveys. (D-Fla.) and Charlie Crist (D-Fla.) growing population.
Meanwhile, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet
(D-Colo.) along with Sen. Je Merkley
(D-Ore.), Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Centers for Independent Living Annual
Al Franken (D-Minn.) introduced Program Performance Report. (HHS
the LGBT Elder Americans Act, which has previously removed the sexual
seeks to improve services available to orientation question from the NSOAPP, Gunman kills 26 in Texas church
LGBT elders. but reinstated it under public pressure.)
The letters, sent to both the U.S. Justice In order to ensure that key programs A man on Sunday killed 26 people when he opened re in a Texas church.
Department and the U.S. Department for older adults and people with The San Antonio Express-News reported the gunman walked into the First
of Health & Human Services, base a call disabilities are meeting the needs of the Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, a town that is roughly 35 miles east of San
to action on President Trumps promise entire LGBTQ community, we once again Antonio. Another 20 people were wounded.
during his 2016 campaign to be a friend reiterate our call for HHS to restore the Human Rights Campaign President Chad Grin in a statement said his
to LGBT people. gender-identity question to the NSOAPP organizations hearts go out to those impacted by this senseless tragedy today
During the campaign, President Trump and to collect information on sexual in Sutherland Springs, Texas.
said that he would do everything in [his] orientation and gender identity on the Sundays mass shooting took place slightly more than a month after a gunman
power to protect LGBTQ citizens. We CILPPR, the letter says. killed 58 people and injured nearly 500 others during a country music festival in
write to you because the administration is Additionally, the letter expresses Las Vegas.
not living up to the presidents promise, concern about the withdrawal of a A gunman killed 49 people inside the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla., on June
the senators wrote. We urge you to proposed HHS rule that would have 12, 2016. The massacre was the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history
reverse course on actions that will make claried same-sex spouses should be until last month.
it more challenging for programs you aorded equal rights in nursing homes Eight people died on Oct. 31 when a rental pickup truck plowed into a bicycle
oversee to serve LGBTQ Americans. that receive Medicare and Medicaid. path in lower Manhattan.
Specically, the letter to the Justice That rule was widely seen as redundant Reports indicate the man who was driving the truck shouted Allahu akbar
Department expresses concern two after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling for once he was outside of it. The so-called Islamic State later described the man
federal grant programs that combat marriage equality nationwide. a native of Uzbekistan who was living in New Jersey as a soldier of the
homelessness DOJs Mentoring for Neither the Justice Department, nor the caliphate.
Child Victims of Commercial Sexual Department of Health & Human Services, Grin on Sunday reiterated his organizations support for gun control.
Exploitation & Domestic Sex Tracking responded to the Washington Blades Whether in an LGBTQ club or a Texas church, gun violence is plaguing our
Initiative and HHS Street Outreach request for comment on the letter. country, he said in his statement. Unless Congress acts, no community in
Program will no longer focus on Meanwhile, the LGBT Elder America can be safe.
LGBT youth because this years funding Americans Act, reintroduced by Jason Lindsay, executive director of the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence, a
requirement removed that requirement Bennet, would build on the Older political action committee that formed in response to the Pulse nightclub
as well as all mentions of LGBTQ youth. Americans Actto include LGBT seniors massacre, echoed Grin.
As LGBTQ youth are at a higher as a vulnerable population and Our hearts go out to the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas, who are
risk for running away and becoming permanently establish the National suering today from an unimagined horror, said Lindsay in a statement.
homeless compared to their peers, and Resource Center on LGBT Aging. Todays massacre is another reminder that no one is safe when access to guns
therefore more likely to be victimized, Our laws and research are not current is so easy. While the investigation continues and details continue to emerge, we
we are concerned about the eect these in addressing the unique needs of the must face the reality that one more American town is just the latest in a growing
administration decisions would have on aging generation of baby boomers, list of cities ravaged by senseless gun violence.
these vulnerable youth, the letter says. Bennet said in a statement. This Members of Gays Against Guns, a group that formed after the Pulse nightclub
Meanwhile, the letter to the legislation would provide LGBT seniors, massacre, on Monday held a disruptive demonstration at the Hart Senate
Department of Health & Human Services who often face signicant barriers to Oce Building in which seven of its members were arrested. For more on that
calls for restoration of questions allowing accessing health care, with targeted story, including video of the arrests, visit
respondents to identify as transgender in services and resources. By helping aging MICHAEL K. LAVERS
the National Survey of Older Americans service organizations assist older LGBT
Act Participants as well as LGBT on the adults and permanently establishing a
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Durkan elected rst Griffin urges Tillerson to speak out

lesbian mayor of Seattle
Human Rights Campaign President Chad Grin last week urged Secretary of
Former U.S. attorney Jenny Durkan won State Rex Tillerson to speak out on anti-LGBT discrimination around the world.
a competitive race Tuesday to become Grin in a letter he wrote to Tillerson referenced a bill that Egyptian lawmakers
the next mayor of Seattle, making her the introduced last week that would criminalize their countrys LGBT community.
citys rst lesbian mayor and Seattles rst Grin also noted the onslaught of state-sponsored persecution of LGBTQ people
female mayor in nearly a century. in Chechnya, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Georgia, Tanzania, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan.
According to the Seattle Times, Durkan We urge you to personally speak out, wrote Grin. Doing so will save lives.
won the election by taking 60.6 percent When you are silent, the perpetrators of this violence see America not as a moral
of the vote compared to the 39.4 percent leader but as a government that will look the other way.
won by her opponent, Cary Moon. Tillerson in June in a Pride month statement said the State Department arms
Celebrating her victory with supporters its solidarity with the human rights defenders and civil society organizations
Tuesday night, Durkan said her campaign working around the world to uphold the fundamental freedoms of LGBTI
was never about any candidate. persons to live with dignity and freedom. He also said LGBTI persons continue
It wasnt about me, or anyone else, it to face the threat of violence and discrimination.
was about you, it was about Seattle and When all persons are protected on the basis of equality and with dignity,
the future of Seattle, Durkan said. Its global stability is strengthened, said Tillerson. We will continue to support
a campaign about what Seattle will be JENNY DURKAN, a lesbian, won a the human rights of LGBTI persons together with like-minded governments,
like for that next generation, and you competitive race Tuesday to become the businesses and civil society organizations globally.
next mayor of Seattle.
have committed to making it the best Tillerson himself has yet to publicly comment on the ongoing crackdown
Seattle ever. PHOTO BY JOE MABEL; COURTESY OF WIKIMEDIA against LGBT Chechens, but the State Department told the Blade in September
Prior to her campaign, Durkan was that he raised it in a letter to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. A State
appointed by former President Obama to Department spokesperson last week declined to comment on HRCs Freedom
serve as U.S. attorney for Western Washington, making her the rst openly gay U.S. of Information Act request for all records relating to Tillersons letter to Lavrov.
attorney in the country. State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert last month expressed
Its wasnt so long ago that Seattle had an openly gay mayor. Former Seattle mayor Ed concern over the anti-LGBT crackdowns in Egypt and Azerbaijan. She and U.S.
Murray served starting in 2014, but resigned this year on Sept. 13 amid allegations by Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley have also condemned the crackdown
men he sexually molested them. against LGBT Chechens that began earlier this year.
The last time Seattle had a woman as mayor was 1926, when Bertha Knight Landes President Trump has yet to publicly comment on Chechnya.
took oce and made Seattle the rst major U.S. city to elect a female mayor.She served White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the Blade on
a single two-year term. Oct. 27 during her daily press brieng that she would have to check into the
Durkan will be seated on Nov. 28 when the election results are certied. Currently, Egyptian criminalization bill. She has yet to provide a follow-up statement.
theres only one other openly gay person serving as mayor of a major U.S. city: Salt Lake The U.S. response to this wave of anti-LGBTQ violence has been far too
City Mayor Jackie Biskupski. weak, said Grin in his letter to Tillerson. While there have been important
CHRIS JOHNSON statements from Ambassador Haley, State Department spokesman Heather
Nauert and a few other U.S. ambassadors, and while State Department sta
continue to support civil society organizations and individuals under threat, it
Father accused of killing son, 14, for being gay has not been nearly enough to focus international attention and create pressure
to stop the surge in anti-LGBTQ violence.
A Nevada man is accused of allegedly A State Department spokesperson on Friday said the agency remains
killing his 14-year-old son for being gay. concerned by reports of detentions and arrests of LGBTI persons. The
Henderson, Nev. police report that spokesperson also referred the Blade to Tillersons Pride month statement.
53-year-old Wendell Melton shot and killed As Secretary Tillerson has stated, we arm our solidarity with civil society
his son, Giovanni Melton, on Thursday. organizations and human rights defenders working to uphold the fundamental
According to Las Vegas Now, Wendell freedoms of LGBTI persons, said the spokesperson. This holds true globally.
and Giovanni were arguing when Wendell We urge countries to uphold and respect their international human rights
pulled the trigger. Wendell called the obligations and commitments, added the spokesperson. The United States will
police and was booked at the scene. continue to engage on issues of universal human rights and democracy.
Court documents reveal that Wendell had The promotion of LGBT and intersex rights around the world was a cornerstone
a history of threatening his family with of U.S. foreign policy under the Obama administration.
guns he possessed illegally. Tillerson indicated the special U.S. envoy for the human rights of LGBT and intersex
Sonja Jones, Giovannis former foster people will remain in place under a State Department overhaul. The U.S., France and
mother, told KSNV-TV that Wendell, a Brazil in recent weeks blocked Egyptian and Russian eorts to remove a reference to
United Airlines employee, could not GIOVANNI MELTON was shot and killed last discrimination that includes sexual orientation from an Olympics resolution at the U.N.
accept that his son was gay. She believes week, allegedly by his father. The U.S. on Sept. 29 voted against a U.N. Human Rights Council resolution
that Giovanni was murdered because of that includes a provision condemning the death penalty for those found guilty
his sexual orientation. of committing consensual same-sex sexual acts.
He hated the fact that his son was A U.S. ocial told the Blade after the vote the U.S. did support language in
gay, Jones says. Im sure that inside of his mind, he would rather have a dead son than the resolution against the discriminatory use of the death penalty based on an
a gay son. individuals sexual orientation or gender identity, while also requesting changes
Jones claims that Wendell allegedly pulled a gun on Giovanni at least one other time to make the larger resolution in accordance with U.S. law that says the death
when Wendell caught Giovanni with his boyfriend. penalty is legal. The ocial noted the resolutions main sponsors did not take
Giovanni was abused physically and mentally and spiritually for many, many years, those edits onboard, so we were unable to support the larger resolution, which
Jones continued. called for a global moratorium on the death penalty, in spite of the fact that it
Jones said she hopes they throw the book at him in court. included parts that we support.
I hope he never sees the light of day, Jones added. I hope every day when he looks MICHAEL K. LAVERS
in the mirror, he sees his sons face.
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For a full list of side effects, please talk to your doctor. Tell your

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doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you or does not
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Enough is Enough
You are encouraged to report negative side effects of
prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit or
call 1-800-FDA-1088.
Should I Take Mytesi If I Am:
Pregnant or Planning to Become Pregnant?
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Important Safety Information What Should I Know About Taking Mytesi
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NP-390-17 RELIEF, PURE AND SIMPLE in South America.

