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OMEC Motors N.

Data Sheet No.

Three Phase Induction Motor Drawing No.

Client reference
Type: IE4-160M-4 11kW 400/690V 50Hz
Brand OMEC Date
Frame: 160 mm Insulation Class: F
Output: 11 kW Temperature Rise: 80K
Frequency: 50 Hz Service Factor: 1,0
Poles: 4 P Duty: S1
Rated Speed: 1465 rpm Ambient Temperature: -2040C
Slip: 2,3 % Altitude: 1000m
Rated Voltage: 400 / 690 V Protection Degree: IP55
Connection: / Y Cooling: IC411
Rated Current: 20.8 / 12.0 A Mounting: IM B3
Rotor Voltage: Vibration: 1.8 mm/s
Connection: Approx. Weight: kg
Rotor Current: Moment of Inertia: kg/m2
Locked Rotor Current: 800 % Noise LevelLp: 72 dB(A)
No Load Current: Direction of Rotation: Both
Rated Torque: 71,7 Nm Starting Method: DIRECT ON LINE
Locked Rotor Torque: 220 % Coupling: DIRECT
Breakdown Touque: 230 % Load Type: PARABOLIC CURVE

Performance Bearing Information

Output: 50% 75% 100% DE NDE

Bearing: 6309 2RZC3 6309 2RZC3
Efficiency(%) 90,5 93,4 93,3
Regreasing int.(h):
Grease amount(g)
Power Factor: 0,70 0,78 0,82

Notes / Accessories Deviation Sheet
Winding3XPTC150 Omec Customer

Specification: IEC60034-1 / GB755
Test: IEC60034-2 / GB/T1032
Noise: IEC60034-9 / GB10069.3 PRELIMINARY
Vibration: IEC60034-14 / GB10068 DOCUMENT
Performed Checked Date

Item Changes Performed Checked Date