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This Rent Agreement is made and executed on Ninth May, Two Thousand Seventeen (09/05/2017) by and
between parties at Bangalore.

S Venkataraman
1C-104, ISRO Housing Colony,
Bangalore 5600071
Hereinafter called the house OWNER: LESSOR of the one part and in the favor of:
1. Dr. Y. Poornima
46,Ground Floor, 6th Main,
13th Cross, Mahalakshmi Layout,
Bangalore 560086

Hereinafter referred to as the TENANTS: LESSEE of the other part.

Whereas the First party is the absolute owner of the property situated at No. 103, 36th Block, VBHC
Vaibhava, Chandapura Anekal Road, Bygadadenahalli Village, Anekal Taluk, Bangalore- 562106 and the
owner has decided to let out the same to the above Tenant under the following terms and conditions.

1. Whereas the First party agrees to let-out the scheduled premise for a monthly house rent of Rs. 15,000/-
(Fifteen Thousand Five Hundred Rupees Only) including Maintenance charges, thus the tenant hereby
agrees to pay the same by 5th day of every month.
2. The dwelling under rent may be renewed for a further period of 11 months (Eleven Months) the mutually
agreed to by either parties, and with an increase of 10% of rent, for every completed period of tenancy.
3. Whereas the lessee wishes to stay in the schedule property, the number of residents shall not be more than a
total of two members excluding a cook/helper.
4. The lessee is expected to exercise reasonable diligent and care towards the neighbors, by not indulging in
any activity which may cause disturbance to the neighbors.
5. Whereas the lessee shall keep the schedule premise in good and tenantable conditions without any damages
to fittings, fixtures, floor, walls, windows etc. In case of any damage occasioned by the wrongful act or
default of the lessee, excluding normal wear and tear, to the above articles, during the reasonable service
period, the lessee shall arrange to replace/re-fix/repair them as early possible at their cost.
6. Whereas the lessee has paid a sum of Rs.60,000/- (Sixty Thousand Rupees Only) towards security
deposit. This amount shall not carry any interest and the same shall be subject to refund (in accordance
with the terms contained herein) to the lessee at the time of vacating the scheduled premises.
7. In case the lessee wishes to vacate the premises or the owner wants the premises, both parties should
inform each other by giving One Month advance notice.
8. However, if the lessee at his option vacates the leased premises within Six months, lessee shall forego a
sum equivalent to Two months rent.
9. The lessees agree to pay the Electricity and water charger for his consumption to the concerned authorities.
10. Whereas the lessor agrees to pay the maintenance of the scheduled premise to the appropriate authority.
11. The lessee herein shall be referred to as persons in commons.
12. The lessee shall hand over the vacant possession of the scheduled premises to the lessor on the termination
of this lease.
13. Tenants assured to the owner that they could not cause any damage to the common utilities such as lights,
lifts, etc provided by builder in the VBHC failing which damage caused by tenants should be repaired by
themselves and the cost should be borned by them
14. The tenant shall not do any activity that will disturb the neighbor residences any way failing which
owner has right to ask tenants to vacate the flat without giving any notice immediately and advance
rental deposit will not be paid.
15. The owner and his agent or authorized by the Owner shall have full liberty to inspect said premises
reasonable hour, in the day time, with prior intimation, to view the condition there of and to affect such
repairs as the Owner is required to do, and carry out in work and the tenant shall allow the same to be done
without any objection.


The House situated at No. 103, 36th Block, VBHC Vaibhava Chandapura Anekal Road, Bygadadenahalli
Village, Anekal Taluk, Bangalore- 562106. Consisting of One Hall, Three Bedrooms, One Kitchen, Two
Bathroom and Toilet.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF both parties have carefully read and understood the terms and conditions contained
in this agreement herein under, affixed their respective signature in confirmation of their acceptance in the
presence of the following witnesses.