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Hello Sir/Mam,

As discussed and finalised in the Workshops, with the help of all the faculties,
and the data incorporated by the questions sent by the faculties, a MODAL
QUESTION bank for the FYBMM students is been prepared.


This is a MODAL QUESTION bank which is carrying suggestive questions for

the FYBMM semester I examinations. This initiative of MODAL QUESTION
bank is been carried out, so as to give an idea of the pattern of question and
topics to be taught to the FYBMM students. These questions are incorporating
equal weightage of the syllabus for the subjects.

As its the first year for the FYBMM University exams, this practice is an
initiative for the team work of the whole BMM fraternity including all the
professors. We are grateful to your incredible contributions for the same.

We look forward for the same coordination and corporation in the future from
all the faculties.

Please find the following suggestive questions subject wise enclosed below:

SEM I Introduction to Computers.
7 marks

1. Define computers and explain its characteristics. What is Excel

Spreadsheet and what are its uses?

2. Explain the terms internet, intranet and extranet.

3. What is E-Commerce? Explain its Benefits.

4. What is Excel Spreadsheet? Explain its uses.

5. What is QuarkXPress?
6. What is MS-Excel used for?
7. What is Typography? State its rules.
8. Write a note on tools in Corel Draw.
9. What is internet? Write note on services which we can use with the help of
10.Write a detailed note on MS Power Point.
11.Write a note on Typography? Explain in brief the options provided in the
character panel of Photoshop?
12.What is the difference between Serif and Non Serif Fonts?
13.What is meant by topology? State its types.
14.What is the effect of internet on journalism and journalists?

Introduction to Computers in Media Studies.

(8 marks)

1. Explain the basic terms of Designing Industry

2. Explain Mail Merge in MS-Word
3. Explain various types of Scanners
4. Digital Computers
5. Power clip effect in CorelDraw

6. Steps to put Watermark in Ms. Word

7. Computer hardware and Software
8. Explain text formatting buttons from HOME Tab in MS Word
9. State the method to change the slide background and applying the
background to all the Slides in MS PowerPoint
10.Write a note on operating system.
11.What is design? Explain various types of designs.
12.What are the different print file formats?
13.What are RGB & CMYK colour models? Explain colour separation?
14.Explain the difference between Intranet & Internet
15.Explain - LAN, WAN, VPN (Networks)
16.Explain in detail Uniform Resource Locator (URL) & Web servers.
17. Explain in detail the characteristics of computers?
18.What do you mean by Secondary Memory of a computer? Explain
three types of Secondary memory.
19.What are printers and their types?
20.Describe laser printer & dot matrix printer?

21.What is a computer network? Enumerate the advantages and
disadvantages of Computer.
22. Illustrate the Networks.
23.What is e-commerce? What are the different types of e-commerce?
24.Explain dpi and ppi.
25. Explain in detail Vector and Bitmap graphics
26.What do you mean by Resolution- Screen Resolution and Print
27. Discuss RGB and CMYK.
28. Discuss margins and bleed.
29.What is a Sprite in Scratch Animation Programming? How will you
animate a character to make him dance in Scratch? Mention Steps?
30.What are symbols? Why are symbols used?
31.Give a brief about pathfinder and shape mode options in Illustrator.
32.Explain the process of selecting and deselecting objects in CorelDraw.
33.Explain the process in a tabular format
34.Explain the various kinds of functions offered by MS Excel through
relevant examples / diagrams.
35.Explain the file format supported by Photoshop.

36.Discuss Raster & Vector Graphics.

37.Write a detailed note on input and output devices of computer.
38.Explain various tool bars and tools of Quark Express.
39.Write a note on Adobe Photoshop. State how it can be used in Web
40.Explain Disk Partitioning? What are logical and physical drives?
41.Explain Computer Graphics with examples?
42.What is Visual Hierarchy in designing? Explain the factors to be
observed to achieve visual hierarchy in design.

