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A SPARC based system passes through all the following phases on every
Oracle Solaris boot.
A) BIOS, POST, SMF, init scripts
B) POST, OBP, init scripts, SMF
-*C) POST, OBP, booter, ramdisk, kernel
D) POST, OBP, GRUB, ramdisk, kernel
E) OBP, WANBoot, ramdisk, SMF

2. Your system has two disk devices, c2t0d0 and c2tldO, and two flash
devices, c2t5dO and c2t8dO. Which command would you use to create a storage
pool named "tank," which mirrors the disks and adds the two flash devices as
A) zpool create tank mirror c2t0d0 c2tld0 mirror c2t5d0 c2t8d0
B) zpool create tank mirror c2t0d0 c2tldO log mirror c2t5dO c2t8dO
C) zpool c2t0dO c2t1dO cache c2t5dO c2t8dO mirrcr
-*D) zpool create tank mirror c2t0d0 c2tldO cache c2tSdO c2t8dO
E) zpool create tank raidz2 c0tOdO cltld0 c2t5dO c2t8dO

3. Which two statements are true when configuring and installing zones using
Automated Installer?
A) Nonglobal zones are installed and configured on the first reboot after
the global zone is installed.
B) When a system is installed using Automated Installer, nonglobal zones can
be installed on that system by using the zone element in the AI manifest.
C) When the system first boots after the global zone installation, the zones
self-assembly SMF service configures and installs each nonglobal zone
defined in the global zone AI manifest.
D) If the zone is configured with autoboot=true, the system/zone-install
service boots the zone after the zone is installed
E) Labeled zones are autobooted if the zone is configured with
autoboot=true, irrespective of the global zone.

4. What does the "R" signify in this output when using the new zfs diff
$ zfs diff tank/cindys@0914 tank/cindys@0915
M /tank/cindys/
R /tank/cindys/fileB -> /tank/cindys/fileC
A) The file or directory is modified or the file or directory link has been
B) The file or directory is present in the older snapshot but not in the
newer snapshot.
C) The file or directory is present in the newer snapshot but not in the
older snapshot.
- D) The file or directory has been renamed.
E) The file or 'directory has been removed

5. The "beadm list" command produced the following output:

# beadm list
BE Active Mountpoint Space Policy Created
Solaris - - 66.20M static 2011-07-22
solaris-3 NR / 51.10G static 2011-10-19
What is the interpretation of this output?

A) The solaris-3 boot environment image is not ready to boot.

- B) The solaris-3 boot environment image is active now and on next reboot.
C) The solaris boot environment image is the default,
D) There are three copies of the Solaris boot environment image.
E) There are no active boot environment images available.

6. What has become the default graphical user interface for Oracle Solaris
11 desktop operation?
A) CDE (Common Desktop Environment)
- B) Gnome Desktop
C) X-Window System
D) Firefox Web Browser
E) Java Desktop

7. You notice that a production file system seems to have a lot of duplicate
data and decide to turn on deduplication for that specific file system. What
will the likely consequences be to the system and data when you enable
A) As you are only activating deduplication for a specific file system, the
pool that contains that file system will not be affected.
B) You can view the deduplication ratio with the rpool list command under
the "dedup" heading
C) All new and existing data will be processed for deduplication In the
D) Duplicate files, will instantly be removed because zfs deduplication
works at the file level.
F) Any new data that is written to this file system will be analyzed for
deduplication possibly resulting in space savings.

8. Which log file will reflect the state of the svc:/application/auto-

installer SMF service when troubleshooting automated installations before
the initial reboot?
A) /system/volatile/install_log
B) /var/adm/messages
D) /var/sv.r/log/install.out
E) /var/svc/log/auto-installer.log

9. With which two command(s) are IPMP groups created and managed?
A) ipmpstat
B) ipmpadm
C) ipadm
D) dladm

10. You would like to create a custom Automated Installer manifest so that
the clients could proceed with the appropriate ... Which two commands would
you use in your efforts?
A) installadm create-manifest -n service_name -f mantfest_filename -m
B) installadm export
C) installadm list -m -P
D) installadm list-manifest -n service_name | installadm create-manifest -m
E) installadm create-client -n, service_name -f manifest_filename -c all

11. What does the following command do when conducting a conversion from an
Oracle Solaris JumpStart infrastructure and using facility?
#pkg install install/js2ai
- A) downloads and installs the js2ai utility from the default IPS publisher
B) installs and creates the install/js2ai directory structure on the
Automated Installer server
C) automatically converts rules to criteria files
D) automatically converts profiles to manifests
E) creates an installable js2ai package and places it in the install

12. Which three ZFS options may be combined to provide zones storage with
data security and a minimal storage footprint?
- A) encryption=on
B) security=on
- C) dedup=on
- D) compression=on
E) zoned=on

13. Which Oracle Solaris11 milestone is equivalent to run level 2 on an

Oracle Solaris 10 or earlier system?
A) svc:/milestone single-user:default
- B) svc:/milestone/multi-user:default
C) svc:/milestone/multi-user-server:default
D) svc:/milestone/network:default
E) svc:/milestone/self-assembly-complete:default

14. The beadm utility_____.

A) can create and manage both UFS and ZFS boot environments
B) cannot manage boot environment snapshots
C) can be used only on Solaris 11 for x86 systems that use GRUB
- D) can manage boot environments in nonglobal zones
E) cannot create a new boot environment from an inactive boot environment

15. Which two essential components must be present when performing an

installation by using Automated Installer boo.....
- A) an IPS repository that contains the packages to be installed
B) a location of the Automated Installer manifest
- C) location of a DHCP server
D) ARP/RARP server
E) Oracle Solaris 10 JumpStart server

16. A zone won't boot. Identify the five causes.

- A) The zone is configured to have its own CPUs, and there aren't enough.
- B) The zone is configured to have exclusive access to an NIC, and the NIC
is already up
- C) The zone is configured to mount a file system which is already mounted
- D) The zone is currently running or shutting down
- E) The zone has beer: uninstalled
F) Your terminal session is missing the SYS_TIME privilege.

17. After successfully installing a new Oracle Solaris 11 nonglobal zone

(solaris brand), you ,issue the following command
# zonecfg -z myzone 'add admin; set user = operator; \ set auths=login; end'
This command completes, but when you attempt to log in to the zone from the
"operator" account, you receive the following
$ zlogin myzone
zlogin: You lack sufficient privilege to run this command (all privs
Why is this?
A) Only the "root" user is permitted to use the "zlogin" command.
B) The "zlogin" command must be run turn within a ptofile shell.
C) The "operator" user does not have the required "proc_zone" privilege.
D) The "limitpriv" parameter of the zone does not include "sys_login"
- E) The zone must first be rebooted for these changes to take effect

18. Which three options are true of the Oracle Solaris 11 root file system?
- A) ZFS is the default with UFS as an option.
- B) ZFS on rpool/ROOT is mandatory
C) Mirroring is enabled by default
- D) Alternate boot environments contain only the differences from the
previous boot environments.
E) Specific boot environments can be specified from GRUB (x86) as well as

19. Which resource controls should you use to maximize consistency of CPU
A) CPU shares
B) CPU cap
C) PAM cap
- D) Dedicated CPUs
E) Locked memory cap

20. What is the relevance of the "-c" argument in the output below?

# pkgrecv -c /var/tmp/pkgrecv-fOGalg \ -s > -d > /export/repoSolarisll'*'
Processing packages for publisher Solaris ...
Creating Plan Retrieving and evaluating 156 package(s)...
SEND (MB) desktop/compiz
1/156 0/395.0
A) the location of the cache directory used by NFS cache
- B) the location of the cache directory used during, an interrupted
download process
C) the location of the class directory containing various IPS ctass files
needed by Java
D) the location of the images containing the- MD5 checksum information
E) the location of all configured clients and their install criteria

21. What is the difference between the default configuration for zones and
an immutable zone?
A) Immutable zones cannot have users
- B) Immutable zones cannot be modified from within the zone
C) Immutable zones cannot run DTrace.
D) A process in an immutable zone can see processes in other zones.