1 4 N O VEMB ER 1 0, 2017 I N T E RN A T I O N A L N E W S

First trans Uruguay senator

honored to make history
The rst openly transgender
person elected to the Uruguay
Senate told the Washington
Blade she feels very honored to
EVAN WOLFSON, founder of Freedom to Marry, is among those who are participating in a
have made history in the South
same-sex marriage conference this week in Costa Rica. American country.
Michelle Surez who is a member
of the Uruguayan Communist Party
spoke with the Blade nearly two
weeks after she formally assumed

Costa Rica hosts

her seat on Oct. 10.
Surez, 34, is the rst trans
woman to graduate from a

marriage conference
Uruguayan university. She is also
the rst and only trans lawyer in MICHELLE SUREZ is the rst openly
transgender person elected to the
the South American country that Uruguayan Senate. She assumed her seat on
borders Brazil and Argentina. Oct. 10.
Surez, who was a member of
Activists from across the Western Hemisphere are gathering in Costa Rica this week Ovejas Negras, a Uruguayan LGBT
for the rst-of-its-kind conference that will focus on marriage rights for same-sex advocacy group, helped write
couples in Latin America. a same-sex marriage bill that became law in 2013. Surez was elected to the
The Civil Marriage Equality Congress was scheduled to ocially begin in San Jos, countrys Senate two years later, but she was an alternative senator without full
the Costa Rican capital, on Wednesday afternoon with a forum at the University of voting privileges until she took her seat last month.
Costa Rica. A screening of The Freedom to Marry a documentary that features She described Uruguay to the Blade as a vanguard in Latin America in terms
Evan Wolfson, founder of Freedom to Marry, and the lead-up to the 2015 U.S. Supreme of rights, noting same-sex couples can legally marry and adopt children. Surez
Court ruling in the Obergefell case that extended marriage rights to same-sex couples also pointed out Uruguay allows trans people to legally change their gender
throughout the U.S. was slated to take place at a local theater a few hours later. without undergoing surgery.
The conference is taking place at the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights on Surez told the Associated Press after she took her seat that she would
Thursday and Friday. The Costa Rica Supreme Court will host conference attendees on introduce a bill that would allow trans people to legally change their identity
Friday afternoon. (Editors note: The Blades Michael K. Lavers is scheduled to speak at without a court order. The measure would also require Uruguay to set aside 1
the conference on Friday.) percent of government jobs for trans people and create a pension to compensate
Herman Duarte of Fundacin Igualitos, a Costa Rica-based group that advocates those who suered persecution during the countrys military dictatorship, which
for marriage rights for same-sex couples throughout Latin America, organized the was from 1973-1985, because of their gender identity.
conference alongside his law rm, Hduarte-Lex that ghts discrimination based on These advances dont mean that Uruguay as a country has less discrimination,
sexual orientation, and the Costa Rican advocacy groups Acceder and Asociacin Surez told the Blade.
Costarricense de Derecho Internacional. In addition to advocating on behalf of LGBT Uruguayans, Surez has also
Costa Rican Vice President Ana Helena Chacn and Wolfson are among those who are championed the rights of women and the poor. Surez is also a healthy body
expected to take part in the conference. The U.S. and Canadian Embassies in Costa Rica, image advocate.
the U.N., the Costa Rican government and LGBT advocacy groups from across Latin MICHAEL K. LAVERS
America have co-sponsored it.
The main goal is to open the debate around equal access to the civil institution of
marriage, said Duarte in a press release. U.S. blocks removal of bias reference
The Financial Times on Oct. 25 announced Duarte, a lawyer who was born in El
Salvador, is among its top 50 future LGBT leaders. He is the rst person from Central
from Olympics resolution
America to be included in the list.
Gays and lesbians can legally marry in the U.S., Canada, Mexico City and several The U.S., France and Brazil last week blocked eorts to remove a reference to
Mexican states, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe, Martinique, discrimination that includes sexual orientation from an Olympics resolution at the U.N.
St. Barts, St. Martin, Saba, St. Eustatius, Bonaire, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay and The U.N. General Assembly on Nov. 13 is expected to adopt an Olympic Truce
Argentina. The governments of Aruba, Curaao and Sint Maarten recognize same-sex Resolution that calls for peace around the world during the 2018 Winter Olympics
marriages that are performed in the Netherlands. in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The resolution also calls for global peace during the
Chilean President Michelle Bachelet in August introduced a bill that would extend week before and after the Olympics, which will take place from Feb. 9-25.
marriage rights to same-sex couples in her country. The Panamanian Supreme Court Egypt and Russia sought to remove a reference to Principle 6 the Olympic
over the summer heard oral arguments in a case that would allow gays and lesbians to Charters nondiscrimination clause from the resolution because it specically
legally marry. includes sexual orientation along with religion, gender and other factors.
Mexican President Enrique Pea Nieto and Panamanian First Lady Lorena Castillo are The version of resolution that is currently before the U.N. General Assembly
among the prominent Latin American politicians and ocials who support the issue. includes the gay-inclusive Principle 6 language.
Mariela Castro, daughter of Cuban President Ral Castro who spearheads LGBT-specic The Olympics is an event that should focus on what brings us together
issues as director of her countrys National Center for Sexual Education, has also publicly friendly competition by the worlds best athletes not what makes us dierent,
backed marriage rights for same-sex couples. U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley told the Washington Blade on Tuesday
Cuban activists who work independently of Mariela Castro and her organization, in a statement. No athlete should face discrimination of any kind when
which is known by the acronym CENESEX, in recent years have sought to promote the representing their country in the games.
issue on the Communist island. Neither Mariela Castro nor CENESEX have publicly MICHAEL K. LAVERS
commented on these eorts.

N E WS N O V E MBE R 1 0 , 2 0 1 7 1 5

Roem defeats Marshall in Va. House of Delegates race

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 01 Northam as lieutenant governor after he
defeated state Sen. Jill Vogel (R-Fauquier
Minneapolis City Council. County) by a 52-48 percent margin.
Marshall, who has represented We live in a very diverse society,
Virginias 13th District since 1992, has Northam told his supporters who
been one of the General Assemblys most gathered at George Mason University in
outspoken opponents of LGBT rights. Fairfax to watch the election results come
Marshall co-wrote Virginias in. It is that diverse society that makes
constitutional amendment dening this country great, and as long as Im
marriage as between a man and a governor, I will make sure were inclusive.
woman that voters approved in 2006. A Northam, Fairfax and Herring support
bill that he introduced in 2011 sought to LGBT rights.
ban gays and lesbians from the Virginia Adams throughout the campaign
National Guard. repeatedly attacked Herring over
Marshall in 2016 introduced a bill that would his decision not to defend Virginias
have prevented municipalities from enacting constitutional amendment that denes
measures against discrimination based marriage as between a man and a
on sexual orientation and gender identity. RYAN WILSON of HRC (left) works inside Danica Roems campaign oce in Manassas. woman. Fairfax sought to label Vogel
Members of the Republican-controlled as an extremist, even though she
House General Laws Subcommittee earlier publicly backs nuptials for gays and
this year killed Marshalls House Bill 1612, lesbians and has voted for measures
which would have prohibited trans people is waking Virginia up from history. A new Lieutenant Gov. Ralph Northam, in the General Assembly that sought
from using public bathrooms based on their chapter has begun. Attorney General Mark Herring and Justin to ban discrimination based on sexual
gender identity. James Parrish, executive director Fairfax won their respective races in orientation and gender identity.
Marshall throughout the campaign of Equality Virginia, a statewide LGBT Virginia on Tuesday. Tonight the people of Virginia led the
repeatedly attacked Roem and her advocacy group, in a press release With 100 percent of precincts reporting, way and turned out to support candidates
gender identity and used male pronouns described Roems victory as not only a Northam beat former Republican who represent the very best of who we
to identify her. victory for transgender Virginians, but National Committee Chair Ed Gillespie in are, said Democratic Party of Virginia
Voters in the 13th District earlier this for transgender Americans as well. State the race to succeed Gov. Terry McAulie Chair Susan Swecker in a statement. It is
month received anti-trans robocalls Dels. David Toscano (D-Charlottesville) by a 54-45 percent margin. here in Virginia that we sent a powerful
from the American Principles Project, an and Charniele Herring (D-Alexandria) Herring won re-election by beating message to the nation that bigotry,
organization that opposes marriage rights echoed Parrish in a statement the Republican John Adams by a 53-47 racism and lies will never defeat love,
for same-sex couples and champions Democratic Party of Virginia issued. percent margin. Fairfax will succeed fairness and truth.
other conservative causes. American As a journalist, Danica Roem has
Principles Project Chair Sean Fieler, who covered the issues critical to Virginians and
lives in New Jersey, on Sept. 11 donated listened to a wide range of perspectives,
$20,000 to Marshalls campaign. said Toscano and Herring. During
Roem told the Washington Blade after her campaign, Danica expanded this Minneapolis elects trans Council member
she spoke that Marshall had yet to call approach by listening to area residents
her and formally concede. concerns and making them integral to In a night of good news for transgender candidates, Andrea Jenkins
Equality Virginias Political Action her own policy platform. Danica will bring won election to a seat on the Minneapolis City Council, making her the rst
Committee, the Human Rights Campaign, a reporters eye to Richmond, and we transgender candidate to win election to city council in a major U.S. city.
the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, the eagerly anticipate her results-oriented According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Jenkins won 73.1 percent of the
Trans United Fund, the Pride Fund to approach to deliver for her constituents vote as rst choice in the ranked-choice contest to represent Ward 8 on the
End Gun Violence, EMILYs List and the in the 13th. City Council. She won a supermajority of the vote for rst vote with three other
Progressive Change Campaign Committee Roem is among the Democrats across candidates in the race.
are among the organizations that Virginia who either unseated Republican An award-winning poet and writer, Jenkins most recently was awarded a Bush
endorsed Roem. Former Vice President incumbents or defeated GOP challengers Fellowship as well as a Fellowship in the Cultural Community Leadership Institute
Biden and other prominent Democrats for statewide oce. at Intermedia Arts and was named a fellow in the Many Voices Fellowship at the
backed her campaign in recent weeks. Dawn Adams on Tuesday became the Playwrights Center, according to the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund.
The Blade on Tuesday afternoon saw rst open lesbian elected to the General Jenkins earned a masters degree in community economic development from
two HRC staers speaking with voters Assembly when she defeated state Del. Southern New Hampshire University, in Manchester, N.H., and a masters in
outside Manassas Park City Hall before Manoli Loupassi (R-Richmond) by 326 Creative Writing from Hamline University.
they cast their ballots. votes. Chris Hurst, a former reporter No stranger to transgender advocacy, Jenkins rst full-length book of poetry
The Victory Fund and the Trans United for WDBJ, a Roanoke television station, is called The T is NOT Silent: New and Selected Poems. Shes currently co-
Fund also had staers and volunteers defeated state Del. Joseph Yost (R-Giles curator of the Queer Voices Reading Series at Intermedia Arts.
canvassing in the 13th District in the days County) by a 54-46 percent margin. During the Gay & Lesbian Victory Funds annual brunch in D.C. in May, Jenkins said
leading up to the election. Hursts girlfriend, WDBJ reporter Alison her potential victory would be a strong signal to transgender people everywhere.
Danicas more than qualied to be a Parker and her cameraman, Adam Ward, Trans people across the nation are under attack from people who
state representative, said Sarah Scanlon were shot to death on Aug. 26, 2015, as misunderstand us, or worse, dont want to understand us, and I plan to be a
of Trans United on Tuesday as she spoke they were interviewing Smith Mountain strong voice who can defend our community and advocate on its behalf,
with the Blade at Roems campaign Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce Jenkins said.
headquarters near downtown Manassas. Executive Director Vicki Gardner during a Another transgender candidate running for Minneapolis City Council, Phillipe
Another barrier was broken live broadcast. Cunningham, came up short in his bid to represent Ward 8 on the body. Had
tonight, added state Sen. Adam Ebbin Hursts victory is proof that pro-LGBTQ he succeeded, he would have been the rst transgender man to win election to
(D-Alexandria) in a text message he sent and pro-gun reform candidates can win, public oce anywhere in the United States.
to the Blade early Wednesday. The even in rural Southwest Virginia, said CHRIS JOHNSON
voters spoke and elected Danica Roem to the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence in a
address the issues they care about. She press release.


10 years later, restorm over gay-only ENDA still informs movement

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 01 Recalling a great deal of debate within
the community and the House about
after the creation of United ENDA an whether sucient votes for transgender
unprecedented coalition of more than inclusion were present, Solmonese said
400 organizations that emerged to ght lawmakers pledged to LGBT activists
against trans exclusion there have support for a trans-inclusive bill before,
been with few exceptions no instances then told Pelosi not bring such a measure
of any gay activism or legislation that did to the oor.
not include trans people. They sort of wanted it both ways,
Rebecca Juro, a New Jersey-based Solmonese said. They knew what they
transgender activist and radio show were supposed to do, but they didnt
host, said the reaction to the vote on the want to do it.
sexual-orientation only version of ENDA Frank said the vote on ENDA was very
was a signicant turning point. important because it paved the way
The reason why Barney Frank was for legislative victories on hate crimes
able to introduce and get the kind of protections and Dont Ask, Dont Tell repeal.
support he did in Congress was because One of the problems weve had
there was a feeling [of] who cares, historically we dont have it anymore
nobody knows about these people, Juro is members being afraid to vote for
said. What that did was it said, No, no, us because they thought they could be
no, youre wrong. and people are going defeated, that it would be a tough vote,
JOE SOLMONESE, president of HRC at the time of the 2007 ENDA vote, backed ENDA and 10
to call you out and its going to cost you Frank said. So, here we had members years later stands by his decision as a means of developing the legislation.
politically and people are going to show voting for a bill that was a broad
up at the Human Rights Campaign galas protections for LGB people and nobody WASHINGTON BLADE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY

