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enhanced Time Of Flight Diffraction Inspection System

Time of flight diffraction (TOFD) testing with D-scan and
B-scan displays
Pulse/echo testing with no additional transducers
Simultaneous pulse/echo testing to maximize accuracy
Real-time D-scan and B-scan
Real-time displays for TOFD and pulse/echo
Real-time averaging
Record of scanning data for both X and Y axes
Easy data analysis and flaw sizing
High-resolution scanner for pipes and flat surfaces
Automatic report generation
Support for foreign languages
UltraScan 5 compatible
Portable computer for field inspection
Optional fully battery operated for remote inspection
Windows applications with user-friendly interface
Free one-year software upgrade
eTOFDTM revolutionizes the Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) technique by seamlessly combining TOFD technology with en-
hanced pulse/echo technology. eTOFDTM uses only two TOFD transducers while comparable TOFD and pulse/echo systems use
four. With one pair of TOFD transducers, the system collects TOFD data and pulse/echo data simultaneously, yielding the most
accurate single-pass scans.
eTOFDTM uses L-waves along with the standard share waves to form a wide-beam spread; with such a large ultrasound spread,
the system rarely misses a weld defect.
The eTOFDTM system combines the advantages of the two technologies while eliminating the weakness, enabling the powerful
system to:
- Determine the location of the defects: left side or right side of the weld.
- Find small cracks near the top and bottom surfaces.
- Determine planer defects or volumetric defects.
- Display TOFD B-scan images in the scan direction of the beam for more accurate location and sizing
- Detect porosity in the weld.
Each eTOFDTM system includes:
- a pair of transducers and wedges
- a single axis or dual axes inspection scanner
- a portable computer with multi-channel pulser/receiver and a high-speed converter card
- a Windows based eTOFDTM software
At each user specified inspection interval, the system performs three inspection shots:

Shot 1. Left P/E Shot 2. Left transmit and right receive Shot 3. Right P/E

While scanning, the software displays three D-scan strip charts: one for TOFD and two for pulse/echo data. From the display the
user can easily discern the location and the type of each defect.
HS212/HS226, MTSCAN series scanners, and TOFD scanners are all compatible with the eTOFDTM system.
Other accessories include a coupling kit and custom length cables. The coupling kit consists of a water compressor, tubing, a Y
connector, and a flow control valve. The 100-foot and 200-foot cables are built with differential line drivers and receivers to ensure
encoder signal strength.

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Enhanced Time Of Flight Diffraction Inspection System

HS100 (muse scanner)

SPECIFICATIONS 0.00314nch (0.08 mm)
Computer 1GHz Pentium III or better
TOFD Scanner 0.003927 inch (0.1 mm)
(upgradeable) 128 MB RAM
20 GB Hard Disk
MTSCAN X Axis: 0.0007 (0.017 mm)
Built-in CD-ROM Drive
Y Axis: 0.004 (0.1 mm)
1024x768 Display or better
Color TFT Display
Test Pipe Diameter
Connector for external monitor
HS212 and HS226: 2" (50 mm)
Input: 100/220VAC 50/60 Hz
0.5" (13 mm) with add-on wheels
Sampling Rate 100, 50, 25, 12.5, 6.25 MHz
Data Resolution 8 bits
Options Coupling kit
100' long cable
Memory 256K samples
200' long cable
Add-on wheels for pipes with small diameters
Scan Speed up to 8 inches/second
Scanner tracks
Mouse scanner for elbow & reducer inspection
Rectifications RF, Full, +half, or -half

Scanner Resolution
HS212 and HS226
X Axis: 0.002685 inch (0.0682 mm)
Y Axis: 0.004027 inch (0.10228 mm)

Left side
lack of root

Lack of Fusion

Left side
root crack

Right side
root crack

Root Cracks

US Ultratek, Inc. ! 4861 Sunrise Drive, Suite 106, Martinez, CA 94553 USA ! (925) 228-8829 ! Fax: (925) 228-8928
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