22. When configuring Zones using Automated Installer, the following line is
found in the manifest What does the "source" element correspond to?
A) the configuration file for the global zone
B) the resource groups for the "tree" server
C) the configuration file for the nonglobal zone
D) the required corresponding open-source disclaimer
- E) the location of the "apple" IPS repo

23. After installing and customizing an Oracle Solaris 11 nongloba1 (Solaris

brand.) zone, you execute these commands:
# zonecfg -z myzone 'set file-mac-profile=fixed-configuration'
# zoneadm -z myzone reboot
What is the impact of making this specific change?
- A) This change prevents MAC address spoofing by requiring outbound network
packets to have a predefined value
B) This change enables support within the zone for Mac OS X extended file
attributes for the zone root file system
C) This change restricts user access to objects in the zone based upon their
Oracle Solaris Trusted Extension labels
D) This change prevents the zone from being able to mount any remote file
systems once the zone has been booted
E) This change forces the zone root file system into a read-only state where
only parts of /var are writable

24. You are attempting to create an iSCSI LUN on your Oracle Solaris 11
server. You type in the following command to enable the st server / COMSTAR
package and you receive the following output. What is the problem?
root@solaris:~# svcadm enable stmf
svcadm: Pattern 'stmf doesn't match any instances
A) The correct pact-age name is COMSTAR.
- B) You have not installed the storage-server package from your IPS
C) You have mistyped the service name. It is called stmfadm
D) The Oracle Solaris 11 software repository is missing
E) You need to install the stmf command first by typing root@solaris:~#
svcadm install stmf.

25. Which method is recommended to increase the send or receive buffer sizes
in order to improve network performance?
A) /etc/system
B)ipadm set-prop
C) ndd -set
D) ipadm set-ifprop
- E) netcfg b

26. You have created a custom Automated Installer manifest but the
installation on the client is proceeding with a default AI manifest.
You run installadm on the AI server with intentions of checking for a
correct configuration. Which argument to the installadm command
would you use to check for a correct configuration?
A) create-manifest
- B) export-manifest
C) export
D) list
E) set-criteria

27. In planning a system's initial configuration, you realize that may not
have sufficient disk space to complete an installation that contains all of
Oracle Solaris 11 software. Which installation methos would be your safest
bet to begin the interactive installation process?
A) Automated Installer
B) Text-Based installer
- C) LiveMedia or LiveDVD image
D) Distribution constructor
E) USB-based installer

28. Which statement is true?

A) An Etherstub is required before creating two VNICs.
B) Traffic between two VNICs using the same urnderlying link can be seen on
the physical interface.
C) A VNIC can have up to four (4) VLAN tags.
- D) A virtual switch is created automatically when two VNICs are created
on the same link.
E) An aggregation can be created on top of a VNIC.

29. Which three items describe the benefits that are gained by co-
engineering Oracle Solans 11 with Oracle Database, middleware, and Java
- A) Superior performance
B) unified commands
- C) excellent scalability
D) common installation
- E) high availability

30. Which term describes a read-only copy of a file system or volume, which
C8n be created quickly, easily, and initially consumes n...
additional space within the pool?
A) vdev
B) dataset
- C) snapshot
D) cone
E) pool

31. Which command would be used to restore the gedit package to its original
as-delivered state?
A) pkg revert gedit
B) pkg restore gedit
C) pkg update gedit@original
--D) pkg reinstall gedit
E) pkg reset gedit

32. The "pkg update" command will ______.

--A) update all packages that have updates available including the kernel
B) update all packages that have updaates available excluding the kernel
C) update only the kernel image
D) update the global zone packages and local zone packages
E) update all packages and the kernel, and then automatically reboot the

33. You have just completed a default Oracle Solaris 11 installation of a

new server system. While testing network connect .... desktop to the server,
you find that you are not able to communicate with the "sendmail" service
from your desktop.
A) By default, the "sendmail" software is not installed.
B) By default, "sendmail" is not enabled on the system.
C) By default, "sendmail"access is blocked by TCP Wrappers.
--D) By default, "sendmail" responds to local requests only.
E) By default, "sendmail" is running on its encrypted port.

34. While investigating an unrelated issue, you uncover information from the
kernel using "kstat" command:
# kstat -m e1000g0
ipspoofed 99


What does the value associated with this parameter indicate, assuming that
the Oracle Solaris 11 data link protections had been properly configured?
- A) The value indicates the number of spoofed (falsified) inbound IP
packets detected on the "e1000g0" network interface
B) The value indicates the debug level associated with the IP antispoofing
kernel module.
C) The value indicates what the kernel should do when it detects a spoofed
(falsified) IP packet on "e1000g0".
D) The value indicates the number of spoofed (falsified) outbound IP packets
detected on the "e1000g0" network interface.
E) The value indicates the number of bytes associated with spoofed
(falsified) IP packets on the "e1000g0" interface.

35. What are the two reasons to create a VNIC?

--A) to set bandwith controls
B) to monitor the amount of HTTP traffic
C) to reduce the amount of CPU used
D) to assign to a zone
--E) to assign to multiple zones

36. The "beadm activate" subcommand"______.

A) can activate multiple boot environments
B) modifies the GRUB menu. Ist file and sets a new default boot kernel
C) can activate nonbootable boot environments
--D) can activate nested boot environments from the global zone
E) destroys the current boot environment and replaces it with a new one

37. When upgrading to Oracle Solaris 11 from Oracle Solaris 10, the Live
Upgrade utilities are _____.
A) enhanced to automatically use js2ai and convert jumpstart rules to AI
profiles and criteria
--B) not available because there is no upgrade method from Oracle Solaris 10
to Oracle Solaris 11
C) available in a separate SVR4 package that you have to install onto Oracle
Solaris 10 first
D) only available to you if you have a support agreement in place with
E) available at no cost from an IPS repository hosted on

38. What three options are true, given the following command output?
root@ eis44-6:~# uname -mp
i86pc i386
root@ eis44-6:~# svccfg -s "system/boot-config:default" listprop
config/fastreboot_d config/fastreboot_default boolean false
--A) The machine has had its boot-config setting changed from default.
B) Zones will not autoboot.
--C) The results of the commands "reboot" and "init 6" are the same.
D) The results of the commands "reboot -f" and "init 6" are the same.
--E) The full bootloader and firmware processes will be executed on a reboot

39. Three zones each need access to shared data. Which configuration method
can be used to safely achieve this goal?
--A) Put the data on an NFS server, and mount that share from each zone.
B) Put the data on an NFS server, mount the share in the global zone, and
configure a loopback mount from the global zone in... each zone using
C) Create an iSCSI LUN on a remote server, accessible to the global zone.
Give each zone direct device access to the LUN.
D) Create a LUN on a SAN and give the global zone access to it. Give each
zone direct device access to the LUN.
E) Create a ZFS file system and utilize the cloning feature to replicate the
data to the individual zones.

40. The "pkg publisher" command produced the following output:

Solaris origin online (non-sticky) origin online http://export/isv-
repo/ (disabled) origin online

The repository _______.