and make it dicult for you to solicit lost because of it. That was very helpful
money for your campaign. in setting the foundation. That vote sent a shockwave through the Frank and HRC had totally lost touch with
In the year Democrats assumed control In his book A Life in Politics, Frank transgender community, which quickly what the community was, Keisling said.
of the U.S. House after more than a decade recounts the deliberative process that went marshaled opposition to the bill and So they did not understand that this
of Republican majorities, then-House into bringing the gay-only version of ENDA protested any further advancement without would not be alright with the community
Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) brought to the House oor, maintaining Republicans their protections. Many angrily accused and we all found out very quickly in a
the gay-only version of ENDA to the oor would have sought to amend the bill to the Human Rights Campaign and Frank of matter of hours that it really was not,
after Frank determined an initial version remove the transgender protections. abandoning the transgender community. that the movement had really become an
of the bill that included protections based Baldwin disagreed with moving forward Mara Keisling, executive director of LGBT movement and it wasnt going to
on gender identity wouldnt get a majority without transgender inclusion, Frank the National Center for Transgender y to take trans people out. So not only
vote in the chamber. wrote, even though she ultimately voted Equality, said the vote was one of the were we against the vote happening, we
That version of ENDA would pass on the for the bill. (Baldwins oce didnt respond most important things that happened in were the leaders of being against the
House oor by a vote of 235-184. (Among to a request to comment for this article.) the movement in the last 20 years. vote happening.
those voting in favor of the bill was Rep. As we approached the nal vote, We wanted everything to be about The gay-only version of ENDA never
Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), although he also voted Tammy did her own informal whip count setting up for what the movement was reached Bushs desk for his veto, nor did
in favor of a motion to recommit that and concluded we would have enough after this vote happened, after the bill any version of the bill trans-inclusive or
would have killed the legislation.) Democratic votes, Frank wrote. Speaker died for the year, Keisling said. What otherwise come up in the U.S. Senate
Voting no on the legislation were 25 Pelosi, a strong supporter of the bill, were the lessons the movement was even though Democrats controlled both
Democrats, many of whom such as asked Tammy for her count, checked it going to learn, what was the lesson HRC chambers of Congress.
Rep. Jerrold Nadler (N.Y.), former Rep. herself with the members, and decided was going to learn, what was the lesson Had ENDA been brought to the oor
Anthony Weiner (N.Y.) and former Rep. that Tammy had been too optimistic Barney Frank was going to learn? for a vote in the Senate, the sponsor
Michael Michaud (Maine) rejected a conclusion that [former Rep. George The night before the vote, Keisling said, she would likely have been the late Sen.
the measure on the basis it lacked Miller and I, based on our own work, fully received a call from Franks oce and was Edward Kennedy, who was one of the rare
protections for transgender people. agreed with. We did not have the votes informed it was over a for trans-inclusive champions of LGBT rights at the time.
Then-Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.), now for the inclusive-bill. It was sadly but version of ENDA. Together with Dave Noble, Solmonese said he didnt immediately
a U.S. senator and still the only out lesbian unmistakably clear to Pelosi, Miller and then policy director of the National LGBTQ remember why ENDA never came up in
in Congress, proposed an amendment to me that we could pass ENDA only in its Task Force, Keisling said she planned to the Senate and said it may have had to
insert gender identity, but withdrew the earlier form, covering only lesbian, gay write a letter to Baldwin in hopes she could do with timing, but said Kennedy would
measure before it could come to a vote. and bisexual workers. inuence the vote, but was told the gay-only only have moved forward with a trans-
Joe Solmonese, president of the Backing that move was the Human ENDA would move forward. inclusive bill, not a gay-only ENDA, as part
Human Rights Campaign at the time Rights Campaign, which continued to That night, Keisling and Noble reached of the strategy for the House vote.
of the vote, backed ENDA and 10 years support the gay-only measure as one of out to the National Center for Lesbian He understood and supported the
later stood by his decision as a means to ve co-signers in a letter to Congress dated Rights and other groups to form a coalition rationale of having an overarching
develop the legislation, citing no hope Nov. 6, 2007 organized by the Leadership against the trans omission. By morning strategy, Solmonese said. George Bush
of passing any legislation into law with Conference on Civil & Human Rights. more than 60 organizations had joined is the president. This things not going to
George W. Bush as president. With each signicant step toward United ENDA, Keisling said, a coalition get passed into law. You do one version
It was a tactical decision to take a step in progress, the civil rights community has that refused to support the gay-only bill in the House, an inclusive version in the
the direction of getting what we ultimately also faced dicult and sometimes even and pledged to work with lawmakers to Senate, the leadership of both chambers
wanted, which was maybe a non-inclusive agonizing tradeos, the letter said. We support a trans-inclusive measure. is such that the conference committee
bill in the House, and inclusive bill in have always recognized, however, that Keisling said other groups were calling would likely end up with something that
the Senate that would end up as a fully each legislative breakthrough has paved up slightly annoyed that they hadnt been was fully inclusive, right?
inclusive bill or that would end up as a fully the way for additional progress in the asked to sign on and soon the coalition Keisling, however, said there was no
inclusive bill by the time Obama became future. With respect to ENDA, we take the grew to several hundred members. Senate plan because the Democratic
president, Solmonese said. same view. It essentially was because Barney

NEWS N O V E MBE R 1 0 , 2 0 1 7 1 7

Trans activists see 2007 ENDA ght as landmark moment

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 16 over bathroom use. what I say now might not be true a month
Sarah McBride, whos transgender from now and certainly will be changed
majority in the chamber was seen as and press secretary for the Human somewhat in a year.
too marginal to advance ENDA, nor did Rights Campaign, said in the past 10 Condence in the legal landscape for
Kennedy ever express an aversion to the years the organization is proudly and trans protections under Title VII is at such
gay-only version of the bill. unequivocally continuing to ght for a point that a pending petition led by
The plan was that Barney Frank and trans-inclusive protections and will only Lambda Legal before the U.S. Supreme
HRC thought that it was worth passing back legislation that is fully inclusive. Court seeking a nationwide ruling for gay
the gay-only bill through the House, just From Michigan to North Carolina to protections under the law, but not explicit
move the ball forward and get members Birmingham, HRC has forcefully and trans protections, hasnt registered as
on the record as Barney said many times, aggressively blocked laws and policies that trans exclusion. The petition was led
Keisling said. Everyone else believed dont protect every LGBTQ person from on behalf of lesbian plainti Jackie
that since it would never become law that discrimination while ghting to extend Evans after the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of
year, we shouldnt exclude anyone. robust protections across the country, Appeals ruled against her.
Do the backers of the bill at that time have McBride said. We are also working to Beyer said shes not bothered by
any regrets? Solmonese acknowledged a accelerate the pace of progress in other the petition and it should only upset
few even though he stood by his decision ways, from raising the visibility of the transgender activists who dont bother
to support ENDA in 2007. transgender community, to incentivizing to parse the specics and recognize the
I regret that I saw it one way, which was trans-inclusive healthcare through our transgender victories in lower courts.
a step in building towards what all of us Corporate Equality Index, to shining We could have easily won [trans
ultimately wanted and by no means a signal a spotlight on the epidemic of anti- protections] nationwide rst, Beyer
that that was the legislation that anybody Former Rep. BARNEY FRANK was criticized transgender violence which is taking the said. In this case, sexual orientation
by trans advocates for supporting the gay-
would ultimately support, but the fact that only ENDA in 2007. lives of so many trans women of color. has been viewed dierently and most
many people didnt see it that way and many But 2007 wasnt the last time there courts havent wanted to touch it until
people simply saw the symbolism around the would be ghting within the LGBT the Hively case in the 7th Circuit took
act as one that was divisive to the community, community over ENDA. In 2013, major it, and now weve got Evans. Thats
that was never the intention of HRC or my means cutting them out when it doesnt. LGBT groups (again with the exception beginning to change. Im certainly not at
intention, but I certainly regret that thats the So, yeah, the pendulum is all the way the of the Human Rights Campaign) dropped all oended by that because this is the
way that it unfolded, Solmonese said. other way, and then probably some extra. support from a version of ENDA over the way you go. You have a case and the case
Frank said his regret was we didnt Drew Hammill, a Pelosi spokesperson, scope of its religious exemption, which cant equally be broadened to include
have the votes when asked about his pointed to enactment of the Matthew would have provided leeway for religious dierent classications simply because
approach and blustered at the suggestion Shepard & James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes institutions, like churches or religious the community would like it.
anything else could have been done. Prevention Act and his boss support schools, to discriminate against LGBT The social scene, in contrast to advocacy
I think to do nothing at all that was the for the Equality Act as evidence of her workers in non-ministerial positions groups and the legal landscape, may not
argument, if you cant include everybody, support for trans inclusion. even if the bill were to become law. In a be as advanced in accepting transgender
you cant include anybody in the rst Leader Pelosi was proud to lead the reversal from 2007, the Senate passed inclusion despite the explosion over
place, thats not the history of the civil rights Congress as speaker in passing a fully the legislation, but it didnt come up for a ENDA 10 years ago. Transgender rights
movement, Frank said. I voted to help inclusive hate crimes bill signed into law vote in the Republican-controlled House. advocates noted a distinction between
protect African Americans and immigrants by President Obama in October of 2009, Although ENDA has never become law, the LGBT community at large in accepting
and women. The civil rights movement... Hammill said. A top priority for the leader is a growing consensus has emerged in the transgender people and advocacy groups.
you move as much as you can as soon as the Equality Act, comprehensive legislation courts that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act Beyer said she doesnt see transgender
you can and you build on that. So do I regret to amend the Civil Rights Act and protect of 1964, which prohibits employment inclusion at the social level anywhere near
not trying hard to get votes? No, I tried as LGBT Americans from discrimination on discrimination on the basis of sex, also as advanced as the current legal landscape.
hard as I could to get the votes. the basis of sexual orientation, gender applies to anti-trans discrimination. Four Acceptance, armation in the general
Over the course of 10 years since that identity and sex. The leader believes that federal appellate courts the First, culture is one thing, but the fact that, say,
vote, its hard to imagine Congress this legislation would pass the Congress Sixth, Ninth and Eleventh circuit courts of 35 percent of Americans do know a trans
or any other legislative body passing now should Speaker Ryan allow a vote. appeals have determined employment person, doesnt mean that people are
legislation that excluded transgender Times have changed for the Human discrimination against transgender people that much more comfortable with trans
people. Each successful version of Rights Campaign as well. In 2014, Chad is barred under Title VII, as has the U.S. Equal people, Beyer said. I think on balance
ENDA introduced and advanced in Grin, the current president of the Employment Opportunity Commission. they are, but not overwhelmingly so.
Congress has been trans inclusive and its Human Rights Campaign, apologized on Keisling cautioned against too much Eorts to resist trans inclusion in the
supporters have defended that language behalf of his organization at the Southern reliance on laws against sex discrimination movement on occasion still emerge,
against any objection it. The Equality Act, Comfort transgender conference for because things are in ux, noting U.S. although theyre rare and dont represent
the successor to ENDA that would ban having done wrong by the transgender Attorney General Je Sessions withdrawal mainstream LGBT views. In 2015, a
anti-LGBT discrimination in employment community in the past. of support for transgender protections petition was posted on
and in all aspects of civil rights law, has Transgender work has become a major under Title VII and President Trumps titled Drop the T urging major LGBT
consistently been trans inclusive. component of the LGBT groups work. appointment of anti-LGBT judges. organizations to disassociate themselves
Keisling said the commitment to In recent years, the organization has Were still convinced that the courts from the transgender movement and
trans inclusion among LGBT groups is opposed a gay-only non-discrimination are on our side, cases and decisions return to representing their base support
almost total. bill in Michigan, worked to thwart the have been building up to support us of gay men and lesbians. The petition,
Most of the big LGBT organizations, anti-trans House Bill 2 in North Carolina and actually [the idea] trans people are signed by 3,227 people, had no impact on
including the legal organizations, the lions and successfully blocked an anti-trans supported by sex discrimination is better transgender advocacy at LGBT groups.
share of their work now is trans work bathroom bill in Texas. The organization has supported than that gay people are, But transgender advocates also saw a
and, no, I dont think any of them would also opposed non-discrimination measures Keisling said. We just dont exactly know generational divide in the approach to trans
intentionally do work to cut trans people in Pennsylvania and Charlotte, N.C., without how thats going to maintain. We do know inclusion on the social scene that meets
out. In fact, there are times that we have public accommodations protections, which that theres a handful of both sexual what is now seen at the advocacy level.
to talk people into doing things because were seen as a backdoor way of leaving out orientation and gender identity cases
theyre afraid trans people will think it transgender people because of controversy moving up through the court system, so
Keep your promise to protect each other. WASHINGTONBLADE.COM

18 N OV E M B E R 10, 201 7 H E A LT H N E W S

Research nds children fare well raised by gays

WASHINGTON New research based on data coming from 2013-2015 from
the U.S. National Health Interview Survey nds there was no increased emotional
or psychological diculties among children raised by gay or lesbian parents, but
those with bisexual parents have lightly poorer questionnaire scores, Science
Alert reports citing a study in Child Development.
The study involved 21,000 children aged 4-17 and was deemed more
sophisticated than previous studies as it took into account each adults sexual
orientation, information that was previously surmised based on parents gender.
A likely cause soon became clear. Once researchers took into account the parents
level of psychological distress, the dierences vanished, Science Alert reports.
In other words, any potential variation in the childrens mental wellbeing was
probably a result of the challenges the parents face in a society that stigmatizes
Wills & Trusts their sexual orientation and non-traditional relationships, and not as a direct

Powers of Attorney Living Wills consequence of their sexualities, Science Alert reports.

Partnership & Prenuptial Agreements L.A. gay men urged to get Hep A vaccine
(240) 778-2330 (703) 536-0220 LOS ANGELES The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public
Health) is reminding men who have sex with men (MSM) to get the hepatitis A
vaccine, Outbreak Today reports citing a department press release.
Serving the LGBT Community Public Health reports 12 cases among MSM so far in 2017, which is three more
cases than were reported in 2016. MSM are known to be at risk for Hepatitis
in DC/MD/VA since 1983 A (HAV) and have been recommended nationally to receive the vaccine. Public
Health is informing health care providers of the increase in cases this year,
reminding them to oer vaccine, and requesting their assistance in detecting

Lawrence S. Jacobs/McMillan Metro, PC and reporting any cases of hepatitis A.

