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The Tropsa Family 2017


This year has been a crazy one

for the Tropsa family! From wed-
ding planning, to Graduation
parties, to travels across the
world! We also gained two new
additions to the family and they
Our Vacation
are not only adorable, but also This year Mom, Dad,
the most lovable and cuddly of Sean, and Shannon all
the Tropsas! Stay tuned for traveled to Regens-
burg, Germany, Paris,
more information about each of
France, and Cape Cod,
the Tropsas lives. Massachusetts where
they met up with Alli-
Best wishes for the New Year!
son, Joby, and Luke!
The Tropsa Family
They all spent time
with Grandma Tropsa
helping decorate
Grandmas brand new
house in Yarmouth,
MA! They discovered
the close by beaches,
and enjoyed the 4th of
July fireworks !
`Calling the Wedding Bells! Mom and Dad!
December 8th is the day! Allison Michelle Tropsa will Meanwhile back at the Tropsa
now be Allison Thompson! The wedding will be held at House Mom and Dad are man-
the Chatu de Ve, a 1920s themed mansion in Chan- aging busy lives! With two new
dler! The theme is Art Deco and 1920s Hollywood so puppies in the family Kelly has
her hands full training and tak-
dont forget to come dressed with your flapper fringe ing the little rascals to the dog
and top hat! Luke Thompson will be the newest addi- park. On top of that, she is now
tion to the family! He is a ball of fun and has endless an American flight attendant.
energy! He just started kindergarten and so far it is go- Out with the US Airways Uni-
ing great. Meanwhile Allison and Joby are house forms! Dad is busy with his new
job at SEEQ, a technology com-
hunting! They are looking for a house in the Chandler/ pany. At first this was nerve-
Tempe area racking because it is a start up,
that has a but the company is starting to
good school gain speed and will soon be on
district for its feet for good! Vacations for
them this year included a week
Luke, as well long trip to Amsterdam, and the
as a big back- Netherlands, where they ex-
yard for future plored the beautiful culture as
puppies. well as never ending canals.

Meanwhile in Utah!
Sean is busy at work and full of wonders in the
most beautiful place in the world! Whether its hik-
ing's the flower covered ski mountains, or ice climb-
ing giant rocks, Sean does it all! Not only does he
camp, climb, ski and hike on his off days, he also
works as a Chemical Engineer! Keep up the hard
work Sean! Cant wait to see you for Christmas.
Finally the Newest Addition to the Fami-
ly!! Meet Tiger Lily and Kygo! Brother and
Sister Golden Retrievers. They love chew-
ing on everything! Kygo is obsessed with
his ball and will chase after it for hours.
Tiger Lily loves to hunt birds and stalk
them as her prey. Watch out these two Haileys Adventures!
loveeee to jump and kiss!!
This summer Hailey took the
trip of a lifetime with her best-
friend Paige! She went on a
month long excursion to Thi-
land and Bali and explored all
it had to offer. Not only did she
get to help feed elephants, and
sun bath on white sand beach-
es, she also was blessed by a
monk in a beautiful temple.
While Thai food may not be
her forte, Hailey when down a
100 Foot waterslide head first!
Ask her for the video it will
make you laugh! Other adven-
tures included a full mood par-
Off to College for Shannon! ty as well as a three day surf
ASU Sun Devils here she comes! Shannon graduat- camp where she was named
ed high school in the top 17% in her class! She best surfer!
earned over $35,000 worth of academic scholar-
ships and is pursuing an Elementary Education ma-
jor. So far at ASU she has joined Alpha Phi and loves
being involved in Greek life. She lives in the brand
new dorm where PB main used to be. This is also
where Kelly used to live back in the day! The dorm
is called Tooker House and houses all teachers and
Engineers. Cant wait to see what else this year has
to offer!
Thats a wrap for this years news in
the Tropsa Family! Stay tuned for next
years newsletter with all the juicy gos-
sip about my family! Thanks for read-
ing and have a happy holidays and
Merry Christmas!

Publisher assignment Shannon