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06.8 arcaemt ASSOCIATED TOOLINGS (INDIA) PVT.LTD. | svn” w faci rae GENERAL PROCEDURE FOR RADIOGRAHIC TESTING [Prepaied By: PROCEDURE FOR RADIOGRAPHIC TESTING OF WELD JOINTS OF VALVE BODY (For ASSOCIATED TOOLINGS (INI ATT. ha | ASNT NDT Lora w | (er unart er As Seances 9 SOMOHONES AMES | assoctaren Toouncs (anoza) pvr. tro, | _ GENERAL PROCEDURE FOR RADIOGRAHIC TESTING _ CONTENTS Page Nos. I Scope 3 2 Reference Documents 3 3 Equipments 3 4 Surface Preparation 3 5. Personnel 3 6 Procedure 3-5 7. Viewing of Radiograph 5 8. Evaluation of Radiographs 5 9 Acceptance Standard 5 P od By Lig repared By — raved For ASSOCIATED TOOLINGS (INDIA) PVE LTD. Roviones 8 — 5 rd nat Dhan s ASNT Cee M4 a (rutin PrvD | ST GRR NRE BCT = Rowen wan 206,40 rove ASSOCIATED TOOLINGS (INDIA) PVT. LTD. | nd 18 oe I. Scope This procedure shall be used for carrying out the radiographic examination of weld joints between bonnet with body and body to flange Reference Documents ASME Section - V, Article 2 ASME. Section ~ VIHL, Division | ASME -B 16-3 ) 3. Equipments \) Radiation Source —tridium 192. Radiography Camera ( Remote operated ) Radiographic Film ( Agfa ~D7,Laser 107, Kodak - A400) I.ead Sereen ( Front & Back 0.1 mnt ) Innage Quality Indicator IQ (ASTM Wire Type or Hole Type } Film Processing Chemicals ( Developer, Fixer, Acetic acld , Wetting agent ) Lead Leters & Numbers Dark Room with AC and Safe Fight Processing Tanks and Hangers Washing Tank with running water Drying Chamber Radiation Survey meter 4, Surface Prey ration The surface of the weld shall be reasonably smooth and free from surface imeqularities like inter un valley, are strike, spatters and excess reinforcement which may interfere in the iotespretation 5. Personnel Personnel perform the radiograph must be al least quatified as RT-lor RT- 2 from BARC and Personnel performing the interpretation of radiographs shall be qualified al least as Level I] of Level II on radiographic testing as per SNT~ TC 1A of ASNT 6. Procedure 6.1 Exposure Technique As per the geometry of the valve body joint the radiopraphic technique shall be double wall double image superimposed technique and a! least 3 exposure at 60° or 120° apart, Ree spared By; _ Approved By —— For ASSOCIATED TOOLINGS (INDTA) PUT. LED. Birendra Nath Dhan. ; Boa NG tt tne 'e: ~ 80¢. NO. ATPL-QCAT io ASSOCIATED TOOLINGS (TNDTA) PVT. LTD. ii fa LE GENERAL PROCEDURE FOR RADIOGRAHIC TESTING _ 6.2 Identification of Radiographs Each radiograph shall be identified with respect to the job withthe following Joli No / Serial No, Date of radiograph 63. Selection of 191 Selection of 101 shall be the same group of material and nominal single wall thickness plus ailowable reinforcement shall be considered for selection of QI, ASME section V. \able 1-276 shail be the basis of 10I selection . Either ASTM wite or hole type 1Q1 shall be used GA. Placement of 121 QI ‘shall be placed on source side and in ease of double wall double image IOI shatl be ) laced on film side with lead fetter “E", Wite type 1QH shall be placed across the meld and hole type 1QI shall be placed at3mm away from edge of the weld. At least one 1Ol shall de visible on eacl radiograph 6.5 Loading of Film ‘-oading of firm in cassette shall be done in the dark room in between the front and back lead screen for the exposure. 