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lotus cycle theory, 12 to 3:25 governed by moon, 3:25 to 6:50 by mercury, 6:51 to

10:17 by venus, 10:17 to 13:42 by sun, 13:42 to 17:07 by mars, 17:07 to 20:32 by
jup, 20:32 to 23:59 by sat
day lord and lotus cycle lord will rule health, n d6 chart, by kundan desai

dosha samyam, by nitin Kashyap, matching chart, dosha (negativity) + samyam

(Balancing), 1(3),2(3),4(3),7(5), 8(6)th h mangalya bhava, 12(1) phisical
compatibility, mars (4) sat (3) sun (2) rah (1), exaltation (no dosha), moola
trikona (25%), own house (50%), frieds house 75%, debilitation 125%, calculate same
for moon & venus chart also

Rahu by Dharmesh mehta

all five senses are rah
when u learn n practice astrology rah becomes good
its a higher version of mars and also mercury
when u have first itnstinct it is rah, if u not listen to first instinct rah gets
rah always give good results in 3, 6, 11, 10, upachaya, depend on u r capacity, no
need to do any remedy for these houses
aspect same as ju but
rah in 1, born for the first time, not aware abt civilized ppl, do not understand
relations, as others do not have anything to give to u, u have to keep giving and
doing good without expecting,
2nd strong h for rah, divide n rule, want money then leave relations,
3 subconscious mind, thieves, courageos, rah settle in this h very well, smugllers,

4 have everything bt no time to enjoy, standing on the que window will closed when
u r time will come, will not recognize what u have,
5 pitru dosha, first child may be lost or have no connection of past life, do the
donation of the rah remedies have to be done, speculative gain but more risky
6 powerful h, enemy will fear, disease u will not come to know (symptoms will not
shown), (cancer rah, sat (cell) sun moon, cancer sign afflicted with rah) (6th h
digestive, lack of vitamin, mineral)
7 be aware of the ppl n crowd, public misunderstood, personal n marriage life will
be disturbed, not familiar with the world, dont follow the crowd listen to u r
instinct, partner will always force to do things against u r will, either break u r
cast or married life,
8 very powerful, search of life, fear in the childhood, behind finding secret, ppl
will follow u, (sat in 8 no fear), find the cause of llife, powerful in west,
9 different view abt religion, break the established rule, work in the night n
sleep in the day, create own way of life, at the age of 42 luck will start, or
leave the birthplace, same in 4th,
10 breaking the hierachy and move ahead between 36 to 42, might not get stability
till 42,
11 all u r desire will be fulfilled without efforts, beware of the friends, dont
care about friends leaving
12 direct h with the nature, nature will punish for u r deads, suddenly loose near
n dear ones or money, sychophrenic, mad
take help, family or money, relax, realize u r have, be careful always recognize
ppl, health, be aware of crowd, search of life, new religion, no competition,
desire will be fulfilled, aware of the nature for all the 12 h
rah with planets
mars rah accident
merc rah extra intelligence
jup rah will not allow u to see what u have, not realizing what u have (dispositer
is exalted in 15 may)
ven rah vikar yoga, so many pleasure, obsessive abt pleasure, bad habits
sat rah shrapit yoga, never loose their temper,
rah kaal, mandi rise at the start of rah kaal, can do spiritual thing, charity
work, not good for something where u want something in return
one word for rah : buster (some karma left incomplete in past life that rah make u
to complete)

rah dasha by dharmesh mehta

in transit
1 new chapter of life will start
12 if not accepted the change of first life than nature is going to give result
11 again new desire will be fulfilled
10 power of name n fame,
9 again shows change in life
8 new venture or reveal some secret, unpredictable things happen
7 now got the secret, honey comes n honey bees will come
6 cure u r things will get corrected,
5 temptations to attract past life deads, so many good deads will be removed, dont
intefere with childs affair
see from asc n moon also
4 no time to enjoy pleasure, do not start anything new, do not buy or build house
3 again it willbecome comfortable, do whatever u want rah is with u
*make a wish under the sun
2 new relation will be make, dont try to hold who are leaving u, try to remove
unwanted things

sun father or father like is going to affected or suffer, loose confidence,

moon mother or emotional relation is going to affected or suffers or thoughts
becomes dry,
mars some incidence will happen drastic,
merc rah higher intelligent boost the intelligence
jup either loose money or relation, hold the plan
ven rah, no traveling discomfort
sat rah shd not change career, no machine shd not be buy,
yavana jataka

Vijay Sachdeva
Manasa Nakshatra
manas: maan, interpret, all possible reaction on human mind
Manas nakshatra
nak no,Other Name,Element tatva
Birth Nakshatra,janma-Moon,Earth
28th from birth Nakshatra,Abhisheka,Water
27th from birth Nakshatra,,Ether
26th from birth nakshata,,fire
25th from birth nakshatra,Manasa,Air
A: close conjunction of enemy planets in a Nakshatra, afflicts that Nakshatra. This
affliction becomes severe when any one those enemy planets is also a natural

B: planetary kick (latta)-Nakshatra count from the planet: always considered bad,
highly inauspicious, may be that of a friendly planet
planet:count from the planet Nakshatra:planet:Count from the planet Nakshatra
sun,12th forward,
Moon,22nd backward,
Mars,3rd forward,
Mercury,7th backward,
jupiter,6th forward
ven,5th backward
sat,8th forward
rahket,9th backward

C: planet aspect on Nakshatra and planet therein: aspect of enemyp planet afflicts
the nakshatra, its lord and the planet placed therein.

