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For questions 1-2 refer to the option below

A- Kwashiorkor
B- Marasmus
C- Kwashiorkor-Marasmus
D- Iron Deficiency Anemia
E- Iodine Deficiency

1. Serum feritin is specific indicator to diagnose the disease

2. Criteria for diagnosis is result of anthropometry for weight for age <60% and presence of edema.

A. ...
B. ...
D. all the above

5. It is suggested that woman (youth and adult not pregnant) should be screened every 5-10 years
for this disease.

6. People with this disease have lower IQ.

7.Which of the following sentence is correct about the factor which is influences the health status
according to IFTF( Institute for the Future)
A. Genetic is the biggest factor influence the health status.
B. Population is the biggest factor influence the health status.
C. Behaviour is the smallest factor influence the health status.
D. Environment is the biggest factor influence the health status
E. Access to care is the biggest factor influence the health status

For questions 8-13 refer to the options below.

A. population,
B. genetics
C. behaviour
D. genetics
E. environment
F. health services

8. House with adequate ventilation.(not complete)

9. Education will influences the occupation.

10. Size distribution such as sex, age group will be influences to the health status.

A. Genetic
B. Population
C. Behavior
D. Environtment
E. Health Care Service

11.Prevention and promotion are better than curative and rehabilitative

12. Puskesmas must be available in every district, not only in urban area but also in rural

13. Every culture has a different parception about hypertention disease which influences the
step for help seeking

14. The availability of drugs in Primary Health Care

15. preventing indikasi lifestyle PHBS for household

16.Community empowerment is:

A. a process design to cerate condition of economic and social progress .active participation
nad fullest possible reliance

17. Intinya: data perokok terbesar di dunia?

A. Cina
B. Indonesia
D. Jepang
E. Rusia

18. Which of following is true?

men has much higher number of smoking behaviour than women

20. Statement not true?

C.Motivation to comply with smooking cessation is not important in an intervention.

a. determining priorities
b. setting goals
c. implementing plan
d. evaluation the result of POA
e. looping back

21. One of these sentences is NOT TRUE:

A. Role model is important in controlling tobacco
B. Role of media is important in controlling tobacco advertisement
C. Tobacco company has political power in providing money for sports activity
D. University and authorities have to collaborate to cope tobacco advertisement
E. Advocacy to authorities is least important in controlling tobacco

22. One of these sentences is NOT TRUE:

A. Smoking behavior is the cause of coronary heart disease
B. Smoking behavior is the cause of acute myocardial infarction
C. Smoking is the most potential killer in the world
D. Smokers do not know the hazardous substances in the cigarette
E. Smokers do really care of warning and impotency in the box of cigarette

23. Which is TRUE:

Answer: Smoking has 12 years reduce life expectancy

24. Which is NOT TRUE:

Answer: Smoking cannot be prevented at all

25. Based on sentence substantial

A. Productive age is most important age range of smoking behavior changes in sense of maintaining
B. Early age is important for tobacco control
C. None of age period important tobacco control
D. Elder person is not substantial for tobacco control intervention
E. Babies age is important for tobacco control

26. Case Padang Pariaman 30th needed..

A. Only need response
B. Collaboration with all ++++including medical support and phsycological support (this is the
C. Collaboration with government authorities
D. Collaboration with only private sectors
E. Only government and private sectors, no university sector

27. Prior to quick responses right after a disaster occurrence, which assessment is most likely to
A. Emergency medical and emergency related support assessment
B. Behavioral assessment
C. Policy assessment
D. Social assessment
E. None are true

29. Important process to access success of program interventions.

Answer: Evaluate result of POA (Planning Organizing Action)

30. If the program is not success after evaluation, it is important to analyze again all the process
during implementation and all the factors influencing.

31. It is important to analyse the situation from all the factor which influences the health status to
find out problems and make a priority
-Evaluating the results of POA (plan of action)

32. In this step it is important to make the objective of the programs intervention
-Setting goals
33. during this process it is important to mobilized all the resources to achieve goals
a. emergency response
b. rehabilitation & reconstruction
c. disaster prevention
d. disaster mitigation
e. disaster preparedness

34. improve urban land tenure allows urban resident to invest making their houses more
secure in earthquake
35. moving populations away from the hazard zone
36. preserving wetland that can absorb and spread flood water
37. initial repairs to damage infrastructures
38. long term sustainable development of camp site for agriculture, industrial, recreational,
or education
39. environment health indicators, in combine with routine activities carried out by
veterinarians, nutritionist, and epidemiologist
40. hazard mapping

a. Acute effect
b. Long term effect
c. Environment effect
d. Socio-economic lost to individual
e. Socio-economic lost to government

41. Smoking can cause cancer of larynx, oral cavity, esophagus, pancreas, bladder, leukimia

42. Tobacco use can cause lost of arable land that can be used to grow food

43. Smoking can increased serum carbon monoxide


a. Pre-contemplation

b. Contemplation

c. Preparation

d. Action

e. Maintenance

f. Termination

g. Relapse

44. Doctor assist patient to increase confidence incapability of change behaviour

45. In this stage, doctor should ask patients to reflects on feelings about smoking
46. Smokers should have a concrete plan on how to quit smoking

47. Intend to quit smoking in next 6 months.

48.Wat is the advantages n disadvantages of tobbacco use

49. Which is the approach of smoking cessation for heavy smokers?

a. health education & general education

b. specialist clinic & peer group

c. health education from health professional

d. health education from health professional & nicotine replacement therapy

e. nicotine replacement therapy