Outbreaks of hepatitis A among MSM are occurring nationally and
internationally this year with outbreaks having been declared in New York City,
Colorado, Europe, Chile and Australia.
The increase of hepatitis A cases among MSM in Los Angeles County is consistent
with these other worldwide outbreaks and is occurring within the context of the
outbreak of hepatitis A among homeless persons and those who use illicit drugs.
Hepatitis A causes acute liver disease, which may be severe. It is transmitted
by contact with feces from a person who is infected, often through contact
with food or water or during sex or other close contact. Most adults with acute
hepatitis A will have symptoms that may include fever, fatigue, nausea, vomiting,
abdominal pain, dark colored urine and jaundice. If you experience these
symptoms, contact your physician.

Trans women get more HIV tests than trans men

BUFFALO, N.Y. A new University of Bualo study has shown that HIV testing
among transgender adults was higher in those who identied as female, were
African-American or Hispanic, or had a history of incarceration.
The preliminary research, which sought to identify HIV-testing patterns in
urban, transgender individuals in Western New York, also found that among
participants, those with history as a sex worker, who only engaged in sex with
males or had access to stable housing were also more likely to seek HIV testing.
ADVERTISING TheP study R O Owas F published recently in Volume 2 of Transgender Health, the rst
ISSUE DATE: 10.26.12 SALES REPRESENTATIVE: BRIAN PITTS ( peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the health care of transgender individuals.
To better understand which segments of the transgender community are not
REVIEW AD FOR COPY AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of

proof. Proof will be considered final and will be submitted for publication if revision is not submitted within 24 hours of
the date of proof. Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts
receiving testing, the researchers examined survey data from the New York State
omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) is not responsible for the content and/or design of your ad. Advertiser is
responsible for any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material to which users AIDS Institute Reporting System. The de-identied data, collected from 2007-13,
included HIV testing history, perceived HIV risks and related medical care.
can link through the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or
EVISIONS any rgihts of third parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any
/LOGO REVISIONS copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair

competition, defamation, invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination law or regulation,
or any other right of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the ADVERTISER SIGNATURE They also interviewed 27 self-identied transgender men and women over
washington blade) and to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all
liability, loss, damages, claims, or causes of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred the is notage ofplacement,
18 who consented to receiving an HIV test at a Western New York
By signing this proof you are agreeing to your contract obligations with the
washington blade newspaper. This includes but limited to
by brown naff pitts omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertisers breach of any of the foregoing representations payment and insertion schedule.
and warranties. community health care organization.
Of the participants, 23 were transgender females, 40 percent were Caucasian
and nearly 30 percent African-American, and more than half were current sex
workers or had been incarcerated. Nearly all of the respondents reported a
history of substance abuse and most were uninsured.
Participants reported receiving an average of three HIV tests and one STD test
before joining the study. The majority of them did not receive an STD test within
a year of the study.
The results found that transgender women received, on average, more than
three times as many HIV tests as transgender men.
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM N O V E MBE R 1 0 , 2 0 1 7 1 9

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2 0 N O VEMB ER 1 0, 2017 VIEWPOINT

PO Box 53352

To stop sexual harassment,

Washington DC 20009

men must check other men
Brown Na Pitts Omnimedia, Inc.
LYNNE J. BROWN ext. 8075
Challenging sexism and worse, and the fear or intimidation factor to speak up is ridiculous and is a form EDITOR
increases as well. Thus, while the sexual of victim shaming. Women often do not KEVIN NAFF
misogyny throughout society ext. 8088
assault and harassment allegations in speak up due to fear of retaliation, such
Hollywood are horrifying, there is also a as not being believed, suering damage JOEY DIGUGLIELMO
sense of hope. For the rst time, society to ones reputation and potentially risk- ext. 8081
seems to truly be listening to women and ing ones career. Members of society who SR. NEWS REPORTER
punishing powerful men for engaging in nd themselves in a position of privilege LOU CHIBBARO JR. ext. 8079
predatory behavior. If everyday society should feel a moral obligation to stand by NEWS REPORTER
follows Hollywoods lead and starts to those who are more vulnerable in a par- CHRIS JOHNSON
support women who come forward with ticular situation. Men are the privileged ext. 8083
sexual assault or sexual harassment al- ones in most sexual harassment and REPORTER & INTERNATIONAL NEWS EDITOR
and community advocate. Reach her at legations, more women will feel comfort- assault cases and can really move the able reporting this behavior. needle forward on this issue by check- POP CULTURE REPORTER
This issue also impacts the LGBT com- ing other men when they engage in these MARIAH COOPER
Half of the country seems to be having munity, as actor Kevin Spacey is accused behaviors. Men can also stand by victims, PHOTO EDITOR
an awakening, of sorts, regarding sexual of sexually assaulting and harassing sev- support victims, and speak up for victims. MICHAEL KEY
harassment, assault, and intimidation, eral young men throughout his career. Lets all use this increased awareness CONTRIBUTING WRITERS
due to the Harvey Weinstein scandal. The While we do not know the sexual orienta- of sexual harassment and assault as an PETER ROSENSTEIN, MARK LEE,
other half of the country (lets call this half tion of the men that Spacey assaulted or opportunity to challenge sexism and mi- LATEEFAH WILLIAMS, KATE CLINTON,
women) have experienced this behavior harassed, like many predators, he most sogyny throughout society. That means KATHI WOLFE, RICHARD J. ROSENDALL,
our entire lives and many of us are kind of likely targeted those who he perceived to if you see someone mistreating some- NICOLS LEVY, BUNMI JOHNSON
astounded that most men are just becom- be vulnerable, which often includes mem- one based on their gender, race, sexual CREATIVE DESIGN/PRODUCTION
ing aware of how pervasive sexual harass- bers of the LGBT community. orientation, gender identity or any other AZERCREATIVE.COM
ment and intimidation are, not to mention Due to their high-prole nature, it is factor, say something or do something. SALES & ADMINISTRATION
more serious forms of sexual assault. possible to use the horric aforemen- Dont be OK with being privileged enough DIRECTOR OF SALES & MARKETING
I probably dont know a single woman tioned situations as a catalyst for long- not to be on the receiving end of hostile ext. 8077
who has never been sexually harassed. lasting societal change. However, if we behavior because for those of us who SR. ACCT. EXECUTIVE
Harassment is so normal that its just par are going to do that, everyone needs to are part of marginalized groups, we dont BRIAN PITTS
for the course for most women. Wheth- play a role, especially those who most have that luxury. ext. 8089
er its cat-calls when walking down the likely will never be victimized. Even factors such as being of a certain JOE HICKLING
street, improper comments in the work- When it comes to making this a safer age, obtaining advanced degrees, and ext. 8094
place, or actions that intentionally de- world for women and youth, men need partaking in a well-regarded career eld CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING/ADMINISTRATION
mean, belittle, or intimidate, women have to do their part. Men cannot continue will not shield you from mistreatment PHILLIP G. ROCKSTROH
to carefully weigh any reaction against to silently witness other men mistreat when you are part of multiple margin- ext. 8092
the potential consequences. or abuse women and say nothing. The alized groups. Speaking from personal RIVENDELL MEDIA
With sexual assault, the trauma is often idea that it is only the victims obligation experience, being a 41-year-old George- 212-242-6863;
town-educated attorney, who has been For distribution, contact Lynne Brown at 202-747-2077,
E DIT OR IA L C A R T OON licensed to practice law for 14 years, has ext. 8075. Distributed by MediaPoint, LLC
not stopped people from viewing me, a All material in the Washington Blade is protected by federal copyright law
and may not be reproduced without the written consent of the Washing-
52 Black woman, as someone beneath ton Blade. The sexual orientation of advertisers, photographers, writers
and cartoonists published herein is neither inferred nor implied. The
them and someone who should be put in appearance of names or pictorial representation does not necessarily
indicate the sexual orientation of that person or persons. Although the
her place. Washington Blade is supported by many ne advertisers, we cannot ac-
cept responsibility for claims made by advertisers. Unsolicited editorial
I have been physically intimidated by material is accepted by the Washington Blade, but the paper cannot take
men a foot taller than I am and had my responsibility for its return. The editors reserve the right to accept, reject
or edit any submission. A single copy of the Washington Blade is available
character assassinated when I dared to from authorized distribution points, to any individual within a 50-mile ra-
dius of Washington, D.C. Multiple copies are available from the Washington
assert my opinion or challenge the opin- Blade oce only. Call for rates. If you are unable to get to a convenient
free distribution point, you may receive a 52-week mailed subscription for
ions of men or others perceived as more $195 per year or $5.00 per single issue. Checks or credit card orders can be
sent to Phil Rockstroh at Postmaster: Send
powerful. In professional settings, I have address changes to the Washington Blade, PO BOX 53352 Washington,
DC 20009. The Washington Blade is published weekly, on Friday, by
been referred to by demeaning so-called Brown Na Pitts Omnimedia, Inc. Individual Subscriptions are $195
per year for 52 issues (only $3.75 per issue mailed to you USPS). Rates
terms of endearment, such as sweetie for businesses/institutions are $450 per year. Periodical postage paid
at Washington, D.C., and additional mailing oces. Editorial positions
or precious, as a way to dismiss me as a of the Washington Blade are expressed in editorials and in editors
notes as determined by the papers editors. Other opinions are those
little girl who should not be taken serious- of the writers and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the
ly. While I knew that I was marginalized, Washington Blade or its sta. To submit a letter or commentary: Let-
ters should be fewer than 400 words; commentaries should be fewer
I never truly considered myself vulnerable than 750 words. Submissions may be edited for content and length,
and must include a name, address and phone number for verication.
until I felt the full wrath of patriarchy, mi- Send submissions by e-mail to

sogyny, sexism, racism, and heterosexism/

homophobia. While I have found my voice
again, its not enough for the survivors to
speak up. All people of conscience need to
speak up to make a dierence. 2017 BROWN NAFF PITTS OMNIMEDIA, INC.

V I E W PO I N T N O V E MBE R 1 0 , 2 0 1 7 2 1

The rst steps toward eradicating sexual harassment

have been far from what my friends, col- In the workplace, three in 10 women ter; but sexism still thrives.
Speaking out is a good start leagues and millions of other women have have experienced unwanted sexual ad- Its not just women who are victims of
but much work remains endured. Ive been thinking of these en- vances from male co-workers, and 25 sexual harassment. Multiple men have al-
counters during our ongoing avalanche percent received the unwanted advances leged that Spacey, known for his starring
of revelations of sexual harassment. From from men who had power over them, the role on Netixs House of Cards, has
President Donald Trump to Harvey Wein- poll found. Eight in 10 women said the sexually harassed them. It began when
stein to Kevin Spacey to Fox News to NPR unwanted advances were sexual harass- actor Anthony Rapp told BuzzFeed that
our culture is rife with victims, allegations, ment, and one-third said the inappropri- when he was 14 and at a party, Spacey,
apologies and outcries against misogyny, ate conduct was sexual abuse, the poll then 26, made unwanted sexual advances
sexual harassment and sexual assault. reported. Ninety-ve percent of women toward him. (After the allegations, Spacey
Its tempting to think that our cultures who experienced unwanted sexual ad- was axed from Cards.)
KATHI WOLFE, a writer and poet, is a regular view of women has changed since the sec- vances said male harassers were rarely Rather than apologizing forthrightly,
contributor to the Blade. ond wave of feminism in the 1970s. We punished. Eighty-three percent of the Spacey, whos been closeted for years,
Mad Men acionados binge the TV show victims said theyre still angry, 64 percent came out as gay. Through this faux coming
In college I loved my professors. Ex- while believing that the inappropriate be- felt intimidated, 52 percent believed they out, he failed to confront his pedophilia,
cept for one male professor who talked havior and misogyny of that programs era were humiliated and about three in 10 and reinforced homophobia. Coming-out
graphically about sex when I asked about are, if not absent, greatly diminished in our were ashamed, ABC News reported. stories should not be used to deect from
course work during his oce hours. time. After all, now, there are three wom- Power tends to corrupt, said Lord allegations of sexual assault, said Sarah
One night in the mid-1980s in Manhattan, en justices on the U.S. Supreme Court! Acton, a British historian of the late 19th Kate Ellis, president and CEO of GLAAD in
I broke my nose. Rushing to catch a bus, I Yet, sadly, after this progress over and early 20th centuries, absolute power a statement. This is...a story of survivor-
barged into a bus stop. A kind cab driver 20 years since we sat, riveted, to our TVs corrupts absolutely. ship by...all those who bravely speak out
took me to the ER. But before the taxi came watching the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas Actons truism applies equally well to against unwanted sexual advances.
along, a cop, seeing me, standing alone, hearings on sexual harassment sexual today. Take the 3% Conference, a group It will be hard. Yet, all of us, men,
bleeding, taunted, Wheres your husband, misconduct is still widespread in this that advocates for women in advertising. women, hetero and queer, need to take
bitch? Too ugly to have a boyfriend? country. More than half of American In 2008, more than 40 years after Mad responsibility. Harassers must apologize
Fast forward 30-some years. Two men women have experienced unwanted Men, the Conference found that at the and work to change their behavior. Ev-
joke about rape when I step into an eleva- and inappropriate sexual advances from top ad agencies only 3 percent of creative eryone, whether or not theyre a victim,
tor in a New York oce building. men, according to a recent ABC News- directors were women, the New York must speak out. Only then can we begin
Thankfully, my run-ins with misogyny Washington Post poll. Times reported. Things have gotten bet- to eradicate sexual harassment.


