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By Tom King (Azmo Danakar) Ability Scores start at 10. Ability scores can be increased with
100 Build Points Build Points at a one to one ratio. Up to two of them may be
lowered to 8 to gain additional build points. A player can spend
no more than 25 of their Build Points on their Ability Scores. The
Choose Race maximum unaugmented score for any ability score is 18+ Racial
Purchase Ability Scores Modifier. Magic & Technology can augment this number higher.
Purchase Backgrounds (if any) It is fine for a player to spend the maximum of 25 BP on their
Ability Scores. This is a way to get higher bonuses in skill checks,
Purchase Bundles (if any) even if not proficient. In this setting, Shadowrunners are a cut
Purchase Edges & Flaws (if any) above normal citizens, and in some ways, significantly more than
Purchase Proficiencies & Skills that. It is perfectly fine if they have high stats. There are no
levels or classes in this hybrid, get your advantages where you
Determine Proficiency Bonus can. Improving these bonuses after play starts, by spending
Choose Totem, Spells, Powers (if applicable) Karma (XP) is expensive as well, so make sure you have the
Purchase additional Spells, etc. character concept in place. How you play them, is your story to
Choose Contacts (Two for free)
Spend remainder on Budget
Purchase Gear & Lifestyle

Calculate Hit Points & Hit Dice
Calculate starting funds.
2 BP each, maximum of two.
Quick Costs The backgrounds from the D&D 5th Edition PHB are perfect for
this. A Criminal gets Thieves Tool proficiency. In 2056, that
Skills & Proficiencies 5 BP translates to Locksmith. An outlander would call the wilderness
Saving Throws 5 BP home. All vehicle and proficiencies carry over. The gear can be
Bundles 10/15 BP tricky, but most of it translates. A gaming kit is still just that, a
crowbar, etc. You do not, of course, get the gold pieces from the
Feats 8 BP (no more than 2 @ start)
Backgrounds. Players do not have to select any background at
Spellcasting 10 BP all, if they do not wish. However, they should consider one or
Spirit Summoning 10 BP two of these as they are an easy way to get additional
Additional Spell 2 BP each Proficiencies at a cheaper cost in Build Points. Also, unlike other
upgrades available after character generation, you may not spend
Additional Contacts 1 BP Karma (XP) to gain a background after play begins.
Background 2 BP (maximum of 2)
2500 1 BP per (budget)
BUNDLES (Roles & Builds)
RACES Decker 10 BP
This bundle grants a double proficiency bonus on all Computer
BP Race Benefits
related tests. It also grants the Decker Advantage on Initiative
5 Dwarf +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, Darkvision while in the Matrix. The player may allocate up to 15K in gear
60', 25' movement. and cybernetics related to the Matrix. The Decker also has
D10 Hit Dice Proficiency in Matrix Related Saving Throws.
10 Elf +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, Darkvision 60,
Mage 15 BP
35' movement.
This bundle grants Astral Perception, Astral Projection,
D8 Hit Dice
Spellcasting and Spirit Summoning (Elementals). It also grants
- Human +1 to all Ability Scores, Bonus Skill proficiency in Arcana skill and the Mage starts with 3 spells
Proficiency, Bonus Gear Proficiency. D8 Hit known. They are also granted a Wisdom or Intelligence Saving
Dice Throw proficiency. They will use this saving throw to resist Drain
5 Ork +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, Darkvision when Spellcasting. A Mage also starts play with the materials to
60' D10 Hit Dice summon a single elemental.

15 Troll +4 Strength, +2 Constitution, +1 Natural Physical Adept 10 BP

Armor, Reach +5', Darkvision 60' D12 Hit This bundle grants unarmed combat proficiency and archaic
Dice weapon proficiency. The Adept also has a budget of 6 BP to
spend on Adept Powers. These are separate from other Build
Points and only these may be used to purchase Adept Powers.
The total number available is reduced by any loss of Essence.
They are also granted a Dexterity Saving Throw proficiency.
Rigger 10 BP Will To Live 5 BP
This bundle grants two vehicle proficiencies and Security gear The character may fail an additional Death Save before dying.
proficiency. The character can also issue commands to drones as a
bonus action if equipped with a vehicle control Rig (cyberware).

The player may allocate up to 20K in gear, vehicles and
cybernetics. They are also granted a Dexterity Saving Throw (Negative Qualities) No more than three may
proficiency while rigged into a vehicle or drone.
be chosen with a combined total of no more than 12 BP.
Shaman 15 BP
Addiction, Mild +2 BP
This bundle grants Astral Perception, Astral Projection,
This is a minor addiction to some illicit or impairing substance.
Spellcasting and Summoning (Spirits). It also grants proficiency in
Cocaine, Alcohol or opiates fall under this category. The character
Arcana skill and the Shaman starts with 2 spells known and the
needs their fix at least once a week or must make alternating
benefit of a Totem. They are also granted a Wisdom or Charisma
Wisdom and Constitution saving throws DC 12 to go on without
Saving Throw proficiency. They will use this saving throw to
it. The DC may increase over time, and the character may be able
resist Drain when Spellcasting.
to shake off the withdrawal.
Street Samurai 10 BP
Addiction, Severe +5 BP
This bundle grants Firearms proficiency, and either Unarmed
This is a heavier addiction to one of the above mentioned
Combat proficiency or Archaic Weapons proficiency. They also
substances, or to combat drugs, BTLs or hard core narcotics. The
receive a +1 to Initiative and a budget of 15K that must be spent
character needs their fix daily or must make alternating Wisdom
on Cyberware or weaponry. They are also granted a Constitution
and Constitution saving throws, DC 18 to go without it. Long
or Strength Saving Throw proficiency.
term use can result in loss of Essence on a failed saving throw.

EDGES (Positive Qualities) Allergy, Mild +2 BP

A character with this quality is allergic to a substance and in the
presence of it must make a Constitution saving throw or suffer a
Adrenalin Surge 5 BP. level of exhaustion. They will gain another level of exhaustion if
A character with this quality adds 5 to their Initiative roll on the they remain in contact with the substance for more than an hour.
first round of combat. This does not apply to subsequent rounds The Build Points granted can be increased by 2 if the substance is
of combat. relatively common. (Plastic, sea water, sunlight)

Aptitude 3 BP. Double a proficiency bonus on a single skill or Allergy, Severe +5 BP

gear proficiency. This does not apply to weapon attacks or A character with this quality is very allergic to a substance and in
Spellcasting. the presence of it must make a Constitution saving throw at
disadvantage or suffer a level of exhaustion. They will gain
Black Market Pipeline 3 BP another level of exhaustion if they remain in contact with the
The player chooses one contact. That particular contact can lay substance for more than a minute.
hands on restricted gear and fence stolen loot more easily than The Build Points granted can be increased by 2 if the substance is
other contacts. This contact and the character are business relatively common. (Plastic, sea water, sunlight)
partners or were in the past.
Bad Luck +5 BP
Dumb Luck 5 BP. Start play with an additional Karma (Inspiration) The player starts with one less Karma (Inspiration) every session.
per session.
Borrowed Time +7 BP
First Impression 2 BP. When meeting new groups, individuals or A character with this quality is going to die. It may be a fatal
social constructs, you are at Advantage on Charisma based Ability disease, a slow acting poison or a cortex bomb. In any case, they
Checks. This doesn't apply to subsequent tests or encounters with only have months to live. The GM will roll 3d6 to find out how
that party. many months the character has before they expire.

Pathogen/Toxin Resistance 3BP/5BP Combat Paralysis +7 BP

This allows Constitution Saving Throws to be made at advantage The character does not act in the first round of any combat. They
against Pathogens OR Toxins (Poison). For 5BP you gain are not surprised and still roll initiative, but do not take any
advantage against both. actions on the first round and their speed is reduced to 5'. They
may act and move normally
Quick Healer 2 BP on subsequent rounds.
The character adds their Constitution modifier to their hit dice
healing rolls when taking a short rest. They may also heal wounds Gremlins +5 BP
without the benefit of a medkit. The character has the worst luck with machines and gear. Any roll
of a 1 when using a tool, vehicle or firearm will result in a
Tough As Nails 5 BP malfunction. The device has a system failure. A gun will jam, a
The character's Hit Point total is 10 higher. This can be taken up to sensor will blow a fuse, a helicopter will lose its radar. Should
three times during character generation. such a character Glitch, the device will be utterly destroyed.
Infirm +7 BP
The character must pay double normal to raise Strength, Dexterity
or Constitution with Karma. They also have 10 less Hit Points. This
can be a cripple, a morbidly obese character or someone with a
disease or other frailty.

Sensitive System +5 BP
Essence cost for any Cyberware (not Bioware) are doubled. For
awakened characters, the Bioware costs are also doubled.

Security (each is separate, 5BP each)
Build Points Bonus
Matrix - (+2)
Astral 10 (+3)
Vehicles (each is separate, 5 BP each)
Land 25 (+4)
Air 45 (+5)
Firearms (5 BP gets all of these)
+10 Hit Points, Allies within 20' gain 5 temporary hit
When the shaman or an ally is first wounded the
Heavy Weapons (5 BP gets all of these)
Bear Shaman must make a Wisdom saving throw
Autocannon DC 12 or go berserk.
Energy weapons
Guided munitions Cat
HMG Gain proficiency in Acrobatics OR Stealth
Simple Weapons (all have this for free) Cat shamans play with their prey. They must
Archaic Weapons (martial weapons, etc) make a Wisdom saving throw DC 12 to finish an
Unarmed Combat (5BP) enemy unless the shaman is wounded.
Body Armor (each is separate)
Light (all have this) Coyote
Medium (security, 5BP) Gain an extra Illusion spell
Heavy (military 5BP, requires Medium) Coyotes are tricksters, they must make a Wisdom
Weapon Specialization (5 BP) saving throw DC 12 to resist pulling a prank or
A single weapon type is chosen, pistols, swords, autocannons, joke on their friends or foes.
etc.. The character gains double their proficiency bonus to attack
rolls using that weapon type. They do not, however gain any Dog
proficiency bonus to other weapons in that category. A pistol
+2 to Perception checks and passive perception.
specialist would not add their proficiency bonus to attacks with a
Stubbornly loyal. They must make a Wisdom
shotgun. They are not at disadvantage with other weapons in that
saving throw DC 12 to leave someone behind or
weapon group.
let another sacrifice themselves.
Further, a sword specialist with a +3 Proficiency bonus would add
+6 to their attack rolls with swords, but would add nothing to
attacks with battle axes, but is not at disadvantage with battle Eagle
axes. They are still assumed to have rudimentary knowledge of Gains Perception Proficiency
other archaic weapons. Gain a mild allergy flaw (pollutants) and gains no
build points for it.
Gain an Illusion spell and a Charisma based skill
Pay 2 additional Karma to learn Combat spells
Advantage on stealth checks in urban terrain,
advantage on Constitution saves versus toxins or
pathogens. Combat Spells, Detection Spells, Health Spells, Illusion Spells,
Must make a Charisma Saving Throw DC 12 to Manipulation Spells
not immediately flee or seek cover when combat
occurs. They will fight if cornered.

