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Pressure lubrication units with shaft

driven pump, leaflet 3

L3206EN.doc 04.01.1999

5. Priming up the pump

1. General
In case the shaft driven pump does not produce
Minimum requirements for lubrication system with pressure within about 10 seconds from starting up
shaft driven pump (RHP, HP) is to ensure the the gear unit then do the following deeds:
operation of the system in the start up. (See
Instruction C.) HP-pump
HP-pump - Ensure that the pipe/hose connections are
respective with the rotation direction of the HP-
See the designation from the pump nameplate. With pump. If necessary, swap the suction and
HP-pumps the connection of the suction and pressure hose/pipe attachement on the HP-
pressure hose/pipe is DEPENDENT on the rotation pump in respect to the rotating direction.
direction of the shaft.
- Loose the suction pipe/hose and pour oil in to
RHP-pump the pump and rotate it if possible, so that the
See the designation from the pump nameplate. With gear pump is lubricated with oil. This ensures
RHP-pumps the connection of the suction and that the pump can produce a vacuum to the
pressure hose/pipe is INDEPENDENT on the rotation suction line to start oil suction.
direction of the shaft. Do not change the hose/pipe RHP-pump
- Loose the plug on the valve housing which is
2. Suction line with RHP-pumps marked SUC (suction) and fill the suction line
To ensure the suction of the shaft driven pump, a one with required oil and also pour oil in to the pump.
way valve is fitted to the suction hose or pipe to - Open the spring loaded valve pressing by finger
prevent the drainage of it. to allow oil flow into the pump.
DO NOT USE THE ONE WAY VALVE WITH HP- - Rotate the pump if possible, so that the gear
TYPE PUMP. pump is lubricated with oil.
3. Pressure line - Ensure that the pump is sucking oil.
To ensure the pressure production on the pressure
line the following equipment is to be fitted at least:
- pressure gauge
- pressure switch
4. Start up
When starting up the system it is compulsory to
ensure that the shaft driven pump produces pressure
by the pressure gauge and through the alarm setting
of the pressure switch.

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Pressure lubrication units with shaft
driven pump, leaflet 3
L3206EN.doc 04.01.1999

Following drawings show how to prime up the pumps:

Note: It depends on the rotating direction in to which

HP-pump hole the suction line is attached. This is done already at
suppliers factory. Don't change the assembly.
pressure line
When rotating direction is different from specified,
please change the attachement between suction and
pressure connections.
When refitting any connection use glue sealant, when
necessery to make the fittings tight!
Do not use tape sealants.

suction line Fig. 1.


Fig. 2.
pressure line


one way valve suction
suction line

suction press with finger until valve opens

Section A - A

Note: When priming up the RHP-pump do not loose the suction hose/pipe, only open one of the suction connection
plugs or valve plugs which is above the suction hose/pipe connection. Dont change the hose/pipe attachment.
Do not open the pressure line.

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