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In this study, an interview on the people of the Higaonon tribe and documentation on how

they use their plants was supposed to be conducted. However, due to the lack of free time, the

proponents were unable to schedule the interview and documentation. In this case, the

proponents have decided that they will be gathering and analyzing studies about the

ethnobotanical knowledge of the Higaonon tribe instead.

Gathering of Data

The proponents would be gathering the data based on other studies since this study will

only be a meta-analysis of the ethnobotanical knowledge of the Higaonon tribe. The data would

mostly be gathered from the internet since this is the only portal that the proponents of the study

are able to use.

Sorting and Compilation of Data

The data from the gathered studies would be sorted in the case of repeated subjects

(plants or treatments), or different findings. Then the data would be sorted out according to their

purpose or treatment.