A) is a temporary publisher for a single package update
B) allows any package to be updated from this publisher
--C) allows a package that was installed from this publisher to be updated
from another publisher
D) prohibits a package that was installed from this publisher to be updated
from another publisher
E) is not included in package search requests

41. The Oracle Solaris Image Packaging System (IPS) cannot be used to _____.
A) manage local software repositories
B) create new software repositories
C) create new Oracle Solaris 11 boot environments
D) restore an installed file to its original content
--E) manage permissions of installed software

42. Which step is not required to install the gnu-emacs editor?

A) Identify and select the program's repository
B) Identify the program's dependencies
C) Use the pkg command to initiate the installation
--D) Copy the program to its destination director after download
E) Enable the program's execution privileges

43. On an Oracle Solaris SPARC system the command "bootadm list-menu" is

expected to return _____
--A) the same information as "beadm list"
B) the location and contents of the menu.lst file
C) the files and directories included in the boot environment
D) the bootfs, kernel$, and module$ values for all boot environments
E) the error "Operation not supported"

44. Network boot of Oracle Solaris x86 system on subnets without a DHCP
server is accomplished with ....
A) WAN boot settings in BIOS
B) JS config settings in DHCP servers
--C) DHCP helper settings in routers
D) IP filter settings in AI servers
E) PXEboot assistant in OBP

45. Which GRUB boot entry enables a serial console on an Oracle Solaris 11
A) kernel$ /platform/i86pc/kernel/amd64/unix -B $ZFS-BOOTFS
B) module$ /platform/i86pc/kernel/amd64/unix -B $ZFS-BOOTFS -B console=ttya
C) module$ /platform/i86pc/amd64/boot_archive -B console=ttya
--D) kernel$ /platform/i86pc/kernel/amd64/unix -B $ZFS-BOOTFS -B
E) kernel$ /platform/i86pc/kernel/amd64/unix -B console=ttya

46. You are working on a system that appears to be hanging during the boot
process. Which would be the best course of action for determining which step
in the boot process might be causing the issue?
A) Boot the system into single user mode, run ps -ef to determine processes
that are not running.
T B) Boot the system into the "none" milestone, enable all services, then
run svcs -a to determine the state of your services, as well as check for
error messages in /var/svc/log
C) Boot the system, disable all services using the "svcs disable all"
command, reboot and bring up each service indiv...
D) Interrupt the boot process before services are started with Stop-A or
--E) Perform an interactive boot, and disable services as they request

47. Given the "beadm list" output below:

root@eis44-6:~# beadm list
BE Active Mountpoint Space Policy
-- ------ ---------- ------ ------
S11-SRU2 - - 302.95M static 2011-
12-08 09:33
daily-11.0-11.10.11-20:00:00 - - 59.0k static 2011-
11-10 20:00
solaris-11-175 - - 52.51M static 2011-
10-03 14:01
solaris-11-GA - - 1.52M static 2011-
11-07 15:41
solaris-11-GA-1 NR / 6.59G static 2011-
11-11 15:22
solaris-11-GA-1.stock - - 3.0k static 2011-
01-05 17:42
solaris-11-GA.stock - - 1.25M static 2011-
11-11 09:12
solaris-11-GA.stock-1 - - 1.82G static 2011-
12-22 11:37
solaris-11-GA.stock.stock - - 3.0k static 2011-
12-08 09:15
Running the command "beadm activate solaris-11-GA.stock-1" will result in
which output for the solaris-11-GA ...
A) solaris-11-GA.stock-1 N-1.82G static 2011-12-22 11:37
B) solaris-11-GA.stock-1 R-6.59G static 2011-12-22 11:37
C) solaris-11-GA.stock-1 A-1.82G static 2011-12-22 11:37
D) solaris-11-GA.stock-2 NR-6.59G static 2011-12-22 11:37
--E) solaris-11-GA.stock-1 NR-8.41G static 2011-12-22 11:37

48. Which three statements are true for migrating Oracle Solaris 10
installation environments to Oracle Solaris 11?
--A) Oracle Solaris 11 SPARC and x86 hosts may be installed from the same
B) An Oracle Solaris 10 JumpStart server may serve Oracle Solaris 11
Automated Installer clients
--C) Automated Installer will use JumpStart rules without modification
D) An Oracle Solaris 11 Automated Installer server may host Oracle Solaris
10 JumpStart functionality
--E) The js2ai utility aids in the conversion of JumpStart files for
Automated Installer use

49. What three items are true with regard to network planning in a Solaris
11 environment?
--A) Hardware and network topology should be planned in advance of
B) Subnetting needs to be considered when implementing IPv6 networks
C) IPv4 and IPv6 network addressing cannot co-exist on the same server
--D) Solaris 11 enables the use of local files, NIS, DNS, or LDAP for name
--E) The physical network topology will determine if you need routers, not
all networks require routers

50. A customer has forgotten the root password for one of his Oracle Solaris
11 x86 servers. What is the correct method to enable him to recover or
change the root password on his system?
A) Re-install Oracle Solaris 11 and create a new root password for the
B) Reboot the system by using init 6 command, interrupt the boot process,
log in as root, and modify the system's password file by using vi.
--C) Boot the system from the LiveCD, assume the root role, mount the Oracle
Solaris instance, and modify the system's password file.
D) Contact Oracle Support to obtain Master System Password for all x86
systems, they will provide you with an encrypted master password that will
allow for root password recovery.
E) Reboot the system into single user mode, then change the root password by
using vi.

51. When upgrading to Oracle Solaris 11 from Oracle Solaris 11 Express or

Oracle Solaris 11 Early Adopter, the process suddenly fails. Which command
can you rely upon to get you to a good know state where you can still boot
the Oracle Solaris 11 Express or Oracle Solaris 11 Early Adopter image, as
they were, prior to your upgrade attempt?
A) pkg
--B) beadm
C) installadm
D) zfs
E) ifconfig

52. Choose the situation where a reconfiguration boot would be necessary in

Oracle Solaris 11.
A) Never, newly attached/installed devices are automatically detected upon
boot or reboot of an Oracle Solaris 11 system
B) when hot plugging a USB device into an Oracle Solaris 11 server
--C) when compiling device drivers into an Oracle Solaris 11 kernel
D) after using the cfgadm command
E) when hot plugging a PCIe device

53. A customer has multiple applications and you believe consolidation using
Oracle Solaris Zones will help them. The customer is concerned that
consolidating them all on one physical server may cause adverse interactions
between them, causing problem with funcionality, security, and performance.
What are the two benefits of Zones that would explain why Zones would be a
good choice?
A) better single threaded performance
--B) better software isolation
C) better hardware isolation
D) simpler VLAN management
--E) simple, effective resource controls

54. At which level of the Solaris storage stack does Oracle Solaris ZFS
Encryption takes place?
A) file system
B) slice
--C) pool
D) dataset
E) metadevice

55. Which three options are true of the new "sysconfig" configuration tool?
A) deprecates the sys-unconfig command
--B) has interactive as well as profile-driven noninteractive modes
C) may be used to generate system and zone profiles
--D) accepts .txt and .xml profiles
--E) may be used to update configurations

56. Which method(s) may be used to update an SVR4 package installed on

Oracle Solaris 11?
--A) patchadd
B) pkg update
C) pkgrm, pkgadd
D) pkg upgrade
E) smpatch

57. Which command would you use to create an instant writable volume or file
system whose initial ... from which it was created?
--A) zfs clone tank/test
B) zfs snapshot tank/test
C) zfs destroy tank/test
D) zfs send tank/test
E) zfs create clone tank/test

58. Boot environments created using the beadm command _______.

A) cannot be destroyed
B) cannot be deactivated once they are activated
C) cannot be copied to a different zpool
--D) can be created from a snapshot of an existing boot environment
E) cannot modify the properties of their baze pool

59. Which two link types can be assigned to a bridge?

--A) Aggregation
D) Etherstub
E) Tunnel

60. When attempting to perform an installation of Oracle Solaris 11, you

encounter a failure message along the lines of "no offers were received".
What is the most likely reason for this message and why?
--A) The system could not obtain a DHCP-based lease so it could not proceed.
B) The amount of disk space offered by the installer is inadequate so the
installer attempted to compress data in memory.
C) The minimum amount of memory is not sufficient to load the necessary
network driver so the installer tried to offer disk as backing store.
D) An IP address provided is located on a different network segment because
the correct RARP server did not respond.
E) The IP address provided is outside the range of allocatable addresses.

