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Merck Serono

Composition Contraindications
3ml of aqueous injection solution (1 ampoule) contains Neurobion Ampoules must not be administered in
Medicinally active substances: known hypersensitivity to any of the drug ingredi-
100 mg thiamine chloride hydrochloride (vitamin ents.
B1), 100mg pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), Due to the phenylcarbinol contained and the relat-
1000g cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12). ed risk of metabolic acidosis, this drug must not be
used in children under the age of 2.
Other excipients:
30mg phenylcarbinol, water for injection, potassium Side Effects
cyanide, sodium hydroxide solution. Anaphylactoid, i.e. rather severe hypersensitiv-
ity reactions very rarely occurred after particularly
Pharmaceutical dosage form
intravenous administration of vitamin B1. The same
Solution for injection
applied to hypersensitivity reactions predominantly
Mode of Action in the form of cutaneous manifestations after admin-
Neurobion Ampoules contain a combination of vita- istration of B1, but also of B12.
mins B1, B6 and B12 which are of particular impor- Please consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are
tance for the normal functioning of the neural metab- concerned about this or any other side effect, or if
olism. Like all other vitamins, they are essential you experience other complaints.
nutrients which the body cannot produce itself.
Pregnancy and breastfeeding
The efficacy of the combined vitamins B1, B6 and B12
No adverse effects during pregnancy have so far
contained in Neurobion Ampoules is superior to that
been reported after the intake of vitamins B1, B6
of the individual vitamins alone.
and B12 in the recommended dosage. No studies
The effect of B vitamins in diseases of the nervous are available on the possible accumulation of these
system involves compensation of accompanying vitamins in breast milk beyond the normal range.
vitamin B deficiencies and stimulation of natural In the individual case the doctor decides whether
healing processes in the nervous tissue. Neurobion Ampoules should be administered during
At the same time, the analgesic effects of the vita- pregnancy or the nursing period.
min B complex favourably affect the therapy result.
Indications You should inform your doctor immediately of any
For the supportive treatment of neuritis and nonin- signs of side effects or in the case of pregnancy.
flammatory diseases of the nerves, e.g.: Please keep Neurobion Ampoules out of the reach
- pain and/or paralysis in the facial nerves (trigemi- of children.
nal neuralgia, facial paresis)
Drug Interactions
- ischialgia
If used simultaneously with L-dopa (drug against
- pain in the area of the intercostal nerves, cervical
Parkinsons disease)
vertebral column, shoulders and arms, as well as
of the lumbar vertebral column Neurobion Ampoules can reduce the dopa effect.
- states of irritation due to diseases of the vertebral Dosage and Administration
column Neurobion Ampoules are to be administered intra-
- herpes zoster muscularly (by intragluteal injection).
NEUROBION Ampoules - p.2/2

In severe (acute) cases: One ampoule daily until the

acute symptoms subside.
After improvement of symptoms or in milder cases:
One ampoule 2-3 times per week.
Neurobion coated tablets are recommended for sup-
porting or continuing ongoing injection therapy and
for relapse prophylaxis.
Please keep strictly to the injection schedule pre-
scribed by your doctor.
Amber glass ampoules, 3ml
Package sizes: 3x3ml.