43.What are Layers? Explain its use while designing.
44.Explain masking and other options in the layers panel.
45.What is Power clip? How and why is it used?
46.Give a brief about blend and contour tool of Corel Draw.
47.What are the characteristics of a computer system?
48.What are the basics of designing?
49.Explain the drawing tools in Photoshop.
50.Write a detailed note of the drawing tools in PageMaker.
51.Write a note on viruses in terms of internet security. Illustrate the idea
through suitable examples.

Introduction to Computers.

1. Write short note on Scratch programming

2. Write a note on INTERNET.
3. Explain any two tools of Microsoft Office.
4. Write a short note on Operating Systems.
5. Write a note on Software. Define its types.
6. State the difference between RAM and ROM.
7. What are Search engines?
8. Explain Web Servers in detail.
9. Write a note on Internet Security and Threats over internet.
10.Explain Basics of Designing.
11.State the types of Websites.
12.State the types of Printers.
13.Vector images v/s Bitmap Images.
14.State the types of Display monitors.
15.Define Static & Dynamic Websites?
16.Define image Resolution,Anti-Aliasing and Kerning
17.Barcode reader.
19.Online newsrooms.
20.Pixels and resolution.
21.Explain video sharing and podcasting.
22. Name the tools in Photoshop used for selection? Explain each in brief
and its application.
23.Explain memory and its types?
24.What is a web portal and state its types.

25.Explain the features of MS WORD .
26.What is Scratch? Explain the concepts of scripting
27. Sprite packs.

Introduction to Computers

1. Explain Network Topology and its three different types?

2. Explain any 3 input & output devices.

3. Explain Mail merge in MS Word.

4. Define computer and explain its characteristics in detail

5. What is a Network? What are its types?
6. What is e-commerce? What are its types?
7. Explain tools from Photoshop tool box used for editing a Photo/Image

8. Explain Output Devices.

9. State MS Excel Formulas.
10. Discuss Computers Basic use or application.
11.Explain the various types of networks with suitable examples
12.What is the impact of technology on journalism? Give some suitable
examples in an Indian Context.
13.What is memory? Explain various types of memory and memory
14.What is a computer and what is the importance of computer in our daily
15.State advantages and disadvantages of automation via computer
technology in the world.
16.State and explain characteristics of a computer
17.Write a note on Importance of internet in Media and its effects on

18.State and explain different types of memory storage in computer
devices and state different storage devices and differentiate them in one
19.Explain in detail the basic structure of a PC?
20.What are operating systems? Discuss the different types of operating
21.What is digital designing? Describe the stages in the process of digital
22.What are Raster and Vector images? Explain their pros and cons and
their relation to resolution.
23.Discuss in detail why Internet security is needed and how it can be
24.Explain in detail the types of physical network typologies and mention
the advantages and disadvantages of each.
25.Bring out the classification of printers on the basis of Print method/
Print Technology? Give a short brief about each on the basis of its
26.Define Visual Communication design? Explain the stages involved in
a design process.
27.Explain the types of ecommerce with suitable examples in real world.
28.Explain different kinds of printers and discuss the printer mechanisms
through relevant diagrams.
29.Write a note explaining the concept of designing through appropriate
30.Explain in detail the various internet services available today?

Effective Communication Skills I
(15 marks questions)

1. What are the factors that affect communication adversely? Explain the
various components of communication.
2. What is lateralization of the brain? Discuss the functions of left brain and
right brain.
3. Write the notice, agenda and minutes of Jayant Industry's 66th AGM.
4. What is listening? Elaborate upon barriers to listening.
5. Write a letter to the Chief of Municipal Corporation drawing his attention
to the growing menace of hawkers on footpaths outside major railway
6. Explain the barriers to Communication in your words with relevant
7. Explain the skimming and scanning in reading with relevant examples?
8. Write an application letter with attached resume for a post?
9. Explain Panel discussion and group discussion?
10.Explain the various types of thinking?
11.Explain the types of listening and barriers to Listening?
12. Explain the translators learning styles?
13.Discuss the process of communication with the help of an example.
14.What is reading? Explain the difference between reading a
newspaper and a magazine
15.Write a letter to a company conveying your willingness to accept the post
of Assistant Manager it has offered you.
16.Oral communication skills form an important part of your personality.
Explain the statement with the help of an example.

