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Fences Act I Quiz

Multiple choice

______ 1. Cory is Troy’s _____________
a. brother c. friend
b. son d. father

______ 2. Rose is...
a. Cory’s mother c. Lyons’ wife
b. Gabriel’s wife d. Troy’s daughter

______ 3. Troy is:
a. Rose’s son c. Cory’s son
b. Rose’s brother d. Cory’s father

______ 4. Lyons is:
a. Cory’s father c. Troy’s son
b. Rose’s husband d. Troy’s brother

______ 5. Troy’s friend and co-worker is:
a. Cory c. Lyons
b. Bono d. Selkirk

Fill in the correct answer:

6. The sport at which Troy excelled: __________________
7. The sport at which Cory excelled: __________________
8. Lyons’ occupation: ___________________
9. Troy’s occupation: ___________________
10. The setting (place) of most of Act 1: ___________________
11. What is significant about Fridays in this play? _______________________
12. What does Lyons ask Troy for in Act I? ______________________

For each quotation below:
a) Identify the speaker.
b) Identify one characteristic of his/her personality that the quotation reveals.
c) Explain, in at least one full sentence, how the quotation reveals the characteristic.

13. “That 651 hit yesterday. That’s the second time this month. Miss Pearl hit for a dollar…seem that
those that need the least always get lucky. Poor folks can’t get nothing.”

a. (speaker)

b. (characteristic)

c. (explanation)

I’ll get a chance…” a.14. 15. They gonna fire me cause I asked a question? That’s all I did. c. I told you I don’t want you to give me nothing. You got to keep up your grades to get recruited. Don’t you strike out!” a. b. 17. Rand and asked him. This way I’ll be going to college. you in the batter’s box now. “I get good grades. c. See. “Here’s your ten dollars. Pop. Pop. I just wanted to borrow ten dollars. “I ain’t worried about them firing me. b. “Why?” Why you got the white mens driving and the colored lifting?” a. c. That’s strike one. You swung and you missed. “I’m gonna tell you what your mistake was. c. That’s strike one. b. I went to Mr. That’s why the recruiter wants to talk with you. 16. . b.” a. See… you swung at the ball and didn’t hit it.

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