Combat spells affect people and the environment and are usually
used to attack. Some target the body (Power Bolt, Fireball), others
Gain a Manipulation spell, +2 to Perception (not target the aura of an individual (Mana Bolt, Stunball). That
Passive perception) determines how they are resisted or avoided, usually a Dexterity
Must make a Charisma Saving Throw DC 12 not or Constitution saving throw. Spellcasting requires line of sight.
to exploit someone's misfortune to their Amplifications to visibility must be not be electronic for targeting
advantage. of spells. Binoculars would work, but a camera image would not.
Advantage on Strength (Athletics) tests when Acid Stream
swimming. Advantage to resist Drain for summoning The spellcaster projects a stream of acid up to 30' long.
Water spirits. Spellcasting DC is 12. Targets may make Dexterity saving throws
Disadvantage on first Charisma based interaction. for half damage. The acid continues to damage for the following
May not take First Impression edge. round. This can also be used to dissolve metals and other
Sun materials. Damage is 5d4+5 Acid damage the first round and
Advantage on saving throws versus Illusion spells. 2d4+2 acid damage the following round. Drain DC: 15
-2 penalty to Initiative at night.
Ball Lighting
Snake Spellcasting DC is 12. Discharges a crackling sphere of electricity
+2 Passive Astral Perception. One bonus Illusion or up to 120' range to all within 20' radius. Targets may make
Health spell. Dexterity Saving throws with success indicating half damage.
Must make a Wisdom Saving Throw DC 12 to Damage 6d8 lightning damage. Drain DC: 18
not immediately flee or seek cover when combat
occurs. They will fight if cornered. Fireball
Spellcasting DC is 12. Discharges a burning sphere of fire up to
120' range to all within 20' radius. Targets may make Dexterity
Can hold their breath for double the number of
Saving throws with success indicating half damage. Damage 8d6
minutes. (PHB pg 183)
fire damage. Drain DC: 18
must live near the sea and must move every few
years. Flamethrower
Wolf Spellcasting DC is 12. Projects a line of fire damage to all in a 60'
Allies within 20' gain +1 to Initiative. line. Targets may make Dexterity Saving throws with success
Has the disadvantages of Bear AND Dog. indicating half damage. Damage 8d6 fire damage. Drain DC: 16

Lighting Bolt
Spellcasting DC is 12. Projects a line of lightning damage to all in
a 90' line. Targets may make Dexterity Saving throws to avoid
completely. Damage 6d8 lightning damage. Drain DC: 15

Mana Bolt
Spellcasting DC is 12. Target up to 180' makes a Wisdom save DC
or takes 3d6 psychic damage. Drain DC: 10

Mana Bolt 2 (requires Mana Bolt)

Spellcasting DC is 12. Target up to 180' makes a Wisdom save DC
or takes 3d8 psychic damage. Drain DC: 13

Mana Bolt 3 (requires Mana Bolt 2)

Spellcasting DC is 12. Target up to 180' makes a Wisdom save DC
or takes 3d10 psychic damage. Drain DC: 16

Mana Ball
Spellcasting DC is 15. Targets up to 180' in 20' radius make a
Wisdom save or take 3d6 psychic damage. Drain DC 15
Mana Ball 2 Detect Enemies
Spellcasting DC is 15. Targets up to 180' in 20' radius make a This spell allows the caster to know the location and number of
Wisdom save or take 3d8 psychic damage. Drain DC 18 enemies in the area of effect. This effect works beyond line of
sight and through walls. (120' radius). The higher the spellcasting
Power Bolt check, the more detail can be gleaned. This is a sustained spell
Ranged attack up to 120'. Spellcasting roll Targets AC. Damage: lasting up to a minute. Drain DC: 15
2d8 force damage. Drain DC: 10 Spellcasting Results
14 or lower = No enemies detected.
Power Bolt 2 (requires Power Bolt) 15-19 = Up to 3 located, distance and heading
Ranged attack up to 180'. Spellcasting roll Targets AC. Damage: 20-24 = Up to 6 located, distance, heading and vague
3d8 force damage. Drain DC: 13 idea of armament.
25+ = All enemies detected, distance, heading and types
Power Bolt 3 (requires Power Bolt 2) of armament.
Ranged attack up to 240'. Spellcasting roll Targets AC. Damage:
4d10 force damage. Drain DC: 16 Detect Magic
The caster knows the location of any foci, fetishes, spirits, spells,
Powerball awakened creatures and awakened characters within range. (120'
Ranged attack up to 120' all targets in a 20' radius. Spellcasting radius). This is a sustained spell that lasts up to a minute. Base
roll is highest AC affected. Damage is 3d10 Force Damage. Drain spellcasting DC: 12. Drain DC: 12
DC: 18
Stun Bolt This allows mental linking between the spellcaster and a single
Spellcasting DC is 15. Ranged attack up to 60'. Target makes a target. The range of the link, once established is the caster's
Wisdom save or is Stunned until the end of the next turn when Essence in miles. Thoughts, images, emotions and conversations
they may make another save, they will remain stunned up to 1 can be shared through this connection. The spell lasts up to 24
minute. Drain DC: 13 hours before needing the be recast, and requires concentration. If
either party becomes unconscious, this also disrupts the
Stunball connection. Drain DC: 15
Spellcasting DC is 15. Targets up to 120' in 20' radius make a
Wisdom save or take or are Stunned until the end of the next turn Mind Probe
when they may make another save, they will remain stunned up This touch range spell will force its way into the target's mind. The
to 1 minute. Drain DC 16 target makes a Wisdom OR Charisma Saving Throw. If they
succeed, the spellcaster may try again, but the target will be at
DETECTION SPELLS advantage on subsequent saving throws. If the target rolls a 20,
Analyze Device that spellcaster may not attempt to probe their mind again. If the
The spellcasting roll will yield information about a device within target fails, then for up to one minute, the spellcaster can ask for
30' of the caster. The more complex the device, the higher the a piece of information every round. Up to a total of 10
DC. The caster gains proficiency with the device. Examples are: questions may be asked. Requires concentration. Drain DC: 20
10- virtual pet, 15- autopilot system, 20-gelatin bomb with a
mercury switch, 25- energy weapon system, satellite tracking. HEALTH SPELLS
Concentration use. Drain DC: 12. Most health spells work by helping the body do what it does,
only faster, better, stronger. These are some of them. The base DC
Analyze Truth for casting Health Spells is 15
A single target within range (60') can make a Charisma or
Wisdom saving throw to resist this spell. If they fail, for up to 10 Antidote
minutes, anything they say that is untruthful will be detected by An ally within touch range will be able to immediately make a
the spellcaster. The target is not compelled to tell the truth, but Constitution Saving Throw at advantage and gain resistance to
as long as the spell is sustained, the caster knows when the poison for up to an hour. Spellcasting DC 15. Tailored toxins and
target is being truthful and when they are lying or being magical venoms may have higher a higher DC. Drain DC: 15
deceptive. Drain DC: 12
Decrease Ability Score
Detect Individual Strength, Dexterity and Constitution may be lowered at a range of
A single target that the spellcaster has met before may be up to 60' with this spell. The target makes a Constitution saving
located. The distance will determine the difficulty. Having some throw to resist. Each Ability Score requires its own version of the
material link to the individual allows the spellcaster to make the spell. The Spellcasting result determines how much the Ability
spellcasting check at advantage. The spellcaster gets an score is lowered. Duration is 1 minute. Drain DC: 16
impression of the direction and elevation of the target, within a Spellcasting Results
maxium range of 5 miles. Again, a material link to the target can 10-14 = Ability Score decreases by 2
increase this range. Base DC: 15. Every mile distant adds 5 to the 15-18 = Ability Score decreases by 3
difficulty. This is a sustained spell that lasts up to an hour. Drain
19-24 = Ability Score decreases by 4
DC: 12
25+ =Ability Score decreases by 5
Heal Confusion
This repairs physical injuries. Range: Touch. The Drain DC is equal The target within 120' is affected with confusion and will wander,
to 15 or the Hit Points of the damage taken, whichever is higher. stare mindlessly, or attack a random nearby target if they fail a
A target can only benefit from a single casting of the Heal Spell. Wisdom Saving Throw. This is sustained and lasts up to one
Additional damage must be healed through time and medicine. minute. Drain DC: 16
Sometimes it seems that spellcasters can bring people back from
the brink of death, but they usually pay the price for doing so. Mass Confusion
This affects multiple targets with a 20' radius. This is more
Increase Ability Score difficult to cast (DC: 18) and is also sustained for up to
Strength, Dexterity and Constitution on an ally, or the caster one minute. Drain DC: 20.
themselves, may be raised with this spell. The range for allies is
60'. Each Ability Score requires its own version of the spell. The Darkness
Spellcasting result determines how much the Ability score is This spell conjures a 20' globe of darkness up to 120' away. It
increased. Duration is 1 minute. Drain DC: 15 obscures sight and heavily obscures the area around it. It does
Spellcasting Results not fool sensors or cameras, but will fool cybereyes. It is sustained
10-14 = Ability Score increases by 2 and lasts up to a minute. Drain DC: 15
15-18 = Ability Score increases by 3
19-24 = Ability Score increases by 4 Improved Darkness
25+ =Ability Score increases by 5 (to a maximum of 25) This is an improved version of Darkness. It will fool
cameras and sensors. It is more difficult to cast with a DC
Increase Reflexes of 18, and Drain DC: 18
This spell allows the caster to increase the speed and reactions of
themselves or an ally up to 60' away. Their degree of Fright
improvement depends on the spellcasting roll, but must be over A single target within range (60') must make a Charisma or
15 to be successful. This spell lasts up to 1 minute, and does Wisdom Saving throw or be frightened of something within sight
require Concentration usage. Drain DC: 18 for up to one minute. Spellcasting DC is 15. This is sustained, the
Spellcasting Results target is allowed a saving throw every round to shake off the
15-17 = Increase Initiative by 5 fright. Drain DC: 15
18-20 = Increase Initiative by 5, add 5' movement.
21+ = Increase Initiative by 5, add 10' movement and an Invisibility
extra action per round. The target touched is invisible until they attack. This lasts for up to
one hour. It does not work on cameras or sensors, but will fool
Stabilize cybereyes. Spellcasting DC is 15. Drain DC: 15
The spellcaster can attempt to aid a character hovering at death's
door. The range is touch. The Stabilize spell gives the wounded Improved Invisibility
character automatic successes on their Death Saving Throws. The This version will also fool cameras and sensors.
caster must maintain connection while concentrating up to 3 Spellcasting DC is 15. Drain DC: 18
rounds. The successes depends on the success of the spellcasting
check, minimum 15. Drain DC: 15 Mask
Spellcasting Results A friendly target touched takes on the appearance of any
15-17 = One automatic Death Save success, spell lasts individual the caster has seen. The spellcasting roll substitutes the
two more rounds. Disguise check of the target. This lasts up to one hour. Drain DC:
18-20 = Two automatic Death Save successes, spell lasts
one more rounds.
21-24 = Three automatic Death Save successes, spell is
A single target within range (60') must make a Charisma or
Wisdom Saving throw or be paralyzed with fear for up to one
25+ = Target regains 1d4 hit points, spell is finished. This minute. This is sustained.
does not count as magical healing and a Heal spell may Drain DC: 20
be then be attempted.