17.Discuss the concept and importance of translation.
18.Differentiate between internal and external view of translation.
19.What is communication? Explain its process?
20.What is meant by barriers of communication? How and why do they
21.Explain the concept of SQ3R method of reading with examples
22. What are the common ways of communication? Explain it by describing
the flow of communication in an organization.
23.What are the criteria and rules a translator should follow while
translating? Explain it with the jargons.

Effective Communication Skills I

(8 marks)

1. State the Inter-sentence and intra-sentences linkages function at different


2. Honing the skills of skimming and scanning is compulsory for becoming an

efficient reader. How far do you agree with this statement?
3. Why is it necessary for a reader to consider the phonetic rules of the
languages he is using?
4. What is meant by Translators Memory?
5. What are the types of Reliability?
6. What are the characteristics of factual writing?
7. What is cohesion? How can it be acquired?
8. Why is it necessary for a communicator to avoid jargon?
9. Which factors determine the language of a write-up?
10.How many kinds of reports are there? Write a brief account of the parts that
a report has.
11.Draft a notice and a matching agenda for the 12th AGM of a company.
12.What are the features of editing and summarizing?
13.Elaborate Summarizing means capturing the essence and not just pursuing
the number of words.
14.What purpose does note-taking serve?
15.What is Phoneme?

16.Distinguish between primary stress and secondary stress.

17.Explain in Detail Pitch.

18.Explain in detail intonation.

19.Mention briefly the various types of listeners.
20. Enumerate and explain poor listening habits.
21.Elaborate upon the barriers to listening.
22.How can one become an efficient listener?
23.Which points must a presenter keep in mind before making a presentation?
24. What is anchoring?
25. How can one become an effective public speaker?
26.Which personality traits hamper clear thinking?
27.What is synapse?
28.What roles do the right and the left hemispheres of the human brain play?
29. What is liberalization of brain?

Effective Communication Skills I
(7 marks questions)

1. What is a panel discussion how is it different from a group discussion.

2. Explain the difference between left and right brain thinking
3. What is meant by the shuttle experience?
4. Explain the need for translation skills in journalism.

5. Write a note on 'minutes of a meeting'.

6. Explain 'Patterns as framework of thinking'?
7. Who is the pioneer of brain liberalization?
8. What is the function of the corpus callous?
9. What is logic-bubble?
10.Write a note on thinking tools mentioned in the chapter.
11.What is the need for translation skills in journalism?
12. Explain how language as a common system is a code that includes
13. Briefly explain Umberto Ecos concepts Copyrights.
14.Briefly explain Transcribing.
15. Briefly explain Translating.
16.What do you mean by untranslatable of a text?
17.Explain briefly scope of translation.

Effective Communication Skills I
(5 marks questions)
1. Press Release
2. Documentary
3. Anchoring
4. Timeliness
5. Emotional Memory
6. Bad listening habits
7. Editing and summarizing
8. Methods of communication
9. Methods to improve communication skills
10.State the Different types of listeners
11.State the errors of thinking.
12.Characteristics of report writing.
13.Components of the process of communication.
14.Role of computers in communications.
15.State factors that affecting communication adversely.
16.What steps should one take to make communication fruitful?
17.What are the functions of reading?
18.How can one achieve fluency in reading?
19.How does sensitizing help an individual in becoming an efficient reader?
20.Explain the standard format of script
21.Explain reading techniques and its importance?
22. Explain different Cs of writing?


Introduction to Sociology

(15 marks questions)

1. What is Sociology? Is it a Science? Take your stand on the statement.

2. Examine the nature and scope of Sociology. Discuss the three perspectives in
the study of Sociology.
3. Define Sociology. Describe the growth of Sociology as an academic
4. Define the term Society. Bring out the differences between rural and urban
5. Explain Social Interaction and forms of Social Interaction?
6. Examine the term Social Stratification. Discuss stratification based on caste
and gender in Indian society.
7. Examine the role of Competition and Conflict as forms of social interaction.
8. Elucidate the role of Media as an agency of Socialization.
9. Explain Social group and types of Social groups.
10.Explain the various types of Social processes.
11.Discuss the impact of media on Socio-Cultural values and social institutions.
12.What are Social movements? Discuss the stages in social movements.
13.Today Marriage is no longer considered a sacrament. Comment.
14. Discuss the impact of Media on Socio - Cultural values and social institutions.
15. Explain the factors which determine the news worthiness of a potential story.
16.Describe the various agencies of socialization.
17.Discuss the various formal and informal means of social control.
18.Social control is used as a means of maintaining social order. Elaborate.
19.Give an outline of the different types of Societies. In your opinion, in which
category does India fit in? Give reasons to support your answer.