Aspect:Nakshatra Count
sun,14th n 15th
moon,14th n 15th
mer & ven,1&15th

*Affliction on the Birth Nak contaminates the Prithvi Tattva, results into the loss
of Kriya Shakti
*Affliction on Birth Nak also affect the planets placed therein
*Person becomes ireversible, persistent, intolerant, slefish, and cynical
*Finds itself unable to create ua stable base fot the physical needs including
*Problem with feet, legs, walking, knee, absence of odor, anal eradication and the
inability of doing these actions properly could also be the cause of anxiety

*Affliction on the 28th nak from the Janm Nak contaminates Jala Tattva, results
into loss of icha Shakti (will power)
*This affliction also affect the planets placed in that Nak
*Person suffers agony and anxiety due to confusions, disdain, purposeless life,
inferiority complex, and frustrations
*Loss of respect, status and inability to make independent decisions which makes
the life of a person more vulnerable
*In addition, sexual organs and reproductive system disorders also originate from
the water impurities

*Affliction on the 27th nak from the janma nak contaminates Akash tattva, reslts
into loss of adi Shakti, the uniting force
*person becomes separatist, antisocial activist, suffers hearing problems and
mutated body
*Becomes egoistic, desperate and lonely
*Problems in neck, face, mouth and disorder of communication system

*affliction on the 26th Nakshatra from the janma nak contaminates Agni Tattva,
results into loss of Gyan Shakti, the Power of knowledge
*Lack of foresight and wisdom, health loss, cruel, exploitive, negative thinking,
jealous, greedy and disgraced
*Diseases related to stomach, intestines, digestion and visual impairments also
occur in Agni Dosha

*Affliction on the 25th nak from the janma nak contaminates Vayu Tattva, results
into loss of Para Shakti, loss of higher seses
*Victim of jealousy, lust, anger, fear, selfish love and face resistance of society
with hatredness
*Makes the person highly possessive
*The frustration can burst outward or may be inward, depending on the stregth of
the planets involved
*In addition, heart, lung, diaphragm, circulation, lack of touch sese, arthritis,
vata dosha in arm and hand plagued by the related diseases

Manasa Nakshatra A vedic mythological approach

Count from birth nak:element:Syllable:Shakti:Chakra:Panchanan Siva:Kalpa
Janma nak:Earth (Mercury):Na:kriya:Muladhara:Sadyojata:ShvetLohit
28th Abhisheka:Water (Ven):Ma:Ichcha:Svadhisthan:Vamdeva:Rakta
26th:Fire (Mars):Shi:Gyan:Manipur:Aghora:Shiva
25th Manasa:Air(Sat):Va:Para:Anahat:Tatpurasha:Peetvasa

Coditions for Un-afflicted Nakshatra:

A. Two enemy planets should not be in close conjunction in the Nakshatra in
B. Nakshatra in consideration should not having Kick(latta) of any planetp
Planet kicking:Count from the planet Nakshatra
Sun,12th forward
Moon, 22nd Backward
Mars,3rd forward
Mercury,7th Backward
Jupiter,6th forward
Venus,5th Backward
Saturn,8th Forward
Rah-ket,9th Backward

C. Nakshatra in consideration should not have aspect of any enemy Planet to its
Aspect:Nakshatra Count
Sun,14th & 15th
Moon,14th & 15th
Mars,1st, 3rd, 7th, 8th, 15th
Mer & Ven, 1st & 15th
Jup,10th 15th 19th
Sat,3rd 5th 15th 19th

Michael reed
rah n ket thr nakshatra
ket what we know
rah that we dont know

ket in pisces in 7th, most comfortable with relationship

rachita gupta
basic nature of guruchandal: planets opposite in nature, ju knowledge dharma moral
respects following conventions of the society, rebellion, always talks abt getting
out of the any restrictions or moral code of conduct laid by the society or family,
individualistic, deeply intelligent, want its own path, thinks outof the box,
visces, rash dicision, breaking of marriage, gambling,

aries: fiery by nature, feel attracted towards higher education, enhancing

knowledge, feeling of distraction laziness diverted towards wrong grps, romance
will also suffer, arguments,
Tau: deep desire to accquire car house or property, environment at home willbe
tense, clamp on u r tongue, not to take high loan, be cautious taking loan, keep
control on u r sarcastic tongue
Gem:good for bussiness, enterprenuer, online business, media, good growth,
enthusiasm and energy level will be very high, will make new contacts, online
spending, visibility in market space will increase, relations with siblings bad
arguments, communication be very polite n gentl
Cancer:face tussle between materialistic and auisitiveqinstincts, to keep harmony
at the home keep truth to u r self, no need tobe very frank, desire to get wealth
unreasonably, planning & all the paper work is in place before starting new
venture, avoid eating rich spicy food, will lead to money n new opportunity
Leo:great development, growth, fame