66 Exposure Time Exposure time shall be calculated based on source strength, type of film, source to object dlstance ( SOD ) and source side object to film (SSOF } 6.7. Processing of Film 7.1 Afier exposure the fim shall be processed inthe dark room under controlled temperature temperature maintained between 18 & 24°C 6.7.2 Development of Film After unlonding the film from the cassette shall be dipped in the developing solution in the tank and tapped up and down twice ar thrice to dislodge the air bubble and agitate the film during developing to renew the developing action , Developing time shall be maintained! between 5 to 8 minutes, 6.7.3 Stop Bath AAffer the development, the Film shall be dipped in the stop bath having 2 % acetic acid 10 stop the developing action and neutralize the alkalinity and increase the life of fixer, 674 Fixing After stop bath the film shall be immersed in fixer solution for 10 to 1S minutes. Phe fixer will lissolve the unexposed silver salts and fix the permanent image and temperature shall be the same as maintained in the developer and stop bath solution, cn Prepared 7 etree it rapa (eri For ASSOCIATED TOOLINGS (INDIA) PVE. ATD. i Me ASSOCIATED TOOLINGS (INDIA) PVT. LTD. | fev10° o ‘GENERAL PROCEDURE FOR RADIOGRAHIC TESTING 6.7.5 Washing ‘Afler fixing the fw shall be inuweised in washing tank with running water o remove dhe Fixer frem the emulsion, 6.7.6 Wetting Agent AAfier washing, the film shail be inmnersed in wetting agent for | 10 2 minutes ta remove the tunwvanted water marks on the film 6.1.7 Drying ‘Then the film shall be dried in drying cabinet equipped with hot circulating air ot at ambient temperature in the dust fiee open space and temperature shal not exeeed 40°C because the emulsion may get erack 6.18 Alter drying, the film shat be putin the flapper for viewing and interpretation. 7. Viewing of Radiographs. Viewing of radiographs shall be done in a zoom with background lighting so that there not tobe the cause of any distrbing reflection ot glare. Viewer used for viewing the radiographs for interpretation shal provide a variable ligt to view the radiograph upto the density of 40 8 Evaluation Radiographs 8.1 AE radiographs shall be free from mechanical or other blemishes to the extent that they do not ‘mask and confused withthe image of any discontinuity in the atea of interest of the objects being radiographed 82. Sensitivity of Radiographs Fach radiograph shall show the requiced 10H image withthe minimum visibility of wire or hole to Fulfil the requived sensitivity H3. Density Each radiograph shall show the density in between 2 to 4 and the density variation in the stea Finterest shall not exceed more than -15% to #309% from the density on the interested zone neat the 191 Prepared By — — — ‘For ASSOCIATED TOOLINGS (INDIA) PVT. LD. Ve ¥ Birendra Nath Dhan enero TERE Th Sm nea * Certificate No. 47161 m4 oe wecacay ASSOCIATED TOOLINGS (INDIA) PVT. LTD. | 35 Boson 9, Acceptance Standard ‘Acceptance of radiographs shall be considered as per ASME~B16.34 and ASME Section VIN, Division |-- UW ST-and Appendix «4 fusion and crack is not acceptable, 1). Any incomplete penetration, lal 2) Any other elongated indication , which has length greater than 8) 6mm fort upto (9 mm bb) U3 1 for from 19mm to 57 mm. ©} 19 mm for Lover $7 nim, is not acceptable where 1° thickness of weld excluding any allowable reinforcement 3) Any group of aligned indications those have aggregate Fength greater than €in a Tongth of 12¢ is rot acceptable except the distance between the successive imperfections exceed s 6L, where L. is the length of the longest imperfection in the group. 4) Rounded indications in excess of that specified by the acceptance Standards given in Appendix 4 Frepaies y= nuns Mbt = an Birondeo Nath Oha “ASHI NOT bevel a RE UT, WT PTV) ‘WiFi Bore NG PHYS ASISIEE TMT Te