20.Society progresses through organized conflict. Comment.
21.Define Society and state its features. Which are the different types of
22.Discuss the Core Indian Values and how these are represented in our Media.
23.What is Social Control? Analyse the reason of non-conformity to social
24.Trace the evolution of any one Social movements of India.
25. How does the caste and class system play an important role in Social
26.What is Social Control? Analyse the reason of non-conformity to social
27.What are the six types of Social process? Explain with examples.
28.Explain the role of Marriage, Family and Polity as institutions, shaping the
29.What are the different types of news? Explain each with examples.
30.Examine the concept of Culture and discuss the elements of culture.
31.Examine the characteristics of rural and urban society.
32.Outline the impact of social media on children and adolescents

Introduction to Sociology

(8/7 marks questions)

1. What do you understand by sociological imagination?

2. Social Control is exercised for promoting the welfare of the group as a
whole. Comment
3. Stereotyping in media of gender and religion leads to ethnocentric views.
4. Enumerate the types of marriages that are practiced in societies across the
5. Write an account outlining the evolution of society from pre-industrial to
post- industrial societies?
6. Define Formal groups. What are the functions of informal groups within
7. What is Popular Culture?
8. Explain the concept of ethnocentrism.
9. Explain trends that are shaping family structure and values in todays age
10.Analyse the role of religion in shaping our society
11.State the importance of a social institution. Give examples.
12.Mention some types of social interaction.
13.Describe the impact of Mass Communication in shaping a society.
14.Explain the concepts of institution and enumerate its functions in society.
15.Explain the link between Culture and Media
16.What is the difference between news and information?
17.Explain the concept of symbolic-interaction and feminist perspective.
18.What are Sanctions?
19.Explain the concept of symbolic-interaction and feminist perspective.
20.What role does news play in democracy? Explain with examples?

Introduction to Sociology
(5 marks questions)

1. The economic system in simple and complex societies

2. Sects and Cults
3. Rights to Information
4. News Value
5. Culture relativism
6. Social change
7. Culture shock
8. Sub culture
9. Social exchange theory
10.Symbolic interaction theory.
11.Forms of accommodation
12.Dysfunctions of Religion.
13.Indicators of Social class
14.Need for social groups
15.Social control by Beliefs and Religion


Introduction to 20th Century World History
(15 marks questions)

1. Discuss the reasons and effects for the Second World War.
2. Explain in detail the causes of World War I.
3. What was the Cold War? Describe the effects including the proxy wars.
4. Discuss how Propaganda was used during World War I and II.
5. Discuss how Adolf Hitler used the mass media prevalent at that time, for
propaganda, before and during the Second World War.
6. Discuss the three most important dictators to arise in Europe after the First
World War.
7. What are Human Rights? Mention any five Human Rights. What role does
the United Nations play to ensure that Human Rights are protected?
8. Discuss the history and functions of the UNO.
9. Describe the various Organs, Objectives, Activities and Issues under UNO.
10. Trace the developments that led to the formation of Israel in 1948 and the
impact in this region.
11.Discuss the political career of Nelson Mandela and the anti- apartheid
12.Trace the career and achievements of Mao-Tse-Tung.
13. Discuss the rise of Communism in China.
14.What led to the collapse of USSR and what were the consequences?
15.Explain Peace Time Media Intervention with reference to Star Radio,
Talking Drum Studio- Liberia and Voice of Hope in Sudan

