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Color Marketing Group Announces 2019+ Asia Pacific Key Color - Future


Portland, OR, November 10, 2017 --( Color Marketing Group, the leading international
association of color design professionals, introduced the organizations' forecasted key colors today at the
2017 International Summit in Portland, Oregon.

Not only a color wave of the future, but a way of life. The Color Marketing Group 2019+ Asia-Pacific
Key color, Future Green, is a hue that represents our self-awareness, celebrating We are, what we are.
We are proud of our accomplishments, our generosity, and above all, embrace our responsibility to our

In a world where true meanings are hard to discern, hidden behind masks or alternative facts, Future
Green offers a hue of simplicity and honesty. It is a push back against hidden agendas and is a color that
offers face-to-face reality. People want trust and clarity so we immerse ourselves in grass roots
movements where the populace takes on what the elected officials cannot, or do not, accomplish.

Our desire for transparency drives a green that suggests the varied qualities of glass, this soft green also
exhibits strength and resolve. It will take on as many guises as nature, offering itself in everything from
glass-like translucent materials, to matte, gloss, or textured finishes in things as varied as metal or wool.

Live a future that embraces the promise of honesty, clarity, and humanity. Live Future Green.

About Color Marketing Group

Color Marketing Group, founded in 1962 is a notforprofit international association of color design
experts who forecast color directions. Color forecasting events are held throughout the world and the
results from these events become part of the global color forecast which takes place at the annual
International Summit.

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