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Muskan Foundation
Muskan Foundation
Muskan Foundation is a national level development
organisation reaching out to more than 100,000
underprivileged children & youth directly.

About 125 welfare projects are operational across

21 states of India, covering subjects like education,
healthcare, livelihood, women empowerment, and
Established in 2013 by a group of successful young
corporate professionals.

Works under innovative social investment model named

Social Venture Philanthropy; extends support to genuine
grassroots initiatives through funding, technical assistance,
training, capacity building, project management etc.
Our motto
Empowerment through Education
Education is both means as well as the end to a better life.

Muskan Foundation believes that whether you are

addressing healthcare, poverty, population control,
unemployment or human rights, no better place to start
than in the corridors of education.
Working Model

Social Venture Philanthropy


Empowerment of underprivileged children and youth through

SVP the unique social investment model

Social Venture Philanthropy

Muskan Foundation has introduced the model of Social
Venture Philanthropy (SVP) in the development sector, an
idea successful in the business world as Venture capital.

The foundation identifies, handholds and builds capacities

of genuine grassroots initiatives to achieve scalability,
sustainability and a deep sense of accountability among the
Good Governance

The entire management process of Muskan Foundation is based on the principles

of good governance.
Policies and decisions are made through a four-tier system, namely departments &
divisions, executive committee, advisory body, and board of trustees.
The management, monitoring and accountability are governed by a four tier audit
system, namely project audit, statutory audit, internal audit, and external impact
Optimum use of relevant technology is integrated with the whole system so as to
ensure impartial monitoring and optimization of resource.
Muskan Foundation is the first development organisation in India to have
appointed a certified Company Secretary to certify its compliance with Standards
of Good Governance
Muskan Foundation
going global

Development projects to be initiated soon in South

Asian countries like India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka
Major Recognitions
in the recent past

Muskan Foundation is the recipient of the GE Healthcare - Modern

Medicare Excellence Awards as NGO of the year

Muskan Foundation has works Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana as the
best Indian NGO in youth education

Muskan Foundation website ( is rated as the best 10

websites in India by currently. The other websites in the
list are Satyam, TechMahindra, Wipro, IBM, HCLinfosystems, Infosys,
AdobeIndia, Accenture, and SurfIndia
Major Programmes
Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana


Child Education
Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta


Action For Children

Special Intervention (Child For Child, Health with
Muskan, Disaster Management, and Individual
Support Programme)
Mission Education
Through the Mission Education
programme, Muskan
Foundation provides basic
education and healthcare to
underprivileged children

At present, Muskan Foundation has

74 Mission Education projects
functional across 20 states of India.
More than 35,000 children living in
urban slums and remote villages are
being directly benefited from the
Action For Children

amme sensitises and involves privileged masses in the development


About 150 grassroots NGOs, 10,000 individuals, more than 12,000 students
from many prominent educational institutes like IIM Lucknow, Indian
Institute of Technology Guwahati, International Management Institute,
WGSHA Manipal, Delhi University, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Indian
Institute of Foreign Trade, etc have already joined the programme.

More than 8 TV channels, half a dozen radio channels, numerous newspapers

and magazines have come up with their supports in sensitizing people under
Child For Child
Child For Child (CFC) is an endeavor to sensitize privileged
school children about their underprivileged counterparts,
inculcate values, and thus help them grow up as sensible citizens.

The motto is Catch them Young!

Muskan Foundation is reaching out to more than 750,000

children (including 450,000 girl children), 18,500 teachers across
945 schools through the Child For Child (CFC) programme.
Special Interventions
Health with Muskan

Individual Support Programme (ISP)

Disaster Management

Child For Child (CFC)
Special Interventions
Health with Muskan reaching out to the needy children and women
through standalone curative and preventive health camps across India.

Individual Support Programme - Support the most deserving and needy

children on the grounds of critical healthcare, education and sustainability.

Disaster Management - Relief and rehabilitation for children and women

during natural calamities like Tsunami, Bihar floods, earthquakes etc.

Child For Child Special advocacy programme sensitizing privileged school

children and help them grow up as responsible citizens
21 states across India
Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh,
Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa,
Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka,
Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu,
Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh,
West Bengal, Delhi NCR, Haryana,
Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa,
Jammu & Kashmir,
Kerala, Assam and Manipur
Head Office

New Delhi
Muskan Ek Samajik Sanstha D-6/54, Third Floor, Sector-6

Rohini, Delhi-110085,India

Phone: + 91 9953659128

Complete addresses:
Be the change you want to see in the
world. Mahatma Gandhi