16.What is the Arab Spring? How did social media impact the Arab Spring?
Answer with a detailed reference to any one country
17.Define the role of media with special reference to Arab Spring, Tahir Square,
Egypt and Jasmine Revolution.
18.What led to the formation of Bangladesh? Discuss this with a brief
background of Indo- Pak relations since 1847.
19.Explain in detail Indo-Pak War (1971) and formation of Bangladesh.
20.Discuss the formation of the state of Maharashtra and Samyukta Maharashtra
Andolans role in it.
21.What is the relevance of the Non Aligned Movement and what was Indias
role in its formation.
22.Analyse the coverage by Indian media of the Kargil War?
23.Describe in detail the formation and objectives of SAARC and also the role
of India in it.
24.Evaluate the role of India in the formation of Bangladesh in 1971.
25.What is meant by cross border terrorism? With suitable examples explain
how India is a victim of this. Suggest solutions.

Introduction to 20th Century World History
(8/7 marks questions)

1. Give a short overview of how the American media report the Vietnam
2. Who were the founding members of the Non-Aligned Movement
(NAM)? Why was it formed?
3. What factors lead to rise of Dictatorship in Italy?
4. Discuss the impact of Cold war in Vietnam.
5. Explain in detail the Brinkmanship in Cuba.
6. Explain the consequences of World War II.
7. Critically analyse the invasion of Afghanistan by US in the 21st century.
8. What were the causes of the Sino-Indian War of 1962?
9. What was the Bhoodan Movement? Highlight the contribution of
Acharya Vinoba Bhave in the Bhoodan Movement.
10.Explain Propaganda and Discuss in detail Negative propaganda by War
11.Enumerate the contribution of Maharshi D.K. Karve for the up-liftment of
Womens education.
12.Explain the Human Rights violation during Pol Pots regime in
13.How did the Indian government deal with the refugee problem post the
partition of India?
14.Highlight the role of the common man in the Tiananmen Square
democratic movement.
15.Explain Anna Hazares fight for good governance.

16.The British left us with two countries trace the development of partition.
17.Describe the Human rights with reference to Humanitarian Aid in Africa
by United Nation.
18.What role did the media play in highlighting the African famine of the


Introduction to 20th Century World History

(5 marks questions)

1. Write a short note on any one media platform in Africa that you
have studied.
2. Why was the Berlin Wall built? What was its effect?
3. List out the objectives of SAARC.
4. Warsaw Pact
5. Fascism
6. Korean war
7. Media Espionage
8. Glasnost and Perestroika
9. Maos Great Leap Forward
10.Glasnost and Perestroika
11.Treaty of Versailles
12.Baba Amte


Introduction to Economics
(5 marks questions)
1. Law of demand assumptions and exception.
2. Features of oligopoly
3. Inflation meaning, types, causes, effects and measures to control Inflation.
4. Commercial Bank and its functions.
5. Central bank and its functions.
6. What is a demand? Name any five factors that determine a demand.

7. Discuss in detail various challenges faced by Indian economy.

8. Explain the concept of cost with its different types.
9. What is the difference between macroeconomics and microeconomics?
10.How is it supportive to each other? How do you think the study of
economy is incomplete without these two?
11.What are the salient features of monopolistic competition? Is it an ideal
market structure? Justify.

Introduction to Economics
(8/7/5 marks questions)

1. State objective of International Monetary Fund.

2. State the features of Perfect completion.
3. State the features of Monopoly.
4. State the features of Monopolistic Completion.
5. Discuss Circular flow of national Income.
6. Discuss Trade cycles features and phases
7. State the meaning and function of money.
8. WTO is a watchdog of international trade Elucidate.
9. State the merits and demerits of LPG model in India 1991
10. Discuss Hypothetical individual and market demand schedule and derive
their demand curves.
11.Explain with suitable diagrams the different types of price elasticity of
12. Difference between Inflation & Deflation.
13.Economies of scale.
14.State the types of budget
15.State the types of deficits
16.Balance of trade v/s balance of payment
17.What is the difference between short run and long run
production function? Explain.

(15 marks questions)

1. Write with examples the difference between Mass Communication & Mass
2. Describe the barriers in communication with suitable examples
3. Discuss the tools of mass communication.

