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Emilio Estevez Net Worth | Who was

Married to Emilio Estevez

We will talk Emilio Estevez net worth about his early life, career, net worth, and
personal life. Emilio Estevez is an American actor, director, and writer. He begins
his profession as an actor and is well famous for being a member of the drama
Brat Pack of the 1980s, starring in The Breakfast Club, St. Elmos fire, and also
acting in the 1983 hit film The Outsiders.

Full Name Ramon Emilio Estevez

Birth Date May 12, 1962

Nationality United State America

Parents Martin Sheen(Father); Janet Templeton (Mother)

Height 1.69m

Net Worth $15 million

Source of Income Actin

Annual Salary Unknown

Sibling Ramon Estevez, Charlie Sheen

Children Taylor Levi Estvez, Paloma Rae Estvez

Religion Non-muslim
Ethnicity White

Marital Status Married

He is also famous for Repo Man, The Mighty Ducks and its sequels, Stakeout,
Maximum Overdrive, Bobby and his performances in Western films such as
Young Guns and its sequel.

Date of Birth and Place

His full name was Ramon Emilio Estevez. And he was born on May 12, 1962, in

Emilio Estevez Net Worth 2017

Actor and director Estevez net worth are $20 million today.

Early Life

Ramon Estevez was the eldest son of actor Martin Sheen and Janet Temp leton,
and performer. His siblings comprise Ramon Estevez; actor Charlie Sheen initially
named Carlos Estevez and Renee Estevez. He was knowledgeable in a New York
public school formerly but shortly put up in a private academy when his fathers
profession entertain. In 1968, the family shift to Malibu.

He continuous his schooling at Santa Monica High School. It was here he turn
into friends with future actors Rob Lowe, Sean, and Chris Penn. Similarly,
Estevez was concerned in scriptwriting even as a boy. While he was eight, he
hurls a screenplay to the 1970-73 TV series, Night Gallery bent by Rod Serling,
but unluckily it was turned down.

When he was 11, his father exceptional him a handy camera. He made movies
using it and take pleasure in acting along wi th his brother Charlie and
friends Chris Penn, Rob Lowe and Sean. Throughout his elder school days, he
lost his interest in the drama activities and got drawn towards sports. Later than
graduating from Santa Monica High in 1980, he resolute to chase his career as an


His first role begins in 1979 through his fathers trip to the Philippines for the
execution of the film Apocalypse Now. He played the character of a herald boy,
but his style was cut off.

Later than completing his high school tutoring, he resolute to start his career as
an actor. He was adamant to keep his fathers original forename to maintain his
individuality as an artist.

Brat Pack Years

Emilio traditional much attention during the 1980s for being an associate of
the Brat Pack and was official as the leader of the group of young artist. Estevez
and Rob Lowetraditional the Brat Pack when cast as supporting Greasers in an
early on Brat Pack movie, The Outsiders based on the narrative. Lowe was cast
as C. Thomas Howells older brother Soda pop and Estevez as the drunken Two-
Bit Matthews.

Throughout manufacture, he also moves toward his disposition as a laid -back guy
and thought up Two-Bits attention in Mickey Mouse, shown by his uniform
of Mickey Mouset-shirts and surveillance of cartoons.

Also his roles in the Custody of foreigner and The Outsiders, his credits
comprise NBC-TVs thrillers Nightmares and Tex, the 1982 film version of
another S.E. Hinton story. He bought the film rights to a third Hinton
volume, That Was Then, This Is Now, and wrote the script. His father forecast
he would have to straight to feel the full extent of his talents, telling him as a
detective, not a soldier.
Behind the outsiders, Estevez comes into view as the punk-rocker turned car-
repossessor Otto Maddox in the cult motion picture Repo Man before co-starring
in The Breakfast Club and St. Elmos fire. Subsequent the success of these
back-to-back Brat Pack movies, he starred in That Was Then, This Is Now the
awfulness film Maximum Overdrive and the crime theater Wisdom.

Estevez was initially cast in Platoon to be Private Chris Taylor but was
compulsory to drop out after production was overdue for two years; the role finally
went to his younger brother Charlie Sheen. He went on to lead character in t he
humor film Stakeout and the westerns Young Guns and Young Guns II.


In 1990, the large his first comedian movie Men at Work written, directed and
acted by him. Though criticize by critics, the movie accomplishes triumph as a
mini-cult classic in the cartridge stores.

In 1992, he took pleasure in box office success with the free of Mighty Ducks a
popular Disney film. In fact, he made a cameo exterior in its sequel, D3: The
Mighty Ducks.

He directed the film The War at Home and at large it in 1996. The film earned
constructive reviews from critics and won two ALMA award nominations, but was
only a reasonable achievement due to poor allocation.

Directing Career

For nearly a decade, he achieved only modest triumph with films like Rated X
and Behind the Green Door. In 2006 he won the Hollywood Film honor for
acting and directing the movie Bobby.

Of late, he is concerned in behind-the camera-scenes and enjoys directing

television movie like The Way (released in 2010). Apart from film, he is an avid
vine farmer who promotes his yield.
Music Videos

Estevez show in John Parrs St. Elmos Fire harmony video, from the
soundtrack of his movie with the similar name, where he plays Kirby Keger.
Therefore, the music video characteristic all seven of the leading cast members of
the film, looking sadly throughout the foggy windows of a run-down and fire-
damaged edition of the St. Elmos Bar set.

Major Works

The movie, The Mighty Ducks, a sports comedy released in 1992, was a great
box office hit that gave him wide popularity. Bobby, at large in 2006, was
written, directed and cast by him gave him worldwide gratitude using awards and
admiration. The film was based on the elimination of President Robert
F. Kennedy.


He has been acknowledging as the youngest Hollywood personality with

versatile talents as actor, writer, and manager. He has been catalog as the
Promising New Actors of 1985 in John Willis Screen globe.

In 2006, he triumphs the Hollywood movie Award for the movie, Bobby, which
was directed, screenplay and takes steps by him. It also triumphs him a 7 -minute
standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival.

Personal Life

He was in a relationship with Carey Salley, a Wilhelmina replica, from 1983-1986.

However, the pair had two children, a son and daughter named Taylor
Levi and Paloma Estevez.

He was engaged to Demi Moore for a while but in 1992 he matrimonial pop
singer Paula Abdul. The matrimony ended in separation two years later due
to Estevezs objectionin having issues.
In 2006, he got a slot into Sonja Magdevski, a Macedonian reporter. The couple
lives in a Spanish-styled villa in Malibu and is absorb in growing vines and sells
them below the label, Casa Dumetz.


This American actor was accessible to star in Oliver Stones Platoon, an

Academy award-winning movie. Due to inadequate funds, the project was put on
hold with the characteristics particular to his brother Charlie.

This Hollywood actor from the American acting family preferred the public
schooling system over the personal ones. He opines that particular school is for
parents who have everything apart from a relationship with their children Read
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