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Interview Questions for EPC 3403


Course Name: Practicum 3a Course Code: EPC3403

Instructor Name: Antoinette Wiseman

Task Title: Coursework Interview

Due Date: Nov. 12, 14, 16 2017 in class Date Submitted:

Student Name: Fatima mohammed hassan

Student ID: H00328263 Section:

Late Penalty:
Unless special circumstances are agreed with the course teacher regarding late submission, work
submitted 1 working day late will be deducted 10%, 2 days late 20%, 3 days late 30% and any work
submitted more than 3 days late will get a zero mark.

Academic Honesty:
Breaches of Academic Honesty will be treated with the utmost seriousness. You are reminded the
penalties for cheating or plagiarism include dismissal from the HCT.
(for more information please refer to Academic and Student Regulations, HCT Academic Honesty
Policy, Student Handbook)

Student Declaration:
This assignment is entirely my own work except where I have duly acknowledged other sources in
the text and listed those sources at the end of the assignment. I have not previously submitted
this work to the HCT. I understand that I may be orally examined on my submission.

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Interview Questions for EPC 3403

Answer the questions below Name:__________________

Competence Sustained Teaching
Introduction -Warmer Describe the setting, the grades you taught and explain the purpose of this placement:

Wasit kindergarten, there are 6 classes of KG2, I taught in KG 2-2, I was staying with the
Arabic teacher, but I also was attending the English classes.

Professionalism How did you demonstrate professional behavior as a trainee teacher in the school?
Explain how you maintained your professional status not only in your own classroom
but also across the school.

I demonstrated the professional behavior by the consistent attendance and punctuality.

I maintained my professional status in the classroom and across the school by respecting
the class teacher, principle and colleagues and greeting them every day, Show initiative
and enthusiasm in the classroom and outside the classroom, demonstrate an
understanding of the school curriculum. Moreover, helping my MST with the transition to
the assembly, cafeteria, and the bus, helping during the snack time, preparing the
activities and taking the lead of small group activities.

Explain how conducting and receiving one formal peer observations helped you to
develop professionally?

The formal peer observation helped me to improve my teaching skills. By sharing the ideas
and suggestions openly about my needs with my peer.

Explain how you collaborated with other staff in activities that involve the community
during this placement.

I collaborated with other staff in activities that involve the school community by sitting
and watching the student during the playground time with the other teachers. Also, I
helped the nurse when she asked me to bring the students to her room to complete their
health profile.

Planning for Learning (including Describe the process you went thorough in order to plan an integrated, thematic unit of
Knowledge and Understanding of work in partnership with your MST. How were you guided in this by your own teaching
Content) philosophy? What impact did the use of STEAM/STEM activities have on student
learning? Do not answer this question

What difficulties did you face in planning seven differentiated lesson plans to ensure
that they included a range of activity types for the whole class, groups, and individuals

I faced some difficulties for planning for the English lesson plans, because I couldn't attend
an English class for three weeks because my English MST was teaching the other class to
make up for the absent teacher. So I didn't know how she usually starts her lesson, routine,
and the strategies she uses.

Interview Questions for EPC 3403

Explain how you assessed the learning objectives/outcomes you set the students.

I assessed the learning objectives for students by asking my MST what students should
know, be able to do. Also, I assessed the learning objectives depending on the student's
different levels.

Explain what you did to make sure that your modeling / demonstration of the tasks
Implementing and Managing Learning you set your students was clear and effective.
(including behaviour management,
I made sure that my demonstration of the tasks I set for students was clear and effective
language, and delivery)
by giving them clear and simple instructions with a high voice so all the students can hear

What strategies did you apply to maintain student engagement and how effective were
they in ensuring that tasks were completed effectively?

By including interesting and fun activities into my lesson plans like the magic box or videos
to keep the students engage with me. And Connect what I am teaching to real life and the
students prior understanding. For example, when I was teaching the letter p, I introduced
the letter p by using the magic box which was interesting, inside the box was different
things like popcorn and penguin. I relate the popcorn to the students prior understanding
by saying inside the box there is something that we eat when we go to the cinema, and
we ate it when we went to Sharjah International Children's Film Festival last week.
Moreover, Present the information in multiple formats.

Provide examples of how you developed student independence and responsibility in

your classes.

After they finish the activity on the table, I ask them to clean their place and to put the
chair back. Also, give them options on the way they want to do things for example; ask
them Would you complete youre the activity now or eat the lunch first?

Monitoring, Assessment, and What strategies did you use to monitor student progress across a range of connected
Evaluation teaching sessions including class, group, pair, and individual work

Some of the strategies that I used to monitor the student's progress in teaching is;
questioning students during classroom discussions to check their understanding of the
concept. Going around the classroom during small group work and engaging in one-to-one
contacts with students about their work. And Correcting the students work.

Provide examples of and describe the formative assessment instruments such as as

anecdotal notes, checklists, Traffic Lights, photos, children self-assessment, Learning
Journey, etc.. you used to evaluate student performance in a variety of activity types

I used 2 types of formative assessments; questioning and photos. To evaluate the

student's performance and progress. I take pictures to get a clear picture of each student
and their understanding of the concept. Also, I ask closed questions to take a general idea
of the student's information during the lesson.

Reflection on Practice Which teaching strategies did you find were particularly effective and explained why
with reference to educational theory and/or experience?

Interview Questions for EPC 3403

The most teaching strategy I found effective is the reward chart system; the teacher gives
stars to the students who participate in her the whole class. So the student gets motivated
to participate with the teacher and keep in track with her to get a sticker. By the end of
the week, she gives the student who got more stars than others a gift.

Identify and critically evaluate the influence of a range of stakeholders at your school
e.g. Ministry of Education, Principal, parents, etc.

The administration lacks school management; they need to provide more rules and guides
for the teachers, staff, and parents.

Explain how closely you were able to apply key principles from your own teaching
philosophy as a student teacher in this school?

I tried to apply my key principles in the school, by being professional and respectful in
the school.

What would you say have been your particular strengths during this TP? Which areas for
development have you identified for next semester - justify this?

My particular strength was developing strategies and activities for the lessons. And being
involved in the school. And having a good relationship with my MST and the school staff.
But I need to develop some areas for next semester like; managing classroom behavior,
louder voice, transition management and be more confident about my self and stop being