Proving the point: More housing equals lower rents

D.C. rental prices drop These drops were only the third decrease to continue to lead the city in rental hous- including less expensive units. This benets
as developers create in rents since 2010. ing growth over the next three years, the mainstream market overall and allows
District market-rate rents citywide eventually exceeding the total number of for a broader range of rental price points.
increased apartment supply were 1.3 percent lower on a year-to-year units in central D.C. Over the past decade, D.C. has become
basis for newer Class A apartment build- Instead, rents dropped in the more one of the most expensive cities in the
ings, and declined slightly less than one established neighborhoods of northwest country for rental housing. The sky-high
percent at Class B buildings. In the D.C. D.C., including Foggy Bottom, Dupont cost of living, only partially oset by a
market, Class A buildings are typically Circle, Logan Circle, Shaw, and the Mount relatively high median income, aects the
larger apartment buildings constructed Vernon Triangle area. The Shaw-Colum- economic demography of residents and
after 1991, with extensive resident ame- bia Heights submarket experienced the both the pace of new arrivals and who
nities, while Class B buildings are gener- largest decrease at 4.1 percent while they are.
ally older renovated buildings oering average rents in Dupont-Logan-Mount In-migration to the city has begun to
MARK LEE is a long-time entrepreneur
and community business advocate. Follow more limited amenity packages. Vernon declined 2.4 percent all near- taper o while remaining robust, and is
on Twitter: @MarkLeeDC. Reach him at This decline in average rents was the downtown areas. The NoMa and H Street, increasingly comprised of wealthier new result of a record number of new apart- N.E., area saw a more modest 1.2 percent residents. D.C. has yet to see departures
ments hitting the market in the past year, drop, while absorbing the second-highest by Millennials exceed arrivals, as is now
Its not rocket science: The more hous- totaling more than 11,000 units. Optimism number of new units. the case in the metropolitan area for the
ing there is, the more aordable housing that prices will continue to drop is based In neighborhoods with the most new rst time in many years, but their net in-
will be. on an already-planned addition of nearly rental construction, primarily the Capitol ux is noticeably slowing. Rental housing
In cities with growing populations, the 14,000 new units in the next three years. Riverfront and Southwest areas, Class-A aordability is a key factor in this shift.
degree to which the creation of new apart- While apartment rental prices had been rents grew by 3.2 percent, an unexpected If market-rate housing is to be margin-
ment units track with the increased need for predicted to decline by housing experts, development. Excitement surrounding ally aordable and price-stable, the es-
additional rental housing is the dierence due to the major increase in new units, the The Wharf, with its destination array of dy- sential solution component is creating an
between soaring prices and a stable market. areas of the city most beneting by price namic entertainment and nightlife estab- adequate supply.
D.C. has begun to prove this simple re- declines were opposite what was expected. lishments, became a big part of the draw D.C. public policies, zoning rules, and
ality of supply and demand. Rental prices were anticipated to pla- luring renters to the Waterfront area. regulatory procedures must encour-
A report last month by real estate re- teau in the areas with the largest supply Nearly all new rental housing in almost age and incentivize new rental housing
search rm Delta Associates indicated of new units, primarily the Riverfront area all cities is typically, and historically, high- construction. More important, neigh-
that D.C. rental prices dropped for the in Southeast-and-Southwest D.C., as well er-priced housing. The availability of new borhood NIMBY activists must end their
second consecutive quarter, following a as NoMa and surrounding the H Street, luxury apartments, however, serves to knee-jerk, and counter-intuitive, opposi-
rare drop in rents in the previous period. N.E., corridor. These areas are expected reduce the pressure on existing housing, tion to building it.
2 2 N O VEMB ER 1 0, 2017 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M

Welcoming The

Holiday Season! Cosmetic, Implants, Sleep Apnea, Sedation


Weekends We believe we can make the
Unlimited Champagne by the Glass
Saturdays A-La-Carte $29.95 dental experience better.
Sunday Buet $38.95
Voted 2016 TOP TEN Best Brunches
Holiday Steak Dinner
Served Nightly* November 1 Thru December 30
Caesar or House Salad, 10oz. NY Steak and Fries DentalBug Sta 2016-2017
*Excluding Thanksgiving
Under $10 - Daily Lunch Specials
Choice of Entres, Pastas, Salads or Burgers
Happy Hour $3-$4-$5-$6-$7 Jeanette Suh
DMD John Tsaknis
Appetizers, Martinis & Drinks - 4PM-7PM OPEN ON THANKSGIVING Maria Hodas
Indra Mustapha
Seatings at 1:30 pm, 4 pm, and 6:30 pm
$35.95 Adults/$16.95 Children 13 and under
Includes Champagne - Served Noon to 8:00PM M-TH 11:30AM-10PM F-SAT 11:30AM-11PM
202-872-1126 17th & Rhode Island Ave. NW
322 MASS. AVE. NE 202.543.7656 1221 Mass. Ave, NW 202.628.7979 (Free Parking)
Holiday Events Great Choices, 703 D Street, NW 202.628.1288
Holiday Menus With Something For Everyone CAFEBERLIN-DC.COM LEnfant Plaza,SW Promenade #325 202.628.2177

I N S I DE LGB T W A S HING TON N O V E MBE R 1 0 , 2 0 1 7 2 3

Big night for Democrats as voters reject Trump

Northam up by 13. In both primaries the like the House of Delegates is now 50/50. Biden, who is raising money for his PAC, will be
Va., N.J. send message; Roem polls were way o. They had Northam in a Now the 2017 elections are over and nearly 80. They all need to follow Hillary Clin-
ousts Bigot Bob Marshall nailbiter and he won by 10, and Gillespie in the 2018 ght for Congress begins. Demo- tons example and say they arent going to run
a rout and he eked out a win by one. crats have a real opportunity to take back for higher oce. Clinton has said clearly her
Thankfully, Virginians didnt buy Gillespies the House of Representatives. Virginians future is to ght for women and children, sup-
negative commercials and understood if he need to do their share by defeating Bar- port other candidates, and not be a candidate
won it would add validation to the pig in bara Comstock (R-Va.). The Senate will be herself. Those in and out of oce must help
the White House. So congratulations to Dr. more dicult but never say never. Demo- prepare the next generation for leadership by
Ralph Northam for his big win and thank crats must also focus on state houses in using their tremendous wealth of experience
you to the voters of Virginia who made a the 36 states and three territories where and wisdom to boost others into prominence.
statement with their votes; Americans are governors are up for election. We need to That is how to build a winning Demo-
PETER ROSENSTEIN is a D.C.-based LGBT rights not going to accept the alt-right or any can- win these and state legislatures before the cratic Party for the future a party that will
and Democratic Party activist. He writes regularly
for the Blade. didate who refuses to stand up for decency 2020 Census and redistricting begins have many ready to lead and win elections
and call out those who dont. A healthy ma- There is also work to be done by Demo- at every level. The Democratic Party must
The nations move toward rejection of jority proved we are better than that. crats across the board; from school boards, continue to have a diverse leadership that
the policies of President Trump and his Congratulations also to Justin Fairfax to town councils, to mayors. The Democratic understands the needs of voters because
advisers, including Steve Bannon, began and Mark Herring for their wins as lieu- Party should be building a bench of candi- they have lived them and became leaders
with the results of Tuesdays elections in tenant governor and attorney general. dates who will be our future leaders. in their communities. The party will remain
New Jersey and Virginia. The New Jersey Virginia continues its string of electing only What must stop is the ghting among some the party of progressives because of the
race was easier to predict and its an im- Democrats to statewide oces. of the Democratic Partys current elder states- hard work of the leaders we have today.
portant Democratic pick-up of a gover- All you can say is wow to the tremendous persons and one independent who caucuses The party of Jenny Durkan who becomes
norship. Congratulations to Phil Murphy, pickup of seats in Virginias General Assem- with Democrats. What must end is the contin- the rst openly lesbian mayor of Seattle
the next governor of the Garden State. bly. Maybe the greatest victory in Virginia ued talk as if they are the future, which they and Andrea Jenkins from Minneapolis who
Virginia appeared to be more of a cli- was seeing transgender candidate Danica are not. Some are still in oce like Sen. Bernie becomes the rst out trans person to win a
hanger. Hillary Clinton won the state by ve Roem soundly defeat Bob Marshall who Sanders (I), who joins the Democratic caucus Council seat in a major U.S. city.
points last year and we knew if voters in was called the poster boy for homophobia, but declares over-and-over, I am not a Demo- So on to 2018 and winning up and down
Richmond and Northern Virginia came out sexism and racism. The majority of voters in crat; and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) the ballot. Those wins will represent the
Democrats would win. Polling in the last Prince William County no longer share his who continues to ght for consumers and American peoples rejection of todays Re-
month was all over the place. One showed views or want to be known for them. With an the middle class. By 2020, Warren will be over publican Party; the Tea Party of the alt-right,
Gillespie up by one and another had incredible pick-up of at least 14 seats it looks 70, Sanders nearly 80. Former Vice President Trump, Ryan, McConnell and Bannon.

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and the ad prints free in the paper and online.*
*25 words or less prints free - anything more is $1/word.

- Apply for Discounted Rates on -

Telephone Electric
Lifeline Program (Economy II) Residential Aid Discount (RAD) Program
Annual discount on one Potential savings are
STORM LARGE: land line service per
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SAT, DEC 9, 8pm
SIXTH & I Natural Gas Water
Residential Essential Service (RES) Program Customer Assistance Program (CAP)
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Large (known for her work heating season. annually.
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Sixth & I with her commanding
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Parental advisory: This program
includes mature themes and For more info call 311 or visit
language. To apply for the telephone Lifeline Service (Economy II), call 800-253-0846.
Special thanks: The Abramson Family
Foundation These programs are for DC residents only.

TICKETS: (202) 785-9727


JANET JACKSON returns to D.C. on her acclaimed State of the World Tour on Nov. 16.


10 times Janet Jackson was

there for LGBT community
Icons acclaimed tour hits D.C. next week

Its not often you have the opportunity an introspective and deeply personal 2. GLAAD award. In 2008, Ellen extremely signicant.
to see a bona de music icon and legend collection of songs that touched on her DeGeneres presented Jackson with 3. Ebony magazine interview about
perform live, so dont miss Janet Jacksons depression, but also tackled LGBT issues. the Vanguard Award at the 19th her sexuality. In 2001, Jackson gave an
acclaimed State of the World Tour On the track Free Xone, she spoke out annual GLAAD Media Awards. GLAADs interview to Ebony magazine in which she
coming to D.C. (Nov. 16) and Baltimore forcefully against anti-LGBT bias. She president said, We are delighted to was asked about her sexual orientation.
(Nov. 18). also covered Rod Stewarts Tonights the honor Janet Jackson at the 19th annual I dont mind people thinking that Im gay
In celebration of Janets arrival, weve Night, without changing the pronouns GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles as or calling me gay, she said. People are
compiled a list of 10 ways she has in the love song, prompting speculation such a visible, welcoming and inclusive going to believe whatever they want. Yes,
demonstrated her love and support for about her sexual orientation. But it was ally of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and I hang out at gay clubs I go where the
the LGBT community. In no particular her international No. 1 hit Together transgender community. Ms. Jackson music is good. I love people regardless
order, they are: Again that continues to resonate with has a tremendous following inside the of sexual preference, regardless of race.
1. The Velvet Rope project. In 1997, LGBT fans. An upbeat, joyful dance song, LGBT community and out, and having her No, I am not bisexual. I have been linked
Jackson released her critically acclaimed It was conceived as a tribute to Jacksons stand with us against the defamation that
sixth studio album The Velvet Rope, friends who died of AIDS. LGBT people still face in our country is

3 0 NO VE MB ER 1 0, 2017 QU E E R Y : 20 Q U E ST I O N S F O R E d F i g ue r o a / Bo m b a l i ci o us E k l a v e r


Ed Figueroa, who performs as drag alter ego Bombalicious Eklaver, is
relatively new to performance drag having started about a year ago.
Ive been cross dressing for several years, the 38-year-old Manila,
Philippines native says. I started posting comedy videos online and one
became viral in the Philippines so that motivated me to continue. I have How long have you been out and who If science discovered a way to change
always been doing drag in dierent forms at various stages in my life but Im was the hardest person to tell? sexual orientation, what would you do?
doing it more now than ever before. I came out late in college and my I would protest.
His event Asian Explosion will be held Friday, Nov. 17 at 10 p.m. at the family has been supportive.
Baltimore Eagle (2022 N. Charles St.). Bombalicious will host. Performers include What do you believe in beyond the
Lady Geisha Stratton, Jasmine Tea, Sue Nami, Sirius Prism and Labella Maa. Whos your LGBT hero? physical world?
Theyre all Asian queens from China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Florence Nightingale Nothing
more. RuPauls Drag Race alum Gia Gunn is the guest star. General admission
is $15; reserved seating tickets are $25. VIP meet-and-greet tickets with Gia are Whats Baltimores best nightspot, Whats your advice for LGBT
$45. Look for the event on Facebook or go to past or present? movement leaders?
Asian Explosion is my baby from conceptualization to production, Figueroa Club Hippo & GAY, RIP Remain steadfast and strong,
says. Its a celebration of heritage, culture, drag and performance art. Were the ght is not over.
bringing together the best Asian drag performers in the DMV and beyond. Describe your dream wedding.
Figueroa works by day as a nurse. He came to the Baltimore area 11 years My actual wedding. What would you walk
ago to work at Mercy Medical Center. He and partner Ivn Manahan live in across hot coals for?
Hanover, Md., with their Pomeranians Bogart and Bertha. Figueroa enjoys What non-LGBT issue are you most Love
dining, traveling and wine in his free time. passionate about?
Racial discrimination What LGBT stereotype
annoys you most?
What historical outcome That were sexual predators.
would you change?
Trump getting elected. Whats your favorite LGBT movie?
Die Beautiful
Whats been the most memorable pop
culture moment of your lifetime? Whats the most overrated
Miss Philippines winning Miss social custom?
Universe 2015. Asking How are you? without any
real concern.
On what do you insist?
Equality What trophy or prize
do you most covet?
What was your last Facebook Powerball or MegaMillions.
post or Tweet?
That was short and sweet. Im already What do you wish youd known at 18?
obsessed. #ShadeQueensofNYC It will all happen, just wait.

