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Did you understand all the words in the story, Wrong color?

Rewrite the sentences using the

words below to replace the word in bold.

Angry, delivery, handsome, manager, mistakes.

Ms. Green waited for the man to bring her chair.

Ms. Green was really mad.

The storekeeper said, We all make errors.

The person in charge of the store laughed.

There was a good-looking man outside the store.

Read part 2 of the story. Wrong color, and find out how it ends.

Wrong color part 2

A few months later, Ms. Green called to order a brown table from the same store.

The store manager was very surprised. I thought you were still angry about the mistake we
made with your chair, he said.

Oh, no, not at all, said Ms. Green. We all make mistake!

When do you want us to deliver the table? Asked the store manager.

Any time this week, said Ms. Green. You can write for Mrs. Brown on the package, she added
happily and smiled at her handsome new husband, Mr. Brown.

Did you understand part 2 of the story? Mark the sentences that are true.

Ms. Green and Mr. Brown want to buy two different tables.

Ms. Green wants the table in the next 7 days.

Ms. Green is still angry with the store manager.

Ms. Green and mr. brown are in love.


Do you remember the dialogue, dress from Paris? Write the sentences below in the correct

Of course. Its beautiful. Is it new? Well, its really nice. Really? Do you like it?

Mmmm. What a lovely dress! Yes. I bought it in Paris last week. Thank you
Woman 1

Your friend buys something new and you think its great! Complete the dialogue between you
and your friend.

You. WHAT A LOVELY ---------!

YOUR FRIEND. Really? Do you ------------ it?

YOU. Yes, its -------. Is it ?

Your friend. Yes, I bought it in ------------

You. Well, its really

Your friend. ---------------


Yesterday, when Mr. Brown was shopping at the mall, his shopping bags disappeared.
Somebody stole them! Mr. Brown went to the police. Write the questions the policeman asked
Mr. Brown.

Policeman 1. -------- in your shopping bags?.

Mr. Brown: just some gifts for my family, and clothes for myself.

Policeman 2 . .. full?

Mr. Brown: yes, the bags were wuite full.

Policeman 3 when the bags disappeared?

Mr. Brown. I was near the cashier.

Policeman 4 .. around you?

Mr. Brown. No, there werent many people around me.

When was the last time you bought something you werent happy with? Write about what
happened. What was wrong with the product? Were you anger? Did you call the store?

Last .. I bought . At

I wasnt happy with it because ..

I was ..., so I ----------- the store.


Exchange stories with a partner. Your partner is the store manager and you are calling to
complain. Role-play the dialogue.