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Kundalini means "To coil"

Kundalini is symbolized as a sleeping serpent coiled at the base of the human

spine. this indicates the connection between withe reproductive organs and life

Just as important, it has significance for a number of related aspects of unfolding

human mentality: genius, creativity, intellectual and artistic talent, insanity,
psychic powers, sociopathic behavior.

Higher levels integrations often requite some degree of dismantling previous mental
structures, This can evoke ego based anxiety, denial, fear, and hostility because
your ego does not want to change

Kundalini is the personal life force called prana, the holy spirit, chi, and ki,

The systematized process for the upward flowing of energy is called Kundalini yoga

Kundalini is when the energy of the glandular system combines with the nervous
system to become more sensitive so that the totality of the brain perceives signals
and interprets them. in other words, we become totally aware.

The black man is god in concept because he is static and only has the power to be
but has no energy to act or manifest

The black woman is god in manifestation because she is the dynamic, energetic and
creative aspect

People who have controlled access to the subconscious mind experience an abundance
of energy, insight, and creativity

When the kundalini is static is sustains the consciousness of the world but when
she unites with Shiva she loses consciousness of world and goes to a place without

The Kundalini energy is released through high pressure of concentrated biopsychic

energy mobilized by mental focusing.

While the pressure of the biopsychic energy is a tremendous push sideways, the
pressure of thought energy is like a magnetic pull from above. The push from below
is felt as intense Godward aspiration of the human soul. The pull from above is as
the irresistible attraction of the divine grace or charm.

Whenever a person enters into the condition of immensely intensified consciousness

due to his total concentration on an absorbing project, whether scientific,
artistic, commercial or political, he feels the thrill and excitement of
overflowing energy. What happens is the partial awakening of the coiled energy. His
concentrated vital energy withdrawn from all other affairs of the world puts
pressure at the base of the spinal cord. The coiled energy reacts by rechanneling
the mobilized vital energy along The spinal cord toward the brain. This results in
the flow of new creative ideas

In the course of yoga practice and concentration, the vital, instinctual, and
mental energies are mobilized and marshalled inward. Under the impact of their
concentrated attack, the positive nucleus of the psychophysical system (Kundalini),
the apparently static positive pole of the body's magnetic field, sends forth an
emanation or ejection, some kind of etheric double, which shoots up like an
electric current along the central canal of the spinal cord
when the kundalini hits the right hemisphere of the brain in stimulates intuitive
powers of extrasensory perception such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, telepathy,
precognition, etc
Kundalini can be awakened by several different methods, There are Hatha yoga-
techniques of asana, pranayama, mudra, and bandha. There is bhakti yoga-the yoga of
extreme love, devotion, faith, and mantra chanting. It can also be awakened
suddenly and unexpectedly as a result of incomplete sadhana (spiritual discipline)
in a past life.

Some who experience this awakening without the guidance of a guru become
frightened, thinking it to be mental illness, nervousness, or evil spirits.

Through shaktipat and an accompanying longing for freedom and knowledge on the part
of the aspirant, the Shakti rises through the central canal of the spinal column
(Sushumna), piercing the sixth chakras (nerve plexus). this is known as kundalini

The aroused power of the kundalini affects both the autonomic nervous system, which
functions by pranic intelligence alone, and the central nervous system, which
functions under mental control. Under the effect of the powerful currents traveling
through the entire nervous system as a result of Shaktipat, the prana assumes its
original role as master of the whole being and the central nervous system becomes
autonomic for a time. The mind under the influence of the boosted prana become a
mute spectator of the divine inner intelligence. The prana becomes from the usual
mental tyrannies and functions as a purifying force wherever it is needed within
the person.

When the Shakti moves through the body it creates various movements. On a
physiological level one can experience the following:heat, cold, automatic
breathing of various kinds, mudras, locks, postures (which are done with perfection
even if the aspirant knows no hatha yoga), laughter, tears of joy, utterance of
deformed sounds, feelings of fear, the curling back of the tongue, revolving of the
eyeballs, temporary stopping breath without effort, an itching or crawling
sensation under the skin, and singing with ecstasy and joy.

Kundalini is the basic component of life and it's only when it moves from one place
to another does it become energy
Kundalini is life force energy

The mind tapes we play have their counterpart in the habitual sensory responses of
the body, which is no less a creature of habitual patterns than our emotional
states These are the states that block the rising of the kundalini through the
psychic electricity station we call chakras

Every center in the body has a corresponding energy center in the brain

The entire cerebral cortex is involved in the transformation of kundalini into the
chemical, emotional, mental, and spiritual functions of each level of consciousness
corresponding to the number of chakras Activated in each person

The chakras are vortexes of psychic electricity but like the nervous system they
are only biological prisms through which kundalini is differentiated from the whole
The Kundalini In of consciousness and the Actual sensation is merely a message of
our consciousness passing through the psychic veil or skin
kundalini helps us to be alive, to sense the world through our eyes and ears

Such as kundalini, we use it everyday
The burning sensation is only the passage through unaccustomed cells of a new level
of consciousness in a higher octave, our body is the antenna for light from the
cosmos. Light only becomes energy when it hits something material in space until
then it is unmanifested Radiation.
Akasha means the light that cannot be seen. Kasha God-consciousness the light God
as brightness

Nirvana means Nir(not) Vana (flowing) and is a negative state because it means not
The Path of the sleeping divine power residing in the chakra at the base of the
spine is known as the uncoiling of the kundalini from the verb root Kund(to burn)
its movement is through the nerve plexus in the next six chakras. On reaching the
crown the kundalini unites with the magnetic part of the mind and causes the
expansion of the self-sense into limitless selfhood