If your life were a book, what would Why Baltimore?
202.747.2077 the title be?
I Made It Happen
Because life is where you make it.
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM N O V E MBE R 1 0 , 2 0 1 7 3 1


A classic by a classic company Impeccable and thrilling Theres no group like Chanticleer The first spaghetti western?

by William Shakespeare
in the shelter of the fold SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25 AT 8 P.M. GOLDEN WEST
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 12 AT 7 P.M. This performance is also at the
featuring Mason Dance Company SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2 AT 8 P.M.
Hylton Performing Arts Center on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3 AT 2 P.M.
Sun., Nov. 26 at 2 p.m. Information at

TICKETS 888-945-2468 OR CFA.GMU.EDU Located on the Fairfax campus, six miles west of Beltway
exit 54 at the intersection of Braddock Road and Rt. 123.

The Gershwins & Ken Ludwigs HANDMADE HOLIDAYS

crazy for you

Now through January 14

By Jam

Photo of Ross Fowler Destiche & Bridget Riley by Christopher Mueller

NOV 17, 18, 19, 2017
Exciting Demos Montgomery Co. Fairgrounds
Phenomenal dancing. Tasty Treats
Admission: $8 online; $10 at the door
Shopping Fun
Cherished Gershwin tunes. Kids Entertainment
Admission good all 3 days
Children under 12 & parking are FREE
The ultimate musical comedy. DISCOUNT TICKETS,
Fri. & Sat. 10-6, Sun. 10-5
show info, exhibitor lists,
Pride Night: December 1 directions and more at:

3 2 NO VE MB ER 1 0, 2017 A RT S & CU LT U RE

This Week in the Arts provided by

18. The Clarice. Rahim AlHaj, Oud. Nov 16. The Clarice
Mean Girls. Thru Dec 3. National at MilkBoy ArtHouse.
The Second City Presents Nothing
to Lose (But Our Chains). Nov
11-Dec 31. Woolly Mammoth.
MUSEUMS Folger Shakespeare Library. Painting
Vicua & The American Epilogue. Shakespeare. Thru Feb 11.
Thru Nov 26. The Real Americans. National Archives. Remembering
Nov 10-Dec 22. Mosaic Theater Vietnam. Nov 10-Jan 6.
Company. Atlas.
Dumbarton Oaks. Ancient Textiles.
DANCE Thru Mar 31. Women in Art. Thru Mar
31. Ancient Bronzes. Thru Mar 31.
The Book of Mormon XIII Fuego Flamenco Festival. Thru
Thru Nov 19. The Kennedy Center. Nov 12. GALA Hispanic Theatre. Hillwood. Spectacular Gems and Jewelry. Thru Jan 7.
The nine-time Tony-winning Best Musical follows the misadventures of a Dance Metro DC. Nov 11-Nov 12.
mismatched pair of missionaries, sent halfway across the world to spread Dance Place. Library of Congress. American
the Good Word. Now with standing-room-only productions in London, on Experiences of World War I. Thru Jan 1.
Broadway, and across North America, The Book of Mormon has truly become
an international sensation.
National Gallery of Art. Vermeer and
Black Violin. Nov 10. Irma Thomas the Masters of Genre Painting. Thru
NSO at The Anthem with members of Preservation Hall Jan 21. Edvard Munch. Thru Jan 28.
Nov 15. National Symphony Orchestra at The Anthem. & Blind Boys of Alabama. Nov 12. Sonnambula. Nov 16. Strathmore. National Geographic. Wild: Michael
The performance showcases a range of colorful orchestral works by Leonard Nichols. Thru Jan 12. Tomb of Christ.
Bernstein, Respighi, and Gershwin, and spotlights NSO Concertmaster Nurit Dave Kline Band & Veronneau. Nov 15-Aug 15.
Bar-Josef. The concert is free; reservations are recommended. Nov 11. The Cocuzzi Courtet. Nov National Museum of Women in the
15. Stephen Wade. Nov 16. AMP. Arts. Inside the Dinner Party Studio.
Wonder Women! Thru Jan 5. Magnetic Fields. Thru Jan
Thru Nov 17. National Museum of Women in the Arts. WNO: Alcina. Thru Nov 19. NSO: 21. Beethovens Eroica Symphony & National Portrait Gallery. The Sweat
From the Guerrilla Girls righting the wrongs of the art world to painter Edna more. Thru Nov 11. NSO: Classics of Their Face: Portraying American
Reindels tough WWII riveters, to vintage feminist comic booksits the by Respighi, Chausson, Gershwin Workers. Thru Sep 3. Celebrating Fifty
celebration of the Wonder Women! Explore images of the powerful woman, & Falla. Nov 16-Nov 19. Barbara Years. Thru Jan 6.
real and ctional, in a wide-ranging selection drawn from the special collections Hannigan & Reinbert de Leeuw. Nov
and artists archives of the Betty Boyd Dettre Library and Research Center. 14. Mason Batess KC Jukebox. Nov
15. Kennedy Center.
Jacques Brel: Songs from His World gallery Neptune & Brown.
Thru Nov 19. In Series at Source Theatre. Verona Quartet. Nov 10. The David X Levine. Thru Nov 18. Mariinsky Orchestra. Nov
A cabaret of songs by the Belgian master of modern chanson. Known for 12. Washington Performing The Art League. IMPart Ceramics &
his devastatingly personal, heart-wrenching lyrics, but also for his scathingly Arts at Kennedy Center. Bladesmithing Exhibit. Thru Dec 3.
sarcastic depiction of society, Jacques Brel and his songs swept the pop music
world of the 50s and 60s. Lise De La Salle, Piano. Nov 12. Waverly Street Gallery. Tom Kenyon.
Bender JCC. Thru Dec 2.
PHOTO COURTESY OF THE KENNEDY CENTER Clarice and Srgio Assad. Nov 12-Nov Zenith Gallery. Artists Femina. Thru
13. Dumbarton Oaks. Nov 18.
Baron & Buchbinder. Nov 11. Bender JCC. Adi Shani. Thru Dec 17.
Nomadica. Nov 12. Bina and
THE ATRE 11. Library of Congress.
Our Town. Thru Nov 12. Annie. Thru
Chamber Music. Nov 12. Washington
Jewish Music Festival. EDCJCC.
District Architecture Center. Vlad
Zabavskiy. Thru Nov 17.
Antony and Cleopatra. Thru Nov 19. Dec 31. Olney Theatre. Hill Center. Michael Ford. Thru Dec
Folger Theatre. Brazilian Jazz. Nov 12. JCCNV. 30. Joanathan Bessaci. Thru Dec 30.
An Act of God. Thru Nov 26. Crazy For Stand-Up Studios Comedy
You. Thru Dec 31. Signature Theatre. Showcase. Nov 11. Stand-Up Studios. Bach and Bachianas. Nov 11. ISAAG. Anne-Lise Large & Alejandro National Philharmonic at Strathmore. Gutierrez. Nov 14-Nov 29.
Aquila Theatre: Hamlet. Nov 12. GMU A Short Series of Disagreements
Center for the Arts. Presented Here in Chronological Jubilee Voices at Temple Shalom. JCCNV. Ronni Jolles. Thru Nov 28.
A Christmas Carol. Nov 16-Dec 31. Order. Thru Nov 25. Studio Theatre. Nov 12. Washington Revels. Temple
Fords Theatre.
Top Girls. Thru Dec 2. Keegan Theatre.
Horton Footes A Con in Egypt.
Red Baraat. Nov 10. George Winston.
AND MORE... Nov 15-Dec 16. Conor McPhersons Nov 11. Herb Alpert & Lani Hall. Nov National Archives. Six Years in the
Shear Madness. Thru Nov 26. St Nicholas. Nov 16-Dec 17. Quotidian 13-Nov 14. Justin Townes Earle with Hanoi Hilton: An Extraordinary Story of
Kennedy Center. Theatre Company. The Writers Center. Joshua Hedley. Nov 15. California Courage and Survival in Vietnam. Nov 10.
An American Soldiers Journey Home: Guitar Trio. Nov 16. Wolf Trap. The Women Vietnam Veterans: Our Untold
The Diary of Irving Greenwald. Nov Love and Information. Nov 10-Nov Barns. Stories. Nov 10.
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM N O V E MBE R 1 0 , 2 0 1 7 3 3


Share correct information and

resources about sex and sexual
health with your peers.




3 4 N O VEMB ER 10, 2017 CA LE N D A R

E-mail calendar items to calendars@washblade.

com two weeks prior to your event. Space is lim- MONDAY, NOV. 13
ited so priority is given to LGBT-specic events
or those with LGBT participants. Recurring
events must be re-submitted each time. Us Helping Us (3636 Georgia Ave.,
N.W.) holds a support group for gay black
men to discuss topics that aect them,
share perspectives and have meaningful
TODAY conversations. For details, visit
The D.C. Center (2000 14th St., N.W..)
Reel Armations presents a hosts coee drop-in hours this morning
screening of Cold Breath as part of from 10 a.m.-noon for the senior LGBT
its Countries and Closets series at community. Older LGBT adults can
Human Rights Campaign (1640 Rhode come and enjoy complimentary coee
Island Ave., N.W.) tonight from 7-10 p.m. and conversation with other community
The Iran/Persian lm tells the story of members. For more information, visit
Maryam, who was born a woman and
is now living as a man, while raising a
daughter. Rayceen Pendarvis hosts the TUESDAY, NOV. 14
event. Countries and Closets features
lms set in countries where being LGBT LULAC Lambda hosts its monthly
is illegal. General admission tickets are meeting at Benitos Place (1431 11th St.,
$12. VIP tickets are $25 and include VIP N.W.) today at 6:30 p.m. New members
seating, one complimentary cocktail, beer are welcome to join. The meeting
or wine and movie candy or popcorn. For will discuss holiday events and 2018
more information, visit community service projects. For more
reelarmations. details, visit
U.S.-Japan Bridging Foundation hosts Republic (6939 Laurel Ave., Takoma
screenings of George Takeis Broadway Park, Md.) hosts Alegre Happy Hour, an
play Allegiance today at noon. There will LGBT happy hour, this evening from 5-7
be additional screenings on Saturday and p.m. For details, visit
Sunday. The screening will be in Japanese The D.C. Center (2000 14th St., N.W.)
and include behind-the-scenes footage hosts a transgender support group tonight
and interviews with the cast and creators. from 7-8:30 p.m. All are welcome. For
For ticket information, search US-Japan more information, visit
Bridging Foundation on Facebook.
Author Jean Freedman will sign copies WEDNESDAY, NOV. 15
of her book Peggy Seeger: A Life of
Music, Love and Politics at the National Friends at Petworth Library hosts a
Press Club (529 14th St., N.W.) today from Golden Girls bingo night fundraiser at
5:30-8:30 p.m. The book signing is part Slash Run (201 Upshur St., N.W.) tonight
of the National Book Clubs 40th annual at 7:30 p.m. DJ Dianamatic will spin
Book Fair and Authors Night. For more tracks. Bring cash for donations. For more
details, visit information, visit
Gamma D.C., a support group for men Bookmen D.C., an informal gay mens
in mixed-orientation relationships, meets PHOTO BY LINDSEY BYRNES) literature group, discusses A History of
at Luther Place Memorial Church (1226 Gay Male Literature by Gregory Woods
Vermont Ave., N.W.) today from 7:30- TEGAN AND SARA play the Anthem this weekend. at the D.C. Center (2000 14th St., N.W.)
9:30 p.m. The group is for men who are tonight at 7:30 p.m. All are welcome.
attracted to men but are currently, or were For more information, visit bookmendc.
at one point, in relationships with women. Tickets are $25. For more details, visit color theme is orange. Tickets are $10.
Meeting locations are in private residences. For more details, visit
For more information about the group and The Gay Mens Chorus of Washington salutetodivas. THURSDAY, NOV. 16
location, visit performs It Takes Two, a concert of United Church of Christ, the Potomac
duets, at Atlas Performing Arts Center Association and Central Atlantic Janet Jackson brings her State of the
SATURDAY, NOV. 11 (1333 H St., N.E.) today at 4 and 8 p.m. Conference host a service of Reception World Tour to Capital One Arena (601 F
Song selections will be from Into the for the Inner Light Ministries and St., N.W.) tonight at 8 p.m. Tickets range
Center Military hosts the annual Woods, Smash, The Last Five Years, Installation at the Stuart Center (821 from $37-352. Doors open at 7 p.m. For
wreath laying for LGBT veterans at Rent and Dear Evan Hansen. The 4 Varnum St., N.E.) today at 2 p.m. Rev. more details, visit
Congressional Cemetery (1801 E St., S.E.) p.m. performance will include an ASL Rainey Cheeks will lead the service. There D.C. Gurly Show presents Chicago at
today at noon. The ceremony will be held interpretation. Adult tickets are $39. will be light refreshments after service. the Pinch (3548 14th St., N.W.) tonight at 8
in the LGBT section of the cemetery at the Senior tickets are $35. Young professional For more information, visit facebook. p.m. The performance will feature songs
grave of Sgt. Leonard Matlovich. For more tickets, for guests 25 and under, are $20. com/ilmucc. from the musical. Tickets are $9. For
details, visit For more information, visit The D.C. Chamber Musicians perform more information, visit
Tegan and Sara perform at the Anthem a free charity benet concert at the dcgurlyshow.
(901 Wharf St., S.W.) for the Con 10th SUNDAY, NOV. 12 St. Stephen and Incarnation Episcopal The D.C. Center (2000 14th St., N.W.)
Anniversary Acoustic Tour tonight at 8 Church (1525 Newton St., N.W.) today at 1 hosts its monthly poly discussion group
p.m. Tickets range from $50.50-76. Doors Drag performer Shi-Queeta-Lee p.m. The program will include selections at 7 p.m. People of all dierent stages
open at 6:30 p.m. For more information, hosts Decades of a Queen, a birthday from Mozart, Arensky and Beethoven. are invited to discuss polyamory and
visit fundraiser, at Town (2009 8th St., N.W.) Admission is free. Donations are other consensual non-monogamous
Distrkt C hosts Jockstrap and Harness tonight from 6-10 p.m. In honor of Shi- encouraged to benet Loaves and Fishes, relationships. This event is for new comers,
at the D.C. Eagle (3701 Benning Rd., N.E.) Queeta-Lees 53rd birthday, donations a charity that feeds the homeless. For established polyamorous relationships
tonight from 10 p.m.-6 a.m. DJ Deanne will be made to her charity of choice. more details, visit and open to all sexual orientations. For
will spin tracks for an extended set. There will be food and a cash bar. The details, visit