All Illusion spells have a casting DC of 15 unless otherwise noted. This spell provides a magical barrier around an ally within 60'
range. It lasts one minute and adds +4 to AC.
Bugs Drain DC: 15
The target within range (120') must make a Charisma or Wisdom
saving throw or think themselves afflicted by hordes of biting, Control Emotions
burrowing insects. They are prone and restrained. Even those The target must make a Charisma or Wisdom save otherwise they
making their saving throws are at disadvantage on attacks until feel whatever emotion the spellcaster chooses. This lasts up to 1
the next round. Drain DC: 16 minute. Drain DC: 15
Swarm Control Thoughts
This is an area version of bugs. It will affect up to 4 The target must make a Charisma or Wisdom save otherwise they
targets in a 20' radius. Drain DC: 20
think what the spellcaster chooses and will obey commands as if
charmed. This lasts up to 1 minute. Overtly dangerous actions
will allow the target another saving throw. Drain DC: 18
Adepts have a number of special build points to spend on their
Fling Adept powers. With no cybernetics or bioware an Adept would
The caster summons a kinetic force against a single target. The have 6 points to spend on their Adept Powers. It is equal to their
spellcasting roll is opposed by Strength (Athletics) or a Dexterity Essence. Adept characters may not use additional build points to
Saving Throw DC 15. Drain DC: 16 buy further Adept Powers. This can only be done through
spending Karma (XP) once play has begun. They choose 6 points
Haste worth from the following.
This spell allows the caster to speed up an ally within range (60').
Adept Powers
The base DC to cast this is 15. Additional targets add 5 to the DC.
Hasted targets gain 10' of movement and an additional Action Astral Perception 1 BP
every round. This is sustained and lasts up to a minute. Drain DC:
20. Ability Score Boost 2 BP
Blindsight 3 BP
Ice Sheet
Conjures a 10' by 10' sheet of ice within range (120'). Every Critical Range Increase 3 BP
additional 10' square feet raises the DC by 5. Base DC: 15. This Evasion 2 BP
ice lasts up to one hour and counts as difficult terrain and will
cause characters moving at any more than half speed to make Extra Attack Action 3 BP
Dexterity Saving Throws DC 15 or fall prone.
Great Leap 1 BP
Levitate Heightened Senses 1 BP
Allows a single target to rise into the air, held aloft by the
concentration of the caster. The range is 120' The base DC to cast Increased Movement 1/2/3 BP
this is 15. Drain DC 18 Improved Ability Score 1 BP
Magic Fingers Improved Reflexes 2/3/4 BP
The caster may use minor telekinesis to move or manipulate
Killing Hands 1/2/3 BP
object weighing less than 5 pound within range. (180') Drain DC:
15 Mystic Armor 2/3/4 BP

Slow Pain Resistance 2 BP

This spell allows the caster to slow down an enemy within range Physical Skill Expertise 2 BP
(60'). The base DC to cast this is 15. Additional targets add 5 to
the DC. Slowed targets have their movement reduced by 10' and Rapid Healing 2BP
lose their Reaction. This is sustained and lasts up to a minute.
Spell Resistance 3 BP
Drain DC: 20.
Toxin Resistance 2 BP

Astral Perception 1 BP
This allows the character to perceive Astral Space. (This takes an
action and makes the character Dual-Natured while perceiving.
They may maintain Astral Perception with concentration. Any
spirits, projecting mages or mana constructs will be visible in
Astral Space with a Perception check.
Ability Score Boost 2 BP
This ability allows a temporary addition of 4 to a character's
Strength, Dexterity or Constitution. This is a bonus action and will
last for 1 minute. This may be taken multiple times, each
indicating a different ability score. For 6 BP, the character may
boost all three ability scores. The new maximum must not exceed
Blindsight 3 BP
This grants the character the ability to perceive without their eyes
for 30'. They are not at disadvantage to attack or be attacked in
total darkness or when blinded. This may be taken twice,
indicating 60' range.
Critical Range Increase 3 BP Physical Skill Expertise 2 BP
Any melee or unarmed attacks by this character will score a The Adept doubles the proficiency bonus to any Skill or
critical hit on a 19 or a 20. Proficiency linked to Strength, Dexterity or Constitution. This does
not apply to weapon or attack rolls.
Evasion 2 BP
Any successful Dexterity saving throw to take half damage results
Rapid Healing 2BP
in taking no damage. Minimum Dexterity required is 13.
The Adept heals 1d6 hit points per hour.
Extra Attack Action 3 BP
The characters attacks are incredibly fast, and they have another
Spell Resistance 3 BP
full Attack Action every round.
Damage from magical sources is reduced by half.
Great Leap 1 BP
Double the distance on any Strength (Athletics) checks to jump.
Toxin Resistance 2 BP
Heightened Senses 1 BP The Adept is at advantage to any Saving Throws versus toxins
and takes half damage from them.
This grants a +1 to Perception and the character can detect

smells, temperature changes and sounds at much greater range.
Increased Movement 1/2/3 BP
Each level of Increased movement adds 10' to the characters base During character generation, every character gets to pick two
movement per round (maximum of +30'). contacts for 'free'. They should strongly consider a Fixer, as this is
way to plug into an existing network of criminal activity. Their
Improved Ability Score 1 BP second free contact should be someone related to their specialty.
This is a permanent magical augmentation of the Adept's If they are a Mage, a Talismonger is a good contact, if they are a
Strength, Dexterity or Constitution. This may be taken multiple Rigger, they should probably know a Mechanic. During character
times. generation, the player may spend one Build Point to gain an
additional Contact. During gameplay, contacts are made anytime
contact information is exchanged. Contacts are NPCs, but they
Improved Reflexes 2/3/4 BP have their own agenda, storylines and entanglements. Players
The Adept with this ability may act very quickly. should realized that the relationship is two-way and Contacts can
dry-up, die and talk to each other, as well.
2 points = +1d4+1 to Initiative.
Some sample contacts are below. A different Race can be applied
3 points = +1d6+2 to Initiative. to most Contacts. The player should specify if the Decker they
4 points = +1d8+3 to Initiative. know is an 'Elf' Decker, otherwise the GM should pick. Also,
anytime Runners work together, they should add each other to
their list of available Contacts, unless the relationship was
Killing Hands 1/2/3 BP irreparably damaged.
The Adept's hands are deadly weapons. They are dealing Force
Damage with every successful attack. If the character also has
Astral Perception they may attack spirits and astral projecting ARMORER
characters. BARTENDER
1 point = +2d4 Force Damage BODYGUARD
2 points = +2d6 Force Damage BOUNCER
3 points = +2d8 Force Damage BTL DEALER
Mystic Armor 2/3/4 BP COMBAT MAGE
This is a bonus to Armor Class that extends to the Astral Plane. It CORPORATE SECURITY GUARD
counts as natural armor and stacks with body armor. CORPORATE SECRETARY
2 points = +2 to Armor Class COYOTE
3 points = +4 to Armor Class DECKER
4 points = +6 to Armor Class DETECTIVE
Any damage taken by the Adept is reduced. This provides DR 3 FIXER
for all damage. FORMER COMPANY MAN
GUN RUNNER Running water is a rarity in these buildings. Converted urban
HUMANIS POLICLUB MEMBER spaces used by a dozen or so folks sharing a drain. Or a nightly
MECHANIC rent in the same coffin motel and piss off the pier. Fancy is a day
MEDIA PRODUCER with two meals. It is cheap.
MERCENARY Cost: 100 a month
Condemned buildings, under a highway overpass, on the beach
until the cops come. Food is what you can scavenge, security is
your own to provide. This is the gutter.
RIGGER Cost: Hey, chummer. At least it's free.


