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Alba Marina Escobar, Alba Marina Escobar

Siblings, Pablo Emilio Escobar

Who is Alba Marina Escobar?

Alba Marina Escobar is the sister of drug Lord Pablo Emilio Escobar. She was
born on 28 August 1953 Columbia. There were seven members in Escobar
Family. Pablo Escobar, Roberto Escobar, Luz Mara Escobar, Gloria Ins
Escobar, Argemiro Escobar and Luis Fernando Escobar.

Who is Pablo Emilio Escobar?

Pablo Emilio Escobar is the elder brother of them. In the age of 30th -40th he has
become a drug dealer. Within the few years, Pablo Escobar was the owner
of $21.8 Billion personally.
Alba Marina Escobar & Remaining Money of Pablo Escobar

Juan Pablo Escobar gave the statement about his Aunt, Alba Marina Escobar.
After the death of Juans father, his aunt, Alba Marina Escobar, stolen the hidden
money that Pablo Escobar had left in secret hiding places. Juan Pablo wrote that
his uncle Roberto also cheated on the family and reached an agreement with
DEA, who would have to write a book in which he falsely claimed that his brother
had contributed $1 Million to the campaign of former Peruvian President Alberto
Don he kept Fujimori. They had A close relationship with his intelligence chief
Vladimir Montesinos.

Note: Pablo Escobar Burned $2 Million For Manuela Escobar

Where Did the Pablo Escobars Money Go?

Juan Escobar said, After my fathers funeral, we obtained that the peace we were
looking after my fathers death was ephemeral and that we would soon be in the
hectic daily life that was waiting for us. In addition to our deep regret for what
happened to my father, the fact that we had surrounded by secret agents. And
dozens of journalists have indicated that our captivity at this hotel in the center of
Bogota would disturb.

At the same time, our shortage of money has begun to cause us problems almost
immediately. My father was dead, and we did not have anybody asking for help.

We have been to this luxury hotel in Bogota since November 29, and to reduce
the risks around us, we rented the entire twenty-fifth floor, although we only had
five rooms. Our financial situation had become more diffic ult in mid-December
when the hotel sent us the first housing and food bill, which, to our surprise, also
contained the account of the government security team.

It was an astronomical sum due to no small amount of food and drinks ordered.
They ate shrimp, lobsters, fish stew and expensive meat cuts, in addition to all
kinds of spirits, especially whiskey, which seems to have deliberately chosen the
most expensive menu items.
Alba Marina and Luz Marias Arrival

One day, my aunts Alba Marina and Luz Mara proceeded to the hotel. We sat at
the dining room table and, after describing what had happened in the last few
weeks, my mother mentioned her concerns about the small amount we had.
Weve been discussing it for a long time, and Alba Marinas compassion and
generosity made me believe it was the right person to help. I needed him to
recover an unknown amount of money my dad had hidden in two hiding places on
the property we call the blue home. It was time to take a break.

As I sat next to him, I remembered that the apartment we were living in had still
guarded by the authorities, who not only listened to our phones but had also
installed microphones everywhere.

He had searched several times, disassembled lamps, phones, furniture, and

everything else. They had even plundered them in the orbits but had so shorted
the electricity of the entire floor. I decided to whisper my secret to my ear. First, I
connected the TV and increased the volume. So I told him.

Juan Aunts Reputation

One night, during our stifling imprisonment at Maison Bleue, my dad decided to
make a point of his finances. When everyone slept, he took me to two different
hiding places he had built in the house. He showed me the boxes where the
money was hidden and said that besides him and me, the only person who knew
them was her husband Fat.

Then he joined that my mother and sister, and especially her brothers, should
never learn this secret. After my father, the two hiding places had enough money
to win the war and help us recover. Thats why we had to handle it carefully.

He also told me he had sent his brother Roberto about $6 million ago three for
Robertos expenses while he was in jail, and the other three for him to support us
if we needed him. If anything happened to my father, Roberto had specific
instructions to give us the money.
When my account is over, Ive come to the point:

My aunt, would you be willing to go to Medellin to hide the money in these two
hiding places? We have no one to ask, and we can not go anyway.

Dawn Marina would have been terrible, and she accepted immediately. So I said
the exact location of the hiding places in the blue house, one in the living room
next to the fireplace and one in the courtyard to dry the clothes behind a thick

And I told him not to tell anyone; go at night, preferably with the car of another;
take a very indirect path to the house. And looks at her mirrors to make sure they
do not follow her. Eventually, I wrote a letter to Fatty, which allowed my aunt to
remove the Salvadorans.

Alone Face-to-Face

After giving the instructions, I asked her if she was afraid. I do not want to be
intimidated, Im looking for the money where I am, she says firmly.

Alba Marina returned three days later, and when they entered the hotel room,
they did not seem so safe. The first thing I thought was something went wrong. I
asked for the keys in one of the empty rooms on the floor, and I met him alone.

Juan Pablo, in the blue house, was just a bit of money, all here, he said hastily.

I was silent for a few minutes, confused. I do not doubt his story and turned my
anger on Fatty, the guard who probably had stolen the cache.

There was a multitude of questions about the disappearance of money, but we

had to talk about why we had no way of challenging Alba Marinas version of
events. I did not dare to doubt it. I realized many times that it was my devoted
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