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(CODE NAME “CONGEN BL” EDTION 104 Pooe + No OVSMO-CHINALI mr PT, DAYA NUSANTARA MINING JALAN BATU LICIN NO SIMPANG EMPAT BILL OF EADING DISTRIC TANAH BUMBU, SOUTH BORNEO TO BE USED WITH CHARTER-PARTIES INDONESIA ae QQ. PT. PANDAN MAS ENERGI TO ORDER FIRST ORIGINAL Fa 8 SHENHUA COAL TRADING Co. SHENHUA MANSION C, NO. 16 ANDELU, DONGCHENG DISTRICT, BEIJING 100081, CHINA. MV. MARITIME DIGNITY ‘Muara Berau Anchorage, Kalimantan Timur Taster TAISHAN PORT, CHINA ‘Spars decpton goats ros wee ‘COMMODITY : INDONESIAN STEAM COAL 58,800 MT PACKING :IN BULK FREIGHT PAYABLE AS PER CHARTER PARTY {en Mon deck t Sizer the Cant ret Seng eaporuba br bes or caoge eto aa) ae SHIPPED 2 tne Pat of tang io apparent good er and cf Dectage or so neo tart "be Se Tey Sac get te oad FREIGHT ADVANCE fected aor Receved on accountot tet ‘Wet mene. ay, amt, cantton. coterts and vate unnown NUCTNESS were othe Mabie: Agent of he sd Vex! fos snes the rare a Bie ot Loong wattes wow ot ch tim tena ante Shy See slut teig sarenbioned te ches sat Devo Tine ses og con ous | FOR CONDITIONS OF CARRIAGE SEE OVERLENE Fan payie a Poe one oe SAMARINDA 01ST ARTA TST Saat FOR AND ON sctureey — | MV. MARITH CAPT. SUN LEI eres one sls 2S heaters dogrisen NS 5 Taedese 061259 Copenhagen K Sao of Bate ons tears! Martine Cove ico) Coenen