61. Which service must be enabled in order to create an iSCSI LUN?

A) iscsi
--B) stmf
C) comstar
D) shareiscsi
E) sbdadm

62. What two features identify Oracle Solaris 11 as being "built for
A) ability to use SSH to securely connect to Oracle Solaris 11 servers
--B) first fully virtualized operating system featuring built-in
virtualization with Zones
--C) secure rapid provisioning and lifecycle management
D) Oracle Solaris 11 has been designed to provide a robust and easily usable
desktop environment for end users
E) Oracle Solaris 11 is installable from DVD Media

63. What type of BE would the "beadm create -p altroot solaris-11-GA.stock-

1-a@Jan5" command be expected...
A) a snapshot of the current running BE in the current zpool
B) a copy of the current running BE in the altroot zpool
C) a copy of the solaris-11-GA.stock-1-a BE
--D) a copy of the solaris-11-GA.stock-1-a BE in the altroot zpool
E) a snapshot of the solaris-11-GA.stock-1-a BE

64. After installing an Oracle Solaris 11 system, you execute the following
command to create a data set into which several nonglobal zones will be
# zfs create -o encryption=on -o dedup=on -o compression=on rpool/myzones
Enter passphrase for 'rpool/myzones';
Enter again:
What impact will this command have on any zones installed under this ZFS
data set?
A) The zones will have encrypted swap and /tmp file systems
B) The zones will not permit any move or clone operations
C) The zones will be required to be "solaris" brands only
D) The zones will cache the encryption key while running
T --E) The zones will be unable to start during system reboot

65. Which four statements are false in regard to performing an installation

from media?
A) You can use the same service to install SPARC or x64 or x86-based systems
--B) An incomplete installation can be resumed from the point it left off
due to having unique checkpointing capabilities, thus saving time
--C) The entire contents of Oracle Solaris 11 can be installed from a single
--D) Do not interrupt an installation that is in progress. An incomplete
installation can leave a disk in an indeterminate state
--E) On an x86-based system with more than one operating system installed in
it, you will not be able to partition your disk during the installation

66. The dladm command manages these:

--A) NICs
--B) VNICs
--C) VLANs
--D) Bridges
E) Routers

67. When conducting an installation using Live Media (such as the Live DVD
Image, for example), the system boots into console mode because the system's
graphics card is not supported by the contents of the Live Media.
In lieu of downloading and using the Text Installer image, you opt to
perform a remote installation using a second system. Do both systems have to
be on the same subnet in order for this method of installation to succeed?
Choose one best-fitting answer.
A) Yes, furthermore they also have to be of the same architecture
B) No, even though they must be of the same architecture
C) Insufficient information provided with respect to how they are networked
D) Yes, they both have to be on the same subnet and moreover, have to be of
the same architecture
--E) No, they do not have to be on the same subnet, and do not have to be of
the same architecture

68. Identify two things that the following output from the disk format
command tells us about our disk drive with regard to ....
Current partition table (original):
Total disk sectors available: 286722878 + 16384 (reserved sectors)
Part Tag Flag First Sector Size Last Sector
0 usr wm 34 136.72GB 28722911
1 unassigned wm 0 0 0
2 unassigned wm 0 0 0
3 unassigned wm 0 0 0
4 unassigned wm 0 0 0
5 unassigned wm 0 0 0
6 unassigned wm 0 0 0
8 reserved wm 286722912 8.00MB 286739295
A) This disk is using an SMI label.
--B) This disk is using the correct label format to be used as a boot disk
for Oracle Solaris 11 using ZFS
--C) This disk is using an EMI label
D) The entire disk is being utilized as the root partition with the
exception of the reserved space
E) The disk device has not been labeled yet

69. Which mechanism most closely resembles the location where begin logic
would be invoked as part of the Oracle Solaris 10 (or old... Jumpstart
process when using automated installations with Oracle Solaris 11?
A) setup_install_server
B) installadm create-begin
--C) rules.ok file
D) profile file
E) derived manifest

70. As part of an automated install of Oracle Solaris 11, a new role called
"operator" is created and a password ... you are not able to successfully
assume this role. What could be the problem?
--A) You are not accessing the role from the system console
B) Your account is not yet authorized to assume this role
C) The "operator" role must be enabled before being used
D) You must first be assigned the "Role User" rights profile
E) The "operator" role is not yet assigned a profile shell
71. What is the expected behavior when running the following command on an
x86 system?
# boot net:dhcp
A) The system attempts to boot from the network, using DHCP only
B) The system will fail
C) The boot process will download the mini-root image and present a menu of
D) The system will attempt to boot from the network, using DHCP if it can,
and if not, it will try ARP
E) The system will ask you if you are sure about running "boot" at this time

72. Which four types of zones can have the sys_time privelege in Oracle
Solaris 11?
A) immutable zones
--B) zones with file-mac-profile set to "strict"
--C) zones with network access
--D) zones that share the system time clock
--E) sparse-root zones

73. Assuming that a user called "operator" exists on the system and is
configured to use a profile shell, what is ... sequence of commands?
# profiles -p "NTP Operator"
profiles:NTP Operator> set desc="NTP Operator"
profiles:NTP Operator> add auths=solaris.smf.manage.ntp
profiles:NTP Operator> commit
profiles:NTP Operator> exit
# usermod -P "NTP Operator,Stop" operator
A) The "operator" account will be able to configure NTP properties
B) The "operator" account will be able to restart the NTP service
C) The "operator" account will not be able to log in using SSH
D) The "operator" account will not be impacted by these changes
E) The "operator" account will only be accessible using "su"

74. The command "pkg list -n *mysql-5?" produced the following output:
database/mysql-50 5.0.91-0.171 --o
database /mysql-51 5.1.37-0.174 if-
The IFO column of this output indicates that ________.
A) both versions of mysql are installed and version 5.0.91-0.171 is order
B) neither version of mysql is installed but either one can be selected for
C) version 5.0.91-0.171 is obsolete and cannot be selected for installation
--D) version 5.1.37-0.174 is installed and can be updated
E) either version of mysql can be updated

75. Name three ways that Oracle Solaris 11 has been designed for next
generation hardware
A) extensive framework for Itanium processor support built-in
--B) capable of running hundreds of cores and thousands of threads
--C) the entire internal network stack has been re-engineered for
performance and virtualization
--D) enhanced I/O performance including an enhanced NUMA I/O framework
E) Oracle Solaris 11 includes support fot up to 2GB of DRAM memory

76. You are performing an initial AI installation of Oracle Solaris 11. You
have not identified a target disk for the root pool and your installation
What are the two possible disk-based reasons for this failure?
A) You need to specify the dump and swap partitions in the AI manifest to
perform a successful Oracle Solaris 11 installation
B) The disk does not have an SMI label
C) You have not specified a mirrored dataset for the root pool
--D) The disk or slice does not match or meet the recommended size
parameters of approximately 13 GB
--E) ZFS requires the disk to be partitioned first and the root partition
must be active

77. Name three items that illustrate the business value of an integrated
stack approach
--A) The integrated stack method of product development optimizes
B) Multiple products from multiple vendors add up to an easier support
structure and less fingerpointing when issues ...
--C) Support and implementation issues are minimized with an integrated
--D) An integrated stack will help to deliver faster innovation
E) To a smaller customer an integrated stack means that they need to
purchase everything from one vendor

78. Which two commands will show or make reference to the aggregation,
immediately after creating first aggregation?
A) dladm show-phys
B) dladm show-link
C) dladm show-vlan
D) dladm show-vnic
E) dladm show-aggr

79. Your installation has completed successfully and the system did not
reboot automatically. Which option would case this?
A) Automatic reboots are only allowed when invoked via SMF
B) The client never reboots automatically after the successful installation,
staying available for manual verification of the install
--C) The "auti_reboot" parameter in thr Automated Installer manifest has not
been set to "true"
D) The "installadm" service needed to be refreshed for the "auto_reboot"
settings is to be applied, so all clients being installed from it could
E) Post installation reboots are no longer necessary because the Oracle
Solaris 11 Automated Installation installs and activates the system's
services in the desired state such that there is no need for a reboot

