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It had been a controversial while interesting matter that for future successful industries' leaders,

whether to instilling the sense of cooperation in our children or competition. Even though many prefer
competition instillation, The author believe that cooperation is an apex with such higher aims that never
can be found in any other types of leaderships.

First, cooperation is an instrument which can help the issues work well. Scientifically speaking, those
indusrties who have a higher sense of cooperation that others, are able to develop their productions
much faster that those with less of this sense. As a example of this fact, an industry with a cooperative
leader would always care for the relations quality among his clerks and workers so that it can be led to
the faster production rate and better sales. On the other hand, a company with such a high sense of
competition that always want to be one step forward that other, need to focus on a specific types of
products which woud lessen the diversity of the tasks that the whole company can perform.

Second, it has been told that, cooperation is a way to enhance personal creativity. According to this,
cooperation allows every single person of a company to give his or her idea about anything in the
company. This is the fact that today's industries need the most; Because the products and issues
deficiencies can be best defined neither by leader nor by people but those who work in that industry.
This is a fact that never can be found in a totally competitive company as they need to focus on other
companies growing rate rather than improving themselves.

Finally, even though competition is a critical element for any success, it can contradict with the concepts
of cooperation. Assume a company who seeks competition rather than cooperation not only in its
productions but also in its inner tasks. In this situation, the workers always want to the any tasks on
their own in order to be able to show themselves better that other in front of their leader. More
generally, their leader may want to stand on his or her feet with no relation and cooperation with other
industries just to say "we are the best" which can be totally distructive for any company.

To conclude, competition is totally vital and need to be developed in any children behavior. However,
the importance of cooperation is a fact that cannot be neglected by any other matter even competition
as the today's industries crucially need a high sense of cooperation. Focusing on this issue, can heighten
the overal production rate of the company and bringin success.