M U SI C N OV E M B E R 10, 2017 35
Toris invasion
Fiery singer/songwriter
delights crowd with hits,
deep cuts

In the elevator coming down from the

beautiful Theater at MGM National Harbor,
just after Tori Amos nished her set, I

overheard a conversation that probably
plays out numerous times after just about PHOTO BY REBECCA MESSER; USED WITH PERMISSION
every one of the acclaimed musicians TORI AMOS made her debut at the MGM
shows. Two young ladies were speaking,
one said incredulously, I cant believe she
didnt play Silent All These Years! Yeah,
her friend replied, How do you not play
National Harbor last weekend.

emphasis at its conclusion and saying, after a

Silent All These Years and Cornake Girl? few moments of thunderous applause, A girl
Because, as anybody who has been gotta bring it for her hometown show. The
fortunate enough to see Tori Amos perform suburban Maryland native brought it indeed.
live understands, she doesnt just get up
there and do a run-through of her biggest
hits. Oh sure, Silent All These Years
appears from time to time (she played it the
During her Fake Muse Network section,
complete with a graphic on screen behind
her mocking Fox News, she delivered
stunning renditions of John Lennons

next night in Philadelphia, in fact), but only Imagine and Joni Mitchells wistful A Case
as often as many of her deep album tracks of You. As with most of the show, a pin
or b-sides. The set lists change dramatically could have dropped and raised a clamor,
from night to night and the one she put such was the level of rapt attention the
together for the Washington area could not audience paid to her performance.
have been more perfect. It was her debut That led to a breaktaking performance
at the relatively new MGM National Harbor. of Reindeer King, the majesty centerpiece
For about the last decade, her D.C. tour of her new album. The theme of the night
stops have been at DAR Constitution Hall. seemed to be the need to let our native
Her latest album, Native Invader, invaders rise, as she focused on songs

grapples with dual fractures the political brimming with anger like the searing Blood
upheaval that is broiling our nation and Roses and the solemn and heartbreaking I love wandering through
the massive stroke that Tori Amos mother Marianne. She was in ne voice throughout Smithsonian museums, eating
suered earlier in the year, which has and watching her shift back and forth from on H Street with friends, and going
impaired her ability to speak. The album organ to piano and sometimes play them to shows at Howard Theatre.
connects the universal and the personal. simultaneously is always fascinating. As
Its somber and beautiful, restrained and a songwriter, musician and performer,
poetic and perhaps not as immediately Amos remains as compelling as when she
engaging as many of her albums. That
said, Amos was anything but restrained on
launched her career with the now-classic
Little Earthquakes in 1992.
Im a
Friday night when she performed for her The show featured tour debuts. Girl, transgender woman
ardent D.C.-area fans. She didnt lecture,
but the ssion and turmoil infusing our
on which she warned she might have to
start over if she screwed up and then, not
and Im part of DC.
world was a ery thread through the set surprisingly, she absolutely nailed it, and
that was impossible to miss. an energetic take on her late 90s classic
Amos opened with iieee, and its lines Raspberry Swirl, which paired with her epic
couldnt be more appropriate: I know were Precious Things as a powerhouse nale Please treat me the way any
dying and theres no time for a parachute that left the audience wanting more. woman would want to be treated:
/cant we get a little grace and some Yeah, her sets these days are a little bit with courtesy and respect.
elegance/no we scream in cathedrals/why shorter than on past tours, but Tori Amos Discrimination based on gender identity and
expression is illegal in the District of Columbia.
cant it be beautiful? Why does there gotta still gives her all on stage every night and
If you think youve been the target of
be a sacrice? From that searing opening, her delight at the fans response and their discrimination, visit
she rolled through 90 minutes spanning obviously genuine love for her is moving to or call (202) 727-4559.

her entire catalog, as ery and passionate behold. There is nobody quite like Tori Amos
as ever as she enters her third decade in in popular music, and if youre one of those
the music business. lamenting the fact that she didnt play her OFFICE OF

She opened her powerful allegory two most recognizable hits, then perhaps the AFFAIRS

Amber Waves, which portrays America solution is to dive deeper into her catalog.
as a woman used and abused but not Tori Amos isnt about hits; shes about
without hope, with a chilling reimagining of the power of music both as a catharsis
America the Beautiful, which became a and an agent of healing. Shes played in
hymn of mourning for the current state of the D.C. area many times in her career Show your support! Spread word of the #TransRespect
the nation. Amos rampaged through a torrid and its always a special experience. campaign by photographing this ad and sharing on Twitter.
performance of the Under the Pink classic Her appearance last Friday at the MGM
Yes, Anastasia, slamming the piano lid for National Harbor was no exception.

36 NOV E M B E R 10, 2017 O U T & A BO U T



Congressional Chorus plans
LGBT-themed concert
WALTZ Congressional Chorus will perform We
Will Rise!: the Search for Equality, Justice
& Freedom in Song, Poetry & Dance on
Sunday, Nov. 19 at 4:30 p.m. at Church of
the Epiphany (1317 G St., N.W.).
SUN, NOV 12 Trans Day of Remembrance is Nov. 20 The chorus will perform along with
DOYLE BRAMHALL II Joy of Motion dancers, the Alexandria
W/ ALTHEA GRACE Transgender Day of Remembrance will be honored at Metropolitan Harmonizers, Unique Sounds of Love,
Community Church (474 Ridge St., N.W.) on Monday, Nov. 20 from 5:30-8 p.m. Capitol Movement and Chris Urquiaga.
TUES, NOV 14 The observance will pay tribute to transgender people who have been The program is dedicated to LGBT
murdered due to anti-transgender violence. The rst Transgender Day of themes and will include You Are Here
HABIB KOIT & BAMADA Remembrance was held in 1999 following the 1998 murder of Rita Hester. For from I Am Harvey Milk by Andrew Lippa
W/ SAHEL those who cannot attend, the event will be live streamed at and All of Us from Considering Matthew
mccdc/tdor. Shepard by Craig Hella Johnson.
FRI, NOV 17 For more information, visit Tickets are $18-36. Details at




Carson Kressley


Gaga visits D.C. for Joanne tour Carson Kressley hosts La Boum Brunch
TUES, NOV 28 at Saint Yves (1220 Connecticut Ave., N.W.)
SLATE PRESENTS Lady Gaga brings her Joanne World Tour to Capital One Arena (601 F St., on Sunday, Nov. 19 from noon-4 p.m.
THE GIST PODCAST LIVE: N.W.) on Sunday, Nov. 19 at 7:30 p.m.
The pop stars fth studio album Joanne debuted at no. 1 on the Billboard
The shades will be drawn for a party
brunch that includes a full brunch menu
PESCA ON THE POTOMAC Top 200. Joanne became her fourth consecutive number one album marking and a DJ spinning tracks all afternoon.
her as the rst female artist in the 2010s to make that achievement. Doors open There is one seating at noon. Food is
at 6:30 p.m. Tickets range from $137-887. not guaranteed after 1 p.m. This is a
For more details, visit cellphone-free event. Tickets are $49.
Drinks are not included in ticket price.
For more information, visit

T H E A TE R N OV E M B E R 10, 2017 37

Channeling Viola
Out actress says Twelfth
Night role is one she
couldnt pass up

Spirit of the
Since she was a girl growing up in
suburban Pugerville, Texas, actor
Antoinette Robinson has been drawn to
the classics.
As a kid I did prose and poetry

competitions in Austin. And every time
Id choose a poem, Id pick some heavy
Greek classic. There I was a little 8-year- PHOTO COURTESY STC

old reciting this, she recalls clearly ANTOINETTE ROBINSON says fashion heavily
amused by the memory. And though informs her performance in Twelfth Night.
there arent many opportunities to do
classic Greek drama, Robinson says
shed one day love to play the title role in appears dressed as Cesario, everyone
Sophocles Antigone, the timely story of is expected to believe shes a man. The
one woman against the state. Duke admires Cesarios lips and small
Until then, Robinson who identies voice all the while believing hes truly a
as bisexual, happily busies herself with boy. And Olivia, charmed by Cesarios
Shakespeare. She currently is playing more feminine characteristics, falls hard
Viola, the clever heroine in director Ethan for the young man.
McSweenys production of the Bards A woman disguising herself as a man
comedy Twelfth Night at Shakespeare didnt feel familiar to Robinson exactly,
Theatre Company. but she instantly related to the world
After having been shipwrecked on theyre creating in Illyria where the
the coast of Illyria, Viola assumes her boundaries of femininity and masculinity
twin brother Sebastian is drowned. are blurred. The lines of what it means
Ever resourceful, she disguises herself to act or love as a man or woman are
as Cesario, and is hired as a page boy crossed in this play. And thats something
in Duke Orsinos court. Soon she nds I really enjoy.
herself in the middle of a volatile love Robinson is bisexual, but concedes its
triangle involving both Orsino (Bhavesh new to her in many ways.
Patel) and Olivia (Hannah Yelland), a Im experiencing my rst relationship
young countess in mourning who resides with a woman. Only a year ago I didnt
at a neighboring estate. identify, so every day I learn new things
Viola is one of those parts, says and I catch myself breaking through and
Robinson, 30. Just like with Rosalind breaking down on things weve taught
(As You Like It), Lady M. (Macbeth), and about who we are based on our sex.
Beatrice (Much Ado About Nothing) After having worked o-Broadway
when you get the opportunity to play the and regionally, Robinson rst came to
part, you take it.
She rst learned the company was
Washington to play Celia in Folger Theatres
As You Like It in the summer of 2016.
D.A.R. Constitution Hall
looking for a Viola when she playing loyal
friend Flavius in Timon of Athens at Folger
D.C. felt more like home than New
York City. I immediately fell in love.
1776 D St., N.W.
Theatre earlier this year (director Robert
Richmond had switched the characters
Politically, times are rough right now
but doing things like participating in the
Washington, D.C.
gender and race). Robinson auditioned, Womens March gives me a voice.
was called back and waited. Eventually she
got the call oering her Viola, a moment
Thankfully busy, Robinson is currently a
company member at the REP in Delaware too.
Saturday, Dec. 9 at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.
Robinson compares to Christmas morning.
The crossdressing is so much fun.
If I could maintain that relationship
but also work and live in D.C. then my life Sunday, Dec. 10 at 3 p.m.
The production is set in 2017 and would be made, she says.
designer Jennifer Moellers costumes
are wonderful. She has real vision and ANTOINETTE ROBINSON for FREE tickets, visit:
its exciting. Personally, I love when a
woman can wear a suit with a pair of
Twelfth Night
Nov.14-Dec. 20
Shakespeare Theatre Company
heels. The lens through which we see Sidney Harman Hall
womens fashion is bursting open and my 610 F Street NW
costumes as Cesario play into that.
Unsurprisingly, the moment Viola
$44-108 (discounts available)
w w w. us a f b a n d . a f . m i l

38 N OV E M B E R 10, 201 7 BO O KS

To hitch or not?
Wedlocked argues marriage
laws oer pros and cons


since she was 3 years old.She lives in Wisconsin
with two dogs and 12,000 books. Reach her at

Youre not in any hurry.