A fake ID with security on its accounts. A very well appointed
apartment, entertainment budget, real food and lots of it and a
staff, if wanted, to see to your needs. A couple of expensive The streets of 2056 are not always safe. Bullets fly, and it is not
vehicles round out this package. This is the elite life, and you will unusual for normal folks to wear some covert armored clothing.
pay for it. Normal folks stay away from Armored Long Coats and Armored
Cost: 100,000 a month and up-up-up! Jackets, usually opting to have some form fit long-johns and
HIGH armored clothing, if they can afford it. Wearing armor more
A nice house or condo, good food and electronics. Secured ID obvious than that can arouse suspicion and increased scrutiny.
through bribes, corporate contacts or a gang boss. A luxury land Still, some work can be done without any armor at all, if you are
vechicle at your service, and someone to drive you. doing it right. For everything else, there is the following.
Cost: 10,000 a month
rolls pay double cost for armor. Any armor listed below may be
made resistant to certain damage types for 50% of the armor's
MIDDLE base cost. Those damage types are:
Middle of the middle of the road. Decent living quarters, Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning (Electricity).
reasonable mix of good food and nutrisoy. Public transport pass Armor adds to armor class, but also can provide Damage
or a midgrade car on lease under your fake ID. This is most wage Reduction from Ballistic (piercing) and from Impact (Force)
slaves and criminals. damage.
Cost: 5,000 a month
Light Armor
LOW Leather Jacket
Apartment, yes. View? Probably not one to brag about. A door +1 to AC, available in a wide range of styles and colors. Most
that locks. A scooter or beater car, or a bus pass. Food? Well, it leather jackets are not made from actual cow hide, instead it is
can be called that but fresh fruit is a dream. Factory workers and grown in a culture vat, but is still 'technically' leather.
folks starting out. Cost: 200
Cost: 1,000 a month
Actioneer Business Clothes Medium Armor
+3 to AC, Ballistic DR 1, Impact DR1, concealable holster, The
latest subscription services re-tailor these to meet fashion trends. Security Vest
Actioneer systems also record biometrics and have a datajack. +5 to AC, Ballistic DR 2, Impact DR 2,
Cost: 1500 commlink and tactical light, disadvantage to Stealth & Acrobatics.
This is what is typically worn by police and lower threat corporate
Armor Clothing security forces. They wear it over tactical coveralls with lots of
+2 to AC, Ballistic DR 1, Available in hundreds of designer labels, pockets and holsters.
all tailored to fit one wearer. Cost: 1500
Cost: 500 and up.
Security Tactical Suit
Armor Vest +6 to AC, Ballistic DR 3, Impact DR 3,
+4 to AC, Ballistic DR 2, Impact DR 1 commlink, tactical light, armored fists, nightvision goggles, gas
Is obviously armor, most are military surplus. Used vests can be mask, disadvantage to Stealth & Acrobatics. This is a higher
had for half cost, but they usually have damage and blood stains degree of protection. The guards wearing it might be expecting
on them. trouble, or guarding something of particular value.
Cost: 600 Cost: 3000
Armor Jacket
Medium Armor can only be layered with Formfitting
+4 to AC, Ballistic DR 2, Impact DR 2
Body Armor
Disadvantage to stealth and acrobatics, obviously armor.
Cost: 900
Heavy Armor
Armor Jacket, Fire-Resistant
+4 to AC, Ballistic DR 2, Impact DR 2 Full Body Armor
Disadvantage to stealth and acrobatics, obviously armor. Wearer +7 to AC, Ballistic 5, Impact 5,
is Fire Resistant. commlink, various options, disadvantage to Stealth & Acrobatics,
Cost: 1750 minimum Str 13,
Cost: 6000
Formfitting Body Armor Options
Ballistic DR 1, Impact DR 1 Chemical Seal +1500
Made to be worn under other clothing or armor, this suit is a Smartlink +2000
liquid polymer that forms to fit only one wearer, and provides a Integrated Taser +500
last line of defense. It may not be modified and when the wearer
takes 10 or more points of damage, it is destroyed. You can Power Assist Armor
actually purchase this from a vending machine. +6 to AC, Ballistic 4, Impact 4,
Cost: 150 commlink, various options, disadvantage to Stealth & Acrobatics,
Adds +2 to Athletics Checks
Securetech Longcoat Cost: 15000
+3 to AC, Ballistic DR 1, Impact DR 1, concealable holster, Options
Lightweight and not obviously armor. Chemical Seal +1500
Cost: 850 Smartlink +2000
Integrated Taser +500
Securetech Plates
These add DR 1 and Impact 1 to the Securetech Longcoat. They Milspec Assault Armor
also impose Disadvantage to Stealth & Acrobatics checks. +8 to AC, Ballistic 6, Impact 6,
Cost: 250 commlink chemical seal, smartlink, integrated taser, integrated
mono-sword, disadvantage to Stealth & Acrobatics,
Magewares Longcoat. minimum Str 15,
+3 to AC, Ballistic DR 1, Impact DR 1, concealable holster Cost: 32000
Also resistant to fire, electricity and acid.
(Fireproofing, Non-conductivity and Chem protection). Custom
made for the wearer. There are three such contacts that have
access to it in Cal Free.
Cost: 4150

Layering Light Body Armor

Body armor can be worn in combination. A longcoat can be
worn over an armored vest and armored clothing. Only the
Armor Class of the highest value is counted. So the above
example would only add +4 to AC from armor. The Ballistic
Damage Resistance and the Impact Damage Resistance do
stack, however. To a maximum of DR 5. This can be a good
idea, as gear takes damage on runs, and it is
Assault Rifles Range Damage Cost Shots Notes

AK-97 120/240 2d8+1 500 38 Short Burst, Full

Hold Outs Range Damage Cost Cap. Notes
Ares Alpha 120/240 2d8+1 1700 42 Smartgun,
Raecor Sting 20/40 2d4+2 350 5 Flechette Short Burst, Full
Auto, Grenade
Streetline Special 30/60 2d4 100 6 Launcher
Zip Gun 10/20/15 2d4 25-50 1 FN HAR 120/240 2d8+2 1000 35 Laser Sight,
Short Burst, Full
Light Pistols Range Damage Cost Cap. Notes
HK XM30 120/240 2d8+1 2500 30 Smartgun,
Options, Short
Colt America L36 60/120 2d6+1 150 11 Burst, Full Auto
Fichetti Security 60/120 2d6 450 30 Laser Sight Grenade 60/120 Grenade standard 8 Smart Link,
Hammerli 620c 60/120 2d6 650 6 Concealable Airburst

Yamaha Sakura 60/120 2d6 2000 40 (10) Short Burst, Full Shotgun 40/80 2d10 Add 10 Shotgun
Fubuchi Auto 1000
Sniper 180/360 2d8+2 Add 10 Armor Piercing
Heavy Pistols Range Damage Cost Cap. Notes 1000
LMG 120/240 2d8+1 Add 100 belt Short Burst, Full
Ares Predator IV 60/120 2d6+2 350 15 Smartgun, option
1000 Auto
Short Burst
Ares Viper 30/60 3d4+3 500 30 Flechette, Short
Slivergun Burst Shotguns Range Damage Cost Cap. Notes
Colt Manhunter 60/120 2d6+3 300 16 Laser Sight,
Short Burst Defiance T-250 60/120 2d10 1400 5 Smartgun

Remington 30/60 2d8 250 8 Short Burst, Enfield AS-7 60/120 2d10 1000 10
Roomsweeper Shotgun Mossburg 800 60/120 2d10 850 8
Remington Super 60/120 2d8+2 250 6 Revolver, Min Benelli M-6 60/120 2d10 1250 5 Collapsible
Warhawk Strength 13
Ares Peacemaker 60/120 3d10 3800 18 Double Barrel,
pump shotgun
Machine Pistols Range Damage Cost Cap. Notes
4-Bore Trollhunter 60/120 2d12+2 22000 1 Min Str. 15
Ceska Black 60/120 2d6 550 35 Short Burst, Full Double Barrel 12 50/100 2d10/3d10 1200 2
Scorpion Auto
Tactical 12 60/120 2d10 1800 30 Burst Fire
Steyr TMP60/120 60/120 2d6 600 30 Short Burst, Full
Shotguns have a few rules to consider. They can attack a target
Submachine Range Damage Cost Cap. Notes adjacent to the primary target, with the primary providing cover.
Guns When using slugs, they add +2 to the damage, the range is
doubled but they no longer attack in a cone of shot and can only
AK-97 Carbine 90/180 2d6 400 30 Short Burst, Full target one enemy. Smartgun shotguns allow the shooter to close
Auto their chokes as a bonus action and tighten their spread pattern.
Colt Cobra 90/180 2d6 32 Short Burst, Full This imparts +1 to hit with shot ammo instead of slugs.
Auto, Double Barreled shotguns may fire both barrels, adding +1 to hit
and another die of damage.
HK-227X 90/180 2d6 800 28 Smartgun,
suppression, Sport Rifles Range Damage Cost Cap. Notes
Short Burst, Full
Ruger 100 120/240 2d10 900 5 AP1
HK MP-5TX 60/120 2d6 550 20 Laser sight,
Short Burst, Full PJSS Elephant Rifle 120/240 2d10/3d10 6000 1(2) AP1 (*2
Auto barrels)

