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0308 MAY 2015

HBS Campus, Boston, MA

Setting New Professional Directions

Program Objectives
Life and career goals are part of an interconnected and evolving personal journey. At natural points along the path, it is imperative
to pause and ask: What do I want to have happen in the next chapter of my life?

This program includes interactive sessions in career planning and life visioning; self-assessment of skills, interests, motivations,
and confidence; as well as enrichment and refreshers in business fundamentals. The learning is enhanced by powerful individual
coaching and work done with your Board of Advisers, a small participant group facilitated by trained life and career coaches.

Taking part in this carefully structured program will empower you to:

Define a career and life vision that aligns with what holds meaning for you and your vision of success
Create a strategy and plan for how you will pursue the next step in your career and life
Develop a personal brand that enables you to communicate who you are and where you are headed
Update your analysis, finance, management, negotiation, marketing, and planning skills
Explore whether entrepreneurship is a possible path forward for you
Apply an entrepreneurial mindset to advance your life objectives beyond business ownership
Expand your professional network and build career opportunity connections

A New Path incorporates the HBS case method in class discussions, small group interaction, individual coaching, and web-
based tools to facilitate self-assessment, foster personal discovery, and refresh your business skills. You will meet regularly
with a participant Board of Advisers who will help you formulate your personal vision and life plan. Topics include:

Business Fundamentals: Finance, Marketing, Negotiations, Leadership, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship

Applying financial tools for business analysis, planning, and management
Discovering new techniques for corporate and personal marketing with an emphasis on digital marketing
Practicing effective negotiations and exploring the power and science of nonverbal behavior
Developing an appreciation for the entrepreneurial pursuit and evaluating if it is a potential career path
Analyzing the challenges facing leaders in times of rapid environmental and organizational change

Life Visioning and Career Planning

Defining a new life and career vision via proven self-assessment tools, exercises, and small group sessions
Developing a life plan that includes strategies for creating or finding the next career opportunity
Creating a personal brand and message that communicate your path forward to everyone you meet
Making a transition in the face of competing priorities, time pressures, and other obligations

Participant Mix
The program is designed for women who are seeking to return to the workforce, recharge their careers, or take their professional lives
in a new direction. Significant professional experience in for-profit or not-for-profit organizations is recommended.

Anticipated Faculty
Timothy Butler (faculty cochair), Amy J.C. Cuddy, Melissa Fristrom, Janet J. Kraus (faculty cochair), Michael I. Norton, and Luis M. Viceira
Setting New Professional Directions

why harvard business school?

This is where world leaders convene. At Harvard Business School, you will do more than prepare for the next
step in your career. You will develop the worldview, strategic skills, and leadership capacity to master the complex
global challenges that face your company today.

The Case Method, pioneered by Harvard Business A Diverse Group of Accomplished Peers will
School, is a proven tool for expanding your leadership share their unique perspectives and life experiences.
capability and expertise. No other program puts you You will leave with a business network that spans
face to face with the faculty who wrote the cases and functions, industries, and the globe.
experienced the outcomes.
Full-Time Harvard Business School Faculty
Our Global Curriculum integrates the best practices members teach every course. Drawing on proven
and cultural insights of the worlds top businesses. business expertise and field-based research, they will
You will return with the latest strategies for achieving engage you in an unparalleled learning experience.
your companys goalsand your career objectives.

Application Process Please visit for complete admission requirements and to apply online. Applications
are requested at least four weeks before the program start date. Since qualified candidates are admitted on a rolling, space-available
basis, early application is encouraged.

Admission Requirements Admission is selective and based on professional achievement and organizational responsibility.
No formal educational requirements apply. Executive Education programs enhance the leadership capacity of the managers enrolled
as well as their organizations, and HBS expects full commitment from both. While participants devote time and intellect to the
learning experience, sponsoring organizations agree to relieve individuals of their work responsibilities during the program.

Program Fee The program fee covers tuition, books, case materials, accommodations, and most meals. Payment is due
within 30 days of the invoice date. If admission is within 30 days prior to the start of the program, payment is due upon receipt
of the invoice. Cancellation policies are outlined in the information provided to applicants upon admission.

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