Each chakra has its own seed, its own orientation of subtle energy called tattwas
Prakriti is primordial creativity. The petals of the chakras depicted in so many
pictures are just its rate of vibration as subtle sounds

Certain elements and crystal resonate with the lower six chakras in order from root
chakra: leads, brass, tin, gold, copper, and mercury

Are Chakras Real

When the god consciousness enters the body and becomes restricted, under the ego it
appears in the restricted form known as the chakras
For this reason, the chakras are referred to as granthis(knot) and
And yet, strictly speaking, final liberation, being the timeless and therefore
eternal condition of all worlds and selves, is not so much the result of the action
of untying these knots, but rather the tacit acknowledgment that these knots do
not, and cannot, obstruct ultimate consciousness. liberation, in short, is not the
actual untying of these knots, but the silent admission that they are already
The world of samsara, the ropes of our own bandage and suffering, the chakras are
but the knots in these ropes of misery
There are an enormous number of descriptions and explanations for the genesis of
these knots in awareness, given, from several different angles, by the major
metaphysical traditions. There are, to name some, the sephiroth of kabbalah, the
vijnanas of the yogacara, the kosas of the vedanta, the hierarchies of the
neoconfucians, the Kuei-hou interval of the Taoist, the Transmutation series of the
alchemist, and the energetics of the tantras. All these deal with the hierarchies
of knots man has tied in his consciousness . Chakras are knots that are illusory.
Nothing binds us from the very start, but until we understand this, everything
appears to.
God-consciousness is not sublimated sexuality; sexuality is repressed god-

The Myth and misconceptions of Kundalini

Kundalini is the evolutionary force in consciousness
Prana is life force Apana is elimination These forces are positive and negative
which are governed by the ida and Pingala; that is right and left. when we join
these two energies under kundalini yoga we mix prana and Apana and under that
pressure, brings the kundalini up when it goes through the Sushumna, it reaches the
higher chakras and psychic power becomes activated. Heat is felt during the
kundalini awakening and the heat is the filament of the Sushumna being lit by the
joining of prana and apana
The Phenomenon of kundalini

Kundalini is the natural inlet through which human intellect can come into contact
with the divine forces of creation.
Kundalini provides the only avenue for overcoming the congenital deficiencies of
the brain.

On the activation of the Kundalini there occurs a high increase in the production
of bioenergy and also enhancements in its potency. The ecstatic visions of the
Mystics, the creations of geniuses, the performance of the prodigy, the phenomenon
of the medium, and the nightmares of the insane are all, without exception, the
products of this enhanced flow of a more potent form of bioenergy into the brain.

The chakras are, in fact, the nerve clusters or plexus commanding the various
The psychic force released on the awakening is felt distinctly moving in the nerve
clusters and the motion is often circulatory. This gives the impression of a wheel
or Chakra

A Kriya is a sequence of physical and mental actions that affect body, mind, and
spirit concurrently.

The actual process of Shakti rising up the spinal to meet her Lord shiva in the
brain is often characterized as a Transmutation of sexual to psychic energy.
According to this view, one hundred drops of Bindu (semen) are sublimated and
distilled to one drop of highly purified ojas (psychic energy).
Melanin can readily cyclize to a three-ringed compound, 10-methoxyharmalan, which
is potently a hallucinogenic.

The pineal is involved in sexual function (relationship of sexual to psychic

Chakras), contains photoreceptors (reported perception of "liquid light" during
kundalini experience), and contains melanin, which may cyclize to a potent
hallucinogen, 10-methoxyharmalan.

In its Rise, Kundalini causes the central nervous system to throw off stress. The
stress points will usually cause pain during meditation. When kundalini encounters
these stress point or blocks, it begins to act "on its own volition," engaging in a
self-directed, self-limited process of spreading out through the entire physio
psychological system to remove these blocks. Once a block is removed, Kundalini
flows freely through that point and continues its upward journey until the next
stress area is encountered.

The difference between this final state and the initial state is not simply that
Kundalini is focused in a different place, but that in the meantime it has passed
through every part of the organism, removing blocks and awakening consciousness
there. Thus, the entire process of kundalini action can be seen as one of
purification or balancing.
Just as an electric current produces light when it passes through a thin tungsten
filament, but not when it passes through a thick copper because the filament offers
appreciable resistance while wires do not, so also does the Kundalini cause the
most sensation when it enters an area of the mind or body that is blocked. But the
heat generated by the friction of kundalini against this resistance soon "burns
out" the block, and then the sensation ceases.

The Dangers of Arousing Kundalini

If the latent of kundalini slumbering at the base of the spine, awaiting release,
is the atom bomb of the human body, as has been claimed, its potentials for
benefiting or destroying the individual and hence society are profound. its
elucidation and control may be as essential as is the control of the energy of the
If the Sages of the ages are correct that the release of kundalini power can be
cataclysmic for a body which is physically, emotionally and most important
spiritually unprepared by sustained spiritual discipline, then we are indeed
"playing with fire"!
We have seen evidence that kundalini if improperly aroused, without right guidance
and preparation in the student, can be horribly painful and destructive even fatal.

The kundalini power is the dynamic power in us. When the dynamic power and
spiritual knowledge go hand in hand, the perfect harmony of the universal
consciousness dawns and the conscious evolution of the human soul reaches the
transcendental self.

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