80. What are the three properties of a business critical cloud

T--A) service isolation
T--B) flexible, virtual application instances
C) dedicated, single purpose file servers
T--D) easy, intuitive provisioning, chargeback, and capacity planning
E) rigid, inflexible network design

81. The uadmin system call is directly called by which shutdown command(s)?
A) init and halt
B) halt and shutdown
C) init and reboot
D) halt and shutdown
--E) reboot and halt
82. Which mechanism most closely resembles the method where finish logic
would be invoked as part of the Solaris ...
Jumpstart process during an automated installation with Oracle Solaris 11?
A) installadm create-service
B) installadm create-finish
C) derived manifest
D) profile file
--E) SMF service that runs on first boot

83. When installing Oracle Solaris 11 on x86 client systems for

installations that boot over the network, you must select the ... in the
GRUB boot menu to initiate an automated installation. Slect the two true
A) Due to a timer present in GRUB, the default first entry would create a
loop, booting from network and re-installing upon reboot, if left
- B) The GRUB menu.lst specifies the first entry to simply boot the network
image and if allowed to time-out, the install begin then.
C) This only happens on systems that have an older version of GRUB
preinstalled on them already.
- D) This does not happen on SPARC systems.
E) This does not happen with Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 installed.

84. What does the following command sequence accomplish in Oracle Solaris
# dladm show-phys
net3 Ethernet down 0 unknown e1000g1
net0 Ethernet up 1000 full nge0
net2 Ethernet down 0 unknown e1000g0
net1 Ethernet down 0 unknown nge1
# ipadm create-ip net2
# ipadm create-addr -T static -a local=<ipaddr>/24 net2/v4static
A) creates a vnic named net2 and an IPv4 address to it
B) brings up the net2 interface on this system
C) associates net2 with IPv6
- D) configures an additional network interface, "e1000g0" with a static IP
E) configures the first network interface and brings it up

85. The command required to install the most recent update to the vim editor
is ____.
A) pkg install latest vim
B) pkg install -l vim
C) pkg install-latest vim
- D) pkg update vim
E) pkg update vim@latest

86. An x86 based machine passes through all the following phases on every
Oracle Solaris boot.
A) BIOS, POST, SMF, init scripts
B) POST, OBP, init scripts, SMF
C) POST, OBP, booter, ramdisk, kernel
- D) POST, GRUB, init, SMF
E) OBP, WANBoot, ramdisk, SMF

87. Which two options do you absolutely need to have in place in order to
successfully customize the network installation of Solaris 11 x86 system?
- A) two Automated Installer manifests, one for x86 systems and another one
for SPARC systems
T B) an SMF system configuration profile
C) an x86 system running Automated Installer service
T- D) either a SPARC or an x86 system running Automated Installer service
E) an Oracle Solaris 11 IPS repository hosted in your own data center

88. With which three link types do the dladm set-linkprop and show-linkprop
subcommands work?
- A) Agregation
C) Flow
D) Etherstub

89. Which files would you check after the machine has been rebooted in order
to validate the success of an automated installation?
- A) /system/volatile/install_log
B) /var/adm/message
C) /var/log/install_log
D) /var/sadm/system/logs/install_log
E) /var/svc/log/auto-installer.log

90. Which two statements about flows are true?

A) A flow must have a bandwidth limit defined in order to be observed.
- B) A flow can use NIC hardware resources when supported and available.
C) A flow can only be set within the global zones yet can be observed within
a non-global zone.
D) A flow can be defined with local and remote port combination.
- E) A flowstat allows collection of only receive-side statistics.

91. What information would the "beadm list -ds" command output?
A) a list of all BEs
B) a list of the datasets and snapshot information for the adctive BE
- C) a list of the datasets and snapshot information for all BEs
D) a list of the default sets
E) a list of BEs in machine readable format

92. What physical devices will be used in sequence to boot the system, given
the following output?
{0} ok printenv boot-device
boot-device = disk net
{0} ok devalias
ttya /pci@7c0/pci@0/pci@1/pci@0/isa@2/serial@0,3f8
nvram /virtual-devices/nvram@3
net3 /pci@7c0/pci@0/pci@2/network@0,1
net2 /pci@7c0/pci@0/pci@2/network@0
net1 /pci@780/pci@0/pci@1/network@0,1
net0 /pci@780/pci@0/pci@1/network@0
net /pci@780/pci@0/pci@1/network@0
ide /pci@7c0/pci@0/pci@1/pci@0/ide@8
cdrom /pci@7c0/pci@0/pci@1/pci@0/ide@8/cdrom@0,0:f
disk3 /pci@780/pci@0/pci@9/scsi@0/disk@3
disk2 /pci@780/pci@0/pci@9/scsi@0/disk@2
disk1 /pci@780/pci@0/pci@9/scsi@0/disk@1
disk0 /pci@780/pci@0/pci@9/scsi@0/disk@0
disk /pci@780/pci@0/pci@9/scsi@0/disk@0
scsi /pci@780/pci@0/pci@9/scsi@0
virtual-console /virtual-devices/console@1
name aliases
A) disk then net
B) /pci@780/pci@0/pci@1/network@0 then /pci@780/pci@0/pci@9/scsi@0/disk@0
C) /pci@780/pci@0/pci@9/scsi@0 then /pci@780/pci@0/pci@1/network@0
D) /pci@780/pci@0/pci@9/scsi@0/disk@1 then /pci@780/pci@0/pci@1/network@0,1
- E) /pci@780/pci@0/pci@9/scsi@0/disk@0 then /pci@780/pci@0/pci@1/network@0

93. What answer includes three correct methods available to transition

Oracle Solaris 10 environments to Oracle 11
A) Solaris Upgrade installation, Live Upgrade, js2ai and Automated Install
B) Solaris Flash Archive Installation, ZFS shadow migration, NFS sharing and
pool migration
C) Custom JumpStart, Oracle Solaris 10 nonglobal zones, lu2be Conversion
- D) NFS file sharing and pool migration, ZFS shadow migration, JumpStart
Migration Utility
E) lu2be Conversion Utility, Solaris Flash Archive installation, Puppet

94. When troubleshooting the client boot process, you notice the following
Rebooting with command: boot net:dhcp - install
Boot device: /pci@7c0/pci@0/network@4:dhcp
File and args: 1000 Mbps FDX Link up
HTTP: Bad Response: 500 Internal Server Error
Boot load failed

What is the most likely reason for this?

- A) This error could occur if another DHCP server is responding to the
B) This error could occur if the switch has auto-negotiation disabled.
C) This error could occur when you try to use a x86 Automated Installer
server to boot
D) There is an HTTP version mismatch.
E) This error cannot occur if there is no DHCP server configured yet, so you
need to con

95. Identify two reasons that Oracle Solaris 11 is considered as the best
operating system for scalable appl
- A) linear scalability from 1 to 256 cores when utilized in a SPARC T-
Series environment
B) Oracle Solaris requires a GUI to operate and video monitors, keyboards,
and mice attached to ever
C) designed to utilize ip to 64 TB of memory
D) Oracle Solaris 11 runs best on enterprise mainframe computers
- E) Enterprise Oracle Solaris 11 scales to hundreds of threads on a single

96. Which of the following five steps (dealing with first-boot script
creation) can be omitted when working with provisioning Oracle Solaris 11
Zones and services with the appropriate Zone context?
1. Create the first-boot script.
2. Create the manifest for an SMF service that runs once at first boot and
execute the script.
3. Create an IPS package that contains the service manifest and the script.
4. Add the package to an IPS package repository.
5. Install that package during the Automated Installer installation by
specifying that package in the AI manifest.
A) Step 1 can be omitted because the first-boot script is already deployed
in the Global Zone.
B) Step 3 can be omitted because Zones do not require IPS packages and can
accept SVR4 packages.
- C) None of the steps can be omitted.
D) Step 5 can be omitted because Zones are not installable using Automated
Installer, yet.
E) Step 2 can be omitted because Zones do not have a concept of a first boot
that is distinct from a Global Zone - once the Global Zone is booted, the
script executes for all Zones.

