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18. The Philippine Geothermal Inc.

Employees Union The surviving corporation automatically assumes

vs. Unocal Philippines Inc., the employment contracts of the absorbed
GR No. 190187, Sept. 28, 2016 corporation. The absorbed corporation's employees
are not impliedly dismissed, but become part of the
FACTS: manpower complement of the surviving
Unocal Philippines, formerly known as Philippine Geothermal, corporation.
Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Union Oil Company of
California (Unocal California), which, in turn, is a wholly 2. No. Absorbed employees are not entitled to
owned subsidiary of Union Oil Corporation (Unocal separation pay on account of such merger in the
Corporation). absence of any other ground for its award.

Unocal Corporation executed an Agreement and Plan of Separation benefits are not granted to petitioner by law in
Merger (Merger Agreement) with Chevron Texaco case of voluntary resignation, or by any contract it entered
Corporation and Blue Merger Sub, Inc. Under the Merger into with respondent. The terms of their contract do not
Agreement, Unocal Corporation merged with Blue Merger, provide that a merger is one of the instances where
and Blue Merger became the surviving corporation. Chevron petitioner may claim separation benefits for its members.
then became the parent corporation of the merged Neither can these circumstances be interpreted as to
corporations. After the merger, Blue Merger, as the surviving contemplate a merger with another corporation. In any
corporation, changed its name to Unocal Corporation. case, if title parties intended that petitioner ought to be
granted separation pay in case of a merger, it should have
Unocal Philippines executed a Collective Bargaining been explicitly provided for in the contract. Absent this
Agreement with the Union. However, the Union wrote express intention, petitioner cannot claim separation pay.
Unocal Philippines asking for the separation benefits
provided for under the CBA. According to the Union, the Petition for Review is DENIED.
Merger Agreement of Unocal Corporation, Blue Merger, and
Chevron resulted in the closure and cessation of operations
of Unocal Philippines and the implied dismissal of its
employees. The Union claimed that Unocal Philippines was
guilty of unfair labor practice.

The Secretary of Labor rendered a ruling that the Union's

members were impliedly terminated from employment as a
result of the Merger Agreement. The Secretary of Labor
found that the merger resulted in new contracts and a new
employer for the Union's members. The new contracts
allegedly required the employees' consent; otherwise, there
was no employment contract to speak of. Thus, the
Secretary of Labor awarded the Union separation pay under
the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The Court of Appeals reversed the Decision of the Secretary

of Labor. Hence, this Petition was filed.

1. Did the Merger Agreement executed by Unocal
Corporation, Blue Merger, and Chevron result in the
termination of the employment of petitioner's members?
2. Are petitioner's members entitled to separation benefits?

1. No. The merger of a corporation with another does
not operate to dismiss or terminate the employees
of the corporation absorbed by the surviving
corporation. The employment of the absorbed
employees subsists.

If respondent is a subsidiary of Unocal California, which, in

turn, is a subsidiary of Unocal Corporation, then the
merger of Unocal Corporation with Blue Merger and
Chevron does not affect respondent or any of its
employees. Respondent has a separate and distinct
personality from its parent corporation.

Nonetheless, if respondent is indeed a party to the

merger, the merger still does not result in the dismissal of
its employees.