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Hambricks Diamond model:


Product categories: ICICI can expand into international banking by providing cheap and better
products related to remittances and investments to NRIs.

It should also provide products like retail deposits which are the cheap source of raising finance for
ICICI as interest rates paid on deposits were about 0.5%- 0.75% less .

It should also cross-sell higher value products such as mutual funds, insurance, etc.

It should help to build a house for customers like migrants from Middle East who are in search for
brokers or builders to construct a house who return India for few weeks.

Channels: They will penetrate international banking through two channels:

First is India and Indians strategy in which ICICI would be servicing NRIs and Indian firms expanding

Second is by investigating Business process outsourcing to know whether they could build
technological expertise.

It should follow a hybrid channel strategy- branches, partnerships and technology-based delivery.

Geographic Areas: They will target those countries which are significant trading partners or where
significant Indian population reside. Countries such as US, UK, Canada, United Arab,etc.

Value chain: Value chain in banking is from back office to leveraging capital to front-end customer.
ICICI played in back office related work.

Vehicles: It should get into international banking through joint ventures.

It can learn about new technologies through JVs.

It can get knowledge related to banking culture inculcated by people of different regions through

The bank should have an integrated franchisee system across all the markets be in retail or

It should have financing and organisation restructuring expertise across industries as well as project
based operations and should be open to M&As.

Differentiators: It should differentiate by providing more customized products and solutions.

The bank should be able to cater to various customer segments by offering multiple product

Technology should be the major driver. E.g. direct banking, global remittances.

It should upgrade its distribution channel to enter international banking.

Then it should improve business process outsourcing. It should focus on its core competency and
outsource their non-core business processes. In future business process outsourcing (BPO) may
expand beyond non-core activities.

Then it should enhance business knowledge as per the global banking culture.

Economic logic: