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The Third Lesson Plan Template, the Oval Shape and the Circle Shape

Name: Nour Obaid The lesson theme: Farm Animals Date: October 10, 2017

Professional Development Plan

(What do YOU need to work on in order to grow professionally?)

Achieve classroom management

Use effective and useful teaching strategies.
Establish an appropriate routine for the preschoolers through my teaching sessions.
Create effective teaching lessons in short time that interest the preschoolers.

1. Choose and describe an aspect from a teaching competency that you need to work on (Goal):
To create transitions among the lesson parts.
To organize and make good flow for the lesson.
To achieve management by managing and using effective classroom strategies.

2. Describe what you will do to help achieve your goal (Strategies Used):
Create interesting transitions for children to keep the lesson in the flow.
Using appropriate classroom strategies to achieve management.

3. Describe how you can tell if youre achieving your goal (Evidence):
Using attractive management strategies to reinforce the positive behavior.

Grade Level: Subject: Learning Outcome (EYFS code and words):

Prekindergarten Mathematics
The EYFS Learning Outcomes:
Communication and language development:
ELG 01 Listening and attention:
Age: Preschoolers will listen to the short story,
Respond to what they hear with relevant comments,
Beginning of 3 and 4 years questions or actions.
ELG 03 Speaking: preschoolers express their thoughts,
feelings also, achievements in the circle time, doing the
activities addition, showing their work to the teacher and
Physical development:
ELG 04 Moving and handling: children will show good
control and co-ordination in the fine motor skill in all the
activities by shaping by the play dough, matching, gluing
also tracing.
ELG 06 Self-confidence and self-awareness:
Children will feel confident speaking in a familiar group,
will talk about the oval shape they made. Also, they will say
when they do or dont need help or want to show their

The Lesson Outcomes:

Recognize the oval shape.

Differentiate between the oval and the circle shape
(during the circle time activity).
Tracing and making the oval shape by the playdough.

Resources (what materials/equipment will Preparation (what do you need to make or check before
you and the students use? Be specific) class?)

Short story about the oval shape and Designing the lessons activities.
the circle shape.
Prepare the lesson and the materials.
Puppets for the short story, which
are: Create also prepare the reward system.

o The farmer. Provide extra activities for the backup.

o Oval shape. Key vocabulary:

o Circle shape. Oval shape

The three activities: Circle shape
Important note: the preschoolers do not Farmer
ready yet for the differentiation activities
due they just started the last month, they Tractor
are very young, and they did learn only
limited concepts. Due to that there will
be three activities with the same level,
but with some differences in the forms
and levels if possible.

Tracing and circling the oval


Matching the shapes.

Making the oval shape by the


The reward system, the paper crown,

and stars stickers.
Classroom rules.

Introduction (warmer activity + teacher active engagement)

Before start the lesson, I will try to do the daily routine by singing, welcoming, and listening to the
Quran. First, I will illustrate some basic classroom rules for the children to help reinforce the good
behavior in the class by showing the reward system, and the classroom rules. Then, I will engage
them in the lesson by trying to make the circle time lesson shorter. I will introduce the shape by a
short story link it with the current unit.

The story is:

One day, there was a farmer who try to fix his tractor but while driving it, there was something
moving wrong... (weird sound).
The odd wheel woke up and say: hey the farmer can you stop. The little farmer did not know from
where the sound is coming from. Then, he notice the odd wheel.... is this wheel look like this
wheel? NO... the odd wheel says: I am not a wheel, I am the oval shape. People always say I am a
circle BUT I am not a circle. I am an oval. I am the brother of the circle.... here I will show the two
shapes together and says: can see something different? The oval shape is the brother of the circle
shape. Oval is like a circle made of the playdough, but it has been squished. I will show them two
circles of play dough and squish the other than to make an oval... can you see the difference? The
circle is round and round while the oval it is round and long just like the egg.

next I will start the circle time game. I will ask them to close their eyes and put a shape behind
them. It will be circle or oval. I will pick a child to stand up, move around us and try to find the
hidden shape. We will song: Ahmad will find a shape... Ahmad will find a shape What is it?..
What is it?... If the child find it, I will ask him and ask the class about what is it? is it a circle or an

This game will be play four times then, we will start the activities.
Time: 15 min

Independent Experience (small group activity 1):

Children will trace and circle the oval shape in the paper.

The activity picture:

Independent Experience (small group activity 2):

For the second activity, children will match shapes with their lined shapes (one to one

The second activity picture:

Independent Experience (small group activity 3):

For the third activity, children will make an oval shape by using the playdough.
The third activity picture:

The children will start singing and clean up then, and they will go to play in the corners.

Note: I will try to use cleaning song or if it is possible, or I will use the Tidy up Rhumba song to
motivate them.

Here are the links:

Clean Up song:

15 min

Tidy Up Rhumba:




I am going to assessment them through the activities, through observing them, and through the circle time
activity, which all of them represent the formative assessment form.
Lesson Plan Reflection

My Teaching Childrens Learning (use

assessments of LO)
What Went Well? In general, the lesson was
very good. The session was
flowing nicely, but not
perfectly. The good points
Engaging the
From the second
lesson and attempt, I
noticed and sure that
telling a story in
digital or in not real
way will lose
childrens engage.
The best way to
engage them is to
notice their learning
styles, which focusing
on real, kinesthetic,
physical, and auditory
Achieving the
learning outcomes:
Even though, I tried to
simplify the lesson
and I thought from the
previous teaching
times, they need
repeating the concept
for couple of times,
they recognize the two
shapes especially the
oval shape name very
fast! I do not know
the reason, probably
because they are good
in numeracy or may
be the teaching style
was suitable for them.
In addition, I made
activity for them that
my MST thought it
was challenging for
them, but
approximately every
one of them did it
correctly even my two
special need students.
Suitable activities:
children find the
activities fun and even
wont to do the shapes
activity one more

EBI Even Better If

Focus and create
another activities suit
the SEN children.
Attempt to organize
the activities more.

Next Steps
(Identify which lesson this
will be seen in) I will follow the same
method in teaching, but
with more engaging and
to let the preschoolers
enjoy more the lessons.
I will also create activities
suits the SEN children,
organize the activities and
their distribution also,
prepare extra activity
because children loved
these activity.