97. When conducting an automated installation, the name of the resulting

root pool is "rpool1". Which is the direct cause of this?
A) The system already has a root pool named "rpool".
- B) The manifest declares the name of the root pool to use.
C) "rpool1" is the preexisting name of the root pool.
D) "rpool" is a reserved pool name that can only be used for factory-based
E) Of the two disks present for mirroring, the first is named "rpool" and
the second is named "rpool1".

98. To copy a repository to your system using IPS, you must ____.
- A) use the "pkgrecv" command to install the repository
B) update the boot environment that will use the repository
C) remove all prior instances of the required repository
D) update all dependent repositories
E) restart the repository server

99. By default, a zone is automatically configured with this type of network

A) ethernet
B) token ring
C) physical

100. Which command would you use to make the device c1::dsk/c1t4d0 available
to the system, given the following cfgadm:
# cfgadm -al
Ap_Id Type Receptacle Occupant Condition
c0 scsi-bus connected configured unknown
c0::dsk/c0t0d0 disk connected configured unknown
c0::rmt/0 tape connected configured unknown
c1 scsi-bus connected configured unknown
c1::dsk/c1t3d0 disk connected configured unknown
c1::dsk/c1t4d0 unavailabl connected unconfigured unknown
A) cfgadm -x insert_device c1
B) cfgadm -c connect c1
C) cfgadm -c configure c1::dsk/c1t4d0
- D) cfgadm -c unconfigure c1::dsk/c1t4d0
E) cfgadm al

101. What two benefits will Oracle and our customers likely realize by
utilizing a fully integrated stack architecture?
- A) They will receive hardware and software designed to work together.
- B) Maintenance for the overall enterprise will be simplified.
C) Technical support will need to come from different vendors and the
customer will need to manage separate support con
D) Customers will be locked into the Oracle architecture.
E) Customers will need to deal with more bugs and patches.

102. What action does the command 'ipadm refresh-addr net1/v4static2'

A) checks for a duplicate address and marks an interface up if there is no
B) renews an existing DHCP release, resetting the reservation timer
C) refreshes the ARP cache and validates remote addresses
- D) checks the link status and retries any required link negotiation, such
as speed and duplex state

103. What is the expected outcome given the following set of commands?
root@uadmin02:~# uname -mp
sun4v sparc
root@uadmin02:~# svccfg -s "system/boot-config:default" listprop
config/fastreboot_default boolean true
root@uadmin02:~# init 6
A) an operating system reset with Solaris Fastboot bypassing BIOS
B) a system reset equivalent to issuing the "reboot" command
C) power off the system
D) an operating system restart including POST and OBP
- E) a fast reboot equivalent to using the "reboot -f"

104. The Otacle Solaris Image Packaging System (IPS) ____.

- A) requires the administrator to create software repositories
B) requires a network connection to the Oracle software repositories
C) automatically includes and installs required software dependencies
D) can be used on Oracle Solaris 10 with SVR4 packages
E) can be used to manage remote systems' repositories

105. Oracle Solaris 11 includes enhancements to Solaris Zones deployment.

What is being accomplished by the following set of commands?
# zonecfg -z myzone
zonecfg:myzone> set ip-type=exclusive
zonecfg:myzone> add anet
zonecfg:myzone:anet> set lower-link=nxge0
zonecfg:myzone:anet> end
A) Creation of a zone called "myzone" and setting the network to Exclusive-
IP to the global zones default interface
B) Modification of the zone "myzone" to utilize Exclusive-IP via a VNIC
bound to the global zones default interface
C) Modification of the zone "myzone" to utilize Exclusive-IP via a VNIC
bound to a physical interface in the global zone
D) Creation of a zone called "myzone" with Exclusive-IP networking over a
VNIC bound to interface nxge0 in the global zone
- E) Modification of the global zone to reserve the nxge0 interface for the
exclusive use of the "myzone" zone

106. What two entries could complete the following command from the
directory listing bellow?
{1c} ok setenv network-boot-arguments="DHCP,tftpserver=,host-
root@eis44-6:~# ls -l
drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 3 Jul 15 11:23 boot
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 221528 Aug 15 13:16 inetboot.SUN4u.Solaris_10-1
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 220784 Jul 8 2011 inetboot.SUN4V.Solaris_10-1
drwxr-xr-x 4 root root 5 Nov 7 12:42 media
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 26 Jul 15 11:23 nbp. -> pxegrub.I86PC.Solaris_10-1
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 140144 Jun 30 2011 pxegrub.I86PC.Solaris_10-1
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 137072 Nov 6 13:15 s11grub.i86pc
- A) inetboot.SUN4U.Solaris_10-1
- B) inetboot.SUN4V.Solaris_10-1
C) nbp.
D) pxegrub.I86PC.Solaris_10-1
E) s11grub.i86pc

107. What three options represent Oracle Solaris 11 network virtualization

- A) virtual NICs, switches, and routers
- B) bandwidth and CPU caps on NICs & VNICs
- C) integration with the dladm and ipadm utilities
D) an easy to use GUI
E) polling mode for DOS avoidance

108. Which three options are data links?

- A) VLAN tagged NIC
- B) Aggregation
D) Etherstub
E) Flow

109. A zone fails to boot, and zoneadm produces the following message:
# zoneadm -z myzone boot
zone 'myzone': libpool (3LIB) error: Invalid configuration
zone 'myzone': dedicated-cpu setting cannot be instantiated
zoneadm: zone 'myzone': call to zoneadmd failed
Which three approaches might resolve the problem and enable the zone to
A) Use psrset(1M) to enable more CPUs.
- B) Use psradm(1M) to enable more CPUs.
C) Enable more CPUs in /sys/devices/system/cpu/CPU<#>/online.
- D) Change the zone's configuration to use fewer CPUs.
- E) Use Dynamic Configuration to add CPUs to the domain in which the zone
is running.

110. Which is the preferred command to manage Layer 3 network properties in

Oracle Solaris 11?
A) dladm
- B) ipadm
C) ifconfig
D) netstat
E) arp

111. Virtualization of physical hosts to Oracle Solaris Zones is aided by

A) Network Auto-Magic
B) Pre-flight checker
C) Live Media
- D) Automated Install
E) Copy-on-write
112. In order to reassure your customer that ZFS filesystem encryption is
secure and trustworthy, which three items would you include in your
explanation of why they should use it?
A) ZFS has no built-in encryption, you must use a third-party encryption
- B) ZFS encryption is inheritable to descendant file systems.
- C) ZFS uses AES with key lengths of 128, 192, or 256 bits.
D) ZFS encryption is a separately licensable feature of the Solaris 11
Operating System.
- E) ZFS encryption is integrated with the ZFS command set and the
operations can be performed online.

113. Which two statements are true of the GRUB menu?

A) GRUB is the default boot loader fr Oracle Solaris 11 SPARC and x86.
B) GRUB supports Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux only.
- C) GRUB loads a kernel based upon the file name, disk, and partition
D) GRUB uses boot environments for all operating systems.
- E) GRUB is fully compliant with the Multiboot specification.

