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October 30, 2017 RE: Anna Schmidt - excellent teacher recommendation ‘To Whom it May Concern, Anna Schmidt is applying for a teaching position in your district, and | would love to recommend her as an outstanding candidate for the job. First of all, | have had the privilege of knowing her since she was in my seventh grade math classroom as an excellent scholarly, all-around-great student, a status she held all the way through Blissfield Community Schools. A few years ago as a college student, she approached me to observe and spend time in my classroom for various college class requirements. She always jumped In and was willing to work with my students in any way she could. Anna easily connected with the students, and they felt comfortable working with her. When it came time for her to student teach in the regular education classroom for the winter semester of 2017, | was lucky enough to have her. She did an excellent job at managing all of the duties of the classroom with planning, grading, and managing the students, all while building a great rapport with each student. After she finished her student teaching duties, she then filled a maternity leave for a 2-3 split class in Blissfield, where she fulfilled that position until the end of the school year. She gained a lot of great experience in her time there. Knowing that she is currently finishing her special ed student teaching requirements, | know she has a great diversity of experience that has helped prepare her for the world of teaching. She will do a fabulous job for you. Ifyou have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Cathie Lewis Blissfield Elementary 5th Grade Teacher 640 S. Lane St. Blissfield, Mi 49228 (517) 486-2811, ext. 129