Ingram Smartgun 60/120 2d6 650 32 Smartgun,

X Short Burst, Full
Auto Sniper Rifles Range Damage Cost Cap. Notes

Uzi IV 90/180 2d6 500 24 Laser sight, Ranger Arms SM- 240/480 2d10+2 6200 15 Armor Piercing,
Short Burst, Full 4 disassembles
Walther MA-2100 200/400 2d10+1 5000 10 AP3 Smartgun
(cannot be
Grenade Range Damage Cost Cap. Notes DC 18 Constitution save or the target is stunned for 2d4 rounds.
Launchers The target can make Constitution Saves at the end of each of their
turns, DC 18. This grenade is not available in throwing type, only
M-79 clone 80/160 Grenade 450 1 launcher type.
Under-Barrel 60/120 Grenade 750 5 Cost: 450
MGL-12 100/200 Grenade 2850 12
Stun Grenade (flash & bang)
MGL- 6 60/120 Grenade 1500 6 Pistol size*
DC 15 Save (Constitution OR Dexterity) or be stunned for 1d6
Enfield GL-67 120/240 Grenade 4000 20 Short Burst rounds, save every round.
*Ammo for the MGL 6 is half the size, but costs double. Flash Grenade DC 15 Dexterity Save or be blinded for 1d3
Acid Grenade Cost: 40
4d6+4 Acid Damage. 10' radius, Dexterity Save DC 15 for half
damage. Does 2d6+2 acid damage the following round, and Stun Grenade (gas)
1d6+1 the next. Items damaged by acid may disintegrate. DC 12 Constitution Save, stays in area for 1 minute. All in area are
Cost: 125 stunned. They may make constitution saves at the end of their
Beanbag Grenade (launcher ammo only) Cost: 100
5d8 Impact Damage (non-lethal). Constitution Save DC 15 or be
stunned, save ends. If the damage is enough to bring the target
to zero, they are Unconscious. If the attacker is within 20' of the AMMUNITION
target, the damage is normal.
Firearms Ammo (per 10 rounds)
Cost: 60 Regular 20
Armor Piercing 80
Concussion Grenade APDS 120
5d6 Impact Damage. 20' radius, Dexterity Save DC 15 for half Incendiary 50
Explosive 50
damage. Flechette 20
Cost: 20 Stick & Shock 100

Fragmentation Grenade Armor Piercing rounds ignore half of Ballistic DR

APDS ammo does +2 damage and ignores half of Ballistic DR
5d8 Ballistic Damage. 10' radius Dexterity save DC 15 for half Incendiary adds 1d4+1 Fire damage
damage. Unarmored targets make this save at Disadvantage. Explosive rounds add 1d6 impact damage (not available in light pistols)
Cost: 50 Flechette treats DR as double.
Stick & Shock Instead of damage, these shots cause target to make a
Constitution save DC 12 or be stunned.
Glue Grenade
10'x10' area becomes awash in fast hardening two part nano- Shotgun Ammo (per 10 rounds)
epoxy foam. Targets in area may make dexterity saving throws Buckshot 20
DC12 to avoid it. Otherwise they must make Strength Saving Slugs 30
Stick & Shock (DC15) 200
throws DC 18 to break through the area or are Restrained. The
glue hardens to a brittle, weak shell after 1 minute. Do not roll a
Grenades (Each)
Glitch with this in your grenade launcher or while trying to throw Acid 125
one. Beanbag (launcher) 60
Cost: 200 Concussion 20
Fragmentation 50
High Explosive Grenade Glue 200
5d8 Impact Damage. 10' radius, Dexterity save DC 15 for half High Explosive 80
damage. Buildings and stationary vehicles are at disadvantage to Incendiary 120
this save. Sleep Gas 350
Cost: 80 Stick & Shock 450
Stun (flash) 40
Incendiary Grenade Stun Gas 100
5d6 Fire damage, 10' radius. Dexterity save DC 15 for half
damage. Targets that fail, may catch on fire.
Cost: 120

Sleep Gas Grenade (gas)

DC 12 Constitution Save, stays in area for 30 seconds. All in area
that fail saving throw are asleep for up to 1 minute. They may
make Constitution saving throws at the end of their turn to
Cost: 350

Stick & Shock Grenade

This single target round is for taking down powerful opponents.
are at advantage on any checks involving numbers or
ARCHAIC WEAPONS remembering detailed information.
These updates of the classics are forged with high strength alloys
and modern materials. The damage codes are within the setting Olfactory Booster
guidelines. Essence 0.6, Cost: 3000
Common Archaic Allows scent identification and cataloguing. Grants advantage on
Weapons in Wisdom (Perception) checks where scent applies. Can be set to
Cal Free 2056 COST
give an alarm when certain agents are detected. This is silent
Knife 2d4 finesse 40 except for the user.
Shortsword 2d4 Finesse 90
Sim Module
Sword 2d6 versatile 200 Essence 0.2, Cost: 2000
Katana 2d6+2 Versatile, 2d8+2, finesse 1000 This is an internal sim rig. Popular for enthusiasts, sim-stars and
Great Axe 2d10 Two handed 250
BTL junkies. Can be used to record sensations and acts as an
additional data channel.
Mono-sword 2d6+2 Crit 19-20, finesse 450
Pole Arm 2d8+1 Reach 1 300 Smartlink
Staff 2d4 versatile 80 Essence 0.2, Cost: 1250
This grants a +1 to hit with smartgun equipped firearms. It reports
Mono-filament 2d10 Crit 19-20, finesse. Rolling a 1 can 2500
Whip separate limbs from user number of rounds, range and other tactical data. It also allows the
user to change fire modes as a bonus action. It consists of a micro
Shuriken 1d4+1 Up to Dexterity Mod may be thrown 30
processor behind an eye, and an induction pad in the palm of the
Aluminum Bat 2d4 15 hand. A fiber optic lead connects the two units, creating the
Throwing Knife 1d6 Up to 3 may be thrown 20 circuit when a smartgun is held in that hand.
Shortbow 2d6 Ammo, 80/160, two handed 250
Voice Modulator
Longbow 2d8 Ammo, 150/600, two handed 400
Essence 0.2, Cost: 7500
Crossbow 2d6 Ammo, 80/240, loading 450 Voice of user is amplified, augmented and can be used to replay
Heavy Crossbow 2d8 Ammo, 100/400, loading 650 stored sounds and voice prints. Use of someone else's voice
Titan-Bow 2d10 Ammo, Min Str 15, same range as x- 600
pattern is of course, illegal.
bow, full round to reload, ballista
Hand Crossbow 1d6+1 30/120, light, reload 450
Arrows & Bolts may be modified to have grenade or firearm ammo options with
GM discretion. The costs would be the same. Ammo is considered 'Regular'.
Titan bows are often made from truck springs, are considered siege weapons and
only trolls are large enough to wield them.

Essence 0.2, Cost: 5000
Built in smartphone functionality and wi-fi transmitter.

