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November 1, 2017

Attn: Dr. Matthew Bakke

Gallaudet University
Department of Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
800 Florida Ave NE
Washington, DC 20002

Dear Dr. Bakke,

I had the pleasure of having Dr. Medwetsky as professor for our pediatric aural
rehabilitation course. At the beginning of summer 2016, I truly believed that any course for four
hours a day, four days a week was going to be the worst. My first day, I was proved wrong. Dr.
Medwetsky came and brightened up the day with his warm smile and cheerful attitude. His
passion for the subject was clearly evident and with that alone, he changed the dynamic of the
class. Even more so, he understood our exhaustion and nature as students, so he added surprises
to his lectures. Every certain number of slides, he would give us a break (i.e. playing music,
talking about something different, a minute for stretching, a joke, encouraging us to go for a
walk) and pass around a snack bowl. He also encouraged us to sit/stand as we needed to best pay
attention (i.e. in chairs, feet up, on the floor, standing, etc). Feedback was individualized,
everyone had an opportunity to share, and he took our interests into account, spending more time
on what we wanted to discuss. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Medwetsky as a professor
to my peers and colleagues.
Unfortunately, I missed a lot of his class that summer, as I was hospitalized. I remember
being in shambles thinking of how many classes and how much information I would miss, but he
told me, You get better first. Then, well talk about class. It was a vastly different reaction than
some other professors and advisors have given me throughout my graduate school career. He
ensured that the lectures were recorded for me, often recording his and my fellow classmates
well wishes. When I came back, he took time out of his day to allow me to make up exams and
gave me extensions on my assignments, so that I could finish strong. Every step of the way, he
cherished me as a person before a student and I am truly grateful. His manner and compassion are
traits that I seek to reciprocate with my own students, embracing the little things that make them
As chair of the department, Dr. Medwetsky has made an admirable effort to connect our
departments with others at Gallaudet University. I do not have to explain to you how complicated
it is to be a speech and hearing department on a Deaf campus. During graduation, I was so proud
to see Dr. Medwetsky sign his introduction and our names. He showed everyone that no matter
our natural biases, we can be a part of a community and share similar values. Additionally, he
created a committee to improve our website to reach more people in a positive light. Dr.
Medwetsky is certainly a ray of sunshine in our department and I am honored to have the
opportunity to share my high opinion of Dr. Larry Medwetsky.


Marysabel Mejia, MS, CF-SLP
Gallaudet University Class of 2017

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