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[ Field of Study Code IRAM (234) ]

Time Allowed : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 100

Note (i) This Question Paper consists of two Parts, Part-A !ffid Part-B.

(ii) Attempt any one question (40 marks) from part-A and any three questions
(20 marks each) from part-B.


1. Give a critical account of the rise of right wing parties and Governments in Europe and
North America. What are the major political challenges arising out of this?

2. Critically examine the formation and growth of Indian nationalism during the freedom

3. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Indian economy? What do you see as its
current major challenges?

4. Examine the social, political and economic impact of Indian Diaspora on the
contemporary Indian society.


5. Discuss the impact of China as an emerging global power on international relations and
. its implications for India.

6. Critically examine the 'Look East' policy of India. What are the major objectives of India in
the ASEAN region?

/110 [ P.T.O.
7. Critically discuss current challenges and prospects of India-Australia relations.

8. Examine the Zionist .movement and its impact on West Asia.

9. Discuss the limitations to European Union's policies due to its dependence on Russian
gas supplies.

10. What would be the implications of Brexit to India?

11. Critically discuss the victory of Trump in US Presidential elections.

12. Examine the positive developments in India-Bangladesh relations in recent years. What
are the major concessions given by India?

13. What are the major challenges and constraints faced in utilising energy resources in
Central Asia?

14. Examine the Mexican response to US efforts to stop migrations from Mexico.


/110 2 E7-5100