114. Two reasons to use netcfg include ____ and ____.

A) the ability to request a DHCP address
- B) the ability to quickly transition between networks, including to or
from WiFi
C) do not want to use NIS or DNS
D) the ability to manage interfaces using a graphical user interface
- E) modifying layer 4 parameters

115. The command "beadm create -a solaris-test" will ____.

A) create and automatically boot the solaris-test boot environment
T- B) create and activate the solaris-test boot environment but not reboot
C) create an archive of the solaris-test boot environment
D) will not create a new boot environment without further information
E) will only activate a previously defined boot environment named solaris-

116. Which two actions must be taken to enable IP forwarding on all

interfaces yet disable on specific interface?
A) routeadm -r
B) ipadm set-addrprop
- C) ipadm set-ifprop
- D) routeadm -e
E) dladm set-router

117. What are the two reasons that network configurations are set using
svccfg, ipadm, and nscfg?
A) to check for proper syntax before applying a change
B) to comply with Sarbane-Oxley and Payment Card Industry specifications
- C) to hide defaults from casual users
D) because the vi(1) text editor is no longer available
- E) to use SMF

118. What are three things you need to be aware of to successfuly create the
root pool in an Oracle
A) Disks added to the root pool must contain an EFI label.
B) RAID-X or striped root pool configurations are not supported.
C) Swap and dump areas must be created manually for all types of
D) The root pool must be created as a mirrored or single disk configuration.
E) The root pool cannot have a separate log device.

119. Which command would result in safely detaching a disk or diks from a
mirrored pool to create another identical pool?
A) zfs split tank1 tank2
B) zpool create tank mirror c1t0d0 c2t0d0
C) zpool split tank1 tank2
- D) zpool detach tank c1t0d0
E) zpool replace tank c1t1d0 c2t0d0

120. Name two features of the Oracle Solaris 11 network naming scheme.
A) based on the hardware driver
- B) uses location-based generic naming
C) may not be disabled
- D) streamlines hardware replacements
E) expands user interface options

121. In what three ways does Oracle Solaris 11 help enterprise customers
reduce cost and complexity?
A) provides a complicated licensing structure
- B) includes built-in virtualization
C) requires application upgrades from Oracle Solaris version to Oracle
Solaris version
- D) built for the cloud
- E) provides scalable data management

122. A computer was upgraded from Oracle Solaris 10 to Oracle Solaris 11.
The one workload in the Oracle Solaris 10 Global Zone was re-implemented as
an Oracle Solaris 11 zone, along with two other zones that have their own
workloads. The workload's user complains that performance has degraded.
Which four options are likely causes of the change in performance?
A) The storage configuration has changed.
- B) The Zones hypervisor uses the system's CPUs.
- C) The workload was not sharing the system's CPUs before, but now it is.
- D) The workload was not sharing NICs before, but now it is.
- E) When re-implemented, the workload was converted to a new version of the
application, which has different performance characteristics.>

123. You are implementing three workloads, one in each of three zones. Which
five factors should you consider when configuring networking?
T- A) Are VLANs in use?
T- B) The quantity of physical NICs in the system.
T- C) The network bandwith needs of the workloads.
- D) Which layer 4 protocol family is in use: TCP or UDP?
T- E) The range of IP addresses that each zone can use.
T F) The amount of processing capacity needed to handle network interrupts
for each zone.

124. Which command would you use, if running tools like vmstat and prstat is
resulting in "file not found" errors?
- A) pkg
B) installadm
C) boot net:dhcp
D) format
E) fdisk

125. Which IPS task requires special privileges?

A) Determine if a package is installed or can be updated.
B) Identify the group to which a package belongs.
C) Determine if a package is in a particular category.
D) Determine if a package delivers a specified file.
- E) Create a copy of an existing IPS package repository.

126. Which five items are necessary to enable a system to be configured on a

local area network?
- A) IP address
- B) Host name
- C) Domain name for NIS, LDAP, or DNS
- D) Default router address
- E) Subnet mask if network contains subnets
F) Secondary network interface

127. What is the next step in the network boot operation of this system,
given the information below?
*Boot Device Priority * Specifies the boot *
************************************* * sequence from the *
* 1st Boot Device [Network: IBA GE Slo] * available devices. *
* 2nd Boot Device [RAID: ASR-5805 PCI-] * *
* 3rd Boot Device [USB:TSSTcorp CD/DV] * A device enclosed in *
* 4th Boot Device [Network:IBA GE Slo] * parenthesis has been *
* 5th Boot Device [Network:IBA GE Slo] * disabled in the *
* 6th Boot Device [Network:IBA GE Slo] * corresponding type *
* * menu *
* * *
Intel(R) Boot Agent GE v1.2.42
Copyright (C) 1997-2006, Intel Corporation

Intel(R) Boot Agent PXE Base Code (PXE-2.1 build 085)

Copyright (C) 1997-2006, Intel Corporation
PXE-T02: Access violation
PXE-E3C: TFTP Error - Access Violation
A) Contact the secondary tftp server.
B) Load the pxegrub file.
C) Abandon network boot and hang.
- D) Boot the internal raid device.
E) Boot thhe CDROM.

128. Which line would you remove in the GRUB's menu to prevent an automatic
installation from commencing when booting from CD or DVD, but without
intentions of installing?
A) install=default
T- B) install=true
C) install=always
D) install=yes
E) install=now

129. When trobleshooting your first-boot service, you notice that it runs
every time the system boots. What is the most likely cause?
A) In your script, you need to create functionality that disables the
service and optionally uninstalls the package.
B) In your script, you do not print any debug information and that could be
the problem.
C) The first-boot service gets installed every time the system boots.
- D) The first-boot service is installed once, but runs every time because
you have to manually remove it after it runs once.
E) There is a known bug with a race condition that you can workaround by
having a "sleep 5" in your script.

130. What two actions are used to permanently configure a new interface?
A) dladm set-linkprop mtu=1500 net2
T- B) ipadm create-addr -T static -a net2/v4static
- C) ipadm create-addr -a local=2ff0::f3ad/64 -T static -t net2/v6dhcp
T D) ipadm create-ip net2

131. Which three options are features of the Oracle Solaris 11 Automated
A) direct reuse of Jumpstart profiles and rules
T- B) Solaris 11 Zones provisioning
C) Solaris 10 branded (BrandZ) Zone provisioning
T- D) directly bootable installation images
T- E) Image Packaging System (IPS) integration

132. You have configured a local IPS repository but the client is not able
to download files from it via http. What is the reason for this?
A) The IPS repository index needs to be re-generated.
B) The IPS server is not running.
C) The IPS server is running but is falling authentication.
- D) The publisher in the Automated Installer manifest is not specified
E) The IPS repository must be installed on the same server as the Automated
Installer server, to avoid issues like this.

133. List three reasons why Oracle Solaris 11 and SPARC would be th best
platforms for deploying an Oracle database.
- A) tight engineering integration between database and operating system
development teams
- B) continuous joint testing between database and operating system
development teams
- C) world record performance
D) Oracle Solaris 11 is only available on the SPARC platform
E) SPARC is te lowest cost hardware solution on the market today

134. Select two sources from which a client system may load the net image,
when conducting a network boot.
A) the install service assigned to this client with the installadm create-
client command
- B) the default install service for this architecture
C) the default IPS repository associated with a client
D) the DHCP server containing the client's MAC address and IP lease
E) the Oracle Solaris JumpStart server's default service for clients's

135. You will configure three zones to use the Fair Share Scheduling
algorithm. The compute capacity needed by each are as follows: zoneA: 25-
50%, zoneB: 30-60%, zoneC: 25-30%. How many shares should you assign to
A) 50, 60, 30
B) 50, 60, 50
- C) 0.5, 0.6, 0.3
D) 0.25, 0.3, 0.25
E) 25, 30, 5

136. Two reasons to choose IPMP over link aggregation are ____.
A) want to use more than four physical links
- B) want to have traffic use multiple switches
C) want to make unscheduled, immediate configuration changes
- D) have only one IP address and want all three links available to be used

137. The following commands are executed on an Oracle Solaris 11 system:

# zfs allow staff create,mount rpool/scratch
# zfs allow -c destroy rpool/scratch
Which two actions will the members of group "staff" be able to perform?
- A) Create new data sets under the /rpool/sratch location.
B) Create new snapshots of data sets under the /rpool/scratch location.
C) Destroy any data sets created under the /rpool/scratch location.
- D) Unmount any data sets created under the /rpool/scratch location.
E) Enable encryption on data sets under the /rpool/scratch location.