Control Rig
Essence 0.5, Cost: 10,000
This implant bridges the circuits of the midbrain to a machine EYEWARE
interface. It allows control of vehicles equipped to handle it and Cybereyes
drones, (with a commlink connection). Rating 1, Essence 0.2, Capacity 4, Cost 500
Rating 2, Essence 0.3, Capacity 8, Cost 750
Datajack Rating 3, Essence 0.4, Capacity 12, Cost 1000
Essence 0.1, Cost: 500 Rating 4, Essence 0.5, Capacity 16, Cost 1500
This is as common as ear piercing and allows direct connection to
an electronic device via a fiber optic cable. This also includes Cybereye Options
access to slot chips, softs and BTLs. Included is a solid state drive Eye Recording Unit
and basic firewall. Capacity (2) Cost 2000
Flare Compensation
Encephalon Capacity (1) Cost 750
Essence 1, Cost: 12,500 Advantage on Saving Throws versus blindness
This implant replaces portions of the brain with a series of parallel Image Link
micro processors. Included is a datajack and high capacity Capacity (1) Cost 500
memory. It increases the users Intelligence score by 2 and they Share camera views in a feed below main sight
Capacity (3) Cost 1000
Range 60' Full Arm
Ocular Drone Essence 1, Capacity 15, Cost: 15,000
Capacity (6) Cost 3000 This adds 5 hit points to the character's total HP.
Range 600' with image link built in Full Leg
Protective Covers Essence 1, Capacity 20, Cost: 15,000
Cost 100 This adds 5 hit points to the character's total HP.
Retinal Duplication
Capacity (1) Cost 30,000 Hand/Foot
Of course, highly illegal Essence 0.25, Capacity 4, Cost: 5000
Capacity (3) Cost 1000 Lower Arm
Full smartlink functionality, built in Essence 0.45, Capacity 10 , Cost: 10,000
Vision Enhancement
Capacity (3) Cost 4500 Lower Leg
Using digital image, double range visibility, Essence 0.45, Capacity 12, Cost: 10,000
Advantage if taking an action to use Perception
Optical Magnification
Essence 1.5, Capacity 10, Cost: 25,000
Capacity (4) Cost 1000
This adds 10 hit points to the character's total HP.
Utilizing high quality optical glass to zoom in
Essence 0.75, Capacity 4, Cost: 10,000
This adds 10 hit points to the character's total HP.
Rating 1, Essence 0.2, Capacity 4, Cost 500
Rating 2, Essence 0.3, Capacity 8, Cost 750 Cyberlimb Options
Rating 3, Essence 0.4, Capacity 12, Cost 1000
Rating 4, Essence 0.5, Capacity 16, Cost 1500 Armor
Cyberear Options Capacity (4) Cost 800
Audio Enhancement Available on Torso, Skull and Full Limbs. Adds 1 point of
Capacity (2) Cost 3000 Ballistic and Impact DR. Does not stack.
Advantage if taking an action to use Perception Blades
Balance Augmenter Capacity (3) Cost 1500
Capacity (4) Cost 5000 Adds a sword blade (retractable)
+1 to Dexterity Saves and Acrobatics checks. Hand Razors
Damper Capacity (2) Cost 1500
Capacity (1) Cost 750 Adds hand razors (retractable)
Advantage on Saving Throws versus loud noises Cyberarm Gyromount
Ear Recording Unit Capacity (4) Cost 6000
Capacity (2) Cost 500 Negates disadvantage for firing from moving vehicles, or
Select Sound Filter operating heavy weapons. +1 to hit when using Short
Capacity (3) Cost 3000 Burst.
Range 600', filters out specific sounds Cyberarm Slide-Holster
Sound Link Capacity (8) Cost 3000
Capacity (0) Cost 250 Never be without your pistol, may grant advantage when
Share audio feed attempting to surprise or intimidate.
Ultrasound Sensor Cyberleg Holster
Capacity (2) Cost 6000 Capacity (7) Cost 2000
Grants blindsight, requires 0.3 additional Essence Go ahead with your Robocop self.
Hydraulic Jacks
Capacity (4) Cost 8000
Stand your ground and run and jump higher. Adds
Advantage to Saving Throws versus being knocked
prone, adds +5' to movement and +10' to jumping
Large Smuggling Compartment
Capacity (5) Cost 2000
Hide a thermos or a heavy pistol.
Small Smuggling Compartment
Capacity (1) Cost 500
Smuggle a capsule a chip or a credstick.
Light Pistol Cybergun Reaction Enhancers
Capacity (4) Cost: 1500 These allow the user to add +1 to Initiative and Passive
Heavy Pistol Cybergun Perception and add 5' to movement. They may be installed up to
Capacity (6) Cost: 3200 twice on an individual.
Shotgun Cybergun Essence 0.3, Cost: 20,000
Capacity (11) Cost: 2100
SMG Cybergun Skillwires
Capacity (10) Cost: 2500 These allow the character to gain at least one proficiency they do
Grenade Launcher not normally possess through the use of Skillsofts (purchased
Capacity (15) Cost: 4000 separately). Activating Skillwires requires an action. They will
remain active for up to 24 hours before needing to be rebooted.
Internal Airtank
Capacity (3) Cost: 1000
Level 1 -
Grappling Hook Launcher
One additional proficiency granted while active.
Capacity (5) Cost: 650
Maximum proficiency bonus +2
Increased Strength
Essence: 0.4 , cost 4000
Capacity (2 per point) Cost: 500 per point
Maximum of +4
Level 2 -
Grappling Hook Launcher
Two additional proficiencies granted while active.
Capacity (5) Cost: 650
Maximum proficiency bonus +3
Shock Hand Essence: 0.6, cost 6000
Capacity (5) Cost: 1000
Allows a touch attack to do 2d6 electricity damage. This
Level 3 -
can stun if the target fails their saving throw (Constitution
Three additional proficiencies granted while active.
DC 12)
Maximum proficiency bonus +4
Essence: 0.8, cost 10000
Internal Airtank
Wired Reflexes
This allows for hours of air, or to expel a chemical agent. Essence
Triggered with a Bonus Action. Add +5' to Movement Rate when
0.25, Cost: 650
active and the following:
Bone Lacing
Level 1 -
Plastic Bones
Add 1d4+1 to Initiative
Add 5 hit points to the character's Hit Point total. The
Additional Action per round.
character's limbs now do 1d4 bludgeoning damage. This
Essence: 2, cost 11,000
also provides DR:1 for Impact damage to the character.
Essence: 0.5, Cost: 5,000
Level 2 -
Add 1d6+2 to Initiative
Aluminum Bones
Additional Action per round.
Add 10 hit points to the character's Hit Point total. The
Essence: 3, cost 32,000
character's limbs now do 1d6 bludgeoning damage. This
also provides DR:2 for Impact damage to the character.
Level 3 -
Essence: 1, Cost: 15,000
Add 1d8+3 to Initiative
Additional Action per round.
Titanium Bones
Essence: 5, cost 100,000
Add 20 hit points to the character's Hit Point total. The
character's limbs now do 1d6+1 bludgeoning damage.
This also provides DR:3 for Impact damage to the BIOWARE
character. Adrenal Pump
Essence: 1.5, Cost: 40,000 Essence 1.5, Cost: 60,000
Advantage to resisting being Stunned, +2 to Strength, Initiative
Dermal Plating and Wisdom Saving Throws while active. Boost lasts 2d6 rounds,
Each level of this plastic and metal composite plating adds +1 to then user suffers a level of exhaustion. The pump recharges after
Armor Class and 5 additional hit points. The maximum level 10 minutes. The exhaustion can be shrugged off in 10 minutes as
allowed is 3. well.
Essence = Rating X 0.5, Cost: Rating X 5,000
Cat's Eyes
Muscle Replacement Essence 0.1, Cost: 7500
This adds a point of Strength to the character, to a maximum of Many humans opt to get this minimally invasive bioware to grant
+4. themselves Darkvision 60'.
Essence = Rating X 1, Cost: Rating X 5,000
Enhanced Articulation
Essence 0.3, Cost: 40,000
This grants a +2 to Dexterity and advantage on attempts to
escape being grappled or bound.
Muscle Augmentation Synaptic Booster
Essence = Rating X 0.2, Cost: Rating X 7,000 Essence 1, Cost 160,000
This adds a point of Strength to the character, to a maximum of This radical augmentation of the reflex driving nerves connected
+4. to the spine allows the user to gain an extra action every round
and add their Intelligence OR Wisdom modifier to their Initiative
Orthoskin bonus.
Essence 0.5, Cost: 60,000

A woven energy diffusion material beneath the skin's surface. This
provides a 'natural'
Ballistic and Impact DR of 2. This cannot be combined with A Decker accesses the Matrix with a datajack, a simsense rig and their
Dermal Plating Deck. The Deck allows the Decker to survive the brutal biofeedback of
attack programs and intrusion countermeasures (Ice) and to anonymously
Pathogenic Defense spoof a legitimate matrix persona. The basics are as follows. In the Matrix
Essence 0.3, Cost: 30,000 a decker can bring their proficiency bonus to bear through the use of
This spleen enhancement provides advantage for the character to their programs. They are limited by the Response rating of the Cyberdeck
resist diseases and biological toxins. they are using. If they have a +4 proficiency bonus and their deck only
has Response: 3, then they may only add +3 to their matrix actions.
Platelet Factories
Essence 0.2, Cost: 25,000 There are only two types of Saving Throws to make in the Matrix.
Anytime the character takes more than 10 points of damage, the Intelligence and Wisdom. Characters with the Decker bundle are
regain 2 hit points. proficient in these saving throws. Things that are Intelligence based may
be described in Matrix combat as area of effect style spells and bombs
Suprathyroid Gland being disarmed or avoided. The descriptions by the GM may be
Essence 0.7, Cost: 45,000 reminiscent of describing Dexterity saves, and that is likely and
This extra tissue on the thyroid gland causes a heightened state of intentional. Intelligence = Dexterity in the shared hallucination hooked up
catabolism and anabolism. The user seems hyper and overly to folks' own nervous systems that is the Matrix. Intelligence saving
energetic. They must consume twice as much food, and a 10% throws keep you moving through the systems that may
increase to monthly lifestyle costs. The payoff is that this
In the Matrix a Decker has an Armor Class equal to 10 + Intelligence
augmentation results in a +1 to Strength, Dexterity, Constitution
Modifer + any Hardening of their Cyberdeck.
and a +1 bonus to Initiative.
Their Bod rating is their Matrix Hit Points. It is equal to their Intelligence,
Synthacardium Wisdom and Charisma divided by 2 (round down). Someone with an 18,
Essence 0.2, Cost: 20,000 16 and 13 (47), would have a Bod of 23 in the Matrix (before
This artificial heart fiber grants advantage on Strength (Athletics) modification by their Cyberdeck.)
checks. A character using a Cyberdeck adds the Response and Hardening of their
deck to their Bod (Matrix Hit Points).
Tailored Pheromones
Essence 0.4, Cost: 30,000 Users who lose all of their Bod while jacked into the Matrix must make a
This adds +2 to Charisma and Advantage on Persuasion checks. saving throw versus Dumpshock. Users that take fail saving throws
This Charisma bonus does not apply to magical workings. versus damage from black ice or are forcibly removed from the Matrix
(pulled plug) make this saving throw at disadvantage.
Toxin Extractor
Essence 0.6, Cost: 60,000 Everyone who gets hit by Black IC or an Attack Program must make a
This allows the character to make Constitution Saving throws Wisdom saving throw versus the damage taken or DC 12, whichever is
versus poison at advantage. higher. If they fail this saving throw half the damage they took in the
Matrix is real hit point damage to their meat-body. This is actual damage
Tracheal Filter in the form of concussions, pinprick hemorrhages, leaking spinal fluid and
Essence 0.4, Cost: 30,000 burned tissue.
This allows the character to make Constitution saving throws
versus inhaled toxins and pathogens at advantage. Cyberdeck Hardware Stats
Response = How many actions permitted per round.
CULTURED BIOWARE Hardening = Adds to Matrix AC
Cerebral Booster Memory = How many programs can be sustained at once. Similar
Essence 0.4, Cost: 20,000 to concentration.
This collection of convolutions adds to the frontal lobe and adds a
+2 to Intelligence. This Intelligence Bonus does not apply to Response ranges from 1-4
magical workings. Hardening ranges from 1-6
Memory ranges from 2-5
Damage Compensator
Essence 0.5, Cost: 75,000 Systems Stats
When the user takes more than 10 points of damage, they Firewall (1-8)
receive 20 temporary hit points. They may also shrug off the System (1-8)
effects of a Lingering Wound for the remainder of a scene. Alert (0-3)
Load: 10-500
System Programs Memory:3
Trace Renraku Ronin
IC White Targeted at corporate citizens as the sports-coupe model
IC Black cyberdeck, this system still boasts good overall reliability and
IC Ultraviolet mod-ability. It is cheaper than the Fuchi with the same numbers.
Renraku brags that they have sold almost 1 million of these units
MATRIX SECTION UNFINISHED> PLEASE LOG OFF in Cal-Free. For these reasons, many of these decks have made
their way into the shadows for illicit use.

