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Functional Competency - HR Professionals

Comeptencies Definition
Learning Effective Advanced Expert
Is able to search CV's for the requirement,
Is able to plan manpower requirement;
coordinate with the consultants and organise Is able to follow the process of hiring and Is able to develop Recruitment Budget and
Ability to source the right talent at the right time for the better attract(headhunt) and onboard the right
Talent Acquisition Interviews and follow the necessary process selection in cost effective manner to ensure Head hunt the right talent at the right time in
cost talent to the Company through various hiring
of selection to ensure employee onboarding ontime hiring of the right talent a cost effective manner.
tools and techniques
with guidance.

Advocates to organizational leadership for

Employer Value Proposition/ Is able to identify potential changes that
Ability to brand the organisation through apt EVP. Is able to communicate the drated EVP changes in the organization that would make
Branding Is able to develop an apt EVP to attract the would make the organization more desirable
it more attractive as an employer.
right talent to ideal potential employees.
Has theoritical knowledge of Compensation Is independently able to handle Is able to benchmark Compensation &
Is able to develop Compensation and Benefits
Compensation & Benefits Ability to manage Compensation and Benefit function and Benefits function and is able to execute Compensation and Benefits function with Benefits, draw inputs and present inferences
the function with support high accuracy for improvement
Is able to implement job enrichment, job
Ability to evaluate the job to understand work load and to use Is able to provide inputs for the Job Is albe to understand the method if job enlargement, and job re-design initiatives
Job Analysis
the inputs for optimum utilisation of human resources Evaluation purpose evaluation and can do the evaulation with Conducts a job analysis/Evaluation when deemed appropriate based on the job
guadance indpendently. evaluation inferences.
Is able to draw inferences from the time office
Is able to mainatain attendance and leave Is able to handle time office activity Is able to do necessary changes to the
Time Office Management Ability to manage attendance and leave data of the employees activity and suggest possible improvements in
records with guidance independently process and policies of time office.
process and policies.
Demonstrates understanding of the Keeps current on changes to the laws that Identifies risks to the organization stemming
Woking Knowledge of Labour Manages risk in the execution of HR activities
Ability to understand, interprete and implement Labour Laws application of HR legal requirements in the govern HR practices and Adhere to legal from the need to adhere to legal
Laws with regards to Labour Laws
workplace. requirements in carrying out all HR activities requirements.
Focuses on collaboration between
Chairs respectful communication in all
Seeks opportunities for collaboration Encourages open and clear dialogue management and employees/unions on the
Labour and Employee Relations Ability to manage labour and employee relations interactions between the employer and
between the employer and employees. between management and employees end goal of a productive and engaged
Is able to execute the Employee separation Is able to handle Full and final settlement Is able to draw inferences from the exit
Is able to draw inferences from exit interview
Employee Separation Ability to manage Employee Separation Process process (does not include exit interview) with and exit interview and separation formalities interview,and suggests course correction to
and submit the report to the management
guidance independently the Management to retain the right talent.