The rings on your nger, the
engagement was just announced and
you both feel like youve got plenty of
time. Nows your chance to enjoy the
process of getting married. Heres your
opportunity to plan the future. But

Equality by Katherine Franke asks the

question: why marry at all?
When President George Washington as Franke reminds readers, has never
died, his will stipulated that his slaves oered a guarantee from discrimination.
be given their freedom when his wife, Is it possible, Franke asks, that the inability
Martha, who inherited them, would die. to marry creates a kind of freedom from the
This, says Katherine Franke, accidentally bonds of marriage? At a time when the
put a price on Marthas head but rates of marriage in the black community
moreover, it was an acknowledgment are low and LGBT parents are demanding
on Washingtons part that shows one new legal denitions of family, will marriage
complexity of slavery: marriage between become antiquated? Or is the freedom to
the Washington slaves meant that freeing marry just another way for society to meddle
his without freeing hers could break up in the lives of marginalized individuals?
families. This issue, and others before Surely, few readers would consider
and after the Civil War, illustrates how Wedlocked a fun weekend read. Its not
many of the experiences of African exactly what youd take to the beach with
Americans held out a message to the you. Fun, no. Interesting, absolutely.
same-sex marriage movement today. Its also quite thought-provoking. Author
Throughout American history, Franke Katherine Franke is, in part, director of
says, the rules of marriage for non-white the Center for Gender and Sexuality
or gay individuals hid a double-edged Law at Columbia University, and in this
sword of enhanced rights and enforced book, she asks hard questions between
matrimonial laws complicated by pre- jaw-dropping history lessons and proof
Emancipation uidity of relationships and that marriage is both burden and boon
looser denitions of marriage within to anyone whos not white and straight.
African-American communities then; Thats not to say that the institution is
and by somewhat of a lack of awareness dead; instead, Franke wonders if, of all
in the LGBT community, complicated by rights denied former slaves and gay
dierent state laws now. individuals, marriage mayve been the
The bottom line thats often not oddest choice for legal battles.
emphasized: when a couple marries, the But which other right wouldve been
state suddenly acquires a legal interest better? The answer to that seems to be
in your relationship. Now, as then, left open for discussion; indeed, readers
marriage may also be legally forced on are given much to ponder from this heavy-
a couple: in the case of former slaves, duty, scholarly book. Just beware that time
to gain benets in wartime; for LGBT is the key to opening Wedlocked, now in
couples, in the continuation of health paperback. Enjoy and contemplate, but
benets. Even after all that, marriage, dont be in any hurry.
FI L M N OV E M B E R 10 , 2 0 1 7 3 9
Branding products
to promote your


JOSH OCONNOR (left) and ALEC SECAREANU in Gods Own Country.

Out in the Country

Gods Own depicts rural Their rst sexual encounter, like to the harsh conditions of his life. When
Brit snapshot of gay life Johnnys other pickups, is brief and Gheorghe nally breaks through Johnnys
brutal, little more than a wrestling reserve and coaxes a smile out of him,
By BRIAN T. CARNEY match with orgasms at the end. But their the screen lights up.
feelings begin to change and deepen as As both writer and director, Frances
When Gods Own Country, the excellent they work together and develop a deep Lee creates complex characters and Awards USB
new movie by the openly gay English mutual respect for each other. Gheorghe situations with impressive eciency.
lmmaker Francis Lee, opens, Johnny Saxby awakens a tender passion in Johnny and Given the taciturn nature of the Drives
Tote &
(the outstanding Josh OConnor) spends his the two men begin to plan a life together. characters, the dialogue is sparse, but
nights drinking and picking up strange men The storyline and landscape may bring every word pays o. Sometimes the thick Duffle Clothing
at the local pub and spends his mornings to mind Ang Lees Brokeback Mountain, accents can he hard to understand, but Bags
puking his guts out. but while the two lms may share some the intention is always clear. The script Water
Its all too easy to understand why. He cinematic DNA, Gods Own Country is is richly nuanced and deeply moving, Mugs Bottles
spends his days working on the desolate a very dierent movie. In Brokeback leavened with rare but joyous moments
family farm in the harsh hills of Yorkshire. Mountain, Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar of love and laughter. Pens Flash-
His father Martin (Ian Hurt) has limited can only dream of a life together. Facing Even though Gods Own Country is
mobility after a stroke, but still has the poverty, internalized homophobia and Lees rst feature-length lm, his directoral
time and energy to belittle his son and extreme social prejudice, they both work is masterful. The pacing is steady
boss him around. His grandmother marry women and can only be together and assured and the momentum never
Deirdre (the stony Gemma Jones, during shing trips. falters. Each shot is beautifully composed, Robert Safro
whose face is as weathered as the cruel In Gods Own Country, set in a very but never draws attention to itself.
countryside) isnt much warmer. dierent time and place, the challenges With an able assist from director of 301.986.0585
Things start to change when Gheorghe faced by Johnny and Gheorghe have photography Joshua James Richard, Lee
Ionescu (Alex Secareanu) enters the more to do with Johnnys fear of intimacy achieves a minor miracle. As spring returns
scene. Hes a migrant worker from than with societal disapproval. In fact, to the moors, and as Johnnys heart
Romania that the family has reluctantly his old schoolmate Robyn (a delightfully begins to thaw, color and life return to the
And creative solutions for all your
hired to help them out for a few months quirky Patsy Ferran) acknowledges his unforgiving landscape. There can be great
design, marketing, and print needs
during lambing season. When Johnny sexuality when she oers to introduce beauty in the countryside where Lee was
and Gheorghe go to the high pastures him to a gay friend from college. born, and his love of the land infuses every The Graphic Issue
to tend the ock, they begin to develop Johnnys problem is that he has shut frame. The work is still hard and lthy, but
feelings for each other. down emotionally, a reasonable response life on the moors has its rewards.

4 0 NO VE MB ER 1 0, 2017 P H O T O S BY T O M H A U SMA N

The LGBTQ youth services organization Supporting and Mentoring Youth Advocates and Leaders (SMYAL) held its 20th annual Fall Brunch at the Marriott Marquis on Sunday, Nov. 5.

A R T S & EN TE RTA I NMENT N O V E MBE R 1 0 , 2 0 1 7 4 1

Current tour, awards bolster Janets ally cred

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 29 She lovingly refers to her backup dancers
as the Kids.
with dancers in our group because we are 7. NYC Pride performance. In 2004,
so close. I grew up in a big family. I love Jackson performed for a packed audience
being aectionate. I love intimacy and I at Pride Dance NYC at Pier 54.
am not afraid to show it. 8. Will & Grace cameo. In 2004,
4. Video support for It Gets Better, Jackson made a memorable cameo
Trevor Project. In 2010, Jackson recorded on Will & Grace, judging a dance-o
a video for the Trevor Project and later between Jack and another dancer.
appeared on CNNs Larry King Live to 9. HRC, AIDS Project Los Angeles
promote awareness of youth suicide. awards. In 2005, Jackson was honored
If youre LGBT youre probably thinking by both the Human Rights Campaign and
youre all alone, but youre not, she said in AIDS Project Los Angeles for her work
the video. I can relate because I was one raising money for AIDS charities.
of those kids who internalized everything. 10. Janets Blade interview. In 2006,
5. State of the World Tour. Jacksons Jackson granted an exclusive interview to
LGBT support continues in 2017. the Washington Blade. It was one of the
Her current tours opening sequence rare times she touched on the Super Bowl
highlights a range of problems facing controversy and her brother Michaels
the world, from famine and war to police acquittal on child molestation charges,
brutality and includes a call for justice telling Blade Editor Kevin Na, I got all
and for LGBT rights. of that out of my system, thats not what
6. The Kids. Jackson has always Im feeling right now. I wrote about [those
employed a diverse crew of professional controversies] but I didnt choose to put it
dancers for her videos and tours. Some out there on the album. In the interview,
of her closest friends and collaborators Jackson also reiterated her support for
over the years have been prominent out marriage equality, said shed never had JANET JACKSON was an outspoken LGBT ally years before it was fashionable.
gay and lesbian choreographers, singers, a sexual relationship with a woman and PHOTO BY SHILLA PATEL
dancers, makeup artists and designers. revealed that shed never met Madonna.
4 2 N O VEMB ER 1 0, 2017 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M
Attorneys that are OUTthinking |OUTspoken |OUTdoing

W A SH I NGTO N B LAD E.C OM N O V E MBE R 1 0 , 2 0 1 7 4 3


Moving from a condo to a house

What you need to know Additionally, youll have to buy items you
before taking the leap didnt need in a condo like a lawnmow-
er, shovels, hoses, etc.
By ALLISON GOODHART DuSHUTTLE Higher Maintenance Costs. The roof,
windows, and all exterior maintenance
Thinking about making the leap from are now your responsibility. When the ex-
condo living to single-family homeowner- terior of the house needs to be painted,
ship? Read on. Weve helped many clients thats now on you.
when moving from a condo to a house so Higher Utility Costs. More square
we thought wed share the main benefits footage = higher heating and cooling bills.
of making this move (plus some down- You will now have a water bill and guess
sides you should keep in mind). what, it costs a lot to water your lawn. You
The upside of moving from a condo to may also now have to pay new bills you
a house: didnt have in your condo cable, trash,
Privacy. This is the big one! No more a gym membership, etc.
having to make small talk with neighbors More Maintenance. Youll have a lawn
in the elevator. No more shared walls or to mow, snow to shovel, gutters to clean,
hearing your neighbors music or arguing. more rooms to dust. And theres no longer
You get the idea. Thinking of moving from your smaller condo into a single-family home? Read on and find out anyone to call when theres a problem.
what to expect.
More Space. No more one-level living. BIGSTOCK PHOTO; COURTESY OF LIGONOGRAPHY
Remembering the Trash. No more
In most cases, you will have separation walking down the hall to the chute. Youll
between bedrooms and living spaces. have to remember to take the trashcans
Maybe you can finally stop sharing a bath- ership certainly has its own costs, youll nus, you dont have to take your pup for a to the curb on the correct day(s).
room with your guests and have your of- appreciate not seeing that hefty charge on walk if you dont want to. The Bottom Line. As with most things,
fice double as your guest room. your bank statement every month. Your Mail Comes to You. No more there are pros and cons when moving from
More Storage. Attics, basements, No More Rules and Regulations. No trips to the mailroom. No more missed a condo to a house. You will know when the
sheds, perhaps a garage, more cabinets, more odd restrictions you can now get invitations or bills because youve not got- time is right and youre ready for the addition-
and closets. Enough said. a dog that weighs more than 25 pounds ten your mail in a week. al space and privacy (and responsibilities).
More Time. No more waiting for the and play your music after 11 p.m. The downsides of moving from a condo
elevator, finding your car in the garage, Decorate As You Please. Go ahead to a house: ALLISON GOODHART DUSHUTTLE is lead
agent for The Goodhart Group, Alexandrias
walking down the halls to your unit, or go- and paint your front door red or put up Hefty Initial Expenses. Get your credit and McEnearney Associates top-produc-
ing to the basement to your storage unit. that festive holiday light display. card ready for a workout. You will want to ingreal estate team. In2015, shewas nationally
Walk out your front door and GO. A Yard! You can plant a garden or land- buy furniture, rugs, window treatments, recognized byRealtor Magazine, being named
to its 30 Under 30 club. Reach her at703-362-
No More Condo Fees. While homeown- scape however you wish. As an added bo- etc. for rooms you did not have before.


To be used at the top of collateral:

VALERIE M. BLAKE, Associate Broker, GRI, Director of Education & Mentorship

Dupont Circle Ofce 202-518-8781 (o) 202.246.8602 (c) To be used at the bottom of collateral:
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counselor. Gay Mens ARE FREE
Counseling Community Place your
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M-3500 RL - 5th Wheel LIMOUSINES
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Individuals, couples, 4422.
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families, adolescents.
pass security background
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the community. Mike
degree preferred. For REPRODUCTIVE Law
Giordano, LICSW. 202/460- more information, Attorney Jennifer SENIOR SEEKS TRUSTWORTHY,
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Cognitive-Behavioral SIMPLE
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AHF Healthcare Centers

1647 Benning Rd NE Ste 303
(202) 350-5000

2141 K St NW Ste 606

(202) 293-8680

4302 Saint Barnabas Rd Ste B
Temple Hills, 20748
(301) 423-1071

Dr. Mark Davis, Warren,

AHF Dental Director AHF Client