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Assessment Exceed Expectation Meets Expectation Does Not Meet

10/10 8/10 expectation 7 or

Craftsmanship 10 pts Students work is Students work is Students work does
presented in clean clean, and well not demonstrate
manner. No organized. Pays intent, or care.
smudges, visible attention to detail. Demonstrates
glue, or ripped Demonstrates effort apathy in
edges. Each piece is in attempting skills attempting skills
presented learned in learned in
professionally with demonstrations. demonstrations.
attention to detail.
mastery in
attempting skills
learned in
Creativity 10 pts Students work is Student work is Students work is not
original and original, original. Students
demonstrates multipurpose, and work stays at
problem solving. demonstrates comfortable level,
Student overcame problem-solving. no challenge, or
challenges, or risks were take
created new during process.
solutions while
producing work.
Student took
creative risks in
Productivity 10 pts Student participated Student used class Student did not use
in class, and time wisely. Student class time efficiently,
demonstrated did not work outside was late on note
excessive time of class, but was on book checks, missed
placed into work. top of assignment in submissions, or was
Students work class. Completed all off task frequently.
demonstrated use submissions, was on
class time wisely, time for 8/10
and out of class submissions.
effort into project.
Completed all
submissions, was on
time for 10/10