Is able to define and execute Employee

Is able to execute the drafted Employee Engagement Survvey framework, and is able
Employee Engagement Ability to Envisage Employee Engagement
Engagement Strategies independently to develop potential strategies to enhance
Maintains knowledge of literature on employee engagementand creates action plan Advocate strategies to enhance employee
employee engagement to increase employee engagement engagement with senior management.
Develops a performance management
Performance Management Ability to develop and manage Performance Management Oversees the organizations performance system that aligns individual performance Coaches managers in how to address gaps
System System management system. objectives with organizational strategic Coaches managers in how to set goals and between individual performance and
goals. expectations with employees. expectations
Is able to identify potential strategies to
Ability to implement best suited L & D intervention in the Is able to identify opportunities for learning Is able to capture the L & D needs, and Is able to propose learning that enhances
Learning & Development embed learning and development into the
organisation that occur as part of everyday work activities. organise and coordinate L & D Programs to individual, team, and organizational
culture of the organization
ensure the L & D objectives are met. effectiveness.
Leadership Develops an effective program for the early
Is able to understand the importance of Implements a developmental planning
Development/Succession Ability to create leadership pipeline/succession planning identification and tracking of leadership Develops a developmental planning process
developing leadership talent process for high-potential individuals.
Planning talent for high-potential individuals.
Evaluates risks to the health, safety and
Maintains knowledge of legislation, wellness of employees.
Health, Wellness and Safe work A cluster of competencies related to the creation and
regulations, and standards regarding Considers potential effects on the health, Ensures that the organization remains and Implement measures to mitigate risks to
place maintenance of healthy and safe workplaces
workplace health and safety and wellness safety and wellness of employees of all compliant with workplace health and safety the health and
organizational activities and wellness legislation and regulations. safety of employee
Functional Competency - HR Professionals
Comeptencies Definition
Learning Effective Advanced Expert
Is able to and daignose team dynamics and
Ability to develop and execute strategies for Team
Team Effectiveness Is able to understand the team dynamics and develop team-based interventions to Is able to guide team to successfully meet the Is able to develop interventions to improve
has knowledge on group dynamics. improve team effectiveness established goals. the effectiveness of leadership teams.
Ability to take decisions in a timely manner, taking into Is able to generate alternate solutions to any
Decision Making Skills Makes sound day-to-day decisions in Makes sound decisions in complex business Makes sound decisions involving the most
consideration all relevant aspects of a situation given situation
operational contexts situations complex information and dynamic situations

Acting as an independent professional in the Adhering to the standards of the HR Pushes back on leadership when asked to take
Independence Ability to being independent in thoughts and actions.
context of the workplace profession and to all workplace legislation, actions that are considered contrary to HR Encourages others to be independent in
even when doing so is challenged professional standards. thought and action.
Partners collaboratively with organizational
Able to Understand the importance of leadership in the development of
Communicating challenges &
Ability to communicate effectively communication,Extrovert; is able to do public communications and is able to measure the
Developments Communicates with employees in a manner Crafts communications that accurately portray
speaking. effectiveness of communication system
that enhances affiliation with the the state of the organization and that are
within the Organisation
organization. engaging for employees.
Builds an HR work plan to guide the
Is able to understand the short-tern and long-
Change Management Ability to manage the Organisational Changes. necessary changes in concern with the
term goals of planned organizational changes. Is able to assess the HR implications of Contributes to the development of an
organizations change management strategy
planned organizational changes. organizational change management strategy
Maintains knowledge of current mentoring Educates leaders on the merits of mentoring Develops learning programs to build Delivers mentoring and coaching training to
Mentoring & Coaching Ability to manage metoring & coaching
and coaching principles. and coaching employees mentoring and coaching skills in leaders leaders
Maintains understanding of the roles and
Leads the organizations HR function with due Directs HR activities towards the
Leadership skills Ability to Lead responsibilities of the senior management /
Is able to lead the function effectively with consideration for the roles and responsibilities implementation of the business plan.
less intervention from reporting authority. of leadership and the Management
Is able to identify the process improvements
Has an awareness on HR Audit Process and is Is able to benchmark the HR audit process to
HR Audit Ability yo develop HR Audit Process and system related to audit and can independently audit Is able to develop the process and system for
able to face the audit the similar industries.
the HR Function audit.
Is able to produce data for the analytics and
Ability to interpret various data's in a presentable format and has an understanding on the importance of Is able to analyse the HR Data independently Is able to use the inferences for the process Is able to benchmark the HR strategies based
HR Analytics
arrive at insights from them. availability of HR data for process and is able to present the inferences of the improvements and developing of HR on the HR analytics inputs.
improvements analytics. Strategies.
Is able to understand the basic information of Establishes financial projections for HR
Ability to understand and interpret the linkage of HR processes Contributes to financial projections for HR Consults with senior leadership on the impact
Financial Management finacial statements and is able to provide the services and initiatives and is able to meet
to the Financial Statements and ability to design HR Budget. services and initiatives on HR services and initiatives of changes in
required data for the purpose of budgeting. the projected budget.
the financial health of the organization.

Ability to understand, interprete and execute HR business

Business Accumen Maintains understanding of the organizations Applies sound business practices in carrying Participate with other business leaders in the Directs the HR function towards realizing the
vision, mission, values, and goals out the HR function development of organizational strategy organizations vision and goals.