4. What is the contribution of electronic media in mass communication?

5. Explain with Diagram the process of communication and its various


6. Explain with examples various forms of Communications.

7. Discuss the scope of any two of the following tools of mass communication :
(a) Books, Newspapers, Magazines
(b) Radio
(c) Television
(d) Films
(e) Internet

8. What is Media Convergence? Explain with examples its technological

dimension, economic dimension, socio-cultural dimension and its
implications to 'Mass Communication'.

9. With specific example explain Portrayal of women in Indian Cinema

10. How is Mass Communication different from other forms of communication?

Explain in detail with the help of examples.

11.Explain the term Gatekeeping? Explain the Gatekeeping Model.

12.With the help of a case study, explain how mass communication can be used
for social and political causes.

13.Explain the term Convergence. In what ways do you think convergence is

going to impact the traditional mass media?

14.Critically examine mass medias portrayal of women. How can such
portrayal impact women?

15.Explain the Laswell Model of Communication with


16.What is the code of broadcast for AIR and Doordarshan.

17.Write a short history of Films in India and explain any

two decades of Hindi cinema.

18.Public Relation is all about public and communication.

Explain with reference to PR in India.

19.Who according to you is a good social communicator? Explain by giving

instances in which s/he connected with the masses

20.Describe various tools of Traditional & Folk Media with suitable examples

21.Elaborate the concept of communication with various definitions and explain

various forms of communication.

22.Discuss the use of television as a means of mass communication in India.

Describe its advantages and disadvantages, uses and potential with

23.Discuss with examples how newspapers serve the functions of mass

communication. Discuss benefits and drawbacks

24.Discuss the objectives/ functions of Mass Communication.

25.Discuss barriers to mass communication with examples.

26.Discuss the growth and evolution of radio as a mass medium in India.

27.Define Barriers to Communication with special reference to Socio-
Psychological barrier and Cultural barriers.

28.Write a short history of Films in India and explain any two decades of
Hindi cinema.

29.Discuss the process of communication with reference to any mass medium

30.What do you mean by barriers to communication? Do you agree that

barriers are created by the media?
31.Do political communicators speech style create an impact? Explain it with
reference to your favourite political communicator
32.Do you think that mass media only creates negative impact on children and
youth? Discuss.
33.What has been the impact of media on our culture? Discuss with relevant
34.Comment on Media Convergence and its technological dimension with
impact on mass Communication.
35. Elaborate on Group Communication using Traditional and Folk Media
36. Impact of New Media on Women and Children and their development.
37. Communication is a process whereby reality is produced, maintained,
repaired and transformed. Explain the concept with the help Gerbers model
and the barriers involved in the process of mass communication.
38. Describe Interpersonal, Public, Satellite and Interactive forms of
communication and role of culture in mass communication with suitable
39.Communication used to inform, to build an image and to influence public
opinion. Explain the nature of mass media with role of Advertising and
Public relations.

40.Outline the difference between Traditional Folk media and Modern mass or
Electronic media.
41.Elaborate the conceptual framework of Media Convergence and its
implications to mass communication.
42.Explain the significance of Gatekeeping model of Communication
43.Write a short history of films in India and explain any two decades of Hindi
44.What is Mass Media? What are the different types of Mass Media? List and
explain the merits and demerits of each medium.
45.Explain and illustrate two communication models
46.What is traditional and folk media? Name and explain some of the traditional
47.What is the purpose of using traditional media in mass communication?
48.Analyse the impact of media on youth and children. Justify giving examples.
49.How is Mass Communication different from other forms of communication?
Explain in detail with the help of examples.
50.With the help of a case study, explain how mass communication can be used
for social and political causes.
51.Public Relation is all about Public and Communication. Explain with
reference to PR in India.
52. Explain the different types of appeals in advertising. Give example of one
product which uses advertising and how it has changed over the years.
53.What is Convergence of Media? Explain the impact of New Media
convergence and Socio - Cultural dimension of convergence.
54.What are different types of Communication? Explain each with importance.
55.What are different types of Mass Communication Media? Explain its
importance in todays World?
56.Discuss the impact of new technology on mass media with reference to
media convergence and information super highway.

