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Task Title: Reptiles Lesson Reflection

Name: Jawaher Ahmed Alkaabi

Course: EPC 3403 Practicum 3
Instructor: Antoinette Wiseman

(Technology, 2017)
Reptiles Lesson Reflection

Select (S):
Identify a lesson and what standards are you addressing
The lesson I taught today was about reptiles, I taught the lesson in Arabic. I wanted the students to identify
the meaning of reptiles, describe reptiles figure, color and how does the skin feel, compare between birds,
insects types the toke before & reptiles, and understand each reptiles specialty.

Describe (D):
The lesson was for 4-5 years old students in KG2 & it take place in Al Darari Kindergarten. I tried to let the
students identify reptiles. The students were a little confused since I did a bad job teaching them in Arabic,
it was different and difficult to teach in Arabic, because were used to teach in English. However the students
was able to understand since the lesson is in Arabic and because the teacher did help me a little to explain
things for them.

Analyze (A):
Students were confused, because the teacher interrupted me while Im teaching, I did understand why she
did that, but at the same time I was confused because before teaching the lesson I had my plan on how Im
going to teach them and I did memorize what Im going to say as I usually do, but before the lesson start
she came to me and asked me to do and tell them few things which got my whole plan changed, so I was
nervous not to do well and while teaching I forgot and got confused between what I prepared and what the
teacher told me to do. However her timing was good when she interrupt, otherwise the lesson was going to
fail. Even though the lesson was going to fail at the beginning, it went well after introducing the concept.
Some of the students was able to relate their prior understanding while I introducing the reptiles and they
were able to say it name and it figure. I did engaged the students when I showed them real animals to
compare I had turtles, fish, birds and I got lucky we saw a butterfly flying in the class so that was an example
of the insects.

Appraise (A):
The students found the lesson in between there were times were they had fun and times were they get bored.
By the end of the lesson I met few of my teaching goals, the goals that I couldnt meet were when I wanted
them to understand each reptiles specialty, the easiest one for them was that the alligator is fast, but when
the lesson ended few students asked about the chameleon, I told them that it can change it skin color, so I
explained why chameleons do that, it because they feel unsafe/ danger, also to control their body temperature
and its kind of a self-expression of the way they feel as some scientists believed.

Transform (T):
In future I hope that I wont have to teach in Arabic again, but if I had too I would add a video of reptiles
and animals types to compare between them, also since science is a little hard concept I would like to add
few games that they can play them on the computer about reptiles. I used rules during my lesson for more
discipline in the classroom.