138. What is the expected result, given the following information?

root@uadmin02:~# eeprom
<output truncated for clarity>
network-boot-arguments: data not available.
boot-file: data not available.
boot-device=/pci@780/pci@0/pci@9/scsi@0/disk@0,0:a lu-3q2010-0 lu-3q2010-1
nvramrc=devalias net /pci@780/pci@0/pi@1/network@0
devalias lu-3q2010-0 /pci@780/pci@0/pci@9/scsi@0/disk@0,0:a
devalias lu-3q2010-1 /pci@780/pci@0/pci@9/scsi@0/disk@1,0:a
</output truncated for clarity>

root@uadmin02:~#init 0
ok boot net
A) uadmin02 will perform a fastboot and return to run level 3.
B) uadmin02 will perform a WANboot based upon nvram settings and return to
single user mode.
C) uadmin02 will perform a DHCP netboot and start the interactive install
D) uadmin02 will perform a DHCP netboot over the first interface with a
- E) uadmin02 will perform a DHCP netboot over the ethernet interface at

139. The commands to configure and manage automatic network configurations

are ____.
A) nwamcfg/nwamadm
- B) ipcfg/ipadm
C) netcfg/netadm
D) linkcfg/linkadm
140. Best practice for creating local IPS repositories recommends ____.
A) avoiding the use of ZFS to host repositories
- B) creating a separate ZFS file system for each repository
C) hosting local repositories on separate servers
D) replicating all publishers across all repository servers
E) creating one large repository for all required software

141. A prerequisite to creating a static IPv6 address is ____.

A) IPv6 forwarding enabled
B) an MTU greater than 1500 due to larger IP addresses
C) a router that supports IPv6
- D) a link-local address
E) an IPv4 address

142. As part of a customized installation, you are asked to disable the

following service:
What command can be used to disable this service?
A) /etc/init.d/rpc stop
- B) /usr/sbin/svcadm disable bind
C) /usr/sbin/netservices limited
D) /usr/sbin/inetadm -d rpc/bind
E) /usr/bin/pkill -9 rpcbind

143. Using the format -e command you have labeled the boot disk with an SMI
(VTOC) label and allocated 4 GB of space to slice 0 as /, 4 GB of space to
slice 6 as /var, and allocated the rest of the disk to /export. What will be
the outcome of an installation of oracle Solaris 11 with the default ZFS
root file system?
A) Oracle Solaris 11 will install with no issues
B) The installation will fail because you have used an SMI label and not the
recommended EFI label.
- C) The installation will fail because you have not allocated enough space
for the root partition. Generally you should allocate the entire disk as
th / root partition
D) The installation will succees but the installation routine will warn you
that a mirror must be created for the root file system
E) The installation will fail because ZFS boot file systems do not support

144. By using which commands can you confirm that only the build dates of
the solaris-11-175 BE and the current BE have changed?
A) beadm mount solaris-11-175 /mnt ; diff /etc/release /mnt/etc/release
B) beadm mount solaris-11-175 rpool/mnt ; diff /etc/release /mnt/etc/release
- C) beadm mount solaris-11-175 /mnt; diff /etc/release
D) diff rpool/ROOT/solaris-11-175/etc/release /etc/release
E) beadm mount solaris-11-175 /mnt ; diff /etc/release /mnt/root/etc/release

145. To upgrade a system from Oracle Solaris 10 to Oracle Solaris 11, it is

necessary to ____.
A) convert all Oracle Solaris 10 packages to Oracle Solaris 11 packages
using IPS
B) use IPS and Live Upgrade to install all updated software
C) use IPS to replace the Oracle Solaris 10 kernel with the Oracle Solaris
11 kernel
- D) save user data and perform a new Oracle Solaris 11 install; there is no
upgrade method
E) upgrade Oracle Solaris 10 from an Orcle Solaris 11 repository

146. A developer wants to use DTrace in a zone to examine the kernel. What
are his options?
A) Modify the zone so that he can use DTrace to examine kernel data
- B) All that's required is to assume the "root" role.
C) By using dtrace_proc and dtrace_user privileges he can examine his own
code, but not the kernel.
D) By adding ipc_dac_read and ipc_dac_write privileges to the zone.
E) Change the zone's file-mac-profile from strict to none to enable the use
of DTrace within the zone.

147. A zone fails to boot, and zoneadm produces the following message:
# zoneadm -z myzone boot
WARNING: skipping network interface 'net0' which is used in the global zone.
zone 'myzone': WARNING: skipping network interface 'net0' which is used in
the global zone
zone 'myzone': failed to add network device
zoneadm: zone 'myzone': call to zoneadmd failed
Which two approaches might resolve the problem and enable the zone to boot?
- A) Change the network link, wich will be used by that zone.
B) Use "dladm disable net0" in the global zone to bring the NIC net0 down.
- C) Convert the zone to use shared-IP networking.
D) Use "dladm rename-link net0 net9" in the global zone.
E) Use "netconfig disable net0" in the global zone.

148. A customer configuration requires controlling the bandwith consumed by

each of the zones that share a physical NIC. To accomplish this, you should
use the ____ command on th ____. Chose the three 2-part answers that
complete this sentence correctly.
A) ipadm, physical NIC
- B) ipadm, VNICs
C) dladm, physical NIC
D) dladm, VNICs
- E) flowadm, VNICs
- F) flowadm, flows
G) zonecfg, zone's anet resource

149. Which construct does the ZFS file system use as its storage
organizational basis?
A) Slices
B) All Free Hog
C) Metadb instances
- D) Storage Pools

150. Select three items which Oracle Solaris 11 provides that would be
valuable to customers in their enterprise IT environments.
A) Applications that run on Oracle Solaris are not guaranteed to run across
different versions.
- B) Oracle Solaris 11 is capable of handling "big data" with a 128 bit file
system with built-in deduplication, compression, and encryption.
C) Oracle Solaris 11 is not a virtualization friendly operating system.
D) Storage assets have become more difficult to manage in Oracle Solaris 11.
- E) Oracle Solaris 11 provides simple rollback and fast upgrades.
- F) Enterprise security is engineered with least privilege, auditing, and
restricted root.
151. A VLAN tag can be assigned with which two data link operations?
A) dladm create-vnic
- B) dladm create-vlan
C) dladm set-linkprop
D) dladm create-aggr
- E) dladm assign-vlan

152. Which command can be used to determine which apache web server packages
are installed?
- A) pkg list apache
B) pkg list *apache*
C) pkg list installed apache
D) pkg list all apache
E) pkg list all web installed

153. What does the following output mean?

eeprom | grep network-boot-arguments network-boot-arguments: data not
A) OBP on this client supports WAN boot and this x86 client can be installed
over the network.
B) OBP on this client supports WAN boot and this SPARC client can be
installed over the network.
C) No network information can be set on this client to install it over the
D) BIOS on this client supports WAN boot and this SPARC client can be
installed over the network.
E) OBP on this client does support WAN boot but this client's data disk
- F) WAN boot is not supported and the client cannot be installed over the

154. What new feature has replaced the SVR4 package manager commands?
A) the "pkgadd" command
- B) PMS (Package Management System)
C) IPS (Image Packaging System)
D) an updated software registry database
E) a newly updated "pkgrm" command specific to Oracle Solaris 11

155. In Oracle Solaris 11, installing and updating software requires the use
of ____.
A) the ZFS File System
- B) the Image Packaging System
C) the Service Management Facility
D) the Automated Installer
E) Oracle Solaris Zones

156. Which command would be used to restore the gedit package to its
original as-delivered state?
- A) pkg revert gedit
B) pkg restore gedit
C) pkg update gedit@original
D) pkg reinstall gedit
E) pkg reset gedit