(8 marks questions)

1. Is there any impact of Mass Media on Women & Culture? How

2. Describe the impact of Mass Media on Youth & Development.
3. Differentiate between mass communication and the mass media.
4. Explain in detail Laswell model of communication.
5. Which medium according to you is the most impactful and why?
6. Write a short history of "Films in India" and explain any two decades of
Hindi Cinema.
7. Public Relation is all about public and communication. Explain with
reference to PR in India
8. Who according to you is a good social communicator? Explain by giving
instances in which s/he connected with the masses
9. What is convergence of media? Explain cultural convergence with
reference to any one channel providing space to the audience to create
10. What has been the impact of media on our culture?
11. What is the code of broadcast for AIR and Doordarshan?

12. What is convergence of Media? Explain Cultural Convergence with

reference to any one channel providing space to the audience to create

13. What has been the impact of media on our culture?

14 .Explain the code of conduct for advertisers in India.

15. What is the impact of mass media on Indian Society?
16. Discuss the impact of mass media with reference to any recent event
17 .where media intervention changed the situation.

18. List the advantages of social media and give examples for the same

19. Explain the linear model of communication

20. Discuss the positive and negative impact of mass media on Education

21. What is information super high way and information economy?

22. Explain the HUB Model in detail

23. Differentiate between mass communication and the mass media.

24. What is the impact of mass media on our culture? Explain with examples

25. What is communication? Explain its process with diagrams.

26. Explain the barriers of communication with examples.

(7 marks questions)

1. What is the impact of Mass Media on Education &

2. What was the role of Sant Gadge Maharaj as a mass
3. Discuss the role of Narendra Modi as a mass
4. Write a short note on any one model of Communication
5. Write short note of various barriers to communication
6. Write short note on various types and importance of Traditional & Folk
7. Write short note on the impact of social media on Mass Communication
8. Differentiate between group communication and public communication.
9. How is broadcasting different from print as a mass medium.
10.Discuss the undesirable effects of mass media on children.
11.What is nonverbal communication? Explain its relevance with the help of
examples. What is the significance of Gate Keeping model of
12.Explain the evolution of Television in India with specific reference to
13.List the advantages of social media and give examples for the same.
14.Do you think mass media only creates negative impact on children and
youth? Discuss with reference to media consumption of children.

15.Write a brief note of Traditional & Folk Media.
16.Advertising and Public relations as a tools and means of mass
17.How Mass Media contribute in social development? Give some suitable
18.Discuss with examples how newspapers serve the functions of mass
communication. Discuss benefits and drawbacks
19.Discuss the objectives/ functions of Mass Communication.
20.Discuss the growth and evolution of radio as a mass medium in India.
21.What effect did the Gutenberg printing press have on society and
22.Discuss the difference between magazines and newspapers

23.Discuss the elements of the communication process using examples from

either radio or television
24.Explain the importance of the Internet as an interactive medium
25.What is the nature of Mass Communication and state its difference from
Mass Media
26.What is Laswells formula of communication?
27.Explain Gerbner's model
28.Differentiate between group communication and public communication.
29.How is broadcasting different from print as a mass medium.
30.Explain traditional and folk media in detail with examples.
31.State the barriers to effective listening.
32. How newspaper played an important role in Mass Communication
33.Explain the functions of Mass Communication in detail.



(5 marks questions)

1. Write short note on the impact of mass media on any one of the following
Write a short note on the importance of feedback in communication.
2. Explain the terms Information Economy and Information Society.
3. Write short notes on
i. Verbal Communication
ii. b) Hub Model
iii. c) Broadcast code of Doordarshan
4. Explain Digital Media.
5. What is the importance of folk media in the
present times?
6. Explain Gerbers model in detail
7. Discuss Mass Media and Education
8. Explain growth of Cultural and economic
development and impact on Mass
9. Short note on any one of the following
a. Media and role of Culture

b. Information Super Highway
c. Social Media and Mass Communication
d. Types of Newspapers
e. Broadcast Media
f. Internet as media

i. Media and Development

ii. Media and culture