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Subject English Day / date Friday 5/5 Class 5 Kreatif

Theme Literature Topic What Happened to Lulu Main Skill Reading

Content 1.1.5 Understand more complex supported questions.

Learning At the end of the lesson, students should be able to write a goodbye note explaining
Objectives why Lulu left home.
Success Students will be successful if they can
Criteria 1. give one possible reasons in writing why Lulu left home, using appropriate tone of
language, and
2. give one thing that they will do differently if they are Lulus mother.
Starter 1. Students are asked whether they have any pets, or any favourite thing.
2. Teacher accepts any answers, then asks the students feeling towards
these things.
3. Teacher asks students, what would you feel, if one day, your pet-or
favourite thing-goes missing?
4. Teacher jots down students responses.
Main Activity 1: Round Robin (10 minutes)
1. Members sit together and brainstorms for possible reasons why Lulu left
2. Secretary jot down the answers.
3. Members decide on the possible reason/s that they will chose.
4. Members of the group start to write the goodbye note.
Activity 2: Gallery Walk (10 minutes)
1. Students do gallery walk and read all goodbye notes done by other
2. Students rate the best goodbye note.
Activity 3: Putting Things together (10 minutes)
1. Teacher asks students if they are Lulus mother, what will they do
differently if they can turn back time.
2. Members discuss in groups for a possible answer.
3. Teacher calls out presenter to share their ideas in front of the class
Plenary 1. Teacher asks students Does running away from home solve
2. Students are asked to recap what they have learnt from this lesson and
write a reflection on a sticky note.
HOTS Application Analysis Evaluation Creation I-Think Map
Bands / 1 2 3 4 5 6 Moral Values
Levels Rationality able to
Resources Handouts, Coop-Kit, Mahjong Paper form judgement.