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Student Name: Massiel Coronado Period: 1st

Printed Name of Person Interviewed: Krislyn Boswell

Role of Individual:
Place/Name of Business: CLRMC

Business Address:
500 W. Medical Center Blvd, Webster, TX 77598
Phone Number: 806-382-0350

Date of Interview: 11/11/17

Type of Interview: __X__ In Person

1. For someone working in your field, please describe the fantasies versus realities of the job.
(fantasy vs. reality)
She says that people believe that they make more money than they actually do. People think that its
always fun, but they dont realize that there are sick babies. They believe that its easy being a labor and delivery
nurse but its a lot harder than what people think it is.

2. What is your current educational level? What continuing education and training are required?
(educational level and requirements)
She has a bachelors in nursing and is currently working on her masters. She wants to be a nurse
practitioner. They are required to get fetal monitoring training, ACLS, BLS, and NRP. They must continue to
maintain their nursing license and continue their education.

3. Please describe the typical day to day activities of someone working in your field.
(day-to-day activities)
She says that the first thing she does when she gets to work is get reports on the patients from other nurses. She
usually receives a laboring patient or an antepartum patient. Most of the day she charts vital signs of the mother
and baby. She takes care of her patients and helps other nurses with their patients.

Revised Fall 2017

4. How secure are you in your current position? What do you think is the future of your field?
(job security)
She says she personally feels secure, but that they always have to keep doing their job as well as they can
because everyone is replaceable. She believes that is it difficult to get your foot in the door in nursing but once
your in your in. There is a shortage in nursing, and she hopes to see more nurses.

5. What is a typical (average or lowest to highest) salary of someone working in your field?
Nurses get paid hourly. Interns receive from $24- $27 an hour, while more advanced nurses can receive
around $60. The salary primarily depend on years of experience.

6. What potential for growth is there in your field?

(growth potential)
She believes that there is a huge potential for growth. There is a lot of different directions that someone in this
field can take. If someone were to get tired of one specialty they could easy move to a different unit in the

***Questions 7-10 will be created by the ISM student.

7. What is the best part about the job?

She says it is rewarding to get to work with people. She likes the impact she makes on people. Even during sad
moments, like when a mother loses their baby, the nurses help them through those times and even then they still
impact them positively.

8. What is the worst part about the job?

She says she doesnt like that have to work during holidays. She doesnt get to spend that time with her family
like she would like. She doesnt like how they are always short staffed, sometimes they have to take on more
work because they dont have enough people.

9. Why did you choose the labor and delivery unit?

Shes always wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse. She wanted to do something where she wouldnt have to
deal with death all the time.

Revised Fall 2017

10. Whats the hardest part of being a Labor and delivery nurse?
She says the hardest part of being a labor and nurse is having to deal with fetal demise. Which is when a baby

Interview Summary
What information from this interview will you select for your page typed,
bulleted list of research informationto be used in your presentation?
Create a bulleted summary list on the next page.

She has a bachelors in nursing and is currently working on her masters

There is a huge potential for growth in the nursing field
It is not difficult to move to a different unit in the hospital if you dont like the one youre in
The best part of the job is seeing the positive impact tit has on their patients even during sad
You always have to work to keep your position because everyone is replaceable
Salary depends a lot on years of experience

Revised Fall 2017