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Kansas City Star Opinion Editor Steve Paul 1729 Grand Blvd. Kansas City, MO. 64108

Dear Steve Paul,

CONTACT Aigner Watkins Public Relations Intern

Installations of street cameras are in high demand in lieu of the recent police shooting of

unarmed teens. Most people may see street cameras as a violation of civil liberties, but in

my opinion piece I talk about the good of having the option of video surveillance as

evidence. I am writing you because I know that you are a credible source to gain the

attention of your readers nationwide to be on board with installing and referring to street

cameras in time of need.

I am working with House Representative Linda Black, to get the message out for more

supporters of street cameras. This is beneficial to you because street camera footage can

also make stories posted more credible and also reduce violence, especially by those in

uniform who are paid to protect us.

Warrensburg Main Street trusts that as one of the top 50 newspapers nationwide, Kansas

City Star will be the most beneficial media outlet to share my opinion and help gain more

supporters for the cause, so we can generate changes in public safety.

I would be happy to send you a copy, so that you can prove to readers that installing

street cameras will give peace and justice when needed.

I appreciate your consideration of Warrensburg Main Street Op-ed. If interested in

sharing more ideas just email me at

INTERN at Warrensburg Main Street,

Aigner Watkins

Surveillance cameras on streets

Aigner Watkins Student work done for Advance PR Writing. Warrensburg, Missouri

Don’t you wish you could see what really happen that day when the officer that is paid to

protect the innocent kills them? Lately, the events of Ferguson have been daily news, and

have brought out protests to many communities around the world in their fight for justice.

Some police choose to cooperate and take part in the request for peace and justice, while

others choose to show no sympathy and continue to take away innocent lives.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time a minor was murdered because of false assumptions

of the police. Recently, another Saint Louis kid was taken from his family by 16 shots

from an off duty cop. According to an USAToday interview with chief of police Sam

Dotson “He said he is unaware of any video that captured Wednesday night's shooting,

(USAToday 2014). So is that a good thing or a bad thing? It’s bad, because now he is

dead and there is no one to defend the other side of the story.

Who’s to say what really happened in any of these events without primary evidence?

Primary evidence being live recorded footage of the events. In my opinion city officials

should use our tax dollars on something more useful than these harassing cops, like

installing surveillance cameras on streets to limit crime and stop police brutality. Not

only will it be evidence in situations like shootings or violence, but it could also reduce

crimes like theft, assault, and kidnapping. Having street cameras may not save a persons

life, but it sure will get justice for them, and bring answers to loved ones.

Having the cameras wouldn’t be like traffic violation cameras where officers pick and

choose which violations and people get tickets, but it will be unstopped footage that will

be available as evidence for cases that need more proof. There will be no reason to have

people monitor cameras daily, because it will be close to impossible to manage, but also

it is not intended to invade peoples privacy. In my opinion police or any person involved

shouldn’t have access to see the footage until in court.

I believe policy makers should put the vote to the people. Instead of giving police officers

cameras to wear, which only shows what the assailant is doing in the officer’s

perspective, they need to require mini microphones that record audio at increased pitch

levels. That would put commentary and sound effects with the events recoded by the

street camera. Putting up cameras will serve as true eyes in the sky. Having cameras up

will also make trials go by quicker, because juries can see the events in question first

hand and make accurate decisions based off seeing the actions for themselves. Remember

how the surveillance cameras in Boston caught those bombers from the race? There is no

way any one can get away with murder when we have their face on camera. It then

becomes the case of have you seen this person? Or this is who did it. Doesn’t that sound

like the real safety strategy for saving ourselves in these high crime cities? You cant lie

and change the story thats recorded, the proof is all there it then turns to the matter of


I am currently advocating with Missouri house of Representative, Linda Black, on the

crime prevention and public safety committee. She to feels that street cameras would give

everyone some peace of mind in tragic incidents like police shootings. This is not just a

local problem it is a nationwide problem. Places like Europe and other countries have

already put street cameras to use, and because of its effectiveness they have established it

as part of their culture. We need to move forward in life instead of dwelling on

unanswered issues. There is no better answer than proof. Results come with numbers.

Lets make public safety apart of our culture and get those cameras up, because we sure

can’t count on those uniforms to protect our families.

Works Cited USAToday. (2014, 10). Off-duty St. Louis officer fatally shoots teen who fired at him, police say. Retrieved 10 8, 2014