Cost: 85,000
(HARDWARE) Memory:3

Fuchi Cyber-4
Blackberry Voodoo Despite lowering the price of this deck by 35% over the last two
This open source deck is moddable, and in fact it should be quarters, the Cyber-4 is not selling the way it did in earlier fiscal
upgraded. This is repackaged by numerous manufacturers as a cycles. The chip-truth is that Renraku is eating Fuchi's lunch in the
legitimate beginner's cyberdeck. They are often decorated with lower end market. Pros still swear by the Cyber-4 it for it's clean
cartoon characters or big colorfull buttons in that form. Many kids design and ability to take a beating.
with jacks and this deck think themselves elite by spraypainting it Cost: 100,000
and hacking atms. Suburban and pedestrian. If this is all you can Response:2
afford, at least upgrade something on it before hitting the streets Hardening:2
for real. Memory:3
Cost: 1250
Hardening:0 Sony CTY-900
Memory:2 Unwilling to give market ground to newcomers using their stolen
designs, Sony launched this model earlier in the quarter and sales
Circuit Shack TRS-8K have been unstoppable. Here is a model that is priced what the
An upgrade only to the Blackberry deck, this sturdy frame can Fuchi Cyber-4 used to cost and is an improvement over almost
withstand numerous additions, including armor and every aspect of it. Several peripherals are included with this
compartments. Some folks swear by this model, if only to gut it model, including a sim-sense channel carrier.
and use its case to house something better. This is the only resort Cost: 135,000
for street level deckers looking to reroute trouble and sniff out Response:3
leads. It can't handle a run against a true secure system, but it is Hardening:3
an affordable option. Memory:3
Cost: 5800
Response:1 Ares Interceptor SE
Hardening:1 Not known for their Cyberdecks, but their entry into the California
Memory:2 markets is a worthy one. Boasting a higher protection from online
attack channels, it is a safe, effective deck for most situations. The
case design is worth noting, as it is poly-var armor and provides
ballistic resistance of 1. Ares knows how dangerous California is,
Allegiance Alpha and they are here to help.
A second tier corp that is moving into other asset streams, their Cost: 195,000
entry level cyberdeck is nothing to brag about, but it is a great Response:3
value for the price point. Allegiance hasn't released a later Hardening:4
iteration of this common deck, but they do still release firmware Memory:3
updates for free.
Cost: 12,500 Fuchi Cyber-6
Response:2 Serious deckers have been using variations of this model for the
Hardening:2 past 2 years and that is a very long time in the matrix. The current
Memory:2 price point is likely to come down before the holiday season to
compete with Ares and Sony. More of these decks exist in the
Sony CTY-480 shadows than with legitimate users. That is a fact, chummer. Get
Venerable hardware giant makes good on promise of affordable one of these as soon as you can.
powerful cyberdeck. At least the headlines didn't go on to say Cost: 325,000
why they traded the brain safety of their users for more active Response:3
memory. This is a deck that has gotten some bad press lately as it Hardening:3
doesn't have the protection hardware to withstand Black Ice. Memory:4
Cost: 48,500
Sony Saru 5K stronger and faster than other users, and boast a number of illegal
This deck's development was mired in scandal and setbacks. The software modifications. Evasion software might raise an eyebrow
lead engineer was poached, some say by Ares and took her of a detective, while masking is a single program that says, I'm a
prototype chipsets with her. Struggling to recover they pumped criminal.
up the active memory and the price and sent it out the door
weeks after Ares deck hit the streets. Bod
Cost: 785,000 Bod software is legal, often free and ubiquitous. All users on the
Response:3 Matrix use some form of Bod software.
Hardening:4 A Bod persona soft costs the Decker's Matrix Hit Points X 100
Memory:4 credits. They may spend less, and have less Bod in the Matrix, or
swap out a smaller footprint avatar as a disguise. A decker can
Fuchi Cyber-7 have any number of Bod programs to present as their avatar. For
No one knows how many of these were made, but it is known perspective, most Matrix users have free Bod software, and no
that Fuchi is not currently producing more. The price is still more than 1d4+1 hit points. Most Matrix users do not encounter
steady, which means someone is sitting on a ton of these. anything that does actual damage.
Deckers have been rumor-mongering about a warehouse full of
these somewhere for months. It has become a joke, the way Evasion (Having the Alert Feat in the Matrix)
bigfoot sightings were pre-Awakening. If you can find one and Evasion software works your processors pretty hot & heavy. It
have the money, however, buy one immediately. They are affords you an edge by sniffing into the packets in a given node
getting scarce. and anticipating pattern behavior. Evasion Software is not cheap.
Cost: 1,250,000 It costs 5000 credits per point of Response on the deck. It must
Response:3 also be paired to the Cyberdeck. Evasion software overwrites the
Hardening:4 firmware and is a quasi-legal modification. Activating Evasion
Memory:5 software also raises the Alert Level of a node by 1 unless the
Decker can make a DC 25 Intelligence Saving Throw.
Renraku Kumo-Do
This is not technically released, but some of them have been Masking (Passive Stealth, but Intelligence based)
spotted around the matrix of Cal Free. Although it is not quite a The user adds 10+their Intelligence modifier+ their proficiency
Fairlight, it is no slouch and Deckers are seeking these out as fast bonus. This becomes their Masking. Systems rolling to find a user
as possible. Confirmed sightings of this deck in real-space have have this number as their DC. Masking Software costs 25000
not yet been confirmed. You are out where the buses don't run. credits. Possession of such software is, of course, illegal.
Cost: 2,000,000
Response:4 Sensors (Passive Perception)
Hardening:5 Sensor software is legal. This grants the user rendering quality of
Memory:5 other Bod programs and Matrix system icons. It basically
increases the speed and quality at which the local Matrix is
Fairlight Excalibur rendered around the user's avatar. This grants them a Passive
The best of the best and only those with the most credits need Perception, while in the Matrix. It is calculated the same.
apply. These are custom made decks that are only available for 10+Wisdom modifier + Proficency bonus. Users attempting to use
the elite. Don't worry, plenty of good work is being done with Sleaze to sneak by a user undetected must make a check against
lesser decks. Your talent is the most important thing, right? This this number. Good news, the construct works for the user! Sensor
deck is more status symbol than workhorse, isn't it? Tell yourself software is only 50 credits per Proficiency bonus of the user.
you don't want one. Go ahead.
Cost: 5,000,000
Utility software requires Memory Hardware to use. A decker can
Programs are similar to spells and gear in real space. They permit have a number of Utility Software programs running equal to their
the Decker access to secure systems. Cyberdeck's Memory rating. They may load utility software as an
action. During that action, they may choose a number of
Programs Include: programs up to their Memory rating to reload, replace or


Persona software does not use the Memory rating of the Cost: 350
Cyberdeck. It is more the user's customized operating system. It This lets the user make Investigation or Search checks to find data
is how they experience Cyberspace and how they look to other as a Bonus Action instead of an action.
users. From this platform, they may access the systems of
cyberspace as a true power user. Persona software is object Armor
oriented, and takes readily to being re-written and reshaped by Cost: 800
users and script apps to modify appearance to anything the user Increases the Decker's Matrix Armor Class by 1. This program
can imagine. Deckers use this wiggle room in the code to be lasts until the Decker takes 8 points of damage. Then the Armor
program is shut down. It can be reloaded with an action, or with
a Reaction by the Decker. Cost: 12500
3d6 Damage
Armor, Improved
Cost: 2500 Bomb 3
Increases the Decker's Matrix Armor Class by 2. This program Cost: 75,000
lasts until the Decker takes 15 points of damage. Then the Armor 4d8 Damage
program is shut down. It can be reloaded with an action, or with
a Reaction by the Decker. Bomb 4
Cost: 350,000
8d6 Damage
Armor, Heavy
Cost: 17500
Increases the Decker's Matrix Armor class by 4. This program lasts Decrypt
until the Decker takes 25 points of damage. Then the Heavy Decodes encrypted files. Think of this as a library of programs.
Armor program is shut down. It can be reloaded with an action, Deckers have a half dozen or so Decryption files. They cost
or with a Reaction by the Decker. Heavy Armor requires the use anywhere from 50-25K credits. If a decker cannot get past the
of two active Memory slots. encryption of a file on an Intelligence based skill check, then they
will need to purchase additional decryption software before
attempting again.
A base attack program that lets the user target an enemy's Matrix Spoof
Armor Class. Doing so the user adds their Intelligence Modifier Acts as a Disguise check to fool a system into thinking the Decker
and their Proficiency modifer to their attack roll. Launching an is a legitimate user. DC to be detected is 10+ Intelligence or
Attack program is an action. Multiple attack programs can be Charisma modifier + Proficiency modifier. Most deckers write this
loaded into memory. If a Decker has multiple actions (high one themselves. Asking to buy a Spoof program is a newb move,
Response decks), then they may still only use a single Attack real deckers write their own.
Program once per round. For this reason, sometimes Deckers load
multiple Attack Programs to be able to attack more than once a Sleaze
round. Attack software is illegal with penalties based on the level Cost: 8000
of attack software it is. Acts as a Stealth check to hide within a system. If the user has
Masking software running against a system (not another Decker)
Attack Program, Basic then this Stealth (Intelligence based) is at advantage.
Cost: 750
1d6+ Intelligence Modifier damage. Slow
Attack Program, Advanced Smoke
Cost: 4500 Cost: 1250
2d6 +Intelligence Modifier damage. This obscures the area around the Decker with random code.
Attempts to find them in that area are at Disadvantage. They may
Attack Program, Expert still be affected by area of effect attacks.
Cost: 12500
3d6+ Intelligence Modifier damage. Trash
Area of effect attack program does 3d6+ Intelligence Modifier to
Attack Program, Military all programs in a Node. Users may make Wisdom saving throws
Cost: 250,000 against this with success indicating no damage. This program
4d8+ Intelligence Modifier damage. affects the user as well.

Barrier (1-5)
Cost: 2000 per rating.
Reduces damage from bomb programs and attack programs by
rating. This is DR for matrix attacks. A barrier can take a number
of damage sources equal to the Decker's Intelligence or Wisdom
modifier before it crashes.

