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These people are spending a wonderful day.

You will
find Sam if you read the rest of the descriptions.
Write the numbers in the boxes. Then answer the
question: Where is Sam?

What is David doing?

What is Linda wearing?
How is ________ feeling?
Who has brother or sisters?

1. Rob is wearing shorts, sunglasses and a 13. Petra is really happy so shes laughing.
cap. Hes playing with a Frisbee. Shes behind Natalie.
2. Linda is wearing some trendy sunglasses 14. Brandon is the twins grandfather. Hes
and a nice hat, too. Shes on a towel. the fattest in the picture.
3. Davids dad is sitting but hes not reading. 15. Chris moms towel is on the right of a
4. Tim has got two old sisters, Alex and group of hungry seagulls. They are
Linda, Hes with Linda under a beach between Henrys mom and him.
umbrella. 16. Paul is Petras brother. He wants to make
5. Lucy is playing with her two best friends. a sand castle with Lucy. He has got a
Her bucket is bigger than Natalies shovel.
bucket. 17. Tims father is holding an umbrella.
6. Clarence likes playing in the sea but she 18. Alex is a teenage girl. She isnt wearing a
cant swim so she needs a rubber ring. swimsuit. Shes listening to her father.
7. Chris is lying next to her husband. One of 19. Its midday and Luke is very hungry. He is
them is reading a book. eating a sandwich.
8. Lola wants to be a biologist when she is 20. Brandons wife is the only person talking
older and she always takes photographs on the phone.
to animals. 21. Jo is wearing the same sunglasses as
9. This boy is talking to his dad. Both dad Linda. Shes Alex cousin.
and son are called David. David Jr. has a 22. Natalie is in front of Petra. She has got a
ball. pair of square sunglasses.
10. Meg is waiting for her husband to have 23. Pats twin brother is near his grandparents
lunch. She is holding her baby boy. and hes eating an ice cream.
11. Lolas dad, Ben, is feeling very relaxed 24. Martha is wearing a t-shirt and a pair of
because he is lying next to his wife. glasses. She is not smiling.
12. Jamie is snorkelling near the shore. His