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Chief Bryan MacCulloch

Niagara Regional Police Services

5700 Valley Way
Niagara Falls, ON
L2E 1X8

Subject: Annual Haudenosaunee Short Hills Deer Hunt

I write to you regarding the Annual Haudenosaunee Short Hills Deer Hunt in
Short Hills Provincial Park.

It has come to my attention via the Christian Peacemakers Team, that protesters
from the Short Hills Wildlife Alliance and the Animal Alliance of Canada are
interfering with the Haudenosaunee hunters entering the park.

The hunt is a treaty right of the Haudenosaunee on their traditional hunting

lands. To interfere with treaty rights is an act of colonial violence and racism
under the United Nations International Convention on the Elimination of All
Forms of Racial Discrimination. (Enacted January 4th 1969).

Regardless the stated position of the protesters, it is improper for police

personnel to effective support their actions by delaying the entry of hunters into
the park in violation of the UN Convention.. It is choosing sides.

Yesterday Nov 11 the delay at the protesters barricade was 1 to 2 minutes. Today
the delays are 4 to 5 min. so protesters can wave their placards calling our people
murderers and otherwise terrorize our children on the hunt.

I recognize and acknowledge that Canadians do have the right to freedom of

assembly and freedom of expression. This right does not extend to the breaking
of international covenants to which Canada is a signatory.

The obvious solution is to remove the protesters from the barricade to the side of
the road opposite the park entrance. This satisfies the interests of the protesters
to be seen and heard and it removes the infraction of the UN Convention on
Racial Discrimination.

We request this solution be implemented immediately. In this time of

Reconciliation, it is a step backward to support the interference in a Treaty Right.