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This Agreement made at __________ this_______ day of ________ 2003 between

Bank of Baroda, a Bank constituted under the Banking Companies (Acquisition &
Transfer of Undertakings) Act 1970 having its Head Office at Mandvi, Baroda in the
State of Gujarat and various branches elsewhere in India and abroad including at
__________ (branch) hereinafter referred to as the Bank being the party of the one


M/s. ______________________, a firm or the company engaged in business as

godownkeepers having their place of business at___________________ through its
proprietor/partners viz._____________________________ and
__________________________ or having its registered office at
_________________ hereinafter referred to as godownkeepers of the other part.


1) The godownkeeper is a lawfully authorized and permitted to and is in the

business of godownkeeping and storage of agricultural produce
since_________ (years) and is having license/registration No.___________
dated __________ for conduct of such business as issued by

2) The Bank under a scheme for financing formers/agriculturists is ready and

willing to extend finance provided the farm produce/stock is stored at a
secure, safe and duly protected place such as the godown or storehouse/s of
the godownkeeper at______ or at such other places under the
ownership/lease of the godownkeeper.

3) The Bank for the purpose of implementation of such scheme for finance
against the storage receipts issued by the godownkeeper, provided the terms
and conditions for safekeeping storage and ultimate delivery till sale/transfer
or disposal as are enumerated herein are agreeable to and accepted by and
between the Bank and the godownkeeper.

4) The godownkeeper having understood the interest and purchase of the scheme for
such finance to farmers/agriculturists have agreed to accept and abide by the terms
and conditions and stipulations thereby arising in respect of the role and functions to
be undertaken and faithfully discharged by the godownkeeper.

Now, therefore, in consideration of the premises, this agreement between the Bank
and the godownkeeper hereby witness as follows:

I. The Bank agrees to advise farmers/agriculturists who desire to store their

farm produce in a safe and protective storage place to store the same in the
godown/s of the godownkeeper.
II. The Bank will consider need-based finance against Warehouse Receipt of
the godownkeeper to farmers/agriculturists.

III. The Bank will directly write to the farmers/agriculturists to avail facility of
storage from the godownkeeper on payment of such storage charges as
would be payable by the farmers/agriculturists.

IV. The godownkeeper shall ensure proper and effective storage of the farm
produce in the godown in a safe, dry and secured place/area.

V. The godownkeeper shall ensure that the godown structure is solid and
protected on all sides, front and ceiling from rain, thunderstorm, fire, floods
and/or any man made risk or calamity.

VI. The godownkeeper shall insure and obtain and keep alive and enforce
insurance policy of the appropriate value of the godown from a well known
insurance company the building structure of the godown of from and against
any eventuality of fire, earthquake, flood or rain.

VII. The godownkeeper shall enter into the details of stock/farm produce received
from farmers/agriculturists in a Storage Register from time to time and note
the fact of Banks charge on the goods created/to be created by way of
pledge of Warehouse Receipt. The Warehouse Receipt and the Register shall
contain the following particulars:


Name of the Date of Quantity Nature/type Value of Name of

farmer/agriculturist Receipt of stocks of stocks goods financing
of stock received received for kept in Banks/branch
of at storage godown and date
storage godown when Bank
gave NOC for
of stock

VIII. The godownkeeper shall not permit, allow or provide for release of any farm
produce stored in their godown without delivery of the original warehouse
receipt by the farmers/agriculturist nor shall issue any substituted Warehouse
Receipt or any modification or alteration in respect of stocks stored of any
farmers/agriculturist without prior written consent of the Bank.

IX. The godownkeeper shall, at all times and from time to time any official of the
Bank having proper authority to enter into the godown and verify the stocks
physically and/or satisfy such official to the intent and effect that storage of
stocks of each of such farmers is segregated and separate and not mixed with
any other stock.

X. The godownkeeper shall, at all times and from time to time, ensure delivery
of stocks stored to the farmers/agriculturist only against clear authorization of
the Branch Manager of the Bank.
XI. In the event the farmers/agriculturist borrower to sell the stock while in
storage at the godown of the godownkeeper, then the godownkeeper will
ensure that original warehouse receipt is submitted by the farmers/
agriculturist together with No Objection Letter from the Bank for such sale
and transfer of title represented by such original Warehouse Receipt.

XII. In the event of the godownkeeper issuing a fresh Warehouse Receipt in place
or in lieu of the earlier Warehouse Receipt then the fresh Warehouse Receipt
will contain all details, including previous charge and satisfaction thereof in
accordance with details recorded in the Warehouse Register.

In witness whereof the godownkeeper and the Bank have caused this Agreement to
be executed on the day, month and the year hereinabove mentioned.

Signed & Delivered by

the owner of the warehouse/
godown/cold storages

in the presence of:


Signed & delivered by the

Within named the bank
by the hand of
___________ the ____
as duly authorized official
of the bank in the presence