Bomb (1-4)
Bomb is a variation of an attack program that is area of effect.
Targets in the area must make Intelligence saving throws. Success
indicates half damage. Natural 20's indicating no damage is
taken. Again, these are illegal softs.

Bomb 1
Cost: 5000
2d6 Damage

Bomb 2
Allows non-cyber use of Smartguns. With goggles and a
smartgun +1 may be added to ranged attack rolls
Cost: 250
Detection of life forms within 200 yards. For an additional 2250
With an Intelligence check the user may attempt to Jam a signal
this increases to 880 yards (half mile). Adds +2 to Perception or
or a targeting system. Range is a half mile and can be doubled for
Investigation, as applicable.
double the cost, up to 8 miles for 56000 credits.
Cost: 1750 and up
Climbing Gear
Radiation Badge
Harness, pitons, pick, carbon ropes and grapple gear
Turns black when in the presence of deadly ionizing radiation
Cost: 25
Comm Gear
Radiation Suit
Allows two way communication of voice signals. Can be further
Constitution Saving throws versus Radiation are made at
secured and upgraded. Throat microphone additional 150.
Cost: 6500
Remote Rig
Smartphone with GUI access to Matrix-Light. Does not transmit
Allows control of Drones, or a vehicle equipped with a Control
Persona software, but will get your email and apps and act as a
Rig and a transmitter. Range and number of drones that can
cellular telephone.
subscribe to a Rig can all be upgraded.
Cost: 150
Cost: 400 for base model. Range half mile.
Range: Double range for double cost, up to 8 miles for 6400.
Cone of light out to 90'. Flashlight armor available for 50
additional credits.
Cost: 30
Environmentally sealed suit built to withstand vacuum, radiation
and temperature extremes. Equipped with comm gear, commlink
Gas Mask
and sensors. Does not include propulsion system.
Filters out most gasses and particulate dispersal agents.
Cost: 18000
Cost: 120
Geiger Counter
This device can double the range of comm gear or Remote Rigs,
Detects radioactivity. Range 5'
etc. Players should be creative with this radio amplification
Cost: 150
Cost: 4500
Allows user to make a Sleight of Hand check to cut into all but
Voice Mask
the most armored glasses. Thieve's Tool proficiency also applies.
This device can scramble a speaker's voice to sound completely
Cost: 10
alien, different, but usually always artificial and difficult to identify.
Goggle System
Cost: 500
Various styles and configurations. Offers protection and options.
Cost: 350
Camera +300

Darkvision +1000
Datafeed +250 RULES &
Flare Compensation +400
Image Magnification +450
Image Link +250
Optical Magnification +600
Smartlink +1500 (requires smartgun &induction gloves)
Rolling double ones when you are at Advantage, is called a
Guncam Glitch. You critically fail in a disastrous manner to be detailed by
Links up with recorder or remote feed. Usually mounted under or another player or the GM. This can be avoided by spending
side barrel, can also be modded to fit in a digitial scope system. Karma (Inspiration) after this happens if declared immediately.
Cost: 375 Karma (Inspiration) spent to counter a Glitch does not add to the
GM's Threat total.
Hazmat Suit
Environmentally sealed suit that offers protection from pathogens Karma
and chemical agents. Inspiration is expanded slightly in this setting. You start play with
Cost: 1500 3 points of it every session. The party also has a pool of them that
may be called upon in emergencies. A good guideline is 1 Karma
Induction Gloves (Inspiration) per player in the Player Pool. These may be used by
an individual with the team's consent. Karma spent from the Party the end of the next round.
Pool to make Saving Throws does not contribute to the GM's
Threat. Karma (Inspiration) will also be rewarded to individual Drones
players for remarkable and impressive role-playing or even These are robots controlled remotely or with semi-autonomous
heroism or applied revenge. Good scenes where all players routines. They can be issued commands with an action and the
contribute to the story may result in Karma being rewarded to the means of issuing it. Voice commands, or radio control is the most
party Karma Pool. Karma (Inspiration) may be spent in all the common.
ways outlined for Inspiration in the Player's Handbook. In this
setting Karma (Inspiration) can be used for the following ASSENSING TABLE
Call In Favor
9 or lower None
The character can call in a favor from a contact. This can
result in expediting a previous request, going outside of 10 General health, emotions and Awakened or
a comfort zone, or flat-out requisitioning gear. It is not mundane
instant, and it can strain a relationship. Contacts are
15 Presence of cyberware, type of magic, pattern
people too, with their own agendas.
of aura (recognition)
Catch A Breath 20 Details of cyber & bioware, diseases, toxins,
The character can use a bonus action to gain 5 temporary astral signatures, Essence
hit points. 25 or higher Complete & accurate details, diagnosis of
diseases, toxins, etc.
Critical Strike
The player must declare this before making the attack
roll. If it misses, the Karma (Inspiration) is still expended.
If the attack is successful, the damage dice are doubled. We will be using the healer's kit dependency rules. Since there
are no levels, the number of hit dice is dependent on race and hit
Tech Noir Realism
The GM's NPCs can spend Karma in the same manner as player
characters. The GM starts with a single point of this Karma and it A Short rest is still one hour long. Characters can heal themselves
is called Threat. Threat is accumulated by the GM when the player with a healer's kit (medkit) and by spending any hit dice to heal
characters spend their Karma. Players must be cautious of hit points as outlined in the D&D PHB. A new kind of rest is the
spending Karma, as the world can be seen be actively working its Medium rest is one day's rest or a good night's sleep. This will
own designs against them. restore a single hit die. A Long rest in this setting is 7 days long
and is the only time that all hit dice are restored. Sure, a Runner
Essence can patch themselves up after a fire-fight, but they cannot sustain
All characters start with an Essence score of 6. Cyberware and that tempo for days on end.
Bioware subtract from this total. An essence below 1 can cause
Any time a character takes half their total Hit Points in damage
the character to be at disadvantage on social tests or saving
from a single source. They risk suffering a lingering wound. They
throws against mana based spells. Essence below .5 requires the
must make a Constitution Saving Throw DC: 20 or gain one from
character to make a Wisdom saving throw every day or risk being
DMG pg. 272. If they are reduced to 0 hit points from any
stunned into catatonia. Essence below .1 will see the character
sources of damage they automatically suffer one.
becoming an NPC.

Magical characters that suffer essence loss find Drain more HIT POINTS & HIT DICE
difficult to resist. Every point of essence loss increases the Drain To calculate Hit Points, multiply your Constitution score by 5.
DC by 1. Magical characters with an essence below 3 resist Drain Characters divide their total number of un-agumented Hit Points
at disadvantage. by 10 (round down) to calculate the number of Hit Dice they
have. An elf with a 15 Constitution and no cyberware would have
Dumpshock 75 hit points. And they would have 7d8 hit dice.
When a Rigger or Decker is plugged into a system, be it a drone,
vehicle or the Matrix, they exchange their nervous system for that Humans & Elves
of their hardware or persona. Sometimes that carries risks. d8 hit dice
Immediate interruption of the connection pitches the character
back to realspace and it can be disorienting. Dwarves & Orcs
d10 hit dice
The player makes a Wisdom Saving Throw. The DC will depend Trolls
on circumstances but a good base is d12 hit dice
Drone DC: 11
Vehicle: 13
Matrix: 15

Failing to shrug off Dumpshock leaves the character stunned until

Damage Types
The same damage types exist in Shadowrun as they do in D&D.
However, there is some differentiation. Piercing damage is what
Spending Karma (XP)
bullets do. Ballistic armor will help against bullets. Force &
Improving Ability Score = Current Score
Bludgeoning damage are considered Impact damage. A Power
New Proficiency or Skill = 15 Karma
Bolt, Grenade and a Baseball Bat all do slightly different types of
New Saving Throw = 25 Karma
damage, but any Armor that provides Impact armor is going to
New Feat = 20
help against those damage types.
Improving Proficiency Bonus = Current X 20
Removing Flaw = Build Points X 10
Firearms Rules (expanded) New Edge (if applicable) = Build Points X 10
The rules for Firearms are in the DMG, pg 267. Changing the New Bundle = Build Points X 2
firing mode of a weapon is a bonus action as is reloading. With a Magical Initiation = 50 Karma
smartgun, it does not require any action to change the fire mode. Additional Initiate Power = 25 Karma
New Spell = 5 Karma
Additional Adept Powers = Build Points X 10
What the DMG calls Burst Fire will be known as Full Auto. There is
also the new property of Short Burst Spellcasting characters may learn spells by paying the cost for the
materials or formula and spending time in study/meditation. This
Short Burst
can be done with downtime and an Arcana or Religion check, DC
A weapon with this property can make a normal single-
is equal to the Drain DC of the spell being learned. The cost of
target attack or spray a tight cluster of bullets against a
spell formula depends on the type of spell. A good guide is:
single target. Doing so increases the the dice of damage
by 1. For example, a weapon that does 2d8 would
Combat Spells 5K
instead do 3d8 on a successful attack. This action uses 5
Detection Spells 1K
pieces of ammunition (usually bullets).
Health Spells 2K
Illusion Spells 2K
Manipulation Spells 2K
Full Auto
A weapon that has the Full Auto property can make a
If the character does not have the money, they may spend the
normal single target, or it can spray a 10 foot cube area
Karma XP and learn the spell automatically.
within normal range with shots. Each creature in the area
must succeed on a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or take
Initiate Grade Mage/Shaman Powers
the weapon's normal damage. This action uses 10 pieces
When a magical character goes through the ordeal of Initiation,
of ammunition (usually bullets).
they gain 1 of the following powers.
The spellcaster may concentrate on two spells at once,
Taking a full round to Aim will double the range of a
instead of one.
firearm. This requires a scope, or image magnification.
The Spellcaster may double the range or area of effect of
any spell they cast.

The spellcaster may perceive the Astral Plane as a Bonus


The spellcaster makes Drain checks at Advantage.

The spellcaster may form a mana barrier that will guard

against astral forms. It has hit points equal to the caster's
Essence X 20